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I used to get hand and wrist pain. I still do if I'm forced to use a standard keyboard.

Posted By: I agree with the other poster on 2005-09-28
In Reply to: Voice recognition? - Dee

I bought an ergonomic keyboard and use a telescoping keyboard drawer so I can prop the side of the board that's closest to me up in the air.  That forces my wrists into the proper position and spreads my hands apart.  It works wonders.  I thought I would have to quit MT before ever really getting started, but I'm able to work pretty much fulltime now.

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wrist pain
I started using oregano oil about five years ago for wrist pain. I used to wear braces and get ganglions. At one point, I couldn't even pick up a jug of milk and was worried about driving because my wrists would send shooting pains while steering my car causing me to release the steering wheel in reaction to the pain. I am CURED now because of the oregano oil. I buy it at health food stores or on-line and I apply it directly to my wrists at the first sign of pain. I have not used wrist supports since starting with oregano oil and no longer form ganglions. I LOVE IT!!!
Wrist pain
I have done/tried a lot of different keyboards/splints/gloves/trays ect.  The only thing that has made my wrists/hands stop hurting is a Kinesis keyboard.  I have the Advantage.  They are costly, but well worth every penny spent and your typing speed will increase once you get the hang of it.  I love mine.  They will pry it away from my cold hands one day.  Not giving it up ever. 
wrist pain
anyone else out there has wrist pain at the end of their shift
Wrist pain
Mine burn like they are on fire all the time from my elbows down to my hands. I take Advil and get acid reflux. My back . .. hurts all the time. I feel like I'm 90!
RE: Wrist pain
When you have burning a nerve is involved. Have you tried Alpha lipoic acid? It is a supplement which can be purchased at wally world, etc. and it not too expensive. I use it all the time for burning in my leg (had back surgery). I take it twice a day. Also I take B6 for carpal tunnel. The doc said to take up to 400 mg per day. It does help me and kept me from having to have carpal tunnel surgery for a few years. I still take it for the left wrist thought. Hope this helps you.
wrist pain
I used to have wrist pain years ago and thought I would not make it in this job. A hand therapist at the hospital I worked for evaluated my typing position and told me to be sure my keyboard was not tilted and was flat on the desk, and that my hand/fingers were level with the wrists, and the wrists were level with the elbows (90-degree angle); therefore, the lower arm including hand/fingers should be straight (not angled upward or downward) and level with the keyboard. This was awkward at first but amazingly, by the end of my first day, I actually had no more wrist pain or even shoulder pain.
I have wrist, arm and hand fatigue too. Have to watch the yoga - because some postures
35 years,,,not one pain/wrist surgery, etc.
works for me. everyone is different. No one can say what for whome. I always used to laugh at all those writting documents we used to get from the hospital I formerly worked for on how to sit in a chair.

They also made everyone watch a 10 minute movie on washing thy hands.

If you use a standard keyboard you can buy an old IBM model M keyboard on ebay or clickykeyboards.co

That key printing never wear down because the letters are part of the key itself.  They just don't make them that way anymore because it is too expensive to make.  Some of the mechanical keyboards like Cherry have what they double shot key imprinting and the letters are part of the key itself and don't wear off. That IBM keyboard is very noisy from the type of keyswitch it has so you may not like that.  Logitech and Belkin make some membrane switch keyboards that are supposed to have longer lasting key imprints.  I have a logitech that has the longer lasting key imprints and it is pretty good.  You have to look on the specs to find out if has the longer lasting key printing.

I have experimented so much with keyboards and have done a lot of research.  Way too much info.  


I use a gel wrist pad. I also have the keyboard SM
in a comfortable position. Ergonomics are essential and you don't have to pay a lot for it. A good chair also helps. Mine has armrests, which I can adjust. Good luck.
Hand Pain Help
You may also try taking magnesium and B6. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer, and the B6 works with the mag. Your problem is not exactly the same as mine was, but it could help you too.

Several years ago I developed carpel tunnel syndrome that got progressively worse over a several of months. Magnesium/B6 is what the doctor suggested, and within a week, my pain, numbness, tingling....all the symptoms, were completely resolved!!! I haven't worn a brace since! The dosage I took was 2600 mg of magnesium a day and 200 mg of B6. Adjust the dose as needed.

**Word of warning - if you develop stomach problems (to put it nicely), cut back your dose. Loose stools are a side effect of too much magnesium in your body, but it doesn't mean you can't take it...just cut back the dose until you get to a comfortable level. Good Luck!
Hand pain

Help!  Both of my hands today are very painful.  Sometimes I get the usual aches and pains in my hands and wrists from transcribing, but today they BOTH hurt so bad, especially between the index finger and thumb areas.  They feel cramped and the pain is similar to when my shoulders get tense and you rub the knots.  It's not a sharp pain, but a pretty intense pain when I put pressure on my hands, try to lift anything or touch/massage them or even stretch them.  They're painful in the first four digits on both hands.  Has anyone had this and/or have any clues what it is or what I can do to help them.  TIA!

hand pain
Heating pad, ibuprofen, some kind of muscle rub with gloves over that, even if you have to cut the fingers out of a regular pair of gloves. Sometimes, the compression gloves make mine hurt worse. Also, a rigid wrist brace with thumb stabilizer helps overnight.
Hand Pain
Try using typing gloves or wrist supports. You buy them at Wal-Mart for about $20.00. Mueller's are the best ones I have found. Hope this helps!
Hand Pain
I have just gone back to transcribing after editing the last 4 years. I am having a problem with a very painful left hand. I work a secretary job during the day and transcribe for 4 hours at night. After 2 shifts, the pain starts. After the 3rd shift, I am in extreme pain. Does anyone know of anything that could help relieve this pain? Thanks in advance!
Hand Pain


Hand pain is miserable.  I tried transcription gloves and they help.  An ergonomic keyboard is better than a standard keyboard.  Once you get used to using one, you won't want to go back.  One thing that truly helps me is a parafin wax treatment for my hands.  I am also a guitarist so my hands work very hard. I got a home parafin wax setup, not too expensive.  Bed, Bath, & Beyond used to carry them. Refill wax you can find at a beauty supply store.  It wraps your hands in wonderful heat.  Good to do on your night off.  Good luck!

any routines to keep CPS and hand pain at bay
Special diet or supplements, keyboads, positions, stretching or exercises, yoga, pain meds that work best, gloves, etc.  My hands are just completely inflamed!  Need help.
Hand pain question

My hands are absolutely killing me!!  I've been tested for carpal tunnel about a year ago, and nothing was abnormal, but I've got the classic symptoms, the numbness, the tingling, the pain.  I've got a good ergonomic setup and I've been transcribing for 6 years, so it's not like my hands aren't used to this.  I get cramps and spasms in my wrist/fingers, and I'm wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this and if so, what have you done to help it?  It's really cut my production down.

Thanks so much!

those of you with hand pain, carpal tunnel, tendinitis

How long had you been in the business before the onset of the symptoms, how fast did they progress, and what steps did you take to keep the symptoms at bay, without surgery.  Even those who have had surgery, you may reply whether or not it helped.

For me, my symptoms began after seven years, just aching.  I then switched keyboards to split.  That worked for a few months, then the joint pains in fingers.  I typed softer, really concentrated on not BANGING the keys out.  Those two things helped another six months.  Last year about this time, pain again caught up.  I got splints..started B6, magnesium, muscle relaxers, took sugar and pasta out of diet (most), and coffee, carpal tunnel exercises.  If I deviate off this diet for even one day, I get the inflammation in the wrists.  The night splint worked for exactly one year.  Here we are, i'm now on the same boring diet, and have resorted to wearing the splints during the day as well.  I believe this is my last year as an MT.  I need to get a dif job and do this part time or find an editing job which seems impossible.

Could some of you share your time lines so I know how severe mine is in comparison?  Also anything I have not tried, if you could share.  Thanks. 

Is the layout the same as for a standard keyboard? sm
Also, have you ever used a Goldtouch or Microsoft Natural?  What would be the pros and cons?
Comfort Standard keyboard
SM lead me to the website that sells several different keyboards. The one I'd be ordering (if I had any money...ha-ha!) would be the Comfort Standard. Check out www.sforh.com/keyboards/split and you'll see which one I'm talking about. It's $$350, so I guess I'll just have my old one fixed and save up the money for the Comfort Standard. :)
Hand pain - needing to cut back lines per week. Anyone else done this?
I have so much hand and wrist pain from all this typing.  I only do 5000-6000 lines per week and that is torture.  By the end of the week I have slowed down so badly it is ridiculous.  I think I am going to have to cut way back before I trash my hands and wrists for good.  Has anyone else had this problem and cut back on MT work?  I'm trying to think of other jobs I could do for a few hours a day to make up the difference ($$)that don't involve typing. 
Compaq standard keyboard from RadioShack. Quiet! nm
Data Hand keyboard

I just received my new Data Hand keyboard and am starting to use it.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has used one of these.  Thanks.

I've used Hand-Eze and Thergonomic Hand Aids. sm
They help with the carpal tunnel and keep hands warm for me. They cover the hand and wrist but leave the fingers free. I wear them inside out, though, because the seams rub on the skin too much for me. I've gotten so used to them, that it is more comfortable wearing them while typing than typing with nothing on.
Don't talk about hand, I still remember the one that got her hand chewed up by her pet rat....

had nightmares for 2 days after that.

I feel your pain. If at teaching hospital, great pain. SM
Some doctors do give standard discharge summaries, so you could just make copy and then pull it up. It is not easy, especially when they give 20 lines of lab results.
Well, if you broke your right hand and were right-hand dominant, can you see how this might be a fac
It may not be relevant at the time of dictating a physical exam or social history but in the future it would be good to know if the patient breaks the finger(s), wrist, hand, arm.
Forced into it.
A company I was with for a long time switched over to a VR system. It takes some getting used to but I love it.
Yes, I was forced to by company, who does not
Dictators like that should be forced to
either type their own reports or use VR. See how they like their own mess.
If forced to transcribe the slang, then
satting would be correct. The two consonants after the vowel make the vowel short. In the dictation, "satting" (slang for saturating) is pronounced with a short "a" so that is how it should be transcribed. Typing only one "t" would make the vowel long. However, as at least one person has already pointed out, "satting" is slang and is not proper transcription style regardless of who demands it be typed that way.
I was forced to work with some at one point -
They all took and passed - granted these were a little above average from the work I saw - my guess is there is a lot of help - probably even some "cheating" - I mean - how does AAMT verify who that is half a world away - no SS#, etc
They've forced many of our ERs to shut down
a regular doctor's office. So the few that are left are full to bursting. Once when I had a medical emergency, the ambulance couldn't take me to the closest ER because they had no room, instead we drove FOREVER to a far-away hospital, and still I had to wait a long time out in the hallway. Right now I would say 80% of the people being treated on the account I type for are Mexican and don't speak English. So the hospital has to pay for full-time, professional translators to accompany these people at office visits. And it's no surprise that a large number of them came here illegally.
My company forced us to do all accounts for one hospital. SM
They are a group of five hospitals. Those of us who said we did not want to do all five, suddenly had our primary out of work, because the other MT's were doing OUR account. That is how things are now. It seems to be the name of the game.
I suspect employers are being forced to care. SM
Since it's a new platform, it's a new problem that probably a lot of companies are just waking up to. My sympathies for people who find themselves effectively "forced" to use it as it apparently is now.

With serious compatibility issues with common brands of the Expanders that have become vital to so many of us, at this point I would not apply to a company using it, and I suspect few other good experienced transcriptionists reading about it would either. This seems such a grave flaw that it will have to be repaired, or this platform will end up a dead end used by only a few institutions.

How about contacting the company that developed the platform directly for answers and fixes? Also the developer of your own expander, who must be well aware of the issues Chartscript raises for them. The ShortHand tech guy (not my own MTSO techs!) fixed me up promptly when I was put on eScription and developed glitches. Best wishes with this.
I do not work hard every day to support fools, yet I am forced to by this
I do NOT, DO NOT, care about people who put themselves in harm's way in order to brag that they have a 9-room house on the beach.
Forced to conform? It's a holiday show with music. sm
They're not apparently being asked to stand up and deny Jesus, for heaven's sake.

If it's a public school and public money goes to the school, my feeling is they'd BETTER be inclusive. If people's feelings get hurt because they're a majority and they just can't stand to have any of the minorities mentioned, tough.
I hope this proves to all MTSOs who say they are forced to lower their rates that if MQ can get 20,
All they need to do is stick to their guns. Our rates should not be falling. MQ does not even have the good quality that half of these other services do.
Walmart is good. The regular supermarkets are going to be forced to compete.
It all works for the good of the consumer.
Forced to work scheduled shifts..no flexibilty..what gives??? So frustrated.

I started MT two years ago for a medical clinic of about 100 doctors.  I am now working at home.  I get paid hourly 10.50/hour.  My employer will NOT let us work flexible shifts.  I have to work a standard 8 hour shift with a one-hour lunch break that is unpaid. 

I got into this field because I wanted to work from home and have FLEXIBILITY.  I have a toddler under the age of 4 and when I interviewed and shared my reasons for wanting to work at home (my children) I was told I was a "great fit" and then I get in my home and am told there is ZERO flexibiity and I have to work 8 hours straight just like in-house people!  This is extremely stressful for me having a small child and I don't make enough money to afford daycare. 

I started working with Medquist part-time for extra money and AGAIN I was told I would have to work a set shift, with no flexibility. 

Where are the jobs that you guys have where I can work my own hours?  Sitting here typing 8 hours straight everyday with a demanding toddler is starting to wear on me, but I need this job badly. 

What gives? I thought the nature of working at home with MT is flexiblity and every job I've applied for in MT has given me NONE. 



You can still get the old one without the wrist

wrest at Amazon. That's where I got mine. I couldn't use the one with the wrist rest either.

Ellen S.

Wrist pad
Wrist pad -- good idea. I've had a heel spur the whole summer and never thought using my pedal could be aggravating it. I use a foot rest type thing that my pedal sits on. I'm going to try my extra wrist pad to rest my foot on and see what happens.
aching wrist
Does anyone here have trouble with tendonitis?  I woke up this morning and could hardly move my hand.  My new keyboard is flatter than is comfortable for me.  I usually like them to be on a tilt.  Any suggestions on how to mend fast and to avoid this problem in future?
aching wrist

Sorry, didn't realize I was still on this board.


achy wrist

Yes but this new keyboard I have is not as slanted as I am used to.

New gel wrist pad and chocolates
I always get something even though it is just candy but my husband was being practical this year and bought me a new wrist pad as my other one was ratty.  The new one is great, I just have to get use to it.
yep, I have that too...on the wrist wrest. nm
wrist supports

Does anyone recommend a certain kind of wrist support to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?  It looks like there are so many to choose from.

Wrist issues
Hi everyone!

I am having an issue with just my left wrist. It feels like it keeps locking up, and is pretty painful if I just let my hand dangle (like if you hold your arm out and relax your wrist so your fingers are going towards the ground). I only started working in April as an MT, and I am only 21. Do you think it could just be deconditioning or is it something I should get checked out? I don't have insurance right now so I really am trying to avoid a doctor's visit but I don't want to mess myself up permanently this young!

My wrist hurts sometimes....sm
And one time my elbow and all up my arm was hurting. I think I need to find some good wrist supports. I have bought 2 different pairs but I can't do the ones with the fingers on them. I need the ones that are just the wrist and no fingers.