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In a perfect world, the mobile devices will work perfectly..

Posted By: BUT on 2005-09-14
In Reply to: To nano below: You are correct. - soon-exMT

It will only take a few big money malpractive suits and lawsuits against hospitals for this standardized text and free text to be proven to be inadequate documentation. Do you honestly believe Joint Commission and insurance companies will relax their standards for health care documentation? I could be very wrong, but I'm not throwing in the towel yet.

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...and regarding the mobile devices (more information)

Ladies:  Looks like we should be investing in some of these companies...Intel/McKesson on cutting edge, and VOIP companies (we currently use a VOIP phone)...

If we can not make money in transcription, maybe we should invest in its future?

Quote:  "Medical Transcription will change more in the next few years than it has in the last 100."

It is an odd thing, but I actually like typing and will not like it when it is gone. 
point-of-care mobile devices - that is a bigger threat...

another excerpt: 

It is no longer a question of whether medical transcription will survive. The move away from traditional, free-text medical transcription is inevitable, given the improvements in speech recognition technology and natural language processing; the development of standardized templates through HL7ís CDA (clinical document architecture), ASTM schema, and other similar efforts; XML-based communication; and point-of-care mobile devices that will ultimately facilitate real-time documentation. And it is very clear that real-time, point-of-care documentation by the practitioner will replace transcription! This can already be seen in countries outside the United States that are developing direct entry, interactive, structured text documentation without going through all the evolutionary steps from traditional, free text transcription.

actually, they are boasting better quality care with point-of-service mobile devices...
as they (service providers) will have immediate access to all information on a patient throught a "MedChip" rather than have to wait for, you know, "people" (heaven forbid) to get old records, records which have too much information, etc. The system will eventually be world-wide as well, which that will take years and years, I am sure.

This is also to be used not only by doctors, but nurses, physical therapists, anyone who performs a service on a patient. They will have hand-held devices that do everything, document, code, bill.

I realize that will take years, but you can already see the 'growing pains.' Look at all the complaints about MQ. They are losing work because of the speech recognition. All the good, easy, clear dictation is being switched over. This alone seems to be 'weeding' out quite a few MTs.

There are supposedly over 400,000 MTs in the US.

I understand there is no going back, and technology is moving forward and eliminating jobs just as automation did; but excuse me for having some passion. I love this job.
In a perfect world..

  I really feel for you.  I am extremely jaded when it comes to this type of situation.  Maybe the new service is a great company, maybe they mean to do the right thing.  Without an inkling of further information, there is no question that the new service wants to have their cake and eat it too --  They do not deserve a loyal employee of all those years unless they are willing to pay for the benefit of having seasoned and quality people. Having quality continuity helps them point out to the client how smooth the transition will be, blah, blah, blah (unless of course this change is being made because of quality issues in the first place).   I'm sure someone reading this is thinking about how "grateful" you should be.  Sorry, this is business and this is all about making money which is what the new service will do without interruption by sucking as many good MTs in that are already experienced on this account. MTs overall have already lost tremendous ground because we do not allow ourselves and demand the credit and value we deserve.

   Yes, Cobra is hard on the wallet, but you can stop Cobra at any point which puts you in control especially during this transition.   I'd have to take every single factor, pro and con, and go over it with one thought in mind - What will this new company do for me - money, benefits, scheduling/time, work environment, and changes to my working lifestyle?



Yes it would be a perfect world
if only *your* viewpoint was enough.
In a perfect world....
We should all be so lucky, so perfect, so productive and never have to look anything up or double check any spelling, address, etc.

Can't imaging what your QA looks like when you type 100 miles per hour nonstop and never stop to breathe.

In a perfect world..now that they know "pickers" can't cut it..
the ones (namely YOU) who have to sit all day and do these reports. Has this ever been posed to the company? (By the way, Yes, I do live in a dream world!)
Ah, yes...a perfect world...wouldn't THAT be nice...

After way too many years as an MT, those things no longer phase me.  At least most of my docs say "sorry" when they pause way too long, burp, re-track, etc. And I don't mind . . . no way . . . <<<<< insert dictator here. 


I use Verizon mobile and the rule of thumb with mobile broadband is...
Basically, it will work whereever your cell phone will work.  If your too remote, it may not work, but I do know a lot of campgrounds like KOA offer Wifi, which means you should be able to pick up that signal too. You can always call ahead to the campground etc. I use mine going down the road for the most part but every great while going through the mountains I lose reception.  
In a perfect world, dues would be enough; however, the Olympics is not about dues, it's about sm
winning.  There are lots of athletes through the years I rooted for who were good but not good enough.  Is Michelle good enough?  Should she bump another more talented younger athlete from the team?   Sentimentally, yes.  Realistically no.
2500 a day??? And your work is perfect?
Talk about bragging about what must be crappy work. Quality must really suck, or you work, what, 18 hours a day? LOL
Nothing is perfect, it's work not a picnic.
At least you don't have to fill the tank, shower, dress, do your hair and makeup and put on your best personality every day. Count your blessings because there is a lot to be said for working at home. When you comb the internet, people are clamoring for "work at home jobs." Think about how fortunate you are to have a skill that enables you to be home.
you know as couples go, angelina and billy bob were perfect skanks for each other. perfect!
i suspect they may get back together because they are both so skanky no one else can keep up.  that is unless she decides she wants her brother more which is skankier.
Editing 3rd world work

I just edited two jobs that were typed in the Middle East. There is NO WAY anyone can truthfully claim these people will make fair MTs, never mind good ones and to say nothing of great one.  And the foreign owned companies think it will be possible to send this type of work straight to the facility without US ED??


Simply leave out the language.   Goldbird

The MT world is hard work (sm)
Honey, I've been a Transcriptionist for 20 years and believe me, it is hard work. But it was even harder when my children were small (I had 3 of them). It sounds like she knew the job wasn't working out and had to do something about it. I agree with the other poster...try not to take it personally.
Why in the world would you continue to work
out there?   Are you mentally challenged???
I would say NO otherwise our work wouldn't be in a 3rd world country.
It's a different world now of course, so I'm thinking about going back to work.
Well, you may be rusty at first but start out slow and build up speed and knowledge. You have a huge advantage I think over newbies in the field as it's there in your memory cells and all you have to do is "open the file" so to speak and build on what is already there in the hard drive. Just going on vacation makes me rusty so I can imagine that you have your work cut out for you but its still the same job and you know the drill.
Bud of mine is an almost-blind MT. She uses devices, huge print, magnifcation
You said it perfectly........
It is very important. My son also worked part-time like so many other of his friends; he never felt different. He hung out with his friends, taught a local Bible study group through his church, played on the basketball team, and just enjoyed himself.

Actually, I am perfectly calm as well, but
people on this board seem rude and ready to jump on anyone for anything.... no wonder I rarely come here.
That fits perfectly

you go girl!!

Thanks much,


Perfectly suited to me
I love the medical field but am too squeamish to be there in person seeing the blood and guts. I am introverted and do not like interacting with most people. I work best alone with no distractions. I am a perfectionist and very detail oriented. I have excellent hand-eye coordination and can transcribe amazingly fast. I am very organized and enjoy using that skill to run my MTSO.
Being perfectly honest, I had my CMT and let it go because it
just did not make a difference in my pay.  AAMT did nothing for me when I was a member and because they warmly encourge offshore transcription, I just can't have anything to do with them anymore.  CMT and the new RMT are, in my opinion, a big waste of time.  They do not really represent the US MT at all and I believe they're even changing their name to something that is as representative of America as what it once was. 
Perfectly relaxed
Just spreading the truth. Have a good day!!
I know perfectly well that some of them are embarrassed about this sm
I can't tell you how many times I will get an ESL and they practically whisper into the phone when they speak to me, but seem normal volume if they break to talk to those around them.

I have to think that some of them are told...okay so you pick up the phone and some gal is listening on the other end...she'll help clean up your English for you, don't worry about it.

They are talking to a STRANGER who will help them out with their English...okay so a stranger is listening and will judge their English skills. I would be really embarrassed to be in another foreign country and think that someone I didn't know was listening and fixing me up to be acceptable. I think I'd mumble too.

I have had a couple of ESLs in a situation where I could ask my office manager to call over to the practice and ask that the ESL speak louder, not more clearly, just up the volume. If I can hear them, I can understand them better. The last time, I told the office manager to make it clear that I could not HEAR this fellow and NOT that I could not understand him. That would have been an insult to say that. Well, he started to speak up and was very pleased (he called in) to say that his reports suddenly started being so perfect. Yup, I could not hear you, but I could understand you.

This is not the only mumbler.

The only other thing that think we as MTs need to understand, and our employers with us, is that not all of us can do every ESL type. I can do an East Indian of most dialects, Arabs, English, German, Spanish, Mexican, but I don't do Asians well. Not all ESLs are created equal and not all of us ears for the same things. I think in the future there will have to more ways to route jobs with ESLs to MTs with the right ear for each of them.
So the aka name fits perfectly!
I am perfectly fine thank you very much!
Sorry I ever posted. And for the last time --- yes it is required here!
Her instructions are perfectly reasonable
If she doesn't want resumes submitted as attachments, that's her business and the applicants should just follow the instructions. Whether you think she should ask for pasted resumes instead of attachments is irrelevant. If you don't want to apply, then don't. But if you're going to apply, just follow the instructions. If you cannot or will not follow the instructions, that tells her pretty much everything she needs to know about you.
True, you understood me perfectly. (sm)
And some education in communication.  Apparently, they are not looking at the whole picture and if they stepped out of the business they would be able to look at things from outside of the golden cuffs.
You have described perfectly my life with my husband -sm

I feel completely trapped.  I'm the one supporting the family.  I'm the one who takes the blame for everything that has ever gone wrong in his life, even when it comes to those things that happened to him long before I ever met him. 

The only good thing he has ever done is give me two beautiful children.  That's all.

Wish I could get the heck out too.

my original post was perfectly
non-attacking to anyone! But Albert, and a few others, spoke to me in an insulting, demeaning, condescending manner. So ya wanna call ME the big ol' "b" now? who cares? go right ahead! But all ya gotta do is scroll back and you'll see who started the b.s. Now guys I'm off to read the other nasty posts you guys made today. Have a good evening! xoxo
Cat, to be perfectly honest, which I think you requested, is..
I, as a MT, get the connotation. Unfortunately, I think there will be more misses than hits. Brilliant idea, but I would dig deep for another. Very best of luck to you in your new endeavor.
Perfectly rotten organization...sm

...that has prostituted themselves to the MTSOs, presiding over and encouraging the loss of jobs overseas using our dues to fund their trips and perks.

It's particularly ironic, in this setting, that the name of this pathetic organization mentions "document integrity", when their position regarding offshore transcription is the very antithesis of promoting integrity in American health documentation.

...and as for the Book of Style, words fail me.



What is your point? These folks have a perfectly good right to use
VR if they want to. People have been telling us for years the technology was improving. I don't see anything new here.
Great post! Perfectly worded! Thanks! nm
Millions may have learned it, but rarely perfectly.
And learning it and speaking it are two different things. Lyndia makes a great point.

A pet peeve of mine is American arrogance in the sense that most of us don't really know a second language. Maybe we had some in high school, but most of the people I know speak one language, American English, and that's it. So we don't know how it is but we bash others for not learning it perfectly.

I don't mind the ESLs who try hard to communicate. I get ticked at the ones who don't care, and I think most would agree that it's obvious who those are by their dictation and their patient rapport.
I just want to be mobile

I just want to be able to move around the house with a laptop, which I am still looking for a good deal on.  I am looking for a 17 inch screen.  What is your laptop?  Give me the specs please.



I have used ATT and with the $60 package you have unlimited use...It worked good for me.
Works perfectly. Just keep it minimized while you're working. nm
Dont expect them to speak language perfectly.
Mobile Infirmary sm
Beth, where would you be moving from?  I did hear today that Mobile Infirmary bought Knollwood which is also a hospital in the Mobile area.  I don't know anything about working there, though.  I just accepted a position at Providence Hospital in Mobile and started today.
Mobile transcription
I am really just fishing here. I don't start this itinerate life until February, so I am hoping to here from more people who are out there on the road earning a living.
Mobile Transcription

Interesting question!  I own a small MTSO that is essentially a family business.  My Dad is retired, but does sales and bookkeeping for me.  My Mom is retiring August 1st, and she is planning on getting back into transcription, working for me.  They own a big RV and are planning on being "snowbirds" - living in Arizona for at least 3 months of the year.  The place they are going to is a big RV community which has WiFi internet, so they can both work remotely. I am also an avid camper, so we've been looking into remote internet options.

We explored the different satellite options, but it was very expensive initially for the equipment and the setup at each stop seemed kind of complicated.  The other problem was the upload/download speed - I can see why many services won't hire someone with satellite service.  We ended up going with Verizon Broadband access - anywhere I can get a cell phone signal I can get internet.  The speed isn't the greatest, but it works for us.

What I've found is if you work for a company that requires you to be logged on to the internet the whole time you are working, this option won't really work because of the connection speed.  However, we use a product called DocShuttle by Bytescribe that allows my staff to download the audio and disconnect, type the reports, and then connect and upload the documents.  It works great for that - I even have an employee who lives in the country where there is only dial-up available, and she works just fine like this.

It can be done - I've worked while camping several times this way.....

Mobile transcription
I have just heard from one person so far, and she just did this for about 6 months. I will keep in touch.

Mobile transcription
I'm a fairly new MT, and my husband and I are going to start living in our RV and traveling around the country moving about every 3 months. Is there anyone out there doing something similar? I'd love to hear from you.
Mobile homes are many here in NC, and
they are not a good deal, IMO. Every tornado heads straight for them like they are magnetized, and they seem to burn down a lot. Now I had a townhouse that I lived in for 11 years, and I made quite a nice profit due to the fact they were attractive, had a bit of land and nice landscaping, and were in a good location. I think I paid $85,000, and sold it for $119,000 11 years later. Not bad for a townhouse.
I am mobile with a laptop and use a....sm
Microsoft Elite keyboard. Many years ago I started transcribing with my keyboard in my lap. This has served me very well and is the only way I work now, even at home at my desk. Ergononically, it is great with no stress on arms, neck etc. Just be sure you have the computer at the right height. Sometimes I have to put a few books under my laptop depending on the height of the chair I am sitting in. I love being mobile!
Mobile internet
I need to go mobile with my laptop so I can work away from home.  Anybody else out there who does this?  Any suggestions.  Good carriers?  Any advice greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 
Okay, I decided to try mobile

wireless internet through Verizon.  I currently have a Verizon cell and have no problem with reception in my home, so I'm hoping this is a go.  I also have a 30-day trial period, so I'll know for sure if I have any glitches. 

What I don't understand is this lingo about voice files, etc.  I'm on the Bayscribe platform, so any info would be greatly appreciated.  Please "dumb it down" for me, as I am not a PC person.  The lady that signed me up told me that the limit is 5 GB and that that generally means about 35,000 web pages a month.  How does this correlate to voice files?  Do I even use voice files on Bayscribe?  I'm assuming so since I have an audio player. 

At least I know if this doesn't work out, I can cancel and not lose anything.  Then I'll have to sign up for satellite, which is about $300 upfront and $60 to $90 per month for service.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Verizon will work for me.

Thanks for any info.

Don't give dates. Just summarize your experience. I'm perfectly comfortable with this.
Heading out of town, you guys all have fun while I'm gone!