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Her instructions are perfectly reasonable

Posted By: Sandy on 2005-12-04
In Reply to: Yes, venting generalizations on a message board is about as unprofessional - can't get honey from vinegar

If she doesn't want resumes submitted as attachments, that's her business and the applicants should just follow the instructions. Whether you think she should ask for pasted resumes instead of attachments is irrelevant. If you don't want to apply, then don't. But if you're going to apply, just follow the instructions. If you cannot or will not follow the instructions, that tells her pretty much everything she needs to know about you.

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    You said it perfectly........
    It is very important. My son also worked part-time like so many other of his friends; he never felt different. He hung out with his friends, taught a local Bible study group through his church, played on the basketball team, and just enjoyed himself.

    Actually, I am perfectly calm as well, but
    people on this board seem rude and ready to jump on anyone for anything.... no wonder I rarely come here.
    That fits perfectly

    you go girl!!

    Thanks much,


    Perfectly suited to me
    I love the medical field but am too squeamish to be there in person seeing the blood and guts. I am introverted and do not like interacting with most people. I work best alone with no distractions. I am a perfectionist and very detail oriented. I have excellent hand-eye coordination and can transcribe amazingly fast. I am very organized and enjoy using that skill to run my MTSO.
    Being perfectly honest, I had my CMT and let it go because it
    just did not make a difference in my pay.  AAMT did nothing for me when I was a member and because they warmly encourge offshore transcription, I just can't have anything to do with them anymore.  CMT and the new RMT are, in my opinion, a big waste of time.  They do not really represent the US MT at all and I believe they're even changing their name to something that is as representative of America as what it once was. 
    Perfectly relaxed
    Just spreading the truth. Have a good day!!
    I know perfectly well that some of them are embarrassed about this sm
    I can't tell you how many times I will get an ESL and they practically whisper into the phone when they speak to me, but seem normal volume if they break to talk to those around them.

    I have to think that some of them are told...okay so you pick up the phone and some gal is listening on the other end...she'll help clean up your English for you, don't worry about it.

    They are talking to a STRANGER who will help them out with their English...okay so a stranger is listening and will judge their English skills. I would be really embarrassed to be in another foreign country and think that someone I didn't know was listening and fixing me up to be acceptable. I think I'd mumble too.

    I have had a couple of ESLs in a situation where I could ask my office manager to call over to the practice and ask that the ESL speak louder, not more clearly, just up the volume. If I can hear them, I can understand them better. The last time, I told the office manager to make it clear that I could not HEAR this fellow and NOT that I could not understand him. That would have been an insult to say that. Well, he started to speak up and was very pleased (he called in) to say that his reports suddenly started being so perfect. Yup, I could not hear you, but I could understand you.

    This is not the only mumbler.

    The only other thing that think we as MTs need to understand, and our employers with us, is that not all of us can do every ESL type. I can do an East Indian of most dialects, Arabs, English, German, Spanish, Mexican, but I don't do Asians well. Not all ESLs are created equal and not all of us ears for the same things. I think in the future there will have to more ways to route jobs with ESLs to MTs with the right ear for each of them.
    So the aka name fits perfectly!
    I am perfectly fine thank you very much!
    Sorry I ever posted. And for the last time --- yes it is required here!
    True, you understood me perfectly. (sm)
    And some education in communication.  Apparently, they are not looking at the whole picture and if they stepped out of the business they would be able to look at things from outside of the golden cuffs.
    You have described perfectly my life with my husband -sm

    I feel completely trapped.  I'm the one supporting the family.  I'm the one who takes the blame for everything that has ever gone wrong in his life, even when it comes to those things that happened to him long before I ever met him. 

    The only good thing he has ever done is give me two beautiful children.  That's all.

    Wish I could get the heck out too.

    my original post was perfectly
    non-attacking to anyone! But Albert, and a few others, spoke to me in an insulting, demeaning, condescending manner. So ya wanna call ME the big ol' "b" now? who cares? go right ahead! But all ya gotta do is scroll back and you'll see who started the b.s. Now guys I'm off to read the other nasty posts you guys made today. Have a good evening! xoxo
    Cat, to be perfectly honest, which I think you requested, is..
    I, as a MT, get the connotation. Unfortunately, I think there will be more misses than hits. Brilliant idea, but I would dig deep for another. Very best of luck to you in your new endeavor.
    Perfectly rotten organization...sm

    ...that has prostituted themselves to the MTSOs, presiding over and encouraging the loss of jobs overseas using our dues to fund their trips and perks.

    It's particularly ironic, in this setting, that the name of this pathetic organization mentions "document integrity", when their position regarding offshore transcription is the very antithesis of promoting integrity in American health documentation.

    ...and as for the Book of Style, words fail me.



    What is your point? These folks have a perfectly good right to use
    VR if they want to. People have been telling us for years the technology was improving. I don't see anything new here.
    Great post! Perfectly worded! Thanks! nm
    Millions may have learned it, but rarely perfectly.
    And learning it and speaking it are two different things. Lyndia makes a great point.

    A pet peeve of mine is American arrogance in the sense that most of us don't really know a second language. Maybe we had some in high school, but most of the people I know speak one language, American English, and that's it. So we don't know how it is but we bash others for not learning it perfectly.

    I don't mind the ESLs who try hard to communicate. I get ticked at the ones who don't care, and I think most would agree that it's obvious who those are by their dictation and their patient rapport.
    I think $15/hr reasonable!!....sm
    I cannot figure out the hourly because I get paid by the line and that varies from hour to hour.  DocQScribe is the platform.  I just did 180 LPH for my first hour of the day which comes to $16.40 for that hour but again, that varies from hour to hour. 
    Yes, probably reasonable
    Radiology often has a lot of normal reports, so with normal macros from each doc its quite doable.  Also there are many repetitive phrases they all use so you can make your own macros and speed production that way.  As a newbie I'm not sure you could get up to speed that fast, it really depends on how many normals are already in place and how easy the docs are.  A seasoned MT would try to bring her macros with her, but as she already knows their lingo and can anticipate what's going to be said, its pretty much the same stuff on each type of report.
    Works perfectly. Just keep it minimized while you're working. nm
    Dont expect them to speak language perfectly.
    that sounds reasonable
    That sounds like a fair assessment, what confuses me are the ones that say they can get 500 lines an hour...... In 15 years the best I ever did was around 325 per hour.
    Her tone was not reasonable.
    Believe me, she couldn't afford me anyway if all she's getting is newbies applying.
    Another reasonable post!! Thanks!
    sounds reasonable to me
    but as an employee the company can dictate your hours. As an IC I work a split usually and do better this way. However, as an IC, the company cannot dictate your hours according to the IRS. Companies now days promise too short of a TAT for the MT, IMO. What happened to the 24-hour TAT for H&Ps, consults, etc. and longer for discharge summaries? Not to mention the # of reports at the end of the month when doctors who haven't dictated decide they should dictate rather than be put on suspension or not allowed in the OR until they get their act together.
    What is the best reasonable VR program available?

    I am an IC and considering buying a VR program, but I would like to know which is the most accurate, and also cost is a factor too.  Does anyone have any recommendations, good or bad?  I hear a lot about Dragon, but I am hesitant because I have heard it takes a long time to train it to your voice.   

    Thanks for any and all advice. 


    Define reasonable
    I've gotten all of my equipment from Transcriptiongear.com and have never had problems with the quality.  Reasonable depends on your definition, though.  I never thought their prices were outrageous.
    In a perfect world, the mobile devices will work perfectly..
    It will only take a few big money malpractive suits and lawsuits against hospitals for this standardized text and free text to be proven to be inadequate documentation. Do you honestly believe Joint Commission and insurance companies will relax their standards for health care documentation? I could be very wrong, but I'm not throwing in the towel yet.
    Don't give dates. Just summarize your experience. I'm perfectly comfortable with this.
    Heading out of town, you guys all have fun while I'm gone!
    The speller works perfectly fine so if you are having problems contact me and I will

    My email addy is admin@mtstars.com.  Free or not, it's a great software, so perhaps you just need some assistance.

    do the math. Supposedly we are supposed to be able to complete 12-14 minutes of voice in one hour. But realistically, we complete more than that an hour. So for instance, take 14 minutes and multiply by $1.14. That is almost $16/hour.
    Reasonable cpl to expect for newbie MT?

    What would be a reasonable cpl to expect as full-time employee (not IC) with a national if you have no experience but do have MT education from one of the AAMT-approved schools?

    Mac she asked reasonable questions

    For once can you ditch the negativity, try having a positive attitude and be a little gracious??

    One blank is not reasonable, what if it is a horrible ESL - sm
    that you can only understand 1 word in 10? I have had those. Years ago worked for a company that only allowed about 1 blank every 10 reports or so, which was crazy especially since it was acute care and nothing but ESLs. If you went over your daily allotment you would be reamed via email. I understand trying to keep the blanks down but some are just unavoidable.
    Hi, any IC's that are paid on salary? or is this a reasonable pay I should ask for?

    My docs have now switched to a new platform, which does not utilize counting lines, which is how I am paid now.  They suggested paying by time, but that would be irritating for me to have to keep track and multiply and do all sorts of other stuff by hand (rather than having software to do it).

    I have thought about asking them to pay me on salary.  I have been with them for 7 years with no raise.  NO RAISE EVER.  Seven years this September, and I have made between 25 and 28 thousand dollars each year with them.

    I am thinking of asking for $36,000 a year and was wondering how reasonable that is.  I get absolutely no benefits from them and in turn, have to pay my own health insurance, retirement, taxes, etc. (so really it would be about 24K a year).

    Any advice?   thanks so much


    15 sounds reasonable for a large
    15 is too high unless you are on the west coast.  Here on the east, 14 is about as high as anyone can get on a clinic account.  Acute care goes for about 15-16. 
    15 sounds reasonable for a large

    The doctor I transcribe for said the company charges 15. Of course we do not make anywhere near that, so I think that is reasonable.
    Yes, the Dynex is working perfectly and trust me I have tried many adapters and finally success.
    I can now work on my laptop when I travel.
    Here's how I do it. I start at a reasonable rate for my area. SM

    I take of a penny a line for each of these things:

    1.  Digital. 2. No printing.

    Or you can start at your bottom line and add a penny for 1. Pickup 2. Printing. 3. Delivery.

    That's just how I do it.

    I think 12 cpl is reasonable...plus they're desperate, that helps...sm
    try to get the work into a digital format though. Don't do the tape running around thing. It will kill your profit. Look at Bytescribe's web site and see about using an Olympus recorder and transferring files via Bytescribe. Many advantages including tracking files, duplicate file posting (files never get lost!), flagging to indicate status of files, digital files have superior audio quality, STAT capability, on and on and on
    I just bought a Bissel bagless - reasonable @ $129. It gets the job done
    I have a golden retriever - it picks up every hair and hair ball. So far, so good.
    I use MPCount, which is free and easy to use,,,can't get more reasonable than that!
    That's ridiculous. $1/minute is more reasonable for beginner.
    I make $75 to $100 per audio hour.
    That's ridiculous. $1/minute is more reasonable for beginner.
    You will be working for less than $5/hour.

    I make $75 to $100 per audio hour.
    Any suggestions on a good Vacuum at a reasonable price?
    I would love to have a Dyson but they are a little over my budget.  Thanks!
    Without starting a war, how much time is reasonable to spend on reasearch (sm)
    when paid by the minute?

    I have access to the patient's electronic chart and often use this as a tool to look up doctor names, diagnoses, etc. Often, these charts go back for years. Documents are both scanned into the patient's chart by the physician's office(a 5-page stress test would be 5 separate scanned entries) and typed directly into the patient's chart (a 5-page document would be 1 entry).

    We are paid by the minute, no matter how fast or slow the doctor talks. So, if they manage to speed talk, not take a breath, and slur an entire H&P into a 1-minute report, we get paid for a minute's worth of work regardless of typing time.

    Having given the above information, what would you consider a reasonable amount of time to spend on research,i.e., looking up "Dr. Smith" with no first name and no specialty or indication why the patient saw "Dr. Smith", or things of that nature.

    (I've got my fingers crossed that this does NOT start any type of MT versus QA argument!!!)


    And should you not receive your final paycheck in a reasonable amount of time,

    notify them that you will be filing complaints with the Department of Labor, the BBB, the FTC, the state attorney general's office, and small claims court.

    I'd be tempted to think he meant SP02. That would be a reasonable air sat value, and sounds simi
    RE: Anyone know of a real light touch keyboard that is a reasonable price?



    A good place to get reasonable, objective info regarding ADHD is CHADD

    just keep it in mind for the future. www.chad.org. Also there are some informative videos at coolnurse.com. About 10 videos regarding ADHD. you will have do a search on the site but it's worth it. If it's in her father's family it could be possible that she has it, and if so, you needed to get educated about it and be her advocate. School systems respond very well to confident, well prepared parents who come in to meet for a plan that allows for reasonable accomodations. I've been doing it for years.

    Flexible schedule and reasonable line rate, at least 11 cpl for acute care!
    I am not real "needy". No benefits as IC, just need flexible schedule due to very active family, and expect a good line rate. In return, I will go above and beyond what is expected to meet TAT and quality!