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If you work for a hospital - how come no one from the hospital

Posted By: mt on 2007-10-21
In Reply to: what I don't like - toodetached

called you?? Were they in the dark, as well?? How sad, that no one in your hospital communicates with the at home staff.

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Depends on what kind of hospital? Large urban hospital or small community hospital? SM

Also, is it a large teaching hospital? If so you have to consider there will be A LOT of different residents dictating, usually a lot of ESLs at teaching hospitals, and the residents rotate out and new ones rotate in every summer. So you can't expect to get the same dictators and build up your macros because the dictators change all the time.

I would say 9 cpl would be a pretty good offer for a small to medium community hospital where you will be doing the same dictators on a daily basis.  But for bigger, urban or teaching hospitals I would want at least 12 to 15 cpl. 

Have a hospital I work for and they consistently change work types and do line counts. (sm)
Management just doesn't understand in order to crank out the work you need to be proficient by typing the same accounts. Go figure, they just don't get it ??
I work for a hospital and can do in less (sm)
than 8 hours (65-char line).  Are you sure you mean per week?
Actually, I do work for a hospital now
and there are 8 of us who work from home. BUT, they have begun to do things the way the "services" do (NAMELY MQ). They stopped counting our spaces, and so forth, because it is "the trend".

Even the hospital MTs are not as safe as they used to be. We are the only hospital left in my area that has not outsourced yet, and anytime we complain about our pay being reduced (which has been several times in the past five years), we are threatened with outsourcing.

So, it probably is a good idea to start thinking of a change.
I do work for a hospital
that is the position that will be going fulltime. It is 28 hours a week now. I work at home for this very large Level 1 trauma hospital right now doing radiology. I have insurance, I have short term disability through them. I have one national as a sideline, and another local clinic as a sideline.
Well then don't come work for my hospital because...
if you type something for one of your co-workers, you have violated the confidentiality agreement signed when you were hired.  I've typed celebrity reports too when I worked for a national, that's different.  If it were the other way around would you like a casual acquaintance to know all your business?  I wouldn't.  I have the same respect that I would want.  There's 23 other MTs in my hospital.  I don't NEED to type a medical report on my children's elementary school principal (happened a few months ago).  So, get off your attitude.
I work in a hospital and sometimes we have had - (s/m)
"blanket" messages on our blackboard - or in memos - meant for one or two, even those of us who work our tails off have to read it and feel chastised. It's very demoralizing. Next time I get one of those nasty memos or emails, I intend to tell the boss that if he thinks I'm so lazy, then he can just pry his fat arse out of his genuine leather easy-chair, turn off the computer games he plays all day long, and type the #*%<)!@% work himself.
I work in a hospital
in a city with a population of like 4000 people, it is only a 23-bed hospital and I started working here a year and 1/2 ago. I make a little over $12/hr. For this area, this is great pay for any kind of job if you don't have a bachelor's degree. My mom is an LPN/office manager in a clinic owned by the hopstial and she is only making like $4/hr more than I am.
The hospital I work for will
Well some people can get away with it, others get dropped.  Why I am looking elsewhere. 
I did work for a hospital that used one of those.

They called it a 'CryptoCard' and it was about the size of a credit card.  You needed it to log onto their system--whatever number was displayed was the log-in number you were to use at that time.  It always changed....security precautions.  I never paid for it, but had to return it when the company lost that account....dumb bastids...was a great account.

the hospital I work for does that too.
They call it a Biometric Screening. When you enroll you have all the lab work done that you need.Glucose, lipids, TSH, triglycerides, etc. You also get a reduction in your health insurance premiums per pay period. Depending on what you participate in, you can also get up to $300 back at the end of the program.They have smoking cessation incentives, exercise incentives, etc. It runs from September to September. Pays usually in January, or midway through. You also get discounts on different classes that are offered, ie pilates, yoga, circuit, etc. For a reduction in my health insurance, I think it is well worth it. And I haven't heard of anybody being popped for drugs of abuse or anything like that.
When I used to work for the hospital, the ones of
us with equipment at home contracted with the hospital and worked our "second job" for the hospital to do the work when we were behind. You might ask them about that.
Hospital work
From someone who worked in a hospital first and then worked at home, sometimes in a hospital you end up doing other duties like correcting someone's else's reports because they are not there that day, or are working another shift, re-printing reports, sometimes the nursing floors or even physician calls with problems with the report (usually they are irate and blame any and every problem on transcription).   You have meetings which interfere with your ability to transcribe.  You have to be on alert for Department of Health visits.   I could go on and on.  Your line count sufferes.  Unless you get paid by the hour and get paid well, it is more trouble than it is worth.
hospital work
I got most of my first work experience at a hospital when i had no idea what i was doing. They never gave me any feedback or nothing and was there 2 and a half years. And I got paid for not knowing what i was doing. I had only had a few courses of medical terminology and they hired me in. It was a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Hospitals today though are more competitive, (my experience was over 25 years ago). So you might learn more stepping stones by working at the hospital. (i drove over 55 miles to that hospital job just to get experience in the field).
going to the hospital won't work sm
thought because we as MTs sign contracts etc etc when we work for these companies. If we go behind the company back and approach the hospitals/facilities, we can be in all kinds of legal troubles with the company itself. The rest I agree with but people have got to stick together.

Kind of goes back to 30 years ago and the big unions huh? People stuck together they got things done and working conditions improved. People busted the unions and you see what has happened over the years.

Coming from a HUGE union state (Michigan---that ought to get a few riled), I have seen what has happened when the unions are "busted." I also now live in a southern state and see what goes on here when there are no unions and folks don't stick together.

There has got to be a solution for this and I for one am willing to sign on to whatever it takes to get the job done.
As in hospital work,
discharge summaries, operative reports, consultations and history and physical.
the hospital I work for already has started to implement this and lessen our work
I see it every single day... they are going to EMR... meaning the doctors simply use a template already in the computer and check boxes or something... The doctor's office i GO TO actually does this too. This is why it creates tech jobs to create those templates and takes AWAY MT jobs because the doctor is no longer dictating, they are just pushing little buttons or checking boxes straight into the computer.

Personally I still think that is more time than the doc wants to take but whatever, i dont see how generic charts are good, what happened to detailed information...

But this is definitely how i see it going along. Maybe not everywhere, but plenty of places are going to go to this, it's all about saving money now isn't it???

I work for a hospital 6 states away. SM

I have a physician list and I have a website to look for other doctors. But how can they expect me to know how to spell patients' names? They can't. I have a disclaimer at the top of my log sheet that says common or phonetic spellings will be used where patient name spellings are not provided.

That was the thing that held me up when I worked "live" from home for a hospital. All that diddling around finding out whether it was "Kathy" or "Cathy"  -- I don't do that any longer and you're right, it makes a HUGE difference.

i work in-house for a hospital and they
did. the bonus was the first to go, then outsource our work so that the 'chosen few' would be the only one to qualify for what little bonus was left. doubled the lines to qualify for bonus but also cut the pay per line of the bonus.  they cant keep emps now except the ones that are too close to retirement.
I work for a local hospital,
not a company. I know to stay away from Transcend.
local hospital work
i moved from a large city to a small town and i'm thinking about doing what you did. try to go to work for the local hospital. would have to probably work a set schedule, but the town is small so it's not like i'd be driving a long distance and i could go home for lunch. i don't have benefits right now and that's scary, so i'm leaning that way.
Not! They are why I went back to work for a hospital
to work
hospital work at home
May I ask if it was easy for you to get the at-home job working for the hospital? I have a hospital very near my home and have been contemplating going there to see if they have at-home transcription jobs available, but haven't done so just yet. I would love to be paid hourly. I'm so tired of having to type my fingers to the bone to make good money. Hourly should would be nice, even if only temporarily. Thanks for any advice.
Other than that do you like Winscribe? The hospital I work for is considering going with them for a
I work directly for a hospital in the NE,
the list is provided to me by the hospital.
Sounds like the hospital I work for

I would think you applied there.  Anyway, we get paid by production in-house at 9 cpl.  Only time hourly pays is when we take time-off, equipment malfunction and of course meetings.  The only thing I don't like is that the hourly people (coders, clerks) dont' understand that and want to visit and get offended when we tell the we have to work. 

That's pathetic that a hospital would pay for such work.
The hospital should be ashamed of themselves for hiring an offshore company.
I also work for a local hospital which is
growing in volume of work minute by minute. We have 52 remote transcriptions and still we need to send out work to two venders.
I work for a hospital but am home. nm
Yeah, and if you work for a hospital and say
I work at home for a hospital
differential, average around $18 to $22 an hour. I am not paid hourly, but totally CPL. I don't use any benefits because I am on my husband's.
anyone still work for hospital or clinic?
I'm an MTSO with MTs who work on a hospital

system just like you do.  The hospital also tried to do that with me - told me they'd email me the production stats at the end of the week for each of my MTs.  I told them no, we wanted to figure our lines independently, and they said okay.  Don't know what I would have done if they didn't.  We work on a Dictaphone system but not doing SR. You say Powerscribe so I assume you are doing SR on a Dictaphone system.  With transcribed reports you can choose the Sessions Statistics tab and get a line count (of course, it is based on what they have calculated as a line but I have checked it independently and it seems pretty accurate).  I have also charged by the minute of dictation in the past.

The hospital we do work for, I don't think they would cheat us; I think they would give us the same production calculations they do for their employees.  But we are NOT employees and we need to be able to determine our lines independently, not have the hospital tell us what our lines were. 

hospital work going to spheris
We too are in the same situation.. got the announcement, very minimal information, very general.. and now nothing.. we are supposed to transition in July next year.. I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst.. we have a lot of American speaking doctors, heard they like to send those to India, very nervous.. whole hospital system network going to spheris.. I am sure there are many more of us, on the edge, waiting....
I am, but I work for a hospital (at home). (nm)

I get paid hourly $18.00. The hospital I work at don't believe sm
in production because of the error rate, blanks, etc. just to make money. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy.
Amazing...work at a hospital with 10 gastroenterologists and....
they all dictate melanotic stools and have never once dictated melenic stools...and no I would never correct what they say.
Anyone ever work at King Faisal Hospital

in Riyadh?  I seriously have been thinking about it.  They pay big bucks from what I've heard, no taxes, free housing, air-fare, vacation, medical, etc.  Don't know how safe it is anymore since the war. 

Our hospital laid us all off and I went to work for the national that got the bid. nm
Do you work in a hospital or a Transcription Service
Office? It is a hospital there should be a manager that you can go to or an administrator. Production is key in hospital work, and it is important you have the quiet you need to produce.
Well, the hospital I work for has over 2000 docs
and they all want verbatim... our docs say we are not allowed to put in the word "the" if they don't say it. I guess since they are paying the bills I'll go with what they say and not AAMT. Yes, I am a professional.
$18 an hour but I work inhouse in a hospital.
My hospital sends their work to a company
The reason this person is sticking up for the offshoring of American work is that she is one of the people taking our work away.
I want to work for your hospital!!! e-mail me if you need an experienced MT. nm
Do you do basic 4 for a hospital or clinic work?
I work for a hospital from home on my computer and they do this too. sm
I was told that it is becoming more and more common to see this happen as the internet can open the hospital to too many vulnerabilities. It's my computer but I am on their clock, so I am OK with it. I prefer my books to internet research though so it is not so bad for me.

Good luck with this.
to clarify, I work directly for the hospital
Nah, I work directly for a a hospital in Missouri.
The worst doctors are on VR where I work, all of them at the hospital
I do not get it when certain physicians are not on VR or the companies say they are not on VR. I disagree with what you say about VR not being able to handle them because I am grateful to have VR handle the ESLs.
Nope, my computer is owned by the hospital I work for, and does not even
I disagree. The best place to work is a hospital that has their MTs at home.