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I'm a vegetarian so not buying meat saves,

Posted By: fg on 2005-08-08
In Reply to: How do you guys pinch your pennies - need help conserving monies

but also, the more *fixed* food is, the more expensive it is - for example, if I want soup, I buy the ingredients and make it myself, plus it tastes better and isn't loaded with garbage I don't need like salt and fat.

I don't buy extras - candles have been out for a long time - I have a few in case of power failure, but nothing fancy. I don't have a cell phone, or anything other than basic TV. I buy clothes at thrift stores (which is actually a lot of fun), and I never hang out at malls - impulse buying is out.

Get an extra plastic bottle and pour half your shampoo into it, then fill with water. Most people use way too much shampoo, conditioner, etc - dilute w/water - does the same job and lasts way longer.

If you will search around the web with Google, you can come up with hundreds of ways to save money - most of us buy stuff we don't need simply because we are lazy or we think our every desire needs to be gratified.

It's mostly just excess baggage; it is amazing how good it feels to not need *stuff* to feel good.

the potpourri idea is fabulous!!, plus don't forget the wonderful scent of herbs you can grow yourself to mix with the cinnamon, etc.

Good luck and have fun!

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first was no meat, then vegetarian, now trying vegan...
although, I am not obsessive about it all...

no animal has to suffer for me.

I do have to cook meat for my boyfriend, but as I said I am not a fanatic. I try to buy local meat and use chickens (and eggs) that are not from electric cages, or that have not been fed steroids, antibiotics, etc.
Need ideas for vegetarian snacks for New Year's Eve. Having a guest over who is vegetarian.


Another veg head here, but I cook meat for my men. Just make sure my eats don't have meat broth o
Outsourcing saves less than claimed

Is this really a surprise to any of us?...

Thu Apr 13, 4:32 AM ET

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Outsourcing of information technology and business services delivers average cost savings of 15 percent, a survey found on Thursday, disproving market claims that outsourcing can reduce costs by over 60 percent.

After professional fees, severance pay and governance costs, savings range between 10 percent and 39 percent, with the average level at 15 percent when contracts are first let, according to outsourcing advisory firm TPI.

"This research proves that the promise of massive operational savings is unrealistic when you take into account the costs of procurement and ongoing contract management," Duncan Aitchison, TPI's managing director, said in a statement.

"In our experience, outsourcing arrangements which focus solely on delivering huge savings often fail to meet client expectations," he added.

Cost reduction remains the primary motivation behind current outsourcing contracts, but an increasing number of companies are outsourcing primarily to improve quality, at 21 percent now versus 11 percent in 2004.

The first three months of 2006 had the largest number of outsourcing contracts ever signed in the first quarter of a year. TPI found that 83 contracts were signed, valued globally at over 18 billion euros ($21.9 billion), compared with 76 deals worth just over 13 billion euros over the same period last year.

IBM, EDS and T-Systems were the main beneficiaries of contracts let in the first quarter of 2006, winning total contract values of 3.7 billion euros, 3.6 billion euros and 1.1 billion euros, respectively.

The pipeline of deals on which TPI is currently advising is led by EDS, IBM and CSC, which are competing for deals totaling 6.4 billion euros, 6 billion and 4 billion, respectively, it added.

AutoCorrect only saves the font if . . .

you check formatted text when making an entry.  Otherwise the font is whatever you are using at the time you use the entry.  You shouldn't have to have multiple entries just for different fonts.

Now, if an entry needs to be bolded or italicized, then you need to check formatted text for that to come up when you use that particular entry.  It's the same for multiple-line addresses - check formatted text or you will get one long line with ** instead of a line break. 

Truth be told, AutoCorrect is actually a fine Expander until you get to about 5000 entries.  Then it may get a bit boggy.

Thank you! That's pretty handy and saves time! nt
Do you have Allow Fast Saves checked on one of the computers?
Look at the save tab in the options on both computers. You need to uncheck fast saves, then both computers should give you the same count.
The silver lining about the snippy ads is it saves us
or even worse, working for them. Although they're shooting themselves in the foot, those kind of ads are doing US a favor. ;)
vegetarian idea
If you use eggs, a wonderful egg foo yung can be made with all that zucchini in your garden. Just shred, drain, toss in a little cornstarch and soy sauce = add some beaten eggs and fry in patties. Make a quick gravy using chicken base, water and soy sauce thickened with a little cornstarch. Serve patties over rice with a little gravy. My family loves this and we are not even vegetarians!
Also got rid of our house phone because we all had cell phones and that saves me about 75.00 a month
or so.
A KVM switch will let you use 2 different hard drives on the same monitor. Saves much space
Check out KVM switch.  I used my hospital computer provided to me when I first started with MQ.  I used the KVM switch and that way I didn't have to invest in a monitor right off the bat.  All I needed was a hard drive to dump the MQ program into.  Then I could switch back and forth from one hard drive to the other.  I don't know if this is what you are looking for but just thought I'd add this here as it has saved me much money and space.
Vegan versus vegetarian
Someone told me that vegans do not eat any animal products including eggs or dairy but that vegetarians will.  Who knows.
Ideas for vegetarian snacks

Bean dips.  Paul Newman has them in jars, usually in the salsa section.  Also, guacamole, and have nuts available.  Cheeses, of course, if they eat dairy.

Bruschetta, one variation of which is thinly sliced tomato on slice of garlic bread, topped with sprinkle of basil and thin mozzarella.  Broil  til cheese melts and heated through..

Hummus, a garbanzo bean spread, you can usually buy at the deli counter.  With crackers or small slices of bread.


He's a runner and a vegetarian and he looks just fine to me! :) nm
I'd be a great vegetarian but I hate vegetables!
The thought of eating meat is awful, but it's the only thing I like so I have to unless I want to live on Cheerios and ice cream sandwiches.
Vegetarian chili from the freezer, salad, garlic bagel chips. nm
Daughter is vegetarian. I cook a turkey and she hits the side dishes. (sm)
We do pretty well with this. I just make sure I have some of her favorites so she still feels like she is having a feast.

I saw a picture someone made of a "turkey" they had formed out of raw veggies. I think the basic form was one of those rounded shaped loaves of bread and the veggies were on toothpicks. the head and some tail feathers were made from construction paper. It seemed like an entertaining idea especially if you had small children around.

Time, Vegetarian Times, Creative Knitting, Money, Today's Nutrition. nm
Eat less meat or no meat
Lots of beans, tofu shakes, whole-grain cereals, rice and breads, green and other veggies.  Meat is expensive, especially if you're feeding several. Cut back on carbonated drinks, also not good for you.. 
meat is not for me
I have been a vegetarian since 1979.  I did it for ethical reasons and because I dont eat anything that had a face.  The smell and look of meat makes me sick to my stomach. 
Not sure about the changes to the factory farming, but the changes most anti-factory farming people want is to get people to eliminate meat from their diet, thus ending the need for these farms. Each person doing their small part, makes a big difference in the long run. I was a big carnivore, cannot believe I am a vegitarian now, still lots and lots of food to eat, a little limited when dining out, but not really, even the restaurants are catering to the vegitarians more and more each day. Give it a try, you won't regret it.
Meat in your diet?
That is a misconception that we need meat in our diets, we do not need meat at all, there are many other sources of protein out there to substitute for the meat, please go to the many vegitarian sites for more information.
it is not wrong to eat meat

and that comes from God's own word.  It is not unhealthy either, done in moderation. Our ways of growing or cooking the meat may be unhealthy, no doubt esp combined with lack of exercise. and yes, it is wrong to be cruel to animals.  Much of our problem is based on mass production, which is now the 'norm'.  We have all but eliminated the small farms in favor of this mass production.  Small farms don't need to have cesspools of waste, they don't stink and the animals live a natural pleasant life as intended. But when we go to using feedlots, and finish the beef out, for example, with grain, which is unnatural to their digestive system (starting the grain has to be done methodically and gradually or it kills them), we create different physical reactions in the meat which I believe has caused ill health in humans (along with the unnecessary vetting).  Yes, the chicken farms and slaughter houses etc are managed terribly, nasty and mostly with inhumane operations.  How to avoid this and still eat meat?  Seek out those who raise range-fed chickens (a natural environment), or raise beef that are not given growth hormones or unnecessary routine antibiotics. You will never have mad cow disease for example on purely grass-fed beef. These growers are around.  I have a nephew in MO who offers this alternative.  We ourselves used to offer such in the way of chicken -- these "natural farmers" generally struggle to make a living, but if you want healthy meat, want an alternative to mass production, seek them out. 

Yuck, I don't eat red meat, but (sm)

do eat some chicken for more protein.  Also eat lots of fruit with cottage cheese and lots of green, leafy vegetables.  Also, a way to get more protein is nuts, like cashews or almonds and feta cheese with your salads.

For lunch today is pasta with some cheese biscuits with garlic salt, also a green salad with feta cheese.  Melons with cottage cheese for a snack.  No meat at all and I don't miss it!  You get used to it.

meat loaf
Next time you make meat loaf, make it your regular way, put half mixture in loaf pan, take a can of green chilies....put pieces of pepper-jack cheese in each chile and close them. Add top layer of mixture, cook as you usually do. You'll love it!
And, the meat in the grocery store comes
I believe that if you buy "beef" it comes from cows, an animal. I believe if you buy "chicken" it comes from chickens, an animal.
Imitation crab meat.
I know, I know - yuck, but hey, I'm a guy. I don't know how to cook!
ditto. too much water boils the meat.
read recipes for crock pots.
oops! meant meat cutter.
meat loaf, Mrs.T's pierogies, beets
Stove Top Dressing Meat loaf
with home made smashed potatoes, gravy and brussel sprouts....tomorrow night, sketti and meatballs, made with the extra Stove Top mixture.
And where exactly do you think that the meat in the grocery store comes from?? ANIMALS!
Meat cooking is harder, IMHO
Remebering my childhood as an animal eater, I think it is harder cooking for meat eaters and way more expensive than vegetarian foods.
Try the meat baby foods by Gerber.
That is making ends meet, not meat by the way.
Please don't flame me, but I'm glad somebody eats meat. That's how my husband supports us,
cutter. I do think that everyone has the right to make the choice whether to eat meat or not. Some days I want meat really bad, and other days I can do without it. I'm glad that I live in a country where I can make the choice for myself and everyone else can make their own choice, too.
Orchiette, home-made meat sauce, salad, YUM!

Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, beef gravy, fried okra.
Why not provide the meat and have every bring a side dish, appy, or dessert? You're looking at to
I just make like a meat loaf mixture with egg, cracker crumbs, salt, pepper, egg and milk. SM
Form into patties, cook with some chopped or sliced onions, then add an envelope of gravy mix and water, cook a few minutes. Easy, you can add other stuff or use canned gravy. Enjoy!
Buying new
The MT company I work for supplies my computer but I have account on the side from my home computer. I had a computer "cracker" here last week for a serious problem and he suggested I go on line and get a Gateway. Does anyone have any input?
After buying car after car and never really sm
having one completely paid off, I finally got into leasing. I traded for a lease car and had it for 4 years. It was in great shape, inside and out at the end of lease period. I took pictures of the car from all angles to cover myself. Then I "traded" that for another lease, the car which I have now. The payments for lease cars are the same as if you were buying one on loan. The higher the down payment on the lease, the lower the payments are. The longer the lease period, the lesser the monthly payments but there is also the interest charge to consider.

At the end of the lease, though, you have the option of trading it for another car or buying it outright. I leased my current car, a mini SUV, for 4 years with payments of $300 per month, then ended up buying it for $7K at the end of the lease period. I essentially paid the same amount leasing and buying this car as if I had a loan on it. Leasing is not cheap, but you always have a new car. With leasing, you get no equity in the vehicle. If you are a person who wants a new car all the time, then leasing might be good for you. I like a new car all the time, too, but the monthly payments are too hard on my budget. Also with a lease you are required to keep up with the maintenance of the vehicle--more so than if you owned it outright. I don't quite understand your statement about "low payment because you only pay for the amount of money it would depreciate for the time you own it." You never own it, and the monthly payments aren't low.

I hope this helps. I haven't had my caffeine yet.
before buying one...

You should maybe rent one for the weekend, drive it around, and see how you like it. I had a rental when my son wrecked his truck, a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.  I fell absolutely in love and my hubby got me one for Christmas!

Renting one for the weekend will give you a pretty good idea if you're gonna like it or not. I personally have never owned a convertible, but did drive one (my bosses wife's car) and it was ok, though not that great...good luck!

Not buying it...sm

I didn't graduate from CS or from either of the other 2 schools considered the BIG 3. I had a recruiter from MQ call me the very week I passed my course.  My instructor gave them my name after I graduated.

And if you look on MQs website under FAQ, it states that under certain circumstances, they will accept candidates with less than 1 year experience if they graduated from ONE of the MT schools MQ has a relationship with.

Sorry. Not buying it.
You must work for the folks who are pushing this fiasco. I can tell you from first hand experience. It indeed DOES take longer or as long (just to be fair) to edit as it does to type it.
You are so right about buying there
I bought several items this year off Etsy for my Christmas presents, flower pens, individual painted flower cups for the ladies I gave to, have bought soaps there before, lots of stuff. I really like Etsy, some really nice things.
I'm not buying it.
These are just some of the incidents some of my Canadian friends have gone through:
1. My GF's husband decided he was still a teenager and went snowboarding, tore up his knee and had a 6-month wait for an MRI.
2. Same GF her best friend had an abnormal mammo. 3 months to get an ultrasound.
3. Ex boyfriend's ex-wife broke her leg while they were skiing. They kept her on Morphine from Friday until Monday because no orthopedic doc was available to do the surg.
4. Another GF of mine was on a specific type of thyroid medication that was the only one that they found worked for her. Then they decided it was not a covered drug anymore and she could no longer get it in Canada.
5. Another GF's husband needed cardioversion waited over a month to get it, meanwhile he was in horrible shape, legs and ankles swollen.

I'm sorry this is not acceptable patient care. The latest estimate is $1.3 trillion dollars to re-structure our health care the way Obama wants it restructured. Everyone puts Bush down for his "agenda" on Iraq no matter what the consequences. This is "Obama's" agenda. This country does not need another $1.3 trillion debt for future generations to have to try to pay off. JMHO.
I'm sorry, is anybody buying this story? sm
part-time, 16,000 per pay period!!! Come on, I'm not buying this at all.
Buying local ....
Unfortunately, some of us don't live in areas that have a lot of choice. My town is tiny and we have a teensy WalMart that has items that (I really think this!) have been there waiting to be sold since the day it opened years ago! I buy from JC Penney's from a catalog outlet here in town (if they're open) or online, sometimes I shop in one of the larger neighboring cities. Frankly, unless I'm buying cotton or watermelon, it ain't happening here :-).

However, in defense of your statement, when I lived in a larger city and had variety (and choices!) I did shop in town more often than not. I miss those days LOL.
BOS is changed so you have to keep buying the new one--$$$$
Better off buying on Ebay.

I bought this computer and what a mess.  I was told that it was bought for her daughter just the previous year and still had the warranty.  She was going to transfer the warranty to my name. 

I thought that because I used paypal I would be safe, but that is only if you buy off of E-bay.  When I received the computer, it was a whole two years older than I was told and there was no longer any warranty.  The seller conveniently died a week after I received the computer.

So, if anyone contacts you about this computer, BEWARE.