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If you use a Visa CC, they usually provide collision

Posted By: waiver for free; call to confirm. nm on 2006-06-15
In Reply to: If you have an Entertainment book there are coupons in it. - tag


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I provide the template, I don't provide the headings though.
but I do pay them for everything that they transcribe. So, the MT has the initial template, they fill in the demographic fields, the body of text, cc information, etc. and that's what they are paid for. The body of text that the MT transcribes would include headings such as Subjective, Objective, etc., however the actual template that includes the logo, wording such as Patient Name, Date of Service, Attending Physician, etc. are not paid for. The template consists of about 8 lines total.
My insurance has nothing to do with it, I had just dropped my collision - sm
So I am going through the woman who hit me insurance. They are not going to give me a penny more if I don't fight. I have gotten her up a bit in the #s but it is still ridiculously low. They will cover my medical expenses though I have not signed the forms as yet to grant them access to them, just want to make sure I am not signing something I shouldn't. I mentioned I lost $350 in lost wages alone, plus I've had to take my truck back 3 x so far for their incompetant repair peoples mistakes and things they tried to pull over on me....but I have sharp eyes and caught all the obvious things anyway. I used their services to repair it so I did not pay a penny except I did have to take it to my dealer to have a rattle fixed, they did not tighten/attach my hood back on right. They reimbursed me for that bill, but granted not the 2 hours I was out. I have been saving all my receipts too. Which is why I feel it will be inevitable to get a lawyer involved, hate to do it but then again I did not ask to be hit either.
Collision or comp doesn't matter. I called my insurance company
when I was hit by someone. I only had liability but their adjuster made sure I got the best deal out of it. My rates didn't go up either.
Prepaid MC/Visa

i think you ladies have this MC/Visa thing all wrong...think of it as a debit card from your bank.  I have worked for multiple companies that have had this. This was done through ADP the payroll company...you can have all or a percentage of a fixed dollar amt put on the card, the rest is direct deposited into your bank account.  you go to ADP online and get your paystub just like regular.  Other payroll processes that do this are Paychex which uses JPMorgan/Chase as their MC/Visa...all reputable and above board.  Face it ladies this is the wave of the future...banks don't want us writing checks and don't want to deal with paper checks so they are slowly phasing them out.

I think it was visa versa. I worked for sm
TL since 1983 and it switched to MQ in the 90s. Must have been R&R before TL. When I worked in the hospital we had the paper mites and had to have the office sprayed all the time. Then Igot them at home when I worked at home and same thing. They will eat your ankles up!
Part time on H1B visa

Hi, I live & work in the US, but on a H1B. Have W2 employment status with a contracting company. Can I work for MT part time?

If i do, would it risk my current employment. How can I get this confirmed?Regards.

do you mind saying what prepaid visa--sm
Do you know what card they use or what the name on the card it? Is this for IC or employee?

I have been looking into getting a prepaid visa or mcard for direct deposit. There are several I have found online, but among other things to consider, I am still unclear what the fees are or just how they work.

Thanks in advance if you know the answer to the card name.
Prepaid Visa Card for payment

Has anyone used a prepaid Visa card for receiving payment for work?  Is this safe?  Thanks

Looking for best credit card, visa,mastercard or amercian express

need to consolidate some bills, 



Washington Mutual offers Visa debit cards with
I always use my debit card (with visa symbol) for online purchases, never a problem. nm
How does MQ provide DQS to a
hospital and you not work for MQ?

If you can prove this is true (which I happen to believe you can), then please help us. Some of people are losing their health insurance and other benefits over loss of lines. To me, this is very serious.
How does MQ provide DQS
So, you have no MQ experience just experience with DQS program. By the way, most MTs who work outside of the hospital DO NOT GET PAID for headers, footers, looking up patient names, etc.; so perhaps, you should just stick to DQS problems at your hospital and not lump MQ into this. No, I am not a MQ advocate, but if you don't work for MQ, you can't really speak about what they pay for and what they don't pay for.

P.S. I am a single mom, struggling MT for the past 15 years, so I am no threat if you think I am MQ management, you need to rethink that.
They will provide it. sm
Just make sure that you ask them.
Please provide a link!
Every prosecutor who has been interviewed has generally told what these people are being held for but no one has come up with specific statements of the suspects.  When questioned on specifics they have said they are not at liberty to divulge information as that could be detrimental to the case, just as it would be in the US.
We can only use the list they provide

Hard to find when you're not sure what the name is even starting with. Even with a data base of 1,000 physicians, it's constant searching. I use the search option and try to search for just one tiny part of the name I can understands, but it takes forever!

yes, they provide equipment. NM
Yes, they do provide computer sm
for full or part-time or you may use your own.
because when the dictator's provide the
proper demographics and enunciate clearly, I LOVE this work. I do not do it for the $ or for the bennies. I am 60 years old and don't need either. I just love transcription work. I doubt, though, that you can understand this.
How come you provide no specifics?
Too busy to spend a few minutes typing information that would benefit other people, when obviously you benefit from this bulletin board by reading it and even responding? This website is criticized by people for being overly negative and when people make such harsh comments without having anything to base it on, it makes the poster look suspicious. If you have any facts (or even impressions) to support your claim, please give them. If you don't, why make such strong statements?

Should provide equipment for doc?sm
Am IC who does transcription for local MDs -- want to go digital - Should I purchase the equipment or should ask MD to do this??  help
Provide me with the links. NM
Please provide documentation. Thanks

You need to provide more info (sm)

Specifically, what type of pedal and headset are you using, including whether each one plugs into a USB port (flat rectangular plug) or a gameport/audio jack (mini-phono type plug).  Also, which operating system are you using (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, etc.)?

It sounds like you have a resource conflict, meaning that both devices are trying to use the same "channel", to put it in lay terms.  Such conflicts can be resolved in Control Panel --> Device Manager, but it takes a little technical savvy to do this and such situations have become much more rare with Plug and Play technology.

As a rule, two USB devices will "play nicely" together without any intervention on your part although sometimes you have to install a bit of software from a disk that comes with the device.  So, if only one of your devices is USB might be to pick up a USB version of whichever one is not.  Hopefully, this would be your headset, because you can pick up some very good USB headsets pretty cheaply.





Usually, the company you IC for will provide you

with whatever software you need to work.  You do need to have your own PC, pedal, high-speed internet, etc.  The going rate for IC working for a specific company is usually 8 cpl to 10 cpl for transcription and 4 to 5 cpl for VR editing.  And usually the companies make an offer and you either accept or don't. 

If you are looking to get your own accounts, then you aren't an IC, you're self employed, you make the offer and decide the cpl you will charge and then what you charge depends on what part of the country you live in.  Plus when you're self employed, you bill them usually monthly.

why would you sell, take the money, then not provide (sm)
 sounds like a scam to me
What is FTP site and do employers provide this?
I heard that they have this site and will give you a username and password.  Or is this something I have to put together myself.  If so, anyone have any information on how to set this up?  Thank you. 
A lot of nationals provide the PC free SM
with employee status.  No rental, no shipping.
do you provide food stamps?

Please provide contact information. *nm*
Thanks all for taking the time to provide

a kind word and encouragement.  I know there are others much worse off and I know too I'll get through this.  This time of year has always been tough for me since my parents died and I've really been working on putting on a happy face for my family despite how I feel, but just couldn't do it today. 



Provide the service you are being paid to do...
As the sole Editor for 20+ MTs I can tell you your editor is being very thorough. Do not make assumptions. Those other MTs may not be following instructions either. You are responsible for your own work, not theirs. Take this QA and run with it, learn from it, put it in your autotext for goodness sake and let it do the work for you! I tell my MTs what the client wants the client gets...No two accounts will ever be the exact same. Right now our account wants ever single drug capitalized (generic or not)...yes that goes against the BOS, but they our paying us to provide a service and we shall provide that service according to their terms set out in their guidelines. Do not take this personally. If the QA does not do their job, how do you expect to do yours?

"It's not the hours you put in your work that counts, it's the work you put in the hours."
Can you provide a link for this video.
I can't find any video as you're suggesting. Thx.
Usually the docs provide their own equipment.
they will not provide you with customer support.
I had problems tyring to defend that I should have customer support if I did such a thing. They will help you load XP but they will not give you any customer support afterwards, I never loaded with XP but after telling them the sales person gave me the wrong info (I wanted to make sure I could still use this computer if a company was still with windows XP and the sales person said no problem)  This was last summer.  After fighting tooth and nail they credited my account.  Tell them you want it for a business so that way you get someone who knows what they are talking about, hopefully. 
I would be an IC and have to provide my own foot pedal and PC
I just want to know if it will work, not what they should provide. I already know they will not provide pedal, but thanks.
Actually, there is more to it than that. We provide a text platform for MTSOs to use, which

provides a means for the MTSO to have full management capability, MTs the ability to transcribe into, and clients the ability to receive their reports. The text solution is offered at a rate of 1 cpl.  The toll free call in solution is offered at a rate of 10 cents per minute and is separate from the text platform solution.

So they provide equip but NOT transcription? Their advertisement is very
When you see the popup ad at top of page it says "Medical Transcription 1/cent a Line"

It never happened. Where are you getting your info. Provide a source.
I just did a search. Nothing regarding your rumor but here's something you might enjoy.

Do MT companies have to provide for the visually impaired ?

I have a medical problem that has caused some vision problems and I find it extremely difficult to differentiate between words in the spell check programs with Stedman's spell check as well as Emdat's and even the Data Field areas, cc and comment section on Emdat's platform. 

Are these companies and/or software manufacturers required by law to accommodate those with such an impairment??? I have no idea if I might have some legal rights here. 

My husband bought me a large LCD monitor for Christmas which helps me a lot. I have enlarged the font size and everything works extremely well in Word, using Internet, Outlook, etc., but there appears to be no way to enlarge the type for these spell checkers. I am SO concerned that I am going to accidentally choose a wrong word due to my not being able to see things clearly. I am very careful in my proofreading and re-listen to all my dictation as my way of proofing just to be sure as I feel it is necessary.

I sure would appreciate any info/feedback you may have to offer.  Thanks so much. 

They should provide software. I can see purchasing pedals that
There needs to be a way to provide universal health care BUT sm
I don't believe that a national system is the right answer. If you look to Hawaii which has a law for universal coverage, it works pretty well.

We have had CHiPS which is the child health plan. I know something about that and had it for my own grown kids when it very first started. You get that if you don't qualify for Medicaid, and if your employer doesn't provide or if the premium of what is provided through employment is more than a given percentage of income.

This issue is one that I feel is best handled by the states, not by the feds. All you have to do is look at the No Child Left Behind to see how well that kind of thing works. States know what their demographics look like. They know what sector of the population is without health insurance and they know what funds they provide to various indigent programs to provide for the poor. It is the lower middle class woman and the lower middle class child who is most likely to be uninsured because they make too much for Medicaid and too little for any type of private insurance and most employers in this bracket can't/won't offer anything.

If you look at Medicare, which is a mess actually, and CHiPS which functions better, they are about the same idea for two different sectors of the population. There are HMOs and plans that one chooses. They are all a bit different, but you all know how this works. The companies who insure people through these plans keep costs and premiums down in order to participate.

I am in favor of the federal government figuring out a capitation rate along the lines of Medicare or Medicaid and paying this to the states, but more broadly to cover more people. Then, the states can figure out what they can contribute. If they eliminate funding for indigent services to cover these people under a statewide plan, that can go into the kitty. Every person in every state WITHOUT employer provided insurance, will be required to contribute to the state plan in some way, based on income. Employees with company provided insurance can opt to participate in the state program. The idea is to recoup the money wasted on county, city and state indigent programs and put it to the greater good. With having not to cover unpaid medical bills because there aren't any, anymore, it should help to raise the amount that states and other agencies have to pay into the system. Insurance companies will have to bid lower to participate in this, because I think it is best that they are the ones who administrate, private sector always does better...

well now I am boring you, but I see what I mean! LOL
who will provide IC liability insurance when state farm does not?
I want to be an IC, but in calling my insurance company they do not cover liability insurance for anything to do with medical......Does anyone know who I could contact?
Instant Text representative. Can you provide Spheris
This would be very helfpul!!! We are creating our own. I noted on a productivity board that you were going to provide one (a radiology word-based glossary) to a person who had a license. Spheris probably has a license and sure could utilize it!!!

Thank you!
Having IT provide phrases, sentences is its best advantage. Two words together.
But one word? By the time it arrives in the layout screen, you have typed all but the last letter.

claudicatio - semicolon

of the - bracket

I miss Word's auto correct boohoo
Any good companies that will provide a free computer??

Are there any good MT companies out there that will provide a free computer and the software, supplies I will need?? I am a canadian MT living in canada. They also must hire outside the USA. IF anyone knows of such a company (that pays at least 12 cents per line too!!)- please email. Thanks!!!!!



Jan Marquis

Please provide links, not copy/paste from other sites. NM
Will you have to pick up tapes, provide a call-in system
print and deliver. Take everything into consideration before submitting your rate to your client. Ask the doctor for a sample report so you can see the font size and line length if you are going to charge a gross line rate. If you charge per 65-character count, the font size and characters per line will not matter. I personally think 11 cents is low unless you are charging for blank lines.
What companies provide computers? Hospital is outsourcing all transcription and I am out of a job..

in about two months.  I lost my computer and reference books in a house fire and can't afford to replace the computer until I get my tax refund back or until my homeowners insurance co. gets their act together which ever comes first! 

This is the second time I've lost an in-house hospital transcription job to outsourcing and have decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em and so I want to go back to working at home.  What are the best companies to work for that provide equipment and are fair regarding line counts (i.e. count spaces and don't short MT's on lines) and have balanced accounts (accounts that have a fair ESL to EFL dictator ratio) to work on?

I have 13 years experience as an MT and I am desparately looking for a company to call home for as long as they will have me!  I worked at home for a couple of years, but never could find that perfect fit.  My new year's resolution is find a job I love working from home, and forget all about last year!


Of course you can provide details as long as there's no patient identifiable info. nm
It's not misleading at all. We provide a TASP service to MTSOs at a rate of 1 cpl. Please leave o

abbreviations that are interpreted as foul...i.e. WTF.  USATasp is owned and operated by MTStars.  If you have questions, feel free to email me directly.