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If you have an American Express card...

Posted By: sm on 2006-06-15
In Reply to: Any ideas on how to get a cheap rental car? I haven't had to rent a car - AzMT

You can get incredible prices on rental cars through AMEX's travel site.

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Thank you MT Stars and Diskriter just rec'd $50 American Express (sm)
MT Stars and Diskriter for making MT week so much fun.  I received my American Express $50 gift cheque in the mail today from Diskriter. This gift is truly appreciated, thanks again!
ENTER NOW! $50.00 American Express Gift Certificate!


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$50.00 American Express Gift Certificate!!



CONGRATS to WINNER Debbie L. of Red Lion, PA who won the $50 American Express
Looking for best credit card, visa,mastercard or amercian express

need to consolidate some bills, 



Sounds like their sound card is not compatible with express scribe. (nm)
if you determined you do have a sound card, uninstall express scribe and reinstall. sm
i have had some computer issues recently and it seemed there were some quirks with downloading it. i had to reinstall to get mine functioning although i wasn't getting the exact same response as you, but issues. i would also update your drivers if you do have a sound card before buying another one. right click my computer icon, hit properties, hardware tab, device manager, look under sound, video, and game controllers and you will see a sound card there if you have one. also notice if there are any yellow triangles or anything as those signal a conflict. email me if you need to.
Oddly enough, if I don't use my bank card as a credit card in the billing cycle, I get charged fo
Debit card. They've got the credit card logo on them, so they
can be used anywhere a credit card can be used.
I used to send a card and gift card to my direct supervisor, but that's it. sm
She was the only one who knew me as more than an employee number, and the only one I had any respect for.
he is not American on what was an American site
What we post, jobs posted, and those who are posting jobs have no way of knowing it is off shore because he is hiding it - what a great way to get more of our jobs - not sure why this does not bother you. But as an American it bothers me

Has anyone disconnected the internal sound card and replace with another sound card?

I am having problems with my sound on one of my computers.  Several different ExText program have been on it so I don't think it is the program and the sound is just now as clear as on my other computer.  Has anyone switched (disconnected the internal sound care and replaced) to a new sound card?  Did it make a difference. 

Everyone on this board is so knowledgeable, I really appreciate you.  You have helped me many times. 

No credit card is a good credit card.
Just kidding. I'd suggest not using credit cards to pay debts. It'll only dig you in deeper. Look into a signature loan or putting a lien against a vehicle or house. Lower interest rate, pay off sooner.
the american way
it's always someone else's fault. forget she was drunk, forget she was trusting her life to a complete stranger, forget there is no evidence to hold other suspects, it couldn't possibly have anything to do with natalee and her mother's bad decisions. or could it?
Might as well, they certainly are not the AMERICAN
They not only sold us out to the highest bidder, now they are courting the very people they gave our jobs away to.  I can't wait until this organization just self-destructs.  They have done NOTHING for us except take our money.  They are useless. 
are you an American???
you're kind of making a bit of a generalization here, the implication would be that all American workers are the same. I think you're getting a little carried away with the generalization and if you are American you have to lump yourself right in there
Yes I am an American
Yes, I probably would lump myself in there with the Americans that are lazy, as my expectations are very high, but I must mention that I am also a hard worker that does not come on this board to say "I can't make any money because the Indians are taking my jobs".  You say what you want, but that is just another excuse for us to be lazy.  Give up?  NEVER!  I am lucky in that my resume is packed to the limit.  Every job I have applied to, I get a response, which is pretty darn good considering these jobs are up for grabs to anyone in the U.S.  So, yes I guess I am lazy, because I will no longer test or take 6 cpl.  I will however accept 8-9 cpl because I do not have to leave my house, and the work is easy (for me anyway).  I already have two accounts that I do solely for myself (18 years of experience here), and I have to be responsible for all of the inquiries (which are not QA issues, they are archiving issues or STAT reports needed), keep my own records, make invoices, and also go and pick-up/drop-off the work.  Both of these accounts pay very, very well (I've cut out the middleman/the MTSO).  I am the MTSO.  So, yes, I speak from a lot of experience.  And, yes, I am American 100%, and yes I still think that sitting around complaining is not going to get us anywhere!  JMHO!    I have to hand it to India to be smart enough to get in on a good thing!  I guess they can't be lacking too much! 
Since I am American
My first concern is and will be USA jobs - If the India MT is getting screwed over - as you put it, then they can begin their own little MT riot over there. I for one will not worry about over seas workers - seems like our government does enough of that for me. I will continue to put my energy here on US soil. Sorry if that offends you - but I have kids that will need jobs at some point in the future, and if they go over seas I would like it to be for pleasure not work or war.
This one is American
born and bred and thoroughly grossed me out. I was lucky enough to get several of his reports today - sucking snot up his nose every 2 seconds. Say a few words, suck some snot -- gross!!!
They took American out of the name...
I assume because they offer international membership now, although I think they always did.
Well, there is no way American MTs can
compete with the rates in India. It will not be too many years before we are out of MT work in America.
Absolutely not - I am just an American MT. sm

Personally, I have no complaints with them.  I am paid on time all the time by direct deposit and no one bothers me. I work as an IC, do my job, and get paid.  I work on 2 accounts and contracted only for certain worktypes, and that was fine with them. 

I know all about the "India thing" and to be honest, I don't care.  They have taken our jobs, the hospitals don't care they want cheaper rates, so why fight it.  If you can't beat them, join them.  That is what I decided to do, and so far they are not so bad. 

Everyone has different experiences for different reasons. I am just giving mine so far.  If it changes or if things get bad or someone is out of line and arrogant, or whatever, I will be sure to let you all know ASAP.

I am not saying this company is for everyone, but it is fine for me as an IC part-time backup job.


Yep, there is definitely that American "attitude" you

Getting anything done, that goes with cashiers, phone reps, you name it.  Indians have a different way about them, theyre tone is completely different, no airs about them, just want to serve you. 

I actually had THE RUDEST grocery cashier help me out last week, so bad I almost didnt want to go back there after going there two years.  First of all, his tone, very sarcastic, and like he was speaking through his nose at me.  So I of course take on the same tone.  Then at the end of our cold encounter, he asks me, dripping with sarcasm "Is there anything else I can do for you ma'am?"  I know this sounds innocent when typed here, but the tone could have made your ears bleed.  So I figure just to keep up this horrible exchange, yes, there was something more.  So I asked for a pack of cigarettes, which he would have to walk across the store to get because they keep them under lock and key.  He sighs dramatically, looks at me and goes "Huh?" ...i repeated, using the same exact tone.  Just the whole thing felt like someone was trying drag my self esteem over gravel, it really ruins your day when you have people like this serving you with bad attitudes.  If youre not good with people, get the heck out of customer service. 

And what would that amount to American?
American as apple pie
Many years ago I heard someone quote a prophetic statement - "The East shall look to the West and the West shall look to the East."   I just never thought I would live to see such a rapid switch in my time.  Let's see, we have Bush who sports an all American personna.  I can't begin to count how many times he uses the word(s)  "American way of life,"  yet never in the history of this country are we seeing hundreds of thousands of jobs in America in all fields given away to the far East and China.  Even our military, the Navy, is considering having their fleets built in China!  We fight a war with much of it under private contractors, we send our private information to third world countries but our leaders are touting the Privacy Information Act, huh?   How can I support my president in his "all American as-apple-pie" agenda when he has demonstrated no regard for the American worker, our healthcare mess, or our jobs?   The front door looks good, but the back door is something else.   We work for big corrupt unethical corporations who require us, in our case,  the lowly transcriptionist, to declare our integrity, and almost every day we hear scandal after scandal from these mega corporations who only get a slap on the hand for their unethical practices.   I don't know about you, but it does bother me to work for or with a company that has no integrity.   I'm not saying I work for one now, but it bothers me that so many people have to do so to keep food on the table. 
American-based here!
I have nothing to hide from anyone, American or otherwise.
It has been on the news that our own government is offshoring IRS returns. I guess my point is what difference does it make from a "secrecy" point. There are gossips and big mouths in every country and if they want to harm you then can. I just don't see where this is an issue.

Now the issue of offshoring, taking jobs away from Americans by our politicians via NAFTA is a whole different subject. That matters a great deal and I wish I could personally offshore every politician's job. Could Ravar Singh in India be any worse than these crooked politicians? And we know he works cheaper some we can count on our taxes going down we pay to support these lying theiving politicians.
you are not seeing the big picture here for american MT's
Anyone can start a board, site.

What kept me here was their true dedication to US the American medical transcriptionists. Everyone is selling is out left and right.

If we dont stand up for ourselves we will be working for 4 cents a line.

All of the insulting offshoring companies in the GLOBAL NETWORKING COMMUNITY are now LAUGHING at us.

Do you think that is funny?

I don't think it is funny.

I think we've been sold out.

We are cheap labor. Nothing to bargain for.

All of your years of knowledge now count for NOTHING.

Good luck to you in the new global network.
Ok, you said the *American* Hospital ...
in France, hence run by Americans? Or is that just the name...sounds kinda contradictory to the point you were trying to make. 
American Idol
I missed the first 6 minutes.  What did I miss???
American Idol

I think, BY FAR, the guys are better this year. Of course, I thought that last year too...Bo was robbed!

Anyway, I just love Taylor...there's just something about him that is genuine and warm, I don't know, I hope he wins! 

What are your thoughts? Who's outta there tonight? I think either Kevin or Will...sorry to say, cause they're both cuties!

As for the girls,  eehh...who cares? They just aren't...as Randy says...bringing it this year...nuff about them.

Ace is hot , Chris is just plain good ...but Taylor's still my pick!

American Idol
Taylor is something else - but so is Chris - he sang "Broken" like he really felt it last night. I am for either of them winning - as for the girls - Mandisa has it handsdown.
American Idol...sm

Ok, last night's show...

First, I can't believe that Kevin dodged the bullet and got into the top 12...but I'm glad, he seems like such a sweet kid.  Kinda figured Will would go, but I liked Gedeon too.

I'm glad Ayla (sp?) got the boot, didn't like her.  She was snotty!   Kinnik was nothing special either, so guess she had to go too.

As for Bo's performance, I don't know...he seemed kinda off or something.

Now it gets good...the top 12...who's your pick to win?  Mine's Taylor...or maybe Chris!

Average age of American MT's
This article says age 48 is the average, and I have to agree. 
Some American doctors . . .
aren't that much better. Example - patient lives several thousand feet in the air - translation - the patient lives in the mountains. I kid you not.
American Idol

There are only three left now.  Who will be the winner? amj

American Dreams!!
American Bandstand..........*lol*.......nm

A true American!

I would be more afraid of American
because they know how to identify theft better than offshore countries I'm sure.  
Chalk one up for the American MT - sm
Just got an account that was using a company that outsourced and this account was having to do so many corrections that when they called me to inquire about my service the first question they asked was whether I outsourced. Of course, I said no and they said, "good because we will not work with a service that outsources any longer after our experience!!"

Score for American MTs!!! They will all have to learn the hard way! Go USA!!
Chalk One Up for American MT

Good afternoon,

HOORAH....another one for the "good" guys!  I really believe we can turn this "outsourcing" thing around but it may take some time.  Don't forget---WE HAVE RIGHTS TOO!       

As long as there is a need for QA for American MT, SM

I will have a job.  I will not QA offshore work.

is there a shortage of American MTs?
"Afro" American
That never made sense to me...an Afro is a hairstyle and should not be used to describe ethnicity in the first place! I never had a doc say this one, thank goodness
Are your subs American?
Or are they newbies. Otherwise, how do you negotiate a rate that makes it feasible for you and the MT?
My subs are always American. sm
I have had resumes that are obviously from out of the country and I think if the resume is obviously bad, the work won't be better.

It's easier for me to use a sub with some experience but a newbie is fine. I decide what I think I can afford to pay somebody and they decide if that's enough for them. I think every IC has to decide what she can afford to pay out. I don't know if there's some formula out there.
this does not sound like an American MT

No message.

american jobs

Since this country was founded, there have always been displaced workers due to either a better way of doing thing, being replaced by technology, and/or finding a cheaper source of labor. 

You can't expect the President to understand and identify with every American worker's jobs which have been outsourced.  He has to worry about the collective, not the selective.  He has a myriad of things on his plate. 

Put the blame where it belongs and which you so eloquently wrote about in your letter:  Corporate Greed, plain and simple.  A handful get to be the haves and the rest of us get to be reluctant have-nots who don't know how to fight back. 

As long as eveything revolves around money for these cretins, let's hit them in the pocketbook.  If you take insurance with AIG, cancel it. Don't shop at WalMart, whose inventory is 90% Chinese.  So what if it is cheaper.  You are helping this by supporting it.  Try to buy American as much as possible.  There are web sites that will give you listings of companies which still make domestic products.  Support companies that stay in the US and boycott those who offshore or have greedy b*stards running the show. 

We really have so much power and we don't know it.  Case in point:  The Alabama bus system crumbled under the boycott from the black riders when Rosa Parks was arrested.  We can do that, too.  We don't even have to organize.  We can singly just boycott what personally gets under our skin.  As long as money talks, let it also talk for The Everyman.   

We have become lazy and complacent, and that is when this kind of stuff is allowed to happen. 

I am american so someone is paranoid here. but sm
I still cannot get the proper search.. doing what everyone says. Try it. Search for TTS the company and you will get nothing new even though a month ago I saw a bunch of recent stuff. Where does it go?
American Business Does Not care
Heck American companies dont care anymore.  Usually in the past, when I had to deal with a foreign worker, they tried to speak with an American accent..Not anymore.  I have had three experiences in the last two and one half months where I have called customer service at different companies and the person on the other end was definitely of Indian descent..They did not even try to hide the accent. 
What exactly are the American people going to do about this situation?
The laws are in place to protect the corporations and politicians.  The American people cannot unite in agreement of anything and politicians and corporations know this.  They placate us, pander for our votes but do not give a flying rat's a$$ about what we think in reality.