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In my experience it just doesn't. sm

Posted By: mqmt on 2005-09-14
In Reply to: Anyone doing DQS...please answer this for me. - MQ SE

I believe those are in the system.  I found after many frustrating months that you can actually put the headings in your expansion settings.

Goes like this.

Say you want a heading that says ASSESSMENT ANALYSIS

put it in your expansion settings as "asa" or something you'll remember, but the important part is when you type out the expansion in that box it needs to go in like this:   </ASSESSMENT ANALYSIS/>.  You need to put the symbols in the beginning and end for it to come out as a red heading.

Hope it helps.

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With 33 years' experience, I agree. It doesn't sm
get any easier, because there is a constant influx of ESLs into this country who can barely make themselves understood. If you want to translate, yes, translate, and transcribe pidgeon English
day in and day out, make less and less money as the years go by, then this is the career for you.

I used to love what I do. It used to be rewarding. Now I feel like I'm following behind elephants with a shovel.

Experience on top, current experience first. Education second. Leave out ALL fluff.
Recruiters don't need your life story. They need to know if you can do the job. If you want, put your current employer, then state "I have 20 years in the profession doing....." Keep it simple; keep it clean. If you want to go into more detail, do it during the interview. A HUGE red flag is to see that you've worked for 10 different companies, for months at a time. I know that someone who has worked for the same company for 2 years or more is going to have some degree of loyalty and will work through issues rather than cut and run.
Why are YOU attacking HER? Just because she doesn't want kids, doesn't mean she needs a psychi
How is one going to get experience, when no one will hire without experience????
I constantly see all these job openings asking for experience.  How can I get experience, when no one will hire me without experience???
Do you need to have 2 years full time experience or just 2 years' experience? nm
Does MQ really seem like they want MTs? It doesn't seem like it

When you make something so complicated, difficult, cumbersome, and frustrating, that sends me the message they aren't really wanting to be in the business.   As far as I'm concerned, they have sent me a signal they don't want me to work for them.  Wonder who they sent those surveys to.

What? DQS doesn't use

What the heck are you talking about?  They are getting ready to put PRD on my machine.  Why would they do that if we can't use word expanders?

Just because I am an MT doesn't mean that
transcription. If that's all you have in your life I feel sorry for you. You're a miserable hateful human being and people like you are the reason I started working at home in the first place.

Try to have a nice day.
She probably doesn't know how to use it.
5 OUT OF 10 to me is 50%, doesn't
No she doesn't......
She sounds like someone who's telling it exactly like it IS and knows what it's all about.  Things are and have been rapidly changing in our industry and all other industries, for that matter, my dear. There ain't no free lunch any longer....SURPRISE!!  Better get with it or you WILL be left out.  Not a threat, just facts.................You can take it or leave it, but you'd be wise to take it.....from one sistah to another....
Well said. Like you said, it doesn't
majority of people have had alcohol in their past. People who are more prone to being alcoholics will likely become addicted before they even realize what happened. There is also a component of denial before you admit to the problem. I am not saying everyone that comes from a family with problems will become an addict with something, whether it is food, drugs, alcohol, etc., but it does play a role; and to dismiss that fact, is only being judgmental. "You have a problem; well you created it, bottom line." I think that if you know there is a tendency in your family, you can take measures to stay away from addictions; but sometimes bad stuff just happens to good people. I think we all might have a few problems we aren't exactly proud of. And for someone who overeats and is obese, it is no different than someone who is an alcoholic. I am not talking about people who have medical conditions either that might cause them to be obese, so don't start getting upset people.

I have a huge family history of alcoholics and mental disorders. I myself have some chemical imbalances and have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and OCD. I recognize that and take measures to be able to live the healthiest life I can.

that doesn't mean we can do anything about it
anyone not getting paid should contact their company and the bank

This was all before 9/11 (which doesn't
excuse Clinton by any means), but has anyone noticed that these outsourced jobs are going into the back yards of Afghanistan and Pakistan?  Don't any American officials worry about the potential danger to Americans associated with that?
One does, one doesn't.........
Our Super Center asks to see receipt for big items not in a bag, but our small store across town does not. Our Sams Club has a person that looks at the receipt as you're exiting the store. Every item has to be accounted for that is on that receipt. Also, none of the items are bagged at Sams.
I don't know why my DH doesn't get that!?!
IF MAMA AIN'T HAPPY, AIN'T NOBODY HAPPY. I mean this is common sense! HELLO! :D
doesn't take much for ya does it. YUK.
Doesn't everything? jk
Well...I'm sure he doesn't
like me very much. But, I'm not really concerned with that to be honest with you. He wasn't a very nice person to begin with, and when I tried to be friendly and in a nice manner ask him to please not play his music so loudly so late at night, he basically ignored my requests. I am not a mean person and don't want to cause trouble for anyone, but I felt I needed to do to do something in that situation to make sure that my son and I could get a decent nights sleep. The police cannot tell the person who called them. But I'm sure he probably knew it was me because I had asked him to turn down his music already. He has never confronted me about it though. We just live our separate lives in peace and quiet. :-)
To me, it doesn't.....
I agree. I just wish the pay matched that thought, as I'm sure the street sweepers do. LOL
I'm in my 50s and it doesn't get better *LOL*.nm

Well, actually it doesn't mean a . . .

heck of a lot in the "real" world.  If it gives someone satisfaction to get either the RMT or CMT, good for them.  However, I would never consider it a real credential.  Now R.N., M.D. or even EMT MEAN something and people recognize those.  RMT?  Registered massage therapist is what that stands for to most people.

Personally, I think the majority of those taking the beta test (at a whopping $90 a pop) are newbies to the field, misled by their online school. 

I would love to see the AMA step in and take over all MT issues...now there would be some BIG clout, and some real credibiltiy, if they were in charge.   

Again, it doesn't have to be that way...

Not all companies are all about paying next to nothing and neither are the doctors.  If we as MTs refused to visit a physician if they offshored their back office work and convinced one family member or friend to do the same, believe me, that would certainly get some attention.

An organization for the MTs would basically give us what the AAMT won't.  Who is going to have better resources than fellow working MTs?  Who is going to know who the better employers are?  Who is going to be able to bring up an important issue and try to really make a difference with it?  I sure hope we aren't going to rely on AAMT for that.

We are in a global marketplace, but that doesn't mean we are out of the ballgame.  We need to make US practitioners understand the advantages of having US-based services especially in this field.  Besides that, we certainly don't have much left to lose.  If we all just took a little time and made a little effort, things might start to turn around.  If they don't, at least we gave it a go.

Why come here to ask...who doesn't know..
to live conservatively and QUIT! If you are married or in a relationship with the other person contributing financially, why bother keeping your job? Maybe someone less fortunate than you needs it. This is something to discuss with a financial planner and your family.
I have one like that, but he doesn't

He says - "oh my, oh dear, oh my, oh dear"  I actually have to laugh.  It's either that or get mad b/c he's single handedly destroying my line count.  One night, I put it on speaker and left my husband listen.  We seriously thought he was going to sh*t himself, he was getting so worked up over not being able to find the vital signs.  Hysterical!

Doesn't it seem odd
that the only way to type enough lines (to make any money) in this profession is to be able to use tons of short cuts and chunk-of-text macros? - - Kind of like having to use steroids to compete in sports now-a-days!!
Actually it doesn't
"Association for Healthcare Document Integrity"

the India part is my own little joke, with more than a grain of truth to it.

Don't know why it doesn't.
it doesn't for me
It should but doesn't. I have toggled the CS Expander to "off" and have made various adjustments in the "preferences" for ShortHand to no avail. I still get double expansions or missed letters/word fragments. On another thread, someone mentioned that either ShortCut or Instant Text should work, thus my question about ShortCut (I can't afford Instant Text).
ugh...she still doesn't get it.. nm
never will.
if an MT doesn't know about sm
using reference material and looking up words or is too lazy to look things up for fear they won't make enough money, they should not be in this business. That is what the job IS!
In my experience,

ratio is about 3 to 4 on a large hospital account doing all specialities and report types.   I think it would be closer to 2 or 3 with clinic work.   

In my experience, I had to (sm)
allow the company to access my computer by clicking on an icon on my desktop.  After they were done, I had to click "out" of the program, thus they cannot access my computer unless I give them my "permission" by accessing the program on my end!  Does that make sense?
in my experience, (sm)
work always slows down in the summer, especially after a holiday.  Hang in there, it gets better!
I had such an experience
It was years ago but I woke up laying on my stomach with head turned to the side and arm up by my head, couldn't move then saw a transparent arm coming back down into my arm and when it was completely fused with my arm I could suddenly move. It was very weird, scared the crap out of me, but in later years read about what actually happened and like you said, my spirit body wasn't quite back into me yet when I woke up - astral travel, yes. We all do that when we sleep.
My experience...
I personally found many of the Texas hospitals had a lot of ESLs. My two primary accounts were in Missouri and Washington State and there were very few ESLs. The platform I was on was not difficult (TWS I believe it was called).
I had a very hard time trying to understand the guy trying to train me. He would tell me he would call at a certain time and he wouldn't. It would be the next day or 2 hours later than what he said. Told me you have to work until the jobs are cleaned out of system. I don't think so!!!!!
My experience (sm)

The most I have made working for another service was 11 cents per gross line.  That was 3 years ago and that company sold, I couldn't work for them anymore anyway.

Now I am ALWAYS offered 8 cents per line when looking for part-time.  I think this is low, considering they charge 14 or so and want to see perfect documents and never proofread.  Truly, I think that is a total ripoff.  No benefits either.


Never in my experience. - nm
My experience with IT
I found it to be a difficult program to use unless you have a lot of time to spend reading and playing with it first. I used it for 7 months but would not recommend it. I do not know about MT schools although in my 12 years of transcribing, I have yet to work where they go into much detail about these programs. Good Luck!
My experience as QA
I've found that when I'm dealing with someone new to the company, I find myself more picky as far as punctuation, etc. Trying to show them the correct way or the preferred way at first. Show them a few times but don't hound them on the little things that won't matter in the long run. I always try to teach the preferred way in the beginning but eventually you focus completely on demographics and terminology.
Our experience...
My husband had a small lump about the size of a pea not in his cheek, but on the inside of his lip near the gum.  We went to ENT and it was just a plugged duct.  They lanced it, and it was fine.  He developed another one a couple of years later that just eventually went away on its on.  Prayers are with you!!
From my experience
They do not ask you. They recommend certain MTs.

You DO want to do ASR because if you don't, you will be left with what's left. Nuff said
Same experience with the big "S"
It did not get any better. I left after numerous account changes, disorganization, etc. Some thought it was their way to save money. It really put the brakes on. As far as learning new accounts every couple of weeks, it requires taking a LOT of your own time to do it. I have a family and a life after work.
my experience....
When my 12-year old son went from absolutely loving to play soccer (having played from age 4 up) to being in tears when I dropped him off at practices, I began to wonder what was going on. He was on a traveling select soccer team. The coach was a screamer and I thought maybe it was just that my son did not respond to that kind of coaching. He had been playing on this team for 2 years and the coach put a LOT of pressure on the kids. However, I felt thinking it was too much, but others would tell me how it would teach him discipline, etc. I knew in my heart that something was wrong if he was so adamant and upset about me dropping him off at practice. Finally after a lot of talking and trying to come to the bottom of why he absolutely hated to be on that team, I let him quit. Never another word was said about playing soccer again. Come to find out 3-4 years later, the coach was gay. My son would never tell me that he tried anything with him, but I learned later that he had with other players, so I've always wondered. Sometimes there is more there than meets the eye when a players decides to quit. I wished I had first listened to my son.
my experience

Well, a prominent man in our town (bigwig at newspaper) took him in and let him stay in his spare room while he worked here in town and coached our kids. Like I said, my son finally quit the team and it was several years later before it came out that he was gay. He had gone on to coach our local high school soccer team and it came out at that point. I guess older guys are not nearly as likely to keep this a secret as the younger guys. And to be honest, I'm not sure what all happened with the high school, but there was some trouble. He left town and I'm not sure what happened from that point. I was just glad that I had let my son quit after all. To this day, though, my son will clam up when I ask him about it. He has said he never tried anything with him, but I'm still not sure.

What experience do you have? nm
I have three years psych transcription experience in/outpt and disability, etc. notes. Do you know of anything?
Different experience
Maybe I have been lucky but I have worked on three different accounts for them and there has always seemed to be plenty of work. Rarely have I run into NJA, except for a few times there were system problems and then, of course, on Mondays (if you work clinic accounts) you may have to wait until the docs start working before the dictation is available obviously.

Personally, I don't feel I have been misled in any way. I try to meet my minimum line requirements and keep my quality up and I have had no problems. I don't get moved from account to account and when I have asked to try a different account they have tried to accommodate me if at all possible.

There always seems to be someone available to answer questions with normally fast responses and you get several updates a day on what the job stats are.

I have worked for them for close to a year and pay has always been on time and accurate.

I feel they are a very organized company unlike some others I have had brief encounters with (brief due to that very reason - so unorganized) and any contacts I have had with supervision, account liaisons, etc., has been very positive.
That's been my experience a lot lately.
I'm tired of it.  I took on my third IC job last week until I can find a company that I can make half decent money with.
No Experience

Alll the jobs state they need expereince.  How do you get hired with no experience.  Very frustrated.  Appreciate any help.  Want to do transcription from home.  What is the best way to get started.