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No, but with an expander you can just set your expansions to the approved versions for that account.

Posted By: MissIndigo on 2008-02-22
In Reply to: Off QA in 3 days? - lookingformore


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Was this approved by your supervisor or is this your own account?
If you pull reports out of sequence without your supervisors knowledge, you are cherry picking and it is wrong.  If, however, you have approval or you run your own business, it's still cherry picking but the dynamics surrounding it have changed.
With expander and very familiar account SM
on a bad day where everything goes wrong maybe 4 hours. In the groove, less than 3.

I'm an experienced MT, a slowish typist but a fast reader and puctuator, use an Expander heavily, and have good (not great) familiarity with one account but not with my backup, and neither account is the kind of great "fast" one that helps you get in the groove and really knock the work out consistently.
If It's Approved, It's Here


This is the FDA site: you only need three letters at a time to pull up everything that includes them.

The big 3 are the first three AAMT approved schools. SM
These are: M-TEC, Andrews and Career Step (in chronological order of approval). Your daughter will not go wrong with any of the 3. I suggest that she visit the schools' website. She can register and post questions at both the Career Step and M-Tec forums, but the Andrews forum is for its students only.
Go with an AAMT-approved school.
You will get a quality education and have no problems finding a job upon graduation. I had three job offers within a week of graduating and had a choice of where I wanted to work.
Looks to me like this is the current policy, approved 10/2004, and
Unfortuntely, if you are young, a lot of times you DO have to be approved or (sm)
at least fight with them to pay it because of family history.  This whole insurance business is such a racket. 
Best recommendation is chooosing an AAMT/AHDI approved course
I just ordered a Dell off the website on credit and was approved!!! Yay! Man, I love the web!
It will be delivered by the end of the week!  I'm back in business and not so limited on options.  Thanks again for the advice! 
Yes, there are different versions...

The version that I worked on had access to other reports in the system, which was nice.  What I did was type in MS Word then paste into Meditech via Shorthand, just don't tell the company that you're doing that.  Otherwise, if I had to type directly into Meditech, I wouldn't have made any money.  So, like any platform, there are good and bad aspects to it, but it really depends on which version.

Buy the CD versions. My books have been...
...gathering dust ever since I invested in those.
There could be different versions of the same program that are not
Seems to be the same to me as I've used several versions, too. nm
MS Word versions
Well found out that with the update, it DOES work, instead of doing "typical install' you can do a custom install and tell the update to keep the original version of Word, which it does and will also import your Stedman's Quick Look, etc.
Hardly get to use my expansions any more
Most of the doctors whose jobs I used to not lift my foot for the pedal for from start to finish, are now on ASR and I cannot say that about them anymore. Those definitely take longer because not only do you have to change, delete and add here and there, you have to scrutinize every letter or mistakes the listening device may have made. Obvious what is saved to expansion was checked to perfection already.
Unless, of course, the MTs use only expansions

Put in a lot of the common things most physicians say for every report like:  the patient, increased pain, complains of, tells me that, MRI results, x-ray of the, come back in, return to see me in, was seen in the emergency room, I told her to, I told him to, see me back as needed == things like that.  If you analyze a report, you'll see that most of it is plain English and those things are said over and over.  Once I switched from concentrating the majority of my entries from medical words to plain English, my speed really picked up.  I still add in the medical things, of course, but with my glossary I can work on many accounts with a lot more ease and productivity.  It's taken quite a time but well worth it.   
I don't worry about whether I already tried an expansion, because if it's there and I don't hit it right away, it isn't easy enough, so I try again. Usually I stick to a few standard forms, but that can vary from first letters of a phrase plus x on the end to e on then end, to some 2-word phrases that I use the first 3 letters of each word together. I might delete one that is rarely used if I want to reuse the abbreviation for a more useful phrase. I've deleted a lot of the first ones I tried, because they really weren't very helpful. I like to keep the phrases short, rather than try for long ones, maybe 3-5 words, because doctors tend not to be entirely consistent in how they say things, and I have verbatim accounts...less need to reword things that way.

I think that about 40% of what I type is an expansion of some sort on my normal doctors. If I'm doing someone new or someone who isn't consistent in what they say it may be quite a lot less, but that isn't really counting the individual word expansions, just the phrases. Many of the words over 3-4 letters I get with 1, 2, or 3 Keystrokes at most. You just have to keep your eyes on the expander, and sometimes even slow down enough to see words not at the top of the list. I use Smartype, so they come up in order of most used, which I can change at any point if needed.
Even different versions of Word count the same, so it's not that either. nm
Does anyone know if the newer versions of Escription sm
are compatible with Woord 2007?  The requirements I received some time ago stated that Word 2007 was not compatible.  Wondered if they had upgraded yet.  TIA
I have older versions saved.

If this poster (or anyone else) needs an earlier version, I have setup files for both 4.15 and 4.02 available. Just shoot off an email.

A lesson I learned a long time ago--always have a backup plan.Whenever I download a new program and after setting it up on my computer, I save the original set-up file in a folder called, amazingly enough, Downloads. Then, when a newer version is released, I also save it (usually with the version number as part of the name) in the same folder. That way, if anything goes wrong with the update, I have the old setup files to fall back on.

The same way you copy/paste in all versions.
Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste.
Those versions don't even come close to how IT V Pro works.
I have a lower versions but I find
that when it stops expanding, somehow (I know I didn't do it) the autoreplace box got unchecked.  When I check it back, it works again.  Hope this helps.
You aren't working in both versions.
That's why Word is working okay for you. If you want to work in both versions then the oldest one has to be installed first so the registry will know how to handle both.
My expansions on MQ's server
Conditions at my local MQ ofc have deteriorated to the point where I am ready to throw in the towel and look elsewhere.  My question:  I am using my own computer.  Is it possible to retrieve/print out my Expanders and shortcuts that I made up myself before I leave.  I've only worked for MQ, and imagine I've accumulated over 2000 of these shortcuts.   I know they are on my hard drive, but I have no program that will enable me to access them.  Does anyone know of any such animal?  Secondarily, has anyone ever left one MQ ofc for another, or just plain asked to be switched to other accounts.  TIA
According to their web site they pay for expansions (sm)
I personally think we aren't paid for blanks and headers and that makes a difference. I have been working on DQS for a couple of weeks now and have gotten up to a whopping 200 plus per hour so I feel like I am making headway.
I have a question about DQS expansions.

I have 6000 phrases in my PRD which I am about to transfer to the DQS expansion program (I won't start for a couple of weeks).  The tech says anything more than a few hundred might cause expansions to be sluggish while I'm transcribing :(.  Has anyone been having this problem?

Also, is it better to use my own Window-based glossary program instead of the one DQS provides?  The tech says he can't advise me on that and the techs won't provide assistance on it. 


Watch those expansions for BM
She had a large, foul-smelling black male overnight with massive bleeding.
Need HELP to transfer expansions

I want to transfer my shortcuts (expansions) from DocQScribe to Microsoft office word.  Is it possible to do this?  Can anyone tell me where to go for instructions/guidelines on doing this?  Please help!

drug expansions
How you set up your expansions for drugs?
I use the first three letters and the last letter. For example, for Plavix, I would set it up as plax. Also, for drugs that I type frequently, I sometimes shorten it more - Lasix is lx.
I want to add dosages also, but I'm undecided how I want to do it. I would love to hear how others do it. Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas and suggestions.
Did they ever say they wouldn't pay for expansions? More likely,
Adding Expansions

I was wondering how you build your expansion list, meaning, about how many words do you put in day?  A few, 20, 50?  And do you review them daily so you know what you have?  I tend to create them and then forget I have them and then do not use them.  What are you tips?  Thanks in advance!

IMO, it will. I, too, used the same expansions for many years...sm
and found IT to be a pain in the tush. I did, however, find ShortHand or ShortCut to be much better choices. Not sure if they are still around as I use ESP and AutoCorrect (you can use both if you allow it in the preferences). I learned the expansions one way and found too many choices to be a hindrance. Good luck with your search!
How many expansions have you put into your autocorrect over...sm
the last 14 years. I started with a blank autocorrect 10 years ago and now have many thousand expansions from individual words, to phrases, paragraphs, and even full reports. I still add new ones almost every day. The way I have it set up I save more than 50% of my keystrokes.
POLL: Productivity gain using your expander and what expander you use.
Guess I need to make it work harder.
The shortcuts expander works with the Bayscribe expander as well.
All at the same time.
Does Flashtype work in all Meditech versions?
Sharing with older versions of Word.
There are some problems with sharing files with older versions of Word. Although there are ways to get around it, it sounds as if it might be a bit annoying. I am thinking about upgrading, and this came up in my research.
Two versions of Word on the same computer will only work
correctly if the oldest version is installed *first*.
There are updated macros in all versions of Word
except 2007. The macro for 2000 is called macros9.dot and can be downloaded from the Microsoft site. The AutoCorrect Utility in 2002 & 2003 is in the support.dot template that is included with Word. You can go to this site to get the macro for 2007:


There are updated macros in all versions of Word
except 2007. The macro for 2000 is called macros9.dot and can be downloaded from the Microsoft site. The AutoCorrect Utility in 2002 & 2003 is in the support.dot template that is included with Word. You can go to this site to get the macro for 2007:


Or you can simply locate your .acl file and back that up. It's easy to find if you add an entry and then do a search for it by the date modified. Just make sure you are searching hidden files and folders.

Depends on the versions of Word and WordPerfect. sm
Some WP versions can read Word .doc files, some don't. Some versions of WP will not accept copy/paste from Word. The advice to save the Word document as an .rtf file may be your only choice.
The home/student versions are not licensed to be used for
commercial purposes, i.e., in a work environment. There is no difference whatsoever in the programs. Word 2007 can be saved down to earlier versions so, yes, you can get a job using that version if you are not working in a Word-based platform that requires a specific version.

The Microsoft site has many free tutorials that you should look into.

Word expansions ... that is the MAIN
help for me. I do have good accounts but they have ESLs and some non-ESLs who are even worse. I have to slow down for them but then try to make up my speed with the next good dictation.

I put EVERYTHING into word expanders...words, phrases, etc. EVERYTHING. I couldn't do half my line counts probably if I didn't use my expanders so well.

Don't answer the phone. Don't check email or forums until I take a break. Don't eat or drink while working.
How does one temporarily disable expansions
How do I transfer DQS expansions to MS Word
I already know how to access and copy the user.aco files from DQS, but I can't figure out how to copy them into another copy of MS Word Auto Correct to use for another platform.
Not sure what you mean by "work together." Do you mean can your list of expansions for one be

imported for use in the other or do you mean can both programs be running simultaneously?

yes, need to disable your expansions in Word and...

you also need to open ShortCut BEFORE you open your platform (Word or whatever you are using).

Good luck.

How do I copy a list of my expansions?
Expansions for numbers/lab values

Do you all use Expanders for numbers and lab values?  - Ex.: 0-10 red cells, 10-20 white cells ... things of that nature.  I have a few, but it seems there are so many different combinations of number items that I can't come up with a good system.

Any ideas appreciated.