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I wasn't offended. I thought it was funny. :-)

Posted By: Catholicbabe on 2005-11-02
In Reply to: Line counts -sm - beat ya - Patti

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I apologize if I offended you, that wasn't my intention at all. As far as any suggestions for SM

your situation, I would agree with MT2RN above that maybe she is being enabled to behave the way she behaves.  She is getting exactly the reaction she wants.  It's hard to do, but if she refuses to get help from trained professionals, then you shouldn't be there to take care of her.  My ex-husband refused and I stayed for a long time, taking care of him.  He had employment issues and drinking issues and spending issues and legal issues and I just enabled him.  I made the money and cleaned up his messes, paid off his debts, bailed him out of jail.  It is an endless cycle that can only be broken by the stable person saying "I won't help you anymore, unless you help yourself first." 

Again I apologize for offending you.  My initial post was in response to your post chronicling what seemed to me to be depression without mania and you made no mention of her being diagnosed as bipolar, so I just simply was curious.  I thank you for clarifying and I wish you well.  It's really tough situation to be in.

you didn't offend me. you offended yourself and males who you know. if you think it's funny,
i don't. and i don't like the buffoon dumb male vs very clever female schtick either. it is degrading to both parties. if the female is so smart, why is she with some dumba$$ guy anyway?
I get offended by blonde jokes. They're not funny at all.

Especially, after hearing them over and over again from people who think they're being "clever".  In addition, I don't know how many times people have told me to prove that I'm a real blonde.  Like they can't tell from my eyebrows.  Duh, really funny and so original.  I've never heard that one before.

We blondes do have to overcome the stereotype.  People think we're stupid or promiscuous just because we're blonde.  Scoff all you want to, but it's true.  No, we don't have it as tough as minorities do at all, but nobody ever takes us seriously either.  I'd give examples of real life discrimination and harrassment in the workplace, but why bother?  Everyone just thinks they're being funny or clever.

it wasn't funny
It wasn't funny
It was tasteless and offensive. Funny how the moderator takes off offensive language (as he or she should) but allows tasteless jokes.
It wasn't thought out
I didn't make a decision to do it until they told me it would be $241 for my records and then they left out all the nurse's notes, the op report and my pathology report. I had to get those copied - which I did not pay for those. According to my bank, doing a stop payment on a check is not against the law, and had the hospital ever asked, I would have been glad to explain that their charges were both for the medical records, as well as their services, were highway robbery.
Okay, thanks. Thought of that but wasn't sure.


Thank you...that's what I thought, but it wasn't clear to me!! nm
I always thought that the reason CR wasn't replaced -sm
by tapes/videotape, recordings, etc. long ago, was that there was some major legal reason for having an actual live person there that could SEE and HEAR each participant in the case do the court reporting, and the same for depositions. Something about the veracity of the resulting printed document generated by a live CR, as opposed to one generated by a machine (that could be tampered with.)
At the beginning, thought the whole thing had been a dream - thank goodness it wasn't.
Well poop, I thought it was 1 entry per giveaway. Wasn't clear. nm
I thought he was funny
Actually, I thought he was pretty darn hillarious!
I'm 60 and thought it was funny.
Funny, i have thought the very same
thing many times and often!  But having to be fair, there are ESLs who speak better English than American docs, although I hate to admit it....and don't get me started!!!  Just my opinion and too tired to type anymore tonight!  LOL.  But, yeah, but I just wished they'd go away... Of course, I also wish I didn't have to do this anymore.....dreaming on....lol   
I just got a funny thought about the BOS

If a boss were in the office should they put the BOS on the desk? (BOS = Bible of MTing).  I am really being silly here, but there is another conversation elsewhere about the pros and cons of putting a Bible on a desk in the school.  The BOS is getting about as controversial these days.  I don't think it is to the point where it is used to intimidate totally, but there are certainly some mixed feelings about this thing.  Do clients come before BOS... is the BOS the final word, or does JACHO have the final word.  Do we put the JACHO guidelines on the boss' desk.  Or what about the company manifesto (the MTSO we work for) which clearly does not state how they count our lines exactly and how benefits can be lost if not enough lines are accomplished. Now that is one book that would have to be banned from the boss' desktop.

Of course this is all moot.  Most of us are remote. There is, however, the boss' desk in OUR MIND which is there in our subconscious day after day.  We often wonder how that book changes, and if it is used for good or to intimidate.  Just IMHO. As anything else power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, whether it be the BOS "bible," the JACHO quiz on site at the hospital about to pop any time on the employees, or the boss' ability to take away health or other benefits. Stinks in my opinion, but the way of the world. 

Thanks for listening to my rambling. Just a little ditty from an armchair philosopher! 

Just got a funny thought, how about this:

You know how sometimes there are strange postings on the job board?  This MT feels like (but won't do it, just suggesting it) putting an ad on the job board which reads the following. Thank you in advance, by the way for your time in reading this. Time is money, after all, and this MT is appreciative of any and all of your time.

FAKE POSTING (do not attempt this at home, this is done by a professional, albeit uncredentialed MT)

MT-At-YOUR-Service.... MTSOs: Sign up now! This MT cannot be beat!

She will cook, clean, AND type any and all medical language specialty work you have AT THE SAME TIME.  Grab this offer now. Just send your name, phone number, and 3 personal and professional references and a resume of your MTSO proving that you will provide: Free food (because she is cooking for you); Free cleaning supplies (she cannot afford her own garbage bags), and a decent line rate, just because when she types, she needs to send the whole check to her family, not overseas, but to her starving family here in the USA.  Act now... the first 10 responses will be given Immediate consideration!  And if you call in the next 15 minutes, you will be given twice as much free cooking and cleaning, and this MT will even type at half the going line rate. Act now! Offshores need not apply.

Unprofessional but funny thought, sm

wouldn't it be wild if there was a Tourette's syndrome for transcriptionists, and we could just insert whatever random thought or opinion we had on the patient/dictator.

I'm in the middle of a patient's social history and the doc dictates his occupation, and then in the PE he says he's dignified looking.  I mean he's obvious very impressed by his social stature and I would love to say that!



funny, I thought poster was in FL/CT

  Funny how we all think here posting away *giggles* - I  thought the poster might be in Connecticut at the (Firefox or some name like that - foxfire? can't remember *L*) casino up there or might be in Florida and perhaps the Tampa area I was thinking....as the last things the Seminoles built by me was the Hard Rock Casino Resort and Hotel which opened in 2004. 

There are so many tribes, tho not a HUGE amount opening up casinos I do not think.  Perhaps the Miccosukee (sp?) in S. Miami.  :)

And when you think of $28 grand along with full benefits - it becomes probably closer to a $40 grand salary which is not bad for Florida IF poster is in Florida.



I thought this was funny. Going to start typing for a shrink. sm
We were discussing our deal last night, and he said something to the effect of, "Since it's psychiatry it might be different than what you're used to.  I'll spell."  LOL -- please, no spelling!  I told him he didn't have to spell things for me.  Although he seems to be quite with it, not a slobbery mushmouth like some we run into.  I just thought it was funny.  "I'll spell." 
I knew what she meant, thanks. I was just showing a funny, or at least I thought it was. Sorry to
  It was the "rumatyca" that got me laughing. 
Also not offended
... unless they use poor grammar and can't spell. I actually told somebody I work with (I don't work at home anymore because I didn't like it) that she would make a good Transcriptionist because she is so careful to ask questions and learn things thoroughly. She looked very pleased and thanked me. Of course, if she asked me about it, I'd direct her to Andrews.
Not offended here..
I plan on quitting myself when my 35th b-day rolls around in September....how did you do it? I tried with the gum, Zyban,but have always gone back. I think it is just will power.
Sorry that I offended you......
I am truely sorry that I offended you. I don't post on chat boards often so I wrote in a letter form. There is nothing fish going on, I just needd some guidance. I am very down right now about this profession, but I surely did not mean to offend you!
No, I am not offended...sm
LOL! I do not find this offensive at all. I actually love it. I think everyone should just have a sense of humor about it. I tell you if that word offends someone then they have lived a very sheltered life indeed. BUT different strokes for different folks as they say. :)
Not offended...You just keep smoking that


So sorry..say something about the MTs who don't do their jobs and they are all offended, but yet
MTs who DO do their jobs are not. HMMMMMM
Now THAT comment would have offended me!
Here, here!!! My own husband got OFFENDED when someone would say
"Oh, you're babysitting." He'd say, "NO, they're MY kids. You don't say my wife babysits when she stays home with them." Aren't guys amazing!
No, not offended and not turning on you sm
I think some of us are frustrated and concerned for you because we know it will happen again--and there's nothing we can do.

We also see the things that you're saying and see them as typical problematic statements, classical of someone who's being abused and will be abused again.

Statements like these:

"I have neglected to mention that when he is calm, he is actually okay." What? What difference does that make? He's probably very sweet and wonderful when he's not hitting you, yes.


"The incident two weeks ago was because I was forcing a trip to see my daughter's family." In other words, you caused it, right? That's so typical of an abused woman. "I made him mad" or "I egged him on." See, we on this board read things like this and see what you're not seeing, which is why we are SCARED for you and urging you firmly to see them. You're interpreting this as turning on you or that we're offended. No -- we are seeing something and trying to get you to see it, and really worried that you're not. And yes, frustrated that you're going to live with this man under the same roof while you try counseling and religion.
I'm offended that you laugh about it

Have you checked into seeing what is required of someone to become a fellow of the AAMT?  It is a lot of work, believe you me.  And, it is not just the education--it's community service, holding offices in the organization, as well as the continuing education part of it. 

I work for a surgeon who is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.  It works basically the same way---they have to prove that they have completed so much continuing education, hold offices in organizations, community-type services, etc.

Basically, just being a "fellow" just means that you've gone above and beyond what an ordinary person in your organization does.  Honestly, I think it is an honor; a matter of distinction, even if it is just AAMT.  It just sets yourself apart from everyone else; says that you are a hard worker.

I'm sorry if I offended you personally....sm

 That was not my intention and I see in another thread you defended my post about eTime....da DE dum dum is what I said about the web clock question.  So I want to thank you for the defense....on the eTime and apologize if I insulted you about the gift-giving recognition for MT Week.....

Have a nice weekend!!! 

Dear offended
I would go to the doctor and tell him exactly how you feel. You are completely justifed in feeling offended - you were in a sense stabbed in the back.

Since you will be less productive while you are training this person, you need to let the doctor why. That way, if the office manager tries to criticize you for being less productive, you know that the cardiologist understands why.

That is why I like working at home - no office politics. Had more than my share of that kind of obnoxious behavior in the past.
What is offended is my hearing!
I know exactly where the post comes from. I hear physicians say the patient mother, no patient's, but the patient mother. That really grates on my nerves. Some words are not even pronouced correctly. I would think if you have the sense to become a physician, surely you can get some English in on the side. It is very rude and offensive for me to have to listen.I get enough of that on the evening local news.
I would be offended as well. A lot of assumptions going on here.
I was accused of being a troll.
I personally am not offended by asking about my salary...
I am just saying some people might think that way...
Yeah, and I suppose I probably offended
some newbies, too. I didn't mean to. I know what I was thinking in my head but I didn't communicate that in my message post.
I wrote the post and I am not offended, I took it how you meant it.
and like I said.... I love warm  milk, drink it almost every night.
I am white and offended by that garbage post as
well. I am so sorry there are people like above poster in this world. A nice informatie post turns to garbage - oh well.
Anyone else offended or insulted to be offered 6-7 cpl? Or is it just me or finds this insulting.
Is this how bad it is that now this is the going rate?? I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I need a career change.
was anyone else offended to get an e-card from a free site from team leader that was
blanket message to everyone.  I thought that was low class.  You can send an e-card to casual acquaintences, coworkers, etc., but I do not think a blanket 1 message fits all to employees, bosses, or family is appropriate for Christmas.  I would rather have had nothing than this thoughtless piece of nothing. 
You're funny. Ignorant, but funny.
I don't live in NYC and I don't work out of NYC and I make wayyyyy more than $23 an hour, SandyGIRL.

I'm an employee at the largest national and I make anywhere from $58K to $64K a year.

You don't have to believe anyone but you show your ignorance by telling those of us who make that money that we're full of it.

Sorry, that was not an ASR funny, just a regular ole dictation funny. LOL! nm
What a funny, funny reply. LOL
You are a genius! I am sorry you are ugly and fat. I feel bad for you, but what I can I do to help? Go to a plastic surgeon.
now that's funny, true, but very funny
Anal Association of Medical Treachery.
If it really isn't you or wasn't you...

I would check out the posts made by MQMT under "Straw that broke the camel's back".  Maybe I'm seeing double....who knows anymore at this stage of the game!!  Have a good day. 

By the way, I did have a complete burnout on MTing after about 30 years so took a two year break; Glad I'm back now but the break was a "good thing"!!

Maybe the CEO wasn't (sm)
addressing students who were kicked back in their easy chair with time to surf the internet. Maybe he only meant it for students that had evacuated and would eventually find their way to a computer where they could go online and contact the school, since they didn't have the phone number in their pocket when they ran.
I know it wasn't
my post. I just get tired of people who seem to be looking for a reason to jump all over some one. You are the one who needs to take a chill pill. Unlike you, I am perfectly calm.
Actually it was. I wasn't trying to
say your kids are perfect angles or be a smart ass. Maybe I should have worded that better. Sometimes you/we come across different in emails, internet or whatever then what you/we are really trying to say. Maybe we all did. Enough said.
No, that wasn't one of them.
You mentioned below that it was a local company. I'd give it a try. If you find out down the road that it's horrible, you can quit. Otherwise, you might miss out on a good thing because some person on an Internet message board had a bad experience with some other company. We are all seeking different things in relation to work. Don't let our experiences scare you. One employer, one MTSO or one account doesn't set the standard for the entire industry.
Thanks, wasn't sure how I was going to keep up with it
moving that fast.  Looking forward to next week and trying to sort it all out. 
I said I wasn't going to do that
so I'm not sure why you felt the need to be arbitratary but that's your choice.