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2500 a day??? And your work is perfect?

Posted By: Get REAL. on 2005-10-31
In Reply to: sm - Who me?

Talk about bragging about what must be crappy work. Quality must really suck, or you work, what, 18 hours a day? LOL

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Nothing is perfect, it's work not a picnic.
At least you don't have to fill the tank, shower, dress, do your hair and makeup and put on your best personality every day. Count your blessings because there is a lot to be said for working at home. When you comb the internet, people are clamoring for "work at home jobs." Think about how fortunate you are to have a skill that enables you to be home.
In a perfect world, the mobile devices will work perfectly..
It will only take a few big money malpractive suits and lawsuits against hospitals for this standardized text and free text to be proven to be inadequate documentation. Do you honestly believe Joint Commission and insurance companies will relax their standards for health care documentation? I could be very wrong, but I'm not throwing in the towel yet.
you know as couples go, angelina and billy bob were perfect skanks for each other. perfect!
i suspect they may get back together because they are both so skanky no one else can keep up.  that is unless she decides she wants her brother more which is skankier.
I don't have a typical day, one day I can do 2500

lines in about 12 hours and another day I'm lucky to get 1000 in 8 hours.   I have an expander, have a few templates but don't get those dictators on a regular basis.  I do NOT have to enter any demographic information or look up addresses, etc.   I  work in batches, don't have to save each report separately.  I have enough experience that I rarely have to work up anything, but also will spend 30 minutes searching for something rather than leave a blank.  

I get up frequently.  I try to apply myself for at least a good hour or more and then take a short break.  My feet swell really bad and I'm getting butt spread so I try to get up and move around.  I never thought I was a particularly fast typist, but did the time clock thing and found that I was averaging 270+ lines/hour.  Some days I work 6 hours/day, some days 8 to 10.  I may have a superduper day where I make 3000 lines/day, but the next day I only do 1000, because I just can't routinely do 3000 lines/day and have a life.

The thing that has helped me most is limiting my time on-line and having my e-mail so that I can't see/hear when a new one comes up so I don't stop typing and check e-mail. 

I routinely do 85+% ESL, but maybe once a month get a day where I have lots of normals and that spoils you. 

2500 lines ???
2500 lines in 5 or 6 hours - I've never heard of anyone doing that in my 25 years of transcribing!
2500/wk PT or 5000/wk FT
basically breaks down to 500 day PT, 1000 day FT.
2500/wk PT, 5000/wk FT
that's all my company requires. Plus we get tiered incentives for anything over 1000 per day.
I get 2500-3500 with a 10 hour day!
Don't assume it is not possible. I work for a small MTSO with a very good account. Don't assume that we all work for a national with a lot of crap work and crap ESLs.
2500 per day, 7 days a week. nm
2500-3000 lines daily. sm
I found my comfort zone and awesome account, finally. After 25 years in the MT business, I can honestly say, I am happy doing my job! I have an awesome account, wonderful people to work for, and an excellent line rate.

I have not set hours, no special quota to meet - just get the reports done with utmost quality, keep them in turnaround time and keep the docs happy!

Sometimes, I don't even check my line count. I just work until my account is caught up.

There are accounts/doctors/hospitals out there who will appreciate you, your knowledge and work ethic, who will treat you with the respect you so deserve!

I happened to find one - all MTs can do the same; it just takes a little effort. Believe me, I have been around the block in this profession, working for smaller MTSOs, large nationals, and having my own accounts. It was not easy, but I finally have found "paradise" in the MT profession!

$2500-2600 not counting entertainment, doc/dentist

That's just rent, phone, electric, car, car ins., gas, and food.

Depends -- usually 2500-3000 lines per week - sm
though where I work does not have a minimum, but they are considering changing that shortly. Still won't be a firm # as they go by minutes, but the min. will be 60 minutes a day which will be approx 500-600 lines a day.
1700 during the week, 2500-3000 on weekends
I've been on Escription for four years and I have rarely hit 2500 lines a day..
Yes, when I have good reports I can do 500 lines an hour, but unfortunately, that does not happen consistently in my day. I can cruise along for a few hours and then hit some ESLs, which just mentally slows me down and then I struggle the rest of the day. If, I was able to sit there 8 hours straight NO interruptions or breaks and easy reports, then I could hit 2500 lines but that is not my reality. Some of the reports are good but I'm telling you.. A LOT of them have to retyped, thus slowing your line count down an hour..and you've just basically done straight typing for a mere 4 cpl.  I truly think that editing needs to pay more. I am like you.. I am requiring at least $100 a day.. sometimes I can do it in 6 hours (no breaks and good reports) and sometimes for various reason I have to sit there 12-15 hours (interupptions, ESL, and just bad reports)..So add that up..$100 in 12-15, that's like $8 an hour.. Wal-mart here I come LOL
I had to have a bowel resection for a Meckels diverticulum and the surgeon charged 2500 and got 1500
and the hospital bill was 27,000. Until that surgeon gets done paying malpractice, his office costs, taxes, etc. I bet he doesnt get one third of that money plus all the visits I had while in the hospital for 9 days and fu visits. I did have insurance thank God.
But perhaps you should! Eye are not perfect! (as above)
A second look never hurts!
well i'm glad you've never made a mistake or wrong decision in your life. you have no idea what went through his head while he was there, and you have no idea what his situation was, or how he was feeling or anything. i wish my husband could be as perfect as you. ha, but then he would also be heartless.
Of course, nobody is perfect
but when your rate of pay depends on your QA score and you have endless pages of style guides to memorize, then one would expect the QA people to already know all of that information. I have done QA in the past as well and what I didn't remember, I would look up and many times learned things from the MT!!
Perfect!! Thanks so much.

Thank you!  Exactly what I was looking for. 

Have a great day


Perfect!!!! nm
perfect job for me.... sm
Why? Because I love this job and doing it from home just makes it so much better. I get to work in my jammies without makeup, deciding what to wear, traffic, long lines at the donut shop, fighting for the optimal parking spot, office politics, the boss's "favorite", backstabbing, nit picking, monitored bathroom breaks and phone calls, etc. I do acute care for a large hospital and every report is different. It keeps my brain motivated and my fingers moving. It ain't perfect, but I love it.
Lee Perfect
I like how a transcription company can't spell transcribing....lol.
Perfect example of why we need QA ... it is
Truly laughing out loud here!

Lee Perfect
Hi was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about this company. Thanks.
lee perfect
do a search on Company Board, not under Google, but under MTStars. They use Emdat platform, which a lot of people do not like. I feel there is a turnover there, as the same jobs are advertised always. They are IC.
I don't get it, either. If we were all perfect,
Perfect VR/ASR
Remember that the better it gets, the less you will be needed.
Thank you so much!!!  You have no idea (or maybe you do) how excited I am about this!!!  I just started using Word about 6 months ago and I have been cursing the fact that I have had to get used to using my arrow keys to get around the templates.  BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!
This is a perfect example of why
we are losing our jobs.  After 7 years you still don't understand the terminology?  Oh Vey!
Wow! That is perfect!
That is exactly what I need.  May I copy it and use it?  You are so helpful! 
No one is perfect

I had a doctor tell me that he got a report back with fecal sac.  He laughed when he told the story.  It can happen to the best of us.  Try not to let it get you down.

Perfect Transcription, LLC
Anyone have any info on this company?
Ms. perfect? Confused? SM
Watch out, now you have really insulted her!! 

I interviewed for a company a while back whose method for discouraging cherry picking was to dock their paycheck by $5.00 for every report they cherry picked !    ha.. love it !!




in other words, the perfect job!
sorry to burst your bubble! I have, however, been on the same acct for over four years, but it runs scant these days, so I am on another acct, but I'm finally getting used to it.  Can't use many macros though, cause very rarely have the same doc.  How 'bout when you find "that" job, let us all know where it's at!!! Have a good day!  Hey, what happened to winky!!!
Its working perfect for me
AAAMT.COM is a perfect solution for me
Three reasons
Accurate, Accessible, Affordable.
I need to save something. I found this aaamt inc is the MT company for my practice after I fired 15 Mt companies over 6 years. I am using them for 2 years, no other charges, HIPPA comliant and charge only 5.9 cents.

yes, yes, yes, love it, perfect job
Hey everyone, I need the perfect cure....
My son has been up since 3 a.m. vomiting and diarrhea, could be a good old battle with the flu.  What can I give him to help soothe his stomach?  Pepto Bismol didn't help at all, so I need any good ideas on what could stop the churning stomach.  Thanks.
perfect cure
Emetrol - OTC antiemetic for nausea - It works MAGICALLY!
what a perfect comparison
If I had pictured you as anybody that would have been the perfect choice, quirky, funny and cute in the boy next door way.
Perfect!...I'm printing this and
memorizing it! Thank you, thank you! This makes so much sense (and with the symphathetic face/tone). It's hard to think straight and think of this when I'm the one in the situation. I'll let you all know how she takes it. Thanks again.
Word Perfect
Does anybody on here use word perfect? I am a new grad, and a company says they will hire a new grad if I have word perfect and and a wave player. Any input would be good.
word perfect sm
Did anyone notice that since Dell has been having price reductions they are now offering Word Perfect instead of Word for Windows? How can you test/take a position with a new computer which has  Word Perfect if the hiring company is using Microsoft Word? Just another fly in the ointment. How does one deal with this?
Word Perfect

Yes I have used word perfect since the 80's. Last year when we rebuilt my computer  the newest version gives a choice of using word perfect or MS word . I prefer word perfect in many ways. Try it you will love it. I use it for other clients to create logos. It  has a photo storage to create posters and brochures  for example pictures of work my husband has done on worksites that actually show the quality of his work, his creativity and custom work. Steadmans also has a medical speller that can be added.


Sue Kelly

Word Perfect 12

Format - Line- Spacing

Then set your spacing and hit enter.

I don't use word perfect, but try this...
I thought VR would never be that perfect but
I am totally shocked that it does much, more more than I ever thought it could. On the worst, English and ESL dictators sometimes it comes out almost letter perfect. What I like is some of the medicines I do not know, VR has them down pat. What is really strange is I think it sometimes does better with some of the worst ones and then falters on easier ones but having said that, you still have to have human ears to listen thru all that because a cough, sneeze, crunch, something dropping in the background, just outside noise, will cause it to provide its own words and OMG, they are a hoot then. I really love it and I was not a believer at first.
Nobody said perfect, just not a slob
be for real... editors know there are some corrections and blanks but some MTs take advantage and as QA are paid by the line, this is unfair.
In a perfect world..

  I really feel for you.  I am extremely jaded when it comes to this type of situation.  Maybe the new service is a great company, maybe they mean to do the right thing.  Without an inkling of further information, there is no question that the new service wants to have their cake and eat it too --  They do not deserve a loyal employee of all those years unless they are willing to pay for the benefit of having seasoned and quality people. Having quality continuity helps them point out to the client how smooth the transition will be, blah, blah, blah (unless of course this change is being made because of quality issues in the first place).   I'm sure someone reading this is thinking about how "grateful" you should be.  Sorry, this is business and this is all about making money which is what the new service will do without interruption by sucking as many good MTs in that are already experienced on this account. MTs overall have already lost tremendous ground because we do not allow ourselves and demand the credit and value we deserve.

   Yes, Cobra is hard on the wallet, but you can stop Cobra at any point which puts you in control especially during this transition.   I'd have to take every single factor, pro and con, and go over it with one thought in mind - What will this new company do for me - money, benefits, scheduling/time, work environment, and changes to my working lifestyle?



Yes it would be a perfect world
if only *your* viewpoint was enough.
Nana, U are a perfect example...
of all that was wrong with this site B4 - negative, repetitive bashing for no reason other than boredom, I guess. It's interesting how this site has become a whole lot more informative and fun to come to now that all of us horrible "banned" people have come back - in fact, I wear my banning by what's her name as a badge of honor! So please do enjoy her new site - and we'll enjoy ours, mmmkay?