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I was told this year by the lady who our taxes...

Posted By: MtMommyof2 on 2009-04-06
In Reply to: I also took home office expenses as an employee, but -- - Amanda

that if it the dictations are 2% of your income for the year then it will count...she told me to keep a list of everything just in case but I don't think my deductions would add up to anything since I am an employee...

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Tax guy told me to hold 30%. After first year when got idea what I would be making, he told me
to cowgirl - Last I knew, last year the job paid $25,000/year no taxes, etc.
The hospital was bombed about a year ago, but not a lot of damage, very minimal damage.
27-year-old lady:)
Checkout lady at Publix told me Happy MD, and I was like, what makes you think I'm a mother? sm
It doesn't bother me, I just found it peculiar to just say it willy-nilly to me just because I'm female and appear to be of child-bearing age. Yet another reason it's a stupid "holiday" that exists only for the retail outlets.
Had a 108-year-old lady while LPN in nursing
Taxes are deductible and it does help out at the end of the year.
Be sure to try to get fixed. I have 7.5 fixed for 30. They do have 40 yr mtgs now. And you can always refinance if your financial picture changes. When I moved into my home, i had no cable, a junky car and ate like a poor person. Once, to make my mtg, during a really rough time, i sold my bedroom suite. Keeping the roof over our heads is #1 priority. You sound like someone responsible enough to do this. Would you qualify for this loan on your own? Getting his name on this house might not be smart thing to do during these rocky times?
I did not pay state taxes last year...sm
and wanting to get them paid now ASAP so it will not delay my tax return now.  Does anyone know how the quickest way I can do this and get credit so as to not mess up the timing of my tax return. It was only like $130.00 but we have had such financial hardship this past year that that was hard to come up with at times.  I was wanting to do Turbo Tax like I have for the past few years.  Any ideas?  Thanks!
Why don't you ask the accountant who did your taxes last year?
I'm sure they are better able to answer that question than anyone here.
Well, my husband and I paid 58% last year in taxes. I swear! sm
I won't tell you our gross, but it's above average, we both work 70+ hours a week and we are struggling to pay our bills - parents of 3 young children.

I am scared to death of Democrats being back in office. GW at least wants tax breaks for families like ours. If the Dems are in office I'm afraid we'll be taxed more to help pay for people like my niece who had babies beginning at age 13 and has never had a job in her life. How can this NOT outrage anyone - yet I know there are people out there who tell me to get over it, it's life, those other people are 'entitled' to our money. It's absolutely vile and disgusting.
I was just told this year by my tax sm
person that you had to have a "dedicated" room for your office. If that room is used for anything else, then it cannot be counted as "office space" for purpose of tax deductions.
1 ck to feds, 1 ck to state, divide last year's taxes into 4 payments...
Ok- so what year did they get the MD after their name? I was told NO they are not until they finish
DS told me that is delicious, but is it year around?
I was told to wait three cycles, but went ahead and started trying. Took almost a year before I got
Please make sure your OB does an ultrasound to check that all products of conception are gone. I had a D&C, and had no problems. A friend of mine who went to a different OB/GYN did not have a D&C and had numerous problems because her body did not rid itself of all products of conception. She had a terribly hard time getting pregnant again.
I had major hair loss after my C-section last year. I was told that it was due to the (sm)

anesthesia.  My hairstylist recommended Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner. There is also a leave in treatment to stop breakage.  I get it from JCPenney's.  I think you can get it cheaper from any of the outlet stores.    I noticed an immediate decrease in the amount of hair loss and now after 3 months it is finally starting to look better..  My son was born one year ago this month and my hair loss continued until around Christmas when I started using the Redken products. My doctor told me that it would probably only last during the first 3 months, but  it lasted much longer than that.     I hope this helps. 

I bought a new one from Dell almost a year ago and talked with the CS person. She told me the
models they still had available with XP. If you buy a new one though with Vista you can always remove it and reload with XP.
"mean lady, ice lady, flaming monsters"
watch others feel hurt? from my computer? locked away? huh? you have clearly let your imagination run away with any powers of logic you may have had. sad.
Naaaaaaasty lady. Bad lady. Pooh.
You have your W2 showing very clearly those taxes were paid. MQ is responsible for those taxes
because you were a statutory employee. That is the responsibility of the employer to pay those just as though you were an employee.
I was told I needed 2 phone lines, but was told I was dialing into the doctors' system. What woul

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I told you once, I told you twice, eTransPlus is going down the drain!
Don't expect communication from anyone, we are only little "peons."
As an IC when paying taxes, are SS and fed taxes sent SM
to the same place?
Mine are in year-round thank goodness! They've started their new year 2 months ago.
Union diesil mechanic - good pay, great benefits. We swap year to year on who brings home more sm
money.....but I am an IC and he has all the benefits...health insurance/dental that the company pays for, pension plan, 401k, etc.  Factor all of that in and he makes way more than I do.
44-year-old WF, M, Texas, 3 grown kids, just had 26 year wedding anv.
nope, still crunching last few days of year to hit my 50k this year. how can you when you haven'
Nothing this year. We ALWAYS got a cool surprise in the past, but this year nothing. :-( nm
After I went to a 1-year MT course at a vocational school, it was so bad that I did the 2-year colle
Not only did I finally receive the proper training, but the woman on the advisory board hired and mentored me. I also joined the local AAMT and networked. Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be. A community college will have a good program to include medical language, MT courses taught by local MTSOs, business English, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, etc.
oil of old lady!
That's what my husband calls Oil of Olay, but what does he know. I'll be 50 this year (and proud of it) and everyone says I look great for my age.
QA Lady
So obviously you were never a newbie? You came out of MT school the "perfect" MT. I have nearly 3 years experience and there are still things I look up. One thing about MT work is that is it forever changing. Not to mention the QA that faults me for things that are considered correct according to the Book Of Style. Just because an MT is new does not imply that she cannot do the job.
Hey QA lady. You were all over the
GAB board yesterday and now you are on the MAIN board telling us once again how wonderful you are and how superior you are to the rest of us. GET OVER YOURSELF. You keep telling us how awful MTs are, so QUIT and you won't have to deal with it anymore. I would hate to have you as my QA person. I think we all have heard enough about how PERFECT YOU ARE and how worthless MTs are.
You saying that, I only wish the lady
had been here at that particular time. I was transcribing a physician who changes almost every other word, sentence, saying oh donít put that in, change to thus and so and then says a sentence and then says delete that. I could pull my hair out when I even see his name coming in. I remember the first time I ever listened to a physician and like the person you mentioned above, knew he was speaking English and I barely knew the first word he was saying. I guess most think we sit at home just "typing" a bit and then eating chocolate chip cookies the rest of the time.
just an observation, but I don't believe that lady had PPD
I believe she was psychotic. It's hard to second guess a diagnosis, but as I remember she had been ill for some time; her problem was not really post-partum depression. Does anyone else remember the details of this?
I just imagine myself as a bag lady nm.
Wow! Your one busy lady! My hat goes off to you!nm
No shopping but me, but did you see the lady with the wig?
NM :)
I wonder if you have the same boss lady as me...
She is terrible.  She constantly acuses me of things I am not doing and then when I call her on it, I never hear any more about it.  Never an apology.  I have tried to speak with her on the phone but she won't and it's always by e-mail which is so frustrating.  I have been slammed so many times I can't even count any more.  I just never know from day to day whether I'll have a job or not because I never know what I will be accused of next.  Oh the things we put up with to make a living in this business
Ask the Fruitcake Lady. sm

Just for grins and giggles.  Still LMAO. 



What a nice lady you appear to be..sm

In this world of nastiness, it is refreshing to see your giving post, your willingness to help a Mom out by taking care of her child because she is not able to currently.  More impressive is that you are the *mommy* but are very open-minded and have full intentions of returning said child when the Mom returns back to being Mom. 

KUDOS to you!!!  You will be blessed and are probably blessed today!!!  What a great holiday post even though it's not holiday related!!  Warmed the cockles of my heart!! 


Signed: Another Mother in this life!! 

Which First Lady do U admire most?
Eleanor Roosevelt for me.
Lady Baltimore!!!!
KYMT thanks for that tip. To the lady asking SM
about the macro, when recording your macro, you use the Control F9 to make a field, but when recording the macro you have to use your right arrow button to get out of the gray highlighted field and then continue with on creating your macro. When you are executing your macro, you would use the F11 button to move from field to field. This is essentially what KYMT posted, but her tip is so much easier!

Just wondering if there is a way to somehow "program" the autotext entry so that it takes you to the first field in the report after using the enter or F3 button?
Are you the same QAdragon lady I had
because before quitting the last job my dear QA had the nerve to get her fingers moving too fast on her instant messaging and sent me a message meaning it to go to another QA person and darn if she wasnít talking about me! That was the last straw and I quit that very second. You 2 might be the same one?
lol Lady, I am not jealous! She, however, has
I still think her BA is in BS! LOL

THANK YOU! That is my point. She still pays taxes, her DH still pays taxes...

so who exactly is getting cheated?  And just who are you talking about when you talk about whether it is "fair" or not.  I don't give a crap how much taxes my neighbor pays.  It's none of my business.  And if I found out they were paying less in taxes than me, I would ask them how they heck are they doing it so I can do it too!

I just want ask, is it necessary to get personal and insult?  You disagree with me, fine.  But I've been called a liar, a cheat, a no-ingetrity thief, my intelligence has been insulted, and I have had my parenting skills questioned.  That is a little over the top.  If you cannot debate an issue without resulting to personal attacks, then YOU are the stunted one!

It is a very good thing that some of you work at home, ALONE!  You are sorely lacking in people skills and diplomacy.  Let me guess, when you worked in the office you were one of those girls who didn't like to share her desk, griped if someone dropped a crumb on your desk, and kept track of everyone's breaks, lunches, and line counts just so you could tattle to the supervisor!  I've worked women like you, it was like working with kindergarteners.  That's why I came home to work.  Do us all a favor, looking in the mirror, count your wrinkles, and realize that this isn't high school anymore!

I think he makes $700,000.00 a year, and if they ask him to walk before his first year MQ has...sm

to pay him a cool 1 million dollars.  You can check this out at the Medquist website.   I think the CFO makes $350,000 a year, and the head of IT makes $250.000 a year.

P.S.  This does not include the perks, like expense account, car allowance, sign-on bonus, etc.