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If you're on the job, ask for samples to do it how they want it. If you're testing, separate o

Posted By: allergies and meds for clarity. nm on 2006-09-09
In Reply to: Clinic Note formatting question... - New MT


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  • Clinic Note formatting question... - New MT
    • If you're on the job, ask for samples to do it how they want it. If you're testing, separate o - allergies and meds for clarity. nm

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You're talking about a separate program add-in.
In the standard MS Word program, there is no such creature as "word count" on the Tools menu. Either you're not useing MS Word or your company added this program. The other poster is telling you how to get the line count using the MS Word statistics/properties for a document.

If your company has added this program feature, they can configure it any way then want to and you're at their mercy.

Please make sure in the future when you say you're working in "Word" that it is MS Word as that is the assumption that will be made by anyone reading your post.
Ask for samples, make some templates, and Go! You're blessed to have this
Or ask for samples of the doc's work if they're hard to understand. GI terms are
I know which testing place you're talking about, and I won't
test through them either. Most of the bigger nationals go through them now, don't they? The way I feel about it is if I didn't have what it takes to make it in this career field, I wouldn't have lasted this long. Try the smaller MTSOs. The tests are maybe 1-3 little dictation files, the workload is less stressful, and you'll make more money.
If you're testing for a company, set up isn't that important.
For Pete's sake, you're not terminating a pregnancy, you're just typing a report after the
It's already been done before you even hear about it, and NOTHING changes regardless of whether you or someone else types it. Sheesh.
It's not funny when you're on a board where language is one skill you're selling.
Hope you're gonna have a glass of wine while you're relaxing

in your spa goodies. Congrats!

Well, you're all complaining that accounts are current and work is low, so, gee, maybe they're
focusing on WORK, as in CLIENT and transcribing, as maybe half of you should be focusing on!!
If you're experienced, try for 9cpl or higher, and you're lucky to get that! nm
Skip it. No one cares. Either you're good on the test or you're not.
You're probably right. Plus we're losing our percentage of good people by .... (sm)
allowing every loser from every 3rd world country on the planet to just stroll on into our country, some legally, most illegally, and take advantage of the social services all us hard working little gerbils pay for by having money taken out of our pay every month. But I don't think we're all lazy. Just the ones on permanent welfare driving around town in brand-new Cadillac Escalades. Saw one just today on the Bayshore Fwy. Brand-new black Escalade with expensive spinner wheels, with 5 or 6 Mexicans in it. Well, who knows - maybe they stole it and it was on its way to a chop-shop. Smart-and-hungry people aren't always hard-working and honest.
You're not going to find a word expander for free. You're going to have to pay
You're forgetting all the stuff you can't buy when you're UNEMPLOYED!
Unemployed people have a hard time buying anything, including cheaply made offshore products. How many will have to end up depending on public assistance? That means more tax dollars being eaten up - besides the taxes NOT being collected from the overseas workers. In the long run, are you really enjoying a lower price?
You're not losing it, you're burned out on your main job.
I feel for you... I am having my own "version" ;-) of these kinds of struggles. Lots of recent changes at the admin level have made my job do a 180, going from a really great one to a really crappy one.

For me, it's a struggle to get through the day with a shred of motivation. I get distracted in the way you discuss as well.

I just try to make my environment as comfortable as possible and make the best of it while I decide what the best way is to deal with the burnout... I figure if I can't change my inner brain workings so that I still like this job, I need to find another one, or this feeling will possibly get worse!

I hope it works out for you. Wish I had some better advice for you, but this really does look like burnout and extreme job dissatisfaction to me. We all wear it differently. Try to be good to yourself while you figure out a solution.

Don't know what you're complaint you're making with this post. sm

You stated in your original post that you don't want to work weekends or odd shifts. What is your definition of an odd shift?  Second shift?  Third shift?  Sounds like you want to work M-F on days.  Sounds kind of rigid to me. 

Personally I like second shift, so everyone working days means more work for me! 

You're not under a rock, you're just like me... an adult with more to
It's not because you're beautiful, it's because you're an IDIOT!
Does that make it any clearer for you??




Honey you're not being a shrew, you're being a
I don't get it when husbands and wives *allow* the other to have money that THEY work for...just don't get it.  Go buy the flippin' keyboard and tell him to take a hike! (To put it sweetly!) 
Why is it the only expander you're permitted to use? How would any know what you're using?


They think they're smart to accept it, but they're
If they're withholding taxes, you're not an IC.
As an IC, you should already be paying taxes. That said, the only benefit having them withhold FICA is that your Social Security/Medicare share will be less. Social Security is 15%; if you're an employee, you pay 7.5% and your employer pays 7.5%. As an IC, you pay 15%. Doing the math, 0.0925 would be your 0.10 minus 7.5%--the 0.0924 is just a tad less than you're making now.
We're out here (good MTs) but we're busy! sm
I don't recall ever taking an employment test where I wasn't offered a job. My MTSO does not even look at my work unless I happen to have a question or a blank, which happens maybe once in every 30 or so reports with an ESL. If you find a really good MT, how much training would be involved? Certainly you would save time in the long run once they're trained and you don't have to check all their work.
If you're one of the MTDesk clan then you're ok
You're right if you're single it's tough.

I am an IC as well, but I have a husband with benefits and makes a fair buck.  I am fortunate after 20 years to able to work from home.  I worked on site for 17 years with a "chocolate cake" the day I left.  Nothing more...  The loyalty in any profession is gone, gone, and gone again. 

Most companies want new employees/ICs that will take low pay and that won't cost much in the way of paying vacation time.

I do take every Friday off and try only to get on to check e-mail, etc. 

However, I wouldn't trade being here for my kids at this point.

There are headaches no matter what profession you are in.  It seems if it isn't one thing it's another. 

Raises?  Out of the question in this profession since most are afraid they will lose the account including myself.  I also underbid my last account because I wanted the account so bad.  I should be charging more. 

It is a neverending cycle really.

But, I still enjoy the work, so I guess that's the difference.  It does take will power to sit and type.  Some people need that boss hanging around to keep the production up and the incentive of a nice paycheck is just not good enough.

Good luck with your new job!  Sounds great! 

If you're new, good - if you're not a newbie, not so hot
Would need to know how long you have been an MT. For a newbie, this is a pretty good rate of speed.

However, if you have anything over a couple years of experience, then this is not too hot.

Also, what are the dictators like? Is it a "United Nations" account??

If you ARE capable of 200 lph or more and you can't seem to get it, then the problem has got to be with the platform you are using. In my experience, the platform into which you transcribe can make or break your paycheck - so if the platform stinks, then I hate to tell you, but there is no way you will be able to improve your line rate. I have quit jobs because of awful platforms more than once.
You realize by doing that they're making more money & you're making less? You should reconsid

It's just what you're comfortable with and what you're used to.
I give a minimum of $100 for acquaintances and raise the bar from there to good friends, relatives, immediate family getting the largest gift. 
that's because they're the big guys and you're only the
No, you're not missing anything, but you're really not seeing
anything either. InterFix designs and sets up software specifically to facilitate an easy conversion to overseas transcription.
You're both right and you're both wrong.
There are too many variables to give an accurate--or even estimated--count. Using a standard 1-inch margin, you may have short lines and lots of paragraphs and get a lower count. If no paragraphs and it's a full page of text from margin to margin, you get your higher count. You can't possibly use an average count because of variables, which is why no one can commit to a pat answer.
It says that's why you're QA and we're MT, simple enough?

Regarding testing. I have given in-depth testing but I have come to find that sm

no matter what a company wants, be it ESL specialist, etc., the best test to give ANY applicant is one that is not planned, one given right on the spot, verbal, one that has not been scheduled so the person has had no time to get nervous, but throw about 15-20 questions at them, general knowledge for their level of skill, and it can tell you wonders about their knowledge that is retained!! I actually find that the retention rate of folks hired this way is actually higher than intense testing given by some of these larger national companies.  We all know that it takes sometimes a couple of weeks for even the best MTs to understand (I am speaking of the ESLs or bad dictators).  There are some companies that give these as tests and what does that tell?  Tells nothing and means nothing!  Some of these that do well on these actually cannot do the work.  How do we know that these folks have not actually had someone else do the test for them?

I find the best way is to pull a pop test on the spot in the middle of the interview and it works!  Don't ever give the same questions to two separate applicants.  Have a database of questions to pull from.  Score from the ones you ask and move on from there.  If the person cannot do the work, you know it in a day. 

I believe it was the old EDiX that used to give over the phone questions, but they still scheduled this and people had time to get nervous.  This way there is no time and well, you would be surprised at what folks actually do know...and in some cases...what folks actually do not know when given multiple choice, but to me this is an excellent way of testing, takes very little time, which I personally consider to be too valuable to waste 3-4 hours on a test, which someone who is experienced and has worked for 10 to 15 years in the field should not be required to do anyhow, should not be asked to do.  When you have worked 12 hours during that day for a company (and some have), why should they have to take 4 hours to do a test?!

Think about it!!

I have recently spoken to other recruiters from other companies and they have agreed with me on this and I hope it catches on because it certainly is less time consuming and tells you all you need to know without giving them the actual work to do.





Yes, of course, you're right.
You're absolutely right. Your E-mail shows such aspirational maturity -- I'm sure you were the class valedictorian, always the studious, respectful child. You have limitless options. That's how you ended up at MQ like the rest of us.
You're welcome SM

I know exactly what you mean.  I've worked for some of the largest teaching hospitals who had staff and resident lists nearly a foot thick but that was in the "old" days when pay was better and computers hadn't been heard of yet.  These modern days if a company can't provide their physician list in the data base where I can search with just a letter or 2, then I'm not going to work for them.  I suspect that lots of your company's MTs object to nonproductive time looking up tons of names and addresses and whether you realize it or not, you're on the clean up committee, getting those jobs when they are thrown back into the pool.  You might try talking it over with your supervisor and offering to continue doing the throw backs provided you're paid to do so.  I did that once when all I was getting day in and day out was the most horrible of horrible dictators.  Much to my surprise they agreed to compensate me appropriately.  Granted, the pickings for really good companies are slim but they are out there, you just have to find the right one.  Most will tell you anything you want to hear until you're hired, which is why I suggested keeping the old job until you've tried the new one on for size. 

Hope this helps!

You're welcome!

You're right. They do.
seems like you're saying..
Since its been done for so long its okay.  This is brutal to the animals and unhealthy to us.  Its also heartbreaking to a lot of us.  Although i'm not like those radical PETA members you described, when I see certain things being done to animals, it does move me, so I can understand their passion.  One thing that gets me to the core is selling birds at pet stores.  They were meant to be free and FLY, that is their whole purpose and for someone to keep them trapped in a little barred cage just for their personal enjoyment is just beyond me.  You have to actually 'feel' these things, its not crazy. 
You're welcome!
You're welcome, Miryam. Good luck to you - there are some really good companies out there.  Keep looking if you are seriously thinking about changing jobs.
You're not in my car! LOL!

They do both - at least some of them, I know. But, you're right -the pay is not enough. :(
You're welcome :-)

It's a pretty cool site (I like the name, too).  Hope it helps.  E-mail me anytime if you feel the need & have the time...I'll be around

Have a great rest of the day

You're very welcome! :) nm
you're probably right
about the way they send 'em out. and thanks (for the congrats) its always nice to hear that vs the constant flames over saying something good about MQ.

I see no harm in stating the ltr includes: pay rates based on experience, skill and work difficulty, daily incentives, increased pay for eve/night, a new part-time employee classification with PTO and increased PTO for full-timers of 8 more days, along with other improved bene's and opportunities.

hope that helps!
I think you're right - thanks!
Yeah, it must be.  I couldn't find it on any of the regular search sites I normally use.  Thanks for the help.  It's nice to know I'm not losing my mind....well, not over this anyway   Thanks for looking for me - I do truly appreciate you taking the time to answer.  Have a good one!
You're exactly right
The people that gripe about the sub-par schools are usually undercover reps from the expensive schools. People can and DO self-train in this field. Find yourself a mentor and you're in good shape. I've trained a LOT of people to become successful MTs and know a lot that have done so on their own. It depends on the person you're starting out with, of course. Some people do not learn well.

If you go to other boards, they only promote the schools that are SPONSORS/advertisers of that board. Hmmm. Coinky dink? I think not. I know people who have trained more successfully with a CD from ebay than they have with CareerStep. It's what you make of it and how much research you do, and what your intelligence level is to begin with, like any other field. There are bad doctors, too.

SURE you have. That's why you're an MT
...because of your physican-level education. That's why you're here.

Oh my. We are full of ourselves. The arrogance is amazing.
You're right
Then start your own business.
You're not alone
you know when you're getting old when...sm

1.  You mention Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver, and everyone looks at you like your crazy..."who is Eddie Haskell?"

2.  Most of the people around you have never even heard of the TV show Good Times...much less JJ Walker!

This is my experience, anyway...and I'm only 36!