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You're probably right. Plus we're losing our percentage of good people by .... (sm)

Posted By: My 2 Cents on 2006-06-01
In Reply to: Offshoring is just a symptom of the world "flattening"...it's not going to go away - 2BaDinosaur or Not 2B

allowing every loser from every 3rd world country on the planet to just stroll on into our country, some legally, most illegally, and take advantage of the social services all us hard working little gerbils pay for by having money taken out of our pay every month. But I don't think we're all lazy. Just the ones on permanent welfare driving around town in brand-new Cadillac Escalades. Saw one just today on the Bayshore Fwy. Brand-new black Escalade with expensive spinner wheels, with 5 or 6 Mexicans in it. Well, who knows - maybe they stole it and it was on its way to a chop-shop. Smart-and-hungry people aren't always hard-working and honest.

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You're not losing it, you're burned out on your main job.
I feel for you... I am having my own "version" ;-) of these kinds of struggles. Lots of recent changes at the admin level have made my job do a 180, going from a really great one to a really crappy one.

For me, it's a struggle to get through the day with a shred of motivation. I get distracted in the way you discuss as well.

I just try to make my environment as comfortable as possible and make the best of it while I decide what the best way is to deal with the burnout... I figure if I can't change my inner brain workings so that I still like this job, I need to find another one, or this feeling will possibly get worse!

I hope it works out for you. Wish I had some better advice for you, but this really does look like burnout and extreme job dissatisfaction to me. We all wear it differently. Try to be good to yourself while you figure out a solution.

Never had this happen either. Email the SH people. They're very prompt with help. Good
Skip it. No one cares. Either you're good on the test or you're not.
We're out here (good MTs) but we're busy! sm
I don't recall ever taking an employment test where I wasn't offered a job. My MTSO does not even look at my work unless I happen to have a question or a blank, which happens maybe once in every 30 or so reports with an ESL. If you find a really good MT, how much training would be involved? Certainly you would save time in the long run once they're trained and you don't have to check all their work.
If you're new, good - if you're not a newbie, not so hot
Would need to know how long you have been an MT. For a newbie, this is a pretty good rate of speed.

However, if you have anything over a couple years of experience, then this is not too hot.

Also, what are the dictators like? Is it a "United Nations" account??

If you ARE capable of 200 lph or more and you can't seem to get it, then the problem has got to be with the platform you are using. In my experience, the platform into which you transcribe can make or break your paycheck - so if the platform stinks, then I hate to tell you, but there is no way you will be able to improve your line rate. I have quit jobs because of awful platforms more than once.
We're having people over.
Spicy hot chicken legs, cream cheese and bacon stuffed jalapenos, zucchini, steamed green beans, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, and watermelon.  Gotta get to the store soon here, but I have to finish working first.
You're so right! People keep saying they - sm
love their MT jobs, but very few seem to be willing to stand up and fight for them. Just continuing to type blindly along and accept the ever-lower pay-crumbs that are being thrown at it is NOT standing up for our jobs.

Questioning the legality (or at least morality) of many of these most recent changes; educating ourselves as to what is going on in the business world as a whole in addition to MT; and becoming more active (and PARTICULARLY more VOCAL) politically and with our own companies is one way to stand up and start fighting for our jobs. I believe we have the right NOT to have to move to another country in order to continue to eke out a living.

The internet is another powerful tool, as are discussion boards such as those here at MT Stars. We should keep on questioning those higher-ups that are bringing about changes that benefit the wealthy big-business people, and which are dragging all the rest of us hard-working employees through the dirt.

Time and again the doctors & the MTSO's tell us how important the accuracy of our work is, how important our experience is, and want nothing but our very best efforts day in and day out, including holidays & weekends, and yet when it comes to providing the merest of essentials, such as a modest health insurance plan, and pay that is appropriate for the degree of knowledge they scrutinize us so diligently for in their employment tests, they suddenly cry poor. Oh, wow - I feel so sorry for them. Start the violins.
you're right, the zoning people got me....sm

Someone where I live busted some people for working at home just recently, as place went condo, and the zoning people got me in February.  (Years ago, as long as you had no traffic, you never had to get an occupational license working on a computer and I have zero traffic.) They came here twice, I showed them only the national's room (and for years on my taxes, CPA said only like $2600 out of a $15,000 annual rental fee WAS deductible along with a portion of the electric bill and ALL of my phones).  Tomorrow, along with going to the CPA for tax prep, I also am picking up my occupational license ($200!!!!!) and you have to renew that yearly ($135!!!!!). 

Sorry to yell but IS ANY OF THAT DEDUCTIBLE?  The licensuring fees?  I also have to take the OL and bring it to the County and get a County license (not nearly as expensive but also renewable yearly).  I sure hope these fees are deductible for 2006 taxes in 2007.

Ok, they got me - and payback is a real *itch...*lol*

What response do you get when you tell people you're an MT?

  I've been doing MT for a long time - 31 years this summer.  "Back in the day",  when somewhat you met asked you what you did for a living, the reaction was usually:

a)  "What's a medical transcriber?"

b)  "Wow - it must've taken you a long time to learn all that!"

c)  or "Gee, that must be a really interesting job!

At least they PRETENDED to be impressed, anyway. 

But have you told anyone lately what you do for a living?  The reactions I get nowadays usually run the gamut from contempt to pity. 

You're at a party, you've just met 3 new people, and each one tells what they do for a living: 

"I'm a stockbroker."   (People are impressed.)

"I'm an English Lit. professor."  (Ditto)

"I'm currently between jobs."  (People assume they're just waiting for the right offer.)

Then it's YOUR turn:  "I'm  medical transcriptionist."    (First, dead silence.)  Then someone nods their head knowingly and gives a rather condescending, "Oohhhhh...."    You might just as well have told them you were dying of cancer or something.   


On 2nd thought, if you're NOT a good Italian style cook, make something you ARE good at. Leave th
this is too funny when you're probably talking to people
who have a lot more weight to lose than you must have and will probably NEVER see the size 8 that you started at. only a dream for me, that's for sure!
Nothing at all, glad you're NOT complaining which what most people come here to do.
Also, don't you think alot of the 'big bux' people say they're
I could get on these boards and tell folks I'm clearing $150K a year after taxes, own 3 homes, and a 70-foot yacht, and who's gonna come check to see if I'm feeding them a line? So that's what I think alot of that '$50-grand a year' is... just a lot of wishful thinking.
As long as you're correcting people, think about "English."
The MTSO should be compensating you if you're teaching people!
And if they won't, then I'd politely refer their questions to the MTSO. And the email request is perfectly reasonable, IMO.

It's been my experience as a lead MT and trainer over the years that some people just would rather have somebody give them fish rather than learn to do it themselves. When I got that "vibe" from somebody I promptly handed them their fishing pole and bait and refused to give them any more fish, if you know what I mean!
For Pete's sake, you're not terminating a pregnancy, you're just typing a report after the
It's already been done before you even hear about it, and NOTHING changes regardless of whether you or someone else types it. Sheesh.
I guess they're hoping enoug people will quit
that it won't be a problem anymore!! Sigh.
You're rude. That being said... Some people just work alone for a couple doctors and don't
It's not funny when you're on a board where language is one skill you're selling.
Hope you're gonna have a glass of wine while you're relaxing

in your spa goodies. Congrats!

Oh, I forgot. You're only allowed to hate and resent white people.
Well, you're all complaining that accounts are current and work is low, so, gee, maybe they're
focusing on WORK, as in CLIENT and transcribing, as maybe half of you should be focusing on!!
If you're experienced, try for 9cpl or higher, and you're lucky to get that! nm
You're not going to find a word expander for free. You're going to have to pay
You can if you're good!

Well they're not very good about them in
Actually, they're usually really good kids.
Especially when compared to most of the kids these days.  But just like any other kids, they do get bored.  This summer has been weird because most of their friends are "visiting their fathers" for the summer, so there's no one around to play with.  And it's been unusually hot and rainy, so they're cooped up inside a lot.  Besides, they didn't hit me on purpose.  They lost a couple of Hot Wheels today, got a lecture about throwing things in the house, had to kiss Mom's head, and did slave duty.  Now they're all in bed early so I'm getting a jump on tomorrow's work.
Then you're doing yourself a disservice, just because the sex is good.
Whether you're "committed" or not, you're also miserable and likely so are your children. Too bad.
You're missing out - there are many good
drinks with very little alcohol that taste really good, like frozen peach margaritas or some of those other fancy drinks. Yum!
Movies that are so bad they're good.
I'm gonna check that one out. I love movies like that. Nicholas Cage in Vampire's Kiss - same story, very young, bad movie, but boy did he give it his all. Talk about over acting.
If you're good enough, I don't think those years
will matter.

Sorry, I don't know of a specific company. Hubby gets benefits, so that's never been a factor for me. I work for MQ right now, which I'm trying to get out of and have started another PT job. That one's good, but it is IC with no benefits. MQ does have benefits, but I really don't know how they are.

I would suggest posting on the company board and asking more specific questions, i.e., what are some companies that have decent insurance, do any companies give paid holidays, etc.

In all honesty, you probably won't find a company that fits all you want. You may have to decide which are most important and go from there.
You're right, can't find a good one
My platform is down and I'm always up for a good challenge, but I think part of the problem may be is that just a "physical therapy" reference/search site is too general as there are so many facets to PT,such as ortho, cardio, etc. I've looked for a good site for this for over an hour, hopefully someone has one right at their fingertips. Good luck.
You're forgetting all the stuff you can't buy when you're UNEMPLOYED!
Unemployed people have a hard time buying anything, including cheaply made offshore products. How many will have to end up depending on public assistance? That means more tax dollars being eaten up - besides the taxes NOT being collected from the overseas workers. In the long run, are you really enjoying a lower price?
If you're on the job, ask for samples to do it how they want it. If you're testing, separate o
Don't know what you're complaint you're making with this post. sm

You stated in your original post that you don't want to work weekends or odd shifts. What is your definition of an odd shift?  Second shift?  Third shift?  Sounds like you want to work M-F on days.  Sounds kind of rigid to me. 

Personally I like second shift, so everyone working days means more work for me! 

oh puhleeeeze. you're just too good for color TV. nm
Good thing they're so cute or we'd really get mad at them!
Sometimes cuteness is a life-sustaining mechanism, especially for my 6 previous little fur-ballz.
Good for you - we're not all nasty on this board

You're a good person Paulette
and your mother is lucky to have at least one child who is willing to take responsibility and help her. Not that many years ago, extended families were the rule and not the exception. The truth of the matter is that unless a parent dies early, someone (be it a child, grandchild, or an institution) will probably have to take care of that parent (or parents) emotionally, physically, psychologically, and financially. For most of us, our parents cared for us when we were children and when they age the tables turn. I have 2 sisters who are willing to help with my mother but they live in other states and have no plans to move back to our hometown or homestate. Thus, I will be the one who becomes the caretaker.

I think you will have to sit down with your one brother (and his wife if he is married) and ask them for help that is on a more regular basis. Or, alternatively, just call him when you need him to help. Maybe he will get that hint (though he is male and hints go by undetected!).

I hope you find the relief and assistance you need. Take heart in the knowledge that you are doing the right thing.
Good point! You're funny! :-) (sm)
She is a mess, however, my best girlfriend heard that she just signed a contract for 3, count 'em, THREE more years. How can this be?? Simon will make this his last year unless they offer him another mint to stay. I can't imagine.
Hope you're good with accents! sm

All customer service is outside of the US and I had a really tough time communicating with them.  Also if you choose to discontinue early there's a whopping $90 fee that's buried in the fine print.

I used Vonage with broadband satellite for 2 months and it disconnected frequently on me....my satellite has been stable for years with multiple platforms so I suspect Vonage is just not suited for satellite.  Just a heads up!

You're good for awhile, don't worry!
If you wear out a keyboard, then worry! Had my laptop since 9/11, can still read the keys or in a few keys almost invisible but, I know where they are! Do well! Quit being nervous, it slows you down!
You're so kind, thank you for the good thoughts! sm
She does have to be on a high-fiber diet. They think this might be related to H-pylori, even though she tested negative for it. I told her lets not worry until we have to, easier said than done, but she is a worrier, and yes, I have inherited that from her as well:) I was reading up on this MALT lymphoma and if that's what she has, it looks like it is pretty treatable if caught in the early stages, so we will pray. Thanks again. I will update when I know more. Thanks for posting - means a lot:)

Good for you. You're a wise woman. Take care of your health first. nm
You're not under a rock, you're just like me... an adult with more to
It's not because you're beautiful, it's because you're an IDIOT!
Does that make it any clearer for you??




Honey you're not being a shrew, you're being a
I don't get it when husbands and wives *allow* the other to have money that THEY work for...just don't get it.  Go buy the flippin' keyboard and tell him to take a hike! (To put it sweetly!) 
Why is it the only expander you're permitted to use? How would any know what you're using?


They think they're smart to accept it, but they're
If they're withholding taxes, you're not an IC.
As an IC, you should already be paying taxes. That said, the only benefit having them withhold FICA is that your Social Security/Medicare share will be less. Social Security is 15%; if you're an employee, you pay 7.5% and your employer pays 7.5%. As an IC, you pay 15%. Doing the math, 0.0925 would be your 0.10 minus 7.5%--the 0.0924 is just a tad less than you're making now.