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If you have an Entertainment book there are coupons in it.

Posted By: tag on 2006-06-15
In Reply to: Any ideas on how to get a cheap rental car? I haven't had to rent a car - AzMT


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Garage sales, consignment stores, coupons
If your income for the prior year is below 24,000 in Calif., you are eligible for 20% discount on gas/elec. Also, if your income is less than 12,000/yr, you are eligible for food bank visits once a month which total about $120.00. It has been six years since I went down this road, so the figure may have changed.

After a divorce, major surgery and no job, I found myself penniless. I had yard sales daily. Went to swap meets and sold my things there. Also, took my finer clothes to a consignment shop. Used coupons to determine what I would be eating. Thank God, I had no children.

I think when you have kids, you really need a nest egg of some sort that is absolutely untouchable.

This sounds like a temporary situation if you price your home to sell.
a video for your entertainment


I thought it was hilarious.

For entertainment purposes only, but listen to your
They've done nothing in the entertainment industry
Time to double your dosage and take a nap, dear. Sounds like you've gone over the deep end and are taking this way too personally.

You need to get out more.
I needed the morning entertainment. My Monday will now be a better day!
Suggestion: new board category--Entertainment
Maybe you should consider establishing an Entertainment board, so that the Main Board doesn't fill up with so many long threads about movies, stars, and TV shows. I truly don't mean this as a knock to anyone,--and I enjoy these--but you do have to scroll through a lot of pages sometimes to get to the business-of-MT-type discussions. Just a thought. 
$2500-2600 not counting entertainment, doc/dentist

That's just rent, phone, electric, car, car ins., gas, and food.

As per your request, Pets and Entertainment forums have been added.

American Idol discussion on Entertainment Board (nm)
Updating surgical references - new Stedmans Word Book, Tessier Surgery Book or others - best one in
Just make a note in your book and go on. Every book I read you can find an error
or 2. Nobody is perfect. Lucky you only paid $60. New it is $80 or more.
I would buy book by Dog Whisperer. His TV shows covers things like this and would think his book mi
Quick Look Drug Book (book & CD/ROM)..sm..

Does anyone use both.  I'm definitely getting the CD/ROM and am debating about buying both.  I don't see any reason to have both but there could be something I don't know. 

I noticed CD/ROMs are on backorder but they're selling downloadable versions.  I can handle that.

The so-called "reality show" is the lowest form of so-called entertainment in recent years
I hate them. They've ruined TV.
The Sted's Ortho & Rehab Words is probably my most used book and then the Lab Words book. GL! nm
Medical Word Book by Sloan, Surgical Word Book by sm
Tessier, Dorland's dictionary, BOS, and my very fave I think is now out of print but called Spellright by Rice.
That would be a lab value, so I'd use a lab book. sm
I realize you're doing practice tapes so you're not going to have all the reference books. I personally rely on the internet as little as possible because there's a lot of false info out there....just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true! It's really impossible to do this job without your own set of reference books....MANY of them.  For what you're doing today there is no one site that will answer all of your word questions.
Some of the websites are good, but the Stedman's book is the best.
Got that book
that's a big scam too. Don't waste your time or money.If you really want to see it, email me and I would be glad to share it. Sorry about the extra money thing...I have no ideas either but i would be interested in finding out more myself if anyones knows!
M-TEC is #1 in my book, followed by . . .
Andrews.  Both programs are comprehensive, and many companies wave the standard 2-year experience requirement for grads of these schools. 
That IS the book!!! Thank you!
Too late though, I ordered the other one just in case too. LOL! Oooh I'm so excited! That book ROCKS!
Believe it or not, the book says (sm)
do not use Windex, but I doubt that made "chips".  I bet what you are seeing are raised marks, not indented, if you know what I mean.  Use the glass top cleaner, and book says a razor blade - yes, a razor blade.  I use a sharp, straight little paring knife while the cleaner is on, and the stuff comes off.  Good luck.
NEW MT - book for
I would have to say that anything for the new MT would be outdated before it ever goes to print. I think that "new MTs" are a thing of the past. With VR and editing, as well as outsourcing - this business is not anything like it was 18 years ago - or even 10 years ago - and I don't know that a book would be helpful to someone wanting to get into this business, because every year there are fewer MTs going to work - I believe that our days are numbered and could encourage anyone looking into MT to look into coding or some other aspect of hospital work - if they are dead set on working in the everychanging medical field. The days of the Prima Donna MT are gone forever.
MT book sm
I hate to agree but I must. The profession has changed greatly. I had a wonderful experience as an MT starting out and then as my own professional business in a business office. I was on the speaker's bureau for a community college. I told them I no longer wanted to encourage people to spend 2 years of their life getting a degree to do this work. Times have changed. Everyone is supposed to have a book in them though, so I hope you do well. I have thought of it myself many times, but now it would be more of a warning to probably stay away. Hate to be negative but things are changing and not necessarily for the better!
Log book
I am not required either to keep one but I am very thankful I do.  I have had doctors looking for a job and I can refer to it on the date of service and tell him whether or not he dictated on that patient.  Plus I keep track of my money to see if my pacheck matches the payroll.
Name of Book
Is there a particular book by Stedmans for just "physical therapy?"  Also, how do you like typing Physical Therapy?
Are you looking at the CD or the book?
I have not loaded the CD that came with it.  My hard copy states "copyright 1995 and 2002", and is the second edition, which I assumed was the newest.  It was the version my employer insisted I buy.  If you have the same version as me, its very interesting (and scary) that some copies would be correct and some not!
OMG so its only MY book!?
I'm looking right at it as I type this, and its wrong in mine!  This is really, really weird.
I'm looking at the book, not the CD!! nm

IMT book.
The Independent Medical Transcriptionist book is being updated, and the IMT5 version if due to be released in the Fall.  FYI.
My Most Used Ref Book
Stedman's Ortho & Rehab Third Edition

SecondTessier Surgical Word Book Second Edition
Only using the book, so I don't know. Sorry. nm

There were a lot of phrases and short cuts I would not have thought of and I thought it was somewhat helpful.  I think I learned just about as much though just going into the website that Marianne gave above.  From that I could actually figure out quite a few extra phrases to use that have helped me out in the last few reports.  Thanks for that.  I guess I liked the book and it did help a lot, but just taking the first letter for some words in a phrase and making a shortcut from makes a lot of sense to me, and has helped a lot. 

Book of BS.
I have worked for two top-20 hospitals and several others through the years and none of them ever mentioned the Book of BS. They all have their own specifications which are usually very limited due to the flexibility of the English language and the great diversity of style in a hospital environment.

I think the BOS may have started out as somebody's list of personal preferences that they decided to package into book form and sell (for a hefty price). Now if they can only convince people that it's the "Bible of MT" they can sell thousands and thousands of copies to every MT the planet (think India) who will have little choice but to buy it to find out what "the rules" are. Then release new editions and sell thousands and thousands more copies! Wheeeeeee!!!

It's okay as a book of "general suggestions" for a clueless newbie who doesn't have any idea what to do with "milliequivalents" but that's about it. It is ridiculous to think that some MTs have probably lost their jobs or didn't pass a screening test because a lame MTSO considered the Book of BS the "Bible of MT" that must be obeyed.

bos book
I have it on file on my computer. Send me your email and i will transfer you a copy.
there was a book being used before BOS

Ya know, the (former) AAMT did not invent guidelines for MTs.  They just needed to justify taking money by offering a product to take even more of your money.  The BOS was created to compete with the book being marketed by the AMA, you know, the group representing doctors the MT community was serving.

Everyone wants to get all ruffled about having to meet QA standards.  Show me a product that does not have QA and I will show you a defunct company, most likely due to having been sued for having a substandard product.  Automobiles have QA.  Food service businesses have QA.  The list could go on.  To think that as a group MTs are being picked on is assuming a poor-me victim attitude.  If this fits you, shoo, go on, get.  Let me have your work.


any book recommendations? nm

What to charge for book
I transcribed a book for a local gentleman and charged him $20.00 per hour. This was for ALL reedits. In fact, I'm still working on it with him and he knows it's $20.00 per hour no matter how many times he changes his mind. It's work well for both of us. I just have a hard time squeezing it in with all my other work. Hope this helps.
Book manuscript
You are WONDERFUL. Thanks so much for your reply.
Book charge

I have done a lot of seminars which are probably a little harder than the books as you are listening to someone speak in a large group away from the microphone sometimes but   I charged - depending on the difficulty as one was building a microchip -- 10 to 12 cents a line.  Gross line.  Revisions were by the hour at $25.  They gladly paid it. 



Book of Style

The cardiologists I have worked with over the years preferred Roman Numerals for murmurs, however, all that changed when The Book of Style came out indicating to record murmurs with numbers not Roman Numerals.  I even had a few cardiologists state, put the murmur in Roman Numerals.

HPI radiology book fan too.
I do radiology, and the only radiology book I own is the HPI one. At one radiology job I was fortunate to have Stedman's, HPI, and some other small blue radiology book at my desk. I found the HPI one to be most complete and helpful.
FDA Orange Book (sm)
is available in PDF format.  It is updated monthly.  I doubt you would want to print the entire thing (1038 pages) but Appendix A is a straight list by drug name, but that's still 55 pages.  Easy to save to your computer and reference while working though!  There are also database formats available for download.
If you book your trip - sm
through one of the many online companies, such as Expedia, Travelocity, or Hotwire (to name a few) they give you the option of purchasing cancellation waivers. They are usually 35 to 50.00 per person.

Just means that if you have to cancel the trip for any reason, you get all of your money back aside from the cancellation fee (the 35 to $50.)
Which book did I read that in?
We must, we must, we must increase our bust. The bigger, the better, the tighter the sweater. We must increase our bust!
Are you there God? It's me, Margaret -- I believe is the book
you will also need a terminology book- sm
I did oncology for a while.  I did not so much need a new drug book as a terminology book.  Stedman's makes a paperback oncology book that was a real lifesaver.  It included the drug names, including all the chemo drugs.  There were many pages of chemo drugs, and all you had to do was look up "chemotherapy" instead of trying to figure out spelling of the drug name and everything was there.  Good luck. 
Better yet...write a book...
Merry Christmas

I watched it.  I can see where there is concern over this show.   The show is portraying the Episcopalian religion.  I don't know much about that religion since I am Catholic but it had issues that the Catholic church is against.   Characters were Lesbians and gay.  There was sex before marriage, there was drugs.  The Bishop had an affair with another Bishop who was a woman because is wife has Altsheimers.  The mob is going to build a school for the parish.   Everytime Bishop Daniel needed guidance Jesus would pop up.   

40,000+ is good in my book
The AMA has their own book of style...
and they DO NOT endorse the BOS.