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If It's Approved, It's Here

Posted By: Yet Another MQer on 2005-08-05
In Reply to: best drug help website - today's question


This is the FDA site: you only need three letters at a time to pull up everything that includes them.

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Was this approved by your supervisor or is this your own account?
If you pull reports out of sequence without your supervisors knowledge, you are cherry picking and it is wrong.  If, however, you have approval or you run your own business, it's still cherry picking but the dynamics surrounding it have changed.
The big 3 are the first three AAMT approved schools. SM
These are: M-TEC, Andrews and Career Step (in chronological order of approval). Your daughter will not go wrong with any of the 3. I suggest that she visit the schools' website. She can register and post questions at both the Career Step and M-Tec forums, but the Andrews forum is for its students only.
Go with an AAMT-approved school.
You will get a quality education and have no problems finding a job upon graduation. I had three job offers within a week of graduating and had a choice of where I wanted to work.
Looks to me like this is the current policy, approved 10/2004, and
Unfortuntely, if you are young, a lot of times you DO have to be approved or (sm)
at least fight with them to pay it because of family history.  This whole insurance business is such a racket. 
Best recommendation is chooosing an AAMT/AHDI approved course
No, but with an expander you can just set your expansions to the approved versions for that account.
I just ordered a Dell off the website on credit and was approved!!! Yay! Man, I love the web!
It will be delivered by the end of the week!  I'm back in business and not so limited on options.  Thanks again for the advice!