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I use a C phone and 2 separate lines.. sm

Posted By: MC on 2007-05-30
In Reply to: what would the second phone line be for? (Sorry, my message got cut off before)... - Libby

I have DSL and I was not able to have my DSL on the same line as my C phone though now I cannot remember why it did not work. I do know that if it had worked I would not have had a phone to use to call out or receive calls while I was working (which was fine by me.. my family knows to call my cell). At any rate, because of the fact the C phone and DSL did not co-exist I had to use a separate line for my C phone and then my DSL is on another line and that frees up my main phone line for calls in and out.

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Sound is usually good. Separate line is better if you don't want to tie up your main phone all
Does Quick Books/Quicken count the lines or do you use a separate program for that?
C-phone info regarding phone lines etc.
I am completely clueless on the subject of a C-phone.  Can someone help me understand exactly how this works?  Do you have to specifically have a separate "dial up internet" service to use the C-phone? I currently have cable internet and am wondering if there is anything else I need to get.  I guess I should contact my phone company.  At any rate, any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
help with phone lines.

We have been having A LOT of rainy weather for a while.  When it is raining and lightening I lose my internet connection.  Also, I use a C-phone so I get off when I can hear the "clicking" coming through my phone line.  Is there anything I can get for my phone to prevent me from being struck with lightening and to help my connection better? I have dial-up.   I am tired of losing money because of the constant bad weather.


RE: Phone lines
I have Bellsouth with C-phone and it is fine.
Phone lines
I have a call in digital dictation system with multiple phone lines, which are expensive through my local phone company and everything costs extra including call forwarding, caller ID, etc.   I am trying to cut down these costs and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Vonage or another phone company or otherwise that may have cheaper pricing on phone lines or package deals.  Also, does anyone know of any good call in systems that do not utilize call-in digital technology and do not need to worry about computer equipment.  Thanks for any help.
Who pays for your phone lines?
I am thinking about letting a couple of my transcriptionists go home....I have opened a new business and am doing so well I am running out of space here in the office.  I can do more business if they go home, but call into my main account, who uses Lanier voicewriter and is still (unbelievably) on Medword......to those of you who type from home, who pays the monthly expense for your phone lines....and do you have one or two lines?
It will not work through phone lines....sm

I started on a Lanier at a hospital and then went home with it.  At the hospital it was connected directly to the computer.  I was told that you lose certain features through the phone lines and that is one of them.

I was told to have 2 phone lines, one can be cell. But (sm)
The one time I needed to use modem for backup, it was virtually impossible to type, so having the second line is useless. Having a second HSI connection would do the trick in the event some castrophe took place and the HSI co. went out for a day or so.

VDI from ECS in Ventura I think. Get one that uses phone lines (analog)
You cannot beat the sound quality on this for the price. Dictaphone is considered the best, but this is reasonably priced and upgradable. I have a 4-port system. You can use 1-4 of the lines. Even though voice files are the "new technology," they are not the best. You can hear a pin drop on this system, and the clearer you hear the doctors, the more money you make. I love mine. If you are looking for a call-in system that uses digital voice files, I have one that does this, either one line or two.
would like to help, but don't understand the question. It takes 2 phone lines, is all.
The phone line has to support DSL signals. Most rural lines don't due to distance from central of
I was told I needed 2 phone lines, but was told I was dialing into the doctors' system. What woul

C-phone used to call in to dictating systems to receive work. A special phone. nm
I had a lot of trouble with static in my C-phone. I replaced the phone cord and that made a big

difference.  Also, have you tried a different headset?  Also someone told me one time that there is a microphone under your volume control on the right corner of the C-phone.  It's a tiny hole.  If you break off a Q-tip and stick that into the hole that will squelch a lot of background noise and that worked as well.  As far as getting your C-phone service, I heard that Dictaphone is "sunsetting" C-phones at the end of this year.  Meaning, they aren't going to service them anymore as they are considered an obsolete technology.  So, I would contact Dictaphone and see what your options are.

I know very little about Lanier equipment.  I've not used it as extensively as Dictaphone.  Is there a local appliance repair place in your area?  You might ask one of those places to take a look at your equipment and see what they think.  Kinda scary, cause they could do more harm than good, but maybe worth a shot.

Not much help, I know.  But I thought I would share what tiny bit of obscure knowledge I do have. 

I would have to separate by category!

first 3 that come to mind are:  The Notebook, Hope Floats and Sweet Home Alabama (SHA didn't get rave reviews, but I just loved that movie!)

ET, Titanic and Forrest Gump are like classics and you HAVE to love them!

Independence Day, MIB, most of the Marvel (comics) movies, Van Helsing and both Underworlds top my list too!

Oh, and then there is the animated stuff... the list is never ending! (and we own over 400 DVDs!)

Not on a separate line, per se
but separated by paragraphs. It looks something like:

Name #1
City, State, Zip

Name #2
City, State, Zip

...and so on.
MS Word not separate (SM)
MS bundles Word with their MS Office product. Previous companies I have worked for had MS Word alone on a generic disk. As far as I know, none of them are in jail yet.

OpenOffice.org provides a program that rivals MS Office. You can download it for FREE from their site. If you are doing this for work however, I don't know that it would be compatible with platforms you would be using - I'd say probably not.

Should you need to purchase MS Office so you can have MS Word, check out newegg.com. I know with operating systems such as Windows XP, you can buy versions that computer builders use - no fancy packages, just a disk and a license - for significantly less than what you'd pay for an off-the-shelf product at say Staples. Don't know if you can do the same with Office. Check out CNet.com for reviews. CNet.com also has forums where you can post a question and an Editor will answer you.

Good Luck!
I have a separate office
Although it's open and doesn't have doors.
I use a separate room
I have a 2 bedroom place, hubby and I use the master room and I transcribe in the "office." This keeps me, for the most part, without distractions other than those I create myself. I set up a place for my cats to sleep so they don't sleep on the computer desk, and have found that this works the best for me...very short attention span when I tried it in the living room. Just don't move work into the bedroom you sleep in, might cause sleep problems.
Are they separate checks (sm)
totalling 12,000+.  You'd have to check the court system, but that may actually be over the amount for small claims court and you'd have to go to the next level.  Has she made ANY attempt to pay any of it?  Do you have any "demands" for payment in writing?  If not, I think I'd get that in the mail today.  You need to establish a papertrail.  Formal demand asking for payment in a set period of time by cash or money order.  Send it cert mail with return receipt.
Yes I did have a separate firewall....sm
I have also used the AVG for years. My friend has also used it for years. I know a lot of people who have used it and continue to with no problems. I had no problems until someone hacked into my computer. When I took it to the computer guy, he said you are using a free AVG version. He said that is the problem. He said why do you think they are free? They don't fully protect your computer. I have no idea with a firewall on how they still got into my computer but they did. My friend had someone hack into hers while using AVG free version and separate firewall and stole her identity. I am just trying to keep the expensive mistake I made from happening to other people. It is costing me $250 to have the computer repaired.
Yes, separate computer sm
I have kept an older computer with SP2 but don't have the original CD rom. I use it for checking personal e-mails etc.,, will try it tomorrow, sore neck from trying to "make it work". Will try tomorrow when my neck feels better. Stress........Thanks for trying to help me.  Of all things, to misplace a CD rom, how dumb am I????
Yes, separate computer sm
I have kept an older computer with SP2 but don't have the original CD rom. I use it for checking personal e-mails etc.,, will try it tomorrow, sore neck from trying to "make it work". Will try tomorrow when my neck feels better. Stress........Thanks for trying to help me.  Of all things, to misplace a CD rom, how dumb am I????
Two separate issues

Her medical records were indeed compromised several years ago and they did a sting with the doctor to find out who it was.  The person responsible, ironically, died of cancer before she could be prosecuted.  Farrah talks about it in the documentary.  The documentary itself is Farrah and Alanna filming her treatment and journey over the last year or so.


I've changed them between an old phone and new phone, but the same company, i.e. Nextel.
I use my c-phone whenever we travel. You can hook it directly into your room phone. Be sure and as
Aaahhhh, now I get it. Gross lines vs. Character lines. I guess I've just been conditioned to
think in terms of character lines.  One of the perils of working as an IC for somebody who defines what a line is versus owning your own company and defining it yourself.  After working for someone else for 15 years, maybe it's time to bust out on my own.
Yes, it sure is. I was told on 3 separate occasions that
I could use it for work but when they saw how much I was racking up in charges, they told me I was not eligible and sent me a $2500 bill.  I would be careful if I were you!!!!!
Or try to get the kids a separate policy
set up a separate entry for that with all caps. that's what I do.
its separate from hair and nails
is around 40k a year.  Thats the highest ive made as an MT.  You need a license, go through state board, and there are several schools throughout the US.  Just do a search on "aesthetic or esthetic schools"
Are the numbers in a separate column? sm
If yes, go to the Data menu and choose sort, then sort by the letter of the column.
Also fortunate enough to have a separate room. And
It doesnt separate. You end up transcribing at
2 separate companies/offers
Each 401K is a separate entity. You can have...sm
as many as you want. Sure helps with the taxes!
These are separate reports, called sm
corrections or addendums. We are not even allowed to change any report once it has been sent, and chances are that we are not the original transcriptionists who transcribed it. It is simply a new report.

I don't really mind at all when they say "go back up to History of Present Illness and put this in". It is just part of the job, not a big deal at all.
If it were me, I would have a separate hourly rate that
I would charge for things such as that, and keep a total of the time you spend doing this, but definitely bill them!!
Is it possible to use 2 separate monitors with just one computer?
I'd have two monitors but only one computer.  I guess there would have to be somewhere to plug it in...and I only see one place to plug in a monitor but was hoping someone knew of some kind of adapter or a way to get around this?  Thanks!!



Transcend bought MDI-FL. MDI-FL and MDI-MD are 2 separate entities. nm
MDI-FL and MDI-MD are 2 separate entities. Transcend owns MDI-FL. nm
What for? 95% of us ARE geezers - no need for a separate geezer board!
Info on using 2 computers to separate jobs

Does anyone else use 2 computers to work different jobs? I'm having conflicts between 2 companies so decided to buy another computer to separate the them. I  plan to use my monitor and cable on this computer too.

I  was told by the one company that I cannot use a router. Does anyone know why? I'm not very computer literate anymore so... how else can this be done?

I certainly don't relish the thought of unplugging and plugging my monitor and cable every day and definitely do not want the expense of another cable line. I am not reimbursed for my cable or equipment by either company. Thanks for any info you can provide.


Is each address on a separate line? And do you have Excel?
My office is in a separate room, yet close enough
I can hear what is going on. I have a shock collar that I put on my dogs to keep them quiet when they are outside (I don't have to shock them but very rare occasion). I work late afternoon/early evening so that part of my schedule, pets and husband are in bed and I have total peace and quiet.
separate bedroom makes sense
at my last 2 places that I lived I always had my office in a separate room but Iwas on 1 floor and I guess I felt more "together" that way. I am going to give my upstairs extra room a chance.  At least I will have a window that sees a pretty scene small creek, tall trees.  The only downfall my little dog cannot look out the window there as the windows are too high!  Thanks all. 
No, having a separate office doesn't make
me concentrate any better. The part that is nice about it is when I'm not working, I can close the door and not think about work. When I can't concentrate, I usually put in some soft music, light a stinky candle, make a cup of tea and force myself to type for at least one hour before taking a quickie break. I pretty much make a deal with myself as a reward to get it done.
It sounds like you are talking about a separate platform
in addition to the Express Scribe. Maybe part of those steps would work for the OP, though.
When I left my former employer, they cut me a separate check. (nm)
You're talking about a separate program add-in.
In the standard MS Word program, there is no such creature as "word count" on the Tools menu. Either you're not useing MS Word or your company added this program. The other poster is telling you how to get the line count using the MS Word statistics/properties for a document.

If your company has added this program feature, they can configure it any way then want to and you're at their mercy.

Please make sure in the future when you say you're working in "Word" that it is MS Word as that is the assumption that will be made by anyone reading your post.