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If you use a standard keyboard you can buy an old IBM model M keyboard on ebay or clickykeyboards.co

Posted By: Charlene on 2007-10-18
In Reply to: Letters wearing off on keyboard - Rello

That key printing never wear down because the letters are part of the key itself.  They just don't make them that way anymore because it is too expensive to make.  Some of the mechanical keyboards like Cherry have what they double shot key imprinting and the letters are part of the key itself and don't wear off. That IBM keyboard is very noisy from the type of keyswitch it has so you may not like that.  Logitech and Belkin make some membrane switch keyboards that are supposed to have longer lasting key imprints.  I have a logitech that has the longer lasting key imprints and it is pretty good.  You have to look on the specs to find out if has the longer lasting key printing.

I have experimented so much with keyboards and have done a lot of research.  Way too much info.  


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Is the layout the same as for a standard keyboard? sm
Also, have you ever used a Goldtouch or Microsoft Natural?  What would be the pros and cons?
Comfort Standard keyboard
SM lead me to the website that sells several different keyboards. The one I'd be ordering (if I had any money...ha-ha!) would be the Comfort Standard. Check out www.sforh.com/keyboards/split and you'll see which one I'm talking about. It's $$350, so I guess I'll just have my old one fixed and save up the money for the Comfort Standard. :)
Compaq standard keyboard from RadioShack. Quiet! nm
I used to get hand and wrist pain. I still do if I'm forced to use a standard keyboard.
I bought an ergonomic keyboard and use a telescoping keyboard drawer so I can prop the side of the board that's closest to me up in the air.  That forces my wrists into the proper position and spreads my hands apart.  It works wonders.  I thought I would have to quit MT before ever really getting started, but I'm able to work pretty much fulltime now.
I bought mine off Ebay and love it! This is probably the keyboard I will always use now.
Someone on MTD recommended a keyboard off of eBay that had the word "Ice" in its name. Haven&#
Try a microsoft elite, cheap on ebay and a great keyboard. nm
I use a MSFT Natural keyboard at home and the laptop keyboard on the road. nm

favorite keyboard over the holidays is called "no keyboard"
I use a laptop with a full-size keyboard (no separate keyboard)
I'm using a lap desk but previously was using a pillow with a book on it under the laptop. No additional keyboard though, I bought one with a full-sized board with regular size keys (an HP) which I LOVE and it took no time at all to get used to it. I also love that when the weather improves, I can take my computer outside and get some fresh air! What a great job... :)
Keyboard and mouse. Is there such a thing as a keyboard that has a mouse on the actual keyboard?

You're welcome. You can find Model M's on eBay

I think I'd go with clickykeyboards.com for their trustworthiness and service and all.  You can get some in the $35-40 range there.  (Check to be sure if it has a ps/2 connector, unless you have an AT/5-pin inlet on your computer.  You can buy an AT to ps/2 adaptor from them or at most office supply stores fairly easily, though.)

I think you'll be pleased.  Much as I liked my NMB, I wouldn't ever buy even a vintage/used one of those since I just don't think that model and brand has much longevity, apparently. 




Has anyone used the Smartboard keyboard? Everyone tell what keyboard they have and rate it nm
Kinesis Keyboard and keyboard tray

Okay, any lefties use this keyboard? How long did it take to get used to? I use my left thumb for the space bar and I notice on a diagram of the keys that I would always be hitting the backspace key.

I'm really interested in getting a better keyboard. I destroyed my left hand and wrist the other week when I fell because I'm becoming a real klutz.

I bought the Soft Flex gloves, but they only help a little bit. My production is down because of it and it's driving me crazy. I can only type an hour without stopping and then have to rest the hand for some time.

I did buy a Microsoft 2000 keyboard but have yet to recieve it. Is this a good one?

Do you use a keyboard tray with it or just set it on the desk? Do you think a kayboard tray would be the least expensive item right now that would help with a straight keyboard?

Any info you can provide to help me in making any decision would be greatfully appreciated.

'Scuse me for being old school, but I've only ever used a straight keyboard.


Does anyone know of a keyboard that has the backspace key in the center of the keyboard? NM
Split keyboard mounted on chair arms versus split keyboard on desk

For longtime comfort which is best - split keyboard mounted on chair arms or split keyboard to be used on the desk?

Also, why the preference over split keyboards that come totally apart versus split keyboards that are permanently connected at the top?

I want to revamp my office and there are so many different options.

Gold touch makes a keyboard without number pad. Also the evoluent keyboard has the number pad on th
It is a very small keyboard and has laptop keys which are very quiet and light to the touch.  Almost no noise.
I'm in the same boat. My PC Concepts had the integrated touch mouse on the keyboard. PC Concepts no longer makes this in the English version. It was the best ergo KB I have ever used. I bought a Micro Innovations keyboard to replace it after much searching and this keyboard is a PIECE OF GARBAGE!

The touch buttons for the mouse are on either side, rather than below and it's very akward to use the mouse.

Not to mention the fact that their "ergonomic design" is one of a thumbs down with the "gentle curve" going inward rather than out.

Just DO NOT waste your money on a Micro Innovations keyboard.

By the way. I sent an email BEGGING PC-Concepts to bring back the English version. Never heard anything from them.

I did order another keyboard from them tho. Should be here hopefully today. The only difference is that the integrated finger mouse is detached on a little pad. I figure I can glue it to the keyboard and give that a try.

Will let you know how it works out and if I find a secret stash of the old PC-iMMT keyboards anywhere.
Try E-Bay for different ergonomic keyboards.  Quite often I have seen keyboards with the touchpad bottom center.  You can also get touchpads just by themselves, that you can position any place you want.  I got my Goldtouch keyboard off E-Bay and I love it.  I tried using my old flat keyboard again and hated it.
I go through at least one if not  two keyboards a year because I wear the letters off.  Though I don't need them it is weird to type without them.    This last one was expensive and so am trying to get 15 months out of it.   Never spilled anything on it, just wear out the keys. 
I would also suggest not wahing an ergonic keyboard.  When I got just one little drop of water underneath the keys, it shorted out the keyboard.  All I could get after that was jumbled characters.
911 keyboard wet
I spilled pepsi on kb last night.  I have used ergo kb for over 10 years.  I am trying to type this on regular kb, not doing too good.  My backspace on ergo was affected.  I don't have money to get new keyboard because I recently went to work for company that puts up good posts but steals lines.  How do I fix KB.  Any help appreciated.
You can try seeing if the keys will pop off that are giving you trouble and then use a Q-Tip and alcohol to clean the keys and the area where you spilled the drink.  That may work. 

If neither one works then you are not getting a reading or connected via the received.  Have you pushed the "connect" button on both?   Are by accident using rechargable batteries?  Are the batteries good?  I have a rechargable Logitech now and thinking back to my one that wasn't to remember  how it works.  Sometimes you have to move the receiver around a bit so that it can receive the connection as that is how it works.   Are you sure you are plugged into the correct port on the back of your computer.  I am sure you have checked all of this but just going over in my mind what I would check  Again, you have to sometimes push the connect button simultaneously  on the keyboard and the connection base station.   But move the base station around, recheck the batteries and that is all I can say.  I could not type a couple of time but moving my base made it possible.  GO onto Logitech and check out their site for help also. 

Good luck - Patti


Yeah me too...but now that I contract I never stop typing and I usually spill something on my keyboard before it gets that old anymore! Do they have a keyboard with straps like a hotdog vendor? Now that is something I'd be interested in.
new keyboard
Thanks for answering. I am
contacting clickykeyboards, because it sounds like the IBM M is the one I want. I have never done well with the ergonomic keyboards.

Thanks again.
I'd get the keyboard and get rid of the DH. but thats just me.
Who was looking for the NMB keyboard

I found one in my pile of old computer stuff that I'm sorting through.  It sams NMB The Right Touch and it is a heavy keyboard with a big round plug-in, not USB or PS2.

I left e-mail address, if you want it let me know and you can have it for postage. 


Just go and buy the keyboard...
They are about $30.  I've got one and haven't had a problem since.  Get rid of the husband.  If he has time to go stay with Dad for hours at a time..... he has time to get a part-time job!!  I can't believe you put up with that crap.   Grrrrrr -- some women really tick me off when they let men walk all over them.  They have no backbone!!    I feel sorry for the kids.  They have horrible role models whether it's mother or father!
Jan, I would like to know exactly which keyboard
I have a totally split one very much like the one you describe (a PerfecTouch or Ergo 2000), but this one is wearing out again, and I think I'll go for another brand of split next time.  The Kinesis Maxim you showed doesn't seem to split totally apart as you described yours doing, though?  (Mine can separate up to 14 inches apart, so I can also put a notepad or whole sheet of regular paper, etc., between the halves of mine.)
I'm in Illinois. Where are YOU? :)
Mine is a Lexmark, one of the very first totally split keyboards with totally separate sides. I really need a new one, though, as the keys are wearing out. I'll have to look at the Maxim again. I thought it came apart; guess not, huh? I'd want mine to come apart, like my own and like yours (SM). Then let's look at the Goldtouch. I believe it comes apart. There is a really new one called (I think) Safetype, too. The two halves actually stand up vertically, instead of being flat on the desk. I'm not sure I could get used to THAT much of a change, but it does seem to prevent wrist injuries.
I believe mine came already programmed with the left space bar as the backspace.  But it's been ten years, so I can't swear to it.  Believe me, if it had to be programmed by me, and I accomplished it, then it can't be too difficult...hee-hee!

Ha!  What a nut I am!  I wondered "why does she want to know where I am?"    Go to:  www.comfortkeyboard.com.  There are three models, but a lot more expensive than Goldtouch or Maxim.  I think they're worth it, though, as they do come totally apart.  What d'ya think?

Yep. That's it. :)
I just purchased an I-Rock X-Structure Slim Keyboard and so far I really like it.  For more information go to http://www.directron.com/kr6100silver.html. 
not keyboard, but...
I just found a mouse pad at walmart with a wrist pad attached that is the memory foam. I don't know how long they have been out, but I picked it up and it is great!
nmb keyboard
Is it still available?
I have a Microsoft split keyboard and absolutely love it. I still have trouble with the numbers 6 and 7, but took just a couple of days.  Hands fall in a more natural shape rather than twisting wrists with the regular keyboard.  I do not recommend the wireless keyboard and mouse as I have though.  It took me three keyboards before I got one that worked for very long, and it falters occasionally yet. Will never buy wireless again.
Kesington makes a great keyboard that is straight but the keys have a slight angle to them so its ergonomic. I have used it for 2 yrs. with no problems. it costs about 20-25.00 if not less. Check out their website. Kensington.com

I am addicted to one that used to be an IBM keyboard, now made by a company in Lexington, Kentucky - I have to dig and find it for you - it is noisy -hence the name is "clacking" but the touch is unlike any other and I cannot work on those keyboards that have such a "dull" touch to them.  I am extremely fast and I think, no I know, that this is the reason.  e-mail me if you are interested and I will dig through my stuff and find it for you.  The cost was only around 45.00.  There is a website to order.
B - a ? for you re keyboard

are the A-angle keys hard to get used to or is it a natural feel?

i tried the microsoft ergo keyboard - gave it a good try - but it just did not work out.  wound up selling it.

is the ksb with the A angle keys easier to adjust to?

thx for your time!

I have that keyboard....
Do you have th little light on the rest where the back and forward buttons are. The first light has a 1 under it and the second one has an A which is for the caps. As an FYI the next one is the scroll light and then the function lock.
What about a keyboard?

Do you attach a standard size keyboard to your laptop?  Could that be done if one wanted/needed to?  Thanks.

Could it just be the keyboard?
Swap keyboards and see if that makes a difference, I know I have 3 different keyboards and one is harder than the others.
My Logitec lasted 4-5 months before the letters are worn off and now the keys are sticking.   Am trying to get them to send me a new one but so far no go.  I average a year if I am luck and that is paying big bucks for keyboards.  If anyone has one where the letters do not come off so quick, let me know.     Thx also. 
I use the Microsoft ergo keyboard and I think they run about $100.00. Never heard of the kinesis one. I really like the Microsoft one, it is a split keyboard and I can raise the back up.

rE: Keyboard
I got that keyboard too. Did not like it. Got a new wireless keyboard, split just like the other. It has a better touch than the 4000. It is black just like it. 4000, you have to hit it so hard. That wore me out and cut down on line count. This one is much much better.
I have had mine for about a year and love it. It takes the strain off your neck and shoulders, you hands and wrists do not get tired as easily. My suggestion would be to practice with it. Like I said, I love mine.

I have not seen this keyboard but I am going to tell you what I do...sm
I have rheumatoid arthritis and about 7 years ago was at the end of my rope. I was transcribing on a cheap flat keyboard on a standard pull-out keyboard drawer. From the advice of someone on an MT board, I got the idea of typing with my keyboard in my lap. I then saw a Microsoft Elite keyboard that was curved a little bit and called ergonomic and also very cheap after its initial few years (I have a few stockpiled in case they become unavailable). It was a miracle to my arms, neck, shoulders and fingers, especially typing with the keyboard in my lap, and I have a skinny lap. LOL! The position is so natural and causes no stress whatsoever. You have to try it. The next thing I recommed is a good, not necessarily expensive, chair with good lumbar support and height adjustability. I bought mine in Staples for under $100. The third and final thing is to make sure that your computer is at the right height when you are sitting in a relaxed position, better for your neck to be looking up a little at the screen rather then down at it. To me, the lap thing is the key. The next thing I am going to do is to try some other keyboards. I know there must be better ones out there but I have become addicted to the Microsoft Elite, and it has clacky keys. I love that too!
my keyboard - sm
I love my Microsoft ergo keyboard. I didn't think I could ever get used to it, since I've been typing on a regular keyboard for (gasp!) over 30 years. I was amazed how easy it was to get used to it. By the end of the first day, I was back up to my normal speed. My wrists feel a lot better now. I haven't used my wrist splints at night since I started using the ergo keyboard.