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Why are YOU attacking HER? Just because she doesn't want kids, doesn't mean she needs a psychi

Posted By: not everyone wants kids. on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: You're Pitiful!! - Ellen S.


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Maybe she is jealous that she doesn't have kids!
No, YOU are implying that this mother doesn't want to be bothered with her kids. How do YOU know?
Does MQ really seem like they want MTs? It doesn't seem like it

When you make something so complicated, difficult, cumbersome, and frustrating, that sends me the message they aren't really wanting to be in the business.   As far as I'm concerned, they have sent me a signal they don't want me to work for them.  Wonder who they sent those surveys to.

What? DQS doesn't use

What the heck are you talking about?  They are getting ready to put PRD on my machine.  Why would they do that if we can't use word expanders?

Just because I am an MT doesn't mean that
transcription. If that's all you have in your life I feel sorry for you. You're a miserable hateful human being and people like you are the reason I started working at home in the first place.

Try to have a nice day.
She probably doesn't know how to use it.
5 OUT OF 10 to me is 50%, doesn't
No she doesn't......
She sounds like someone who's telling it exactly like it IS and knows what it's all about.  Things are and have been rapidly changing in our industry and all other industries, for that matter, my dear. There ain't no free lunch any longer....SURPRISE!!  Better get with it or you WILL be left out.  Not a threat, just facts.................You can take it or leave it, but you'd be wise to take it.....from one sistah to another....
Well said. Like you said, it doesn't
majority of people have had alcohol in their past. People who are more prone to being alcoholics will likely become addicted before they even realize what happened. There is also a component of denial before you admit to the problem. I am not saying everyone that comes from a family with problems will become an addict with something, whether it is food, drugs, alcohol, etc., but it does play a role; and to dismiss that fact, is only being judgmental. "You have a problem; well you created it, bottom line." I think that if you know there is a tendency in your family, you can take measures to stay away from addictions; but sometimes bad stuff just happens to good people. I think we all might have a few problems we aren't exactly proud of. And for someone who overeats and is obese, it is no different than someone who is an alcoholic. I am not talking about people who have medical conditions either that might cause them to be obese, so don't start getting upset people.

I have a huge family history of alcoholics and mental disorders. I myself have some chemical imbalances and have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and OCD. I recognize that and take measures to be able to live the healthiest life I can.

that doesn't mean we can do anything about it
anyone not getting paid should contact their company and the bank

This was all before 9/11 (which doesn't
excuse Clinton by any means), but has anyone noticed that these outsourced jobs are going into the back yards of Afghanistan and Pakistan?  Don't any American officials worry about the potential danger to Americans associated with that?
One does, one doesn't.........
Our Super Center asks to see receipt for big items not in a bag, but our small store across town does not. Our Sams Club has a person that looks at the receipt as you're exiting the store. Every item has to be accounted for that is on that receipt. Also, none of the items are bagged at Sams.
I don't know why my DH doesn't get that!?!
IF MAMA AIN'T HAPPY, AIN'T NOBODY HAPPY. I mean this is common sense! HELLO! :D
doesn't take much for ya does it. YUK.
Doesn't everything? jk
Well...I'm sure he doesn't
like me very much. But, I'm not really concerned with that to be honest with you. He wasn't a very nice person to begin with, and when I tried to be friendly and in a nice manner ask him to please not play his music so loudly so late at night, he basically ignored my requests. I am not a mean person and don't want to cause trouble for anyone, but I felt I needed to do to do something in that situation to make sure that my son and I could get a decent nights sleep. The police cannot tell the person who called them. But I'm sure he probably knew it was me because I had asked him to turn down his music already. He has never confronted me about it though. We just live our separate lives in peace and quiet. :-)
To me, it doesn't.....
I agree. I just wish the pay matched that thought, as I'm sure the street sweepers do. LOL
I'm in my 50s and it doesn't get better *LOL*.nm

Well, actually it doesn't mean a . . .

heck of a lot in the "real" world.  If it gives someone satisfaction to get either the RMT or CMT, good for them.  However, I would never consider it a real credential.  Now R.N., M.D. or even EMT MEAN something and people recognize those.  RMT?  Registered massage therapist is what that stands for to most people.

Personally, I think the majority of those taking the beta test (at a whopping $90 a pop) are newbies to the field, misled by their online school. 

I would love to see the AMA step in and take over all MT issues...now there would be some BIG clout, and some real credibiltiy, if they were in charge.   

Again, it doesn't have to be that way...

Not all companies are all about paying next to nothing and neither are the doctors.  If we as MTs refused to visit a physician if they offshored their back office work and convinced one family member or friend to do the same, believe me, that would certainly get some attention.

An organization for the MTs would basically give us what the AAMT won't.  Who is going to have better resources than fellow working MTs?  Who is going to know who the better employers are?  Who is going to be able to bring up an important issue and try to really make a difference with it?  I sure hope we aren't going to rely on AAMT for that.

We are in a global marketplace, but that doesn't mean we are out of the ballgame.  We need to make US practitioners understand the advantages of having US-based services especially in this field.  Besides that, we certainly don't have much left to lose.  If we all just took a little time and made a little effort, things might start to turn around.  If they don't, at least we gave it a go.

Why come here to ask...who doesn't know..
to live conservatively and QUIT! If you are married or in a relationship with the other person contributing financially, why bother keeping your job? Maybe someone less fortunate than you needs it. This is something to discuss with a financial planner and your family.
I have one like that, but he doesn't

He says - "oh my, oh dear, oh my, oh dear"  I actually have to laugh.  It's either that or get mad b/c he's single handedly destroying my line count.  One night, I put it on speaker and left my husband listen.  We seriously thought he was going to sh*t himself, he was getting so worked up over not being able to find the vital signs.  Hysterical!

Doesn't it seem odd
that the only way to type enough lines (to make any money) in this profession is to be able to use tons of short cuts and chunk-of-text macros? - - Kind of like having to use steroids to compete in sports now-a-days!!
Actually it doesn't
"Association for Healthcare Document Integrity"

the India part is my own little joke, with more than a grain of truth to it.

Don't know why it doesn't.
it doesn't for me
It should but doesn't. I have toggled the CS Expander to "off" and have made various adjustments in the "preferences" for ShortHand to no avail. I still get double expansions or missed letters/word fragments. On another thread, someone mentioned that either ShortCut or Instant Text should work, thus my question about ShortCut (I can't afford Instant Text).
ugh...she still doesn't get it.. nm
never will.
if an MT doesn't know about sm
using reference material and looking up words or is too lazy to look things up for fear they won't make enough money, they should not be in this business. That is what the job IS!
Nobody said he doesn't have a right to his opinions.

We said he's a MORON and we're not giving him any of our hard-earned money.  He has a right to his opinion.  However, I'm not giving him one red cent of my money because I don't agree with his private opinions that he's been so publicly vocal about.  My opinions is that he's not good looking, he's not a great actor, and his personal beliefs are such that I don't want to contribute to his material wealth.  I merely tolerated him before because he was in the movie I happened to be watching.  Now, forget it.  I won't watch Woody Allen movies either because the nasty old pervert married his stepdaughter.  That's just wrong on so many levels.  And that's my opinion that I'm entitled to.

Threads change as conversations evolve.  We don't have to stay on topic either.  Besides, refusing to pay money to see a Tom Cruise movie was on topic to the thread.  However, the discussions on this board have gotten completely off topic from transcription.  I liked it better when all these current events were on a separate board or the politics board.  Life's too short to worry about what all the rich and famous are doing.

Plus, your generalization about people who vote according to their favorite celebs but don't seek help for depression was way off base.  That was such a completely asinine statement that I would really love to see your facts and research to support such a theory. 

Yes, they have the right to use it but that doesn't mean that it's good for us
More and more companies are using it, as well as their own programs they are designing, which do the same thing. I've seen it first hand. The workload slows, what is left is all awful doctors that you can't understand, or that say uhmmm after every word so it takes 10 minutes to type a 1-paragraph report.
It doesn't cost $800 either
Can't imagine a chair more comfortable that it.. i'm sure the Aeron is built much better, though. I noticed it does have a 12-year guarantee.
That doesn't sound right.
I had student loans and still did work study.  Also, contact the school's website and financial aid office for information about scholarships.  Local private scholarships are available through the National Guard, VFW, Elk's Club, BPW, etc.  They're for maybe $500-1,000, but there's very little competition for them.  You can find information about scholarships online, too, without having to pay or buy a subscription to anything.  The information's out there if you look for it.
....doesn't mean she needs a psychiatrist.
What does that mean? My husband doesn't tell me what to do
and I certainly would never obey any man anyway.  He's a great guy.  He doesn't "babysit" his own kids because he's a real parent.  He cooks and cleans.  He's good at auto mechanics and construction, so he keeps all of our belongings maintained.  We have a very loving, give and take relationship.  We're equals.  I just like to work holidays because it's quiet and I make more money.  How does that equate into living my husband's life?  I really don't see your logic there.
Just because it never happened to you doesn't mean

it couldn't have happened.  Even controlling people have circumstances happen that are beyond their control.  Bad things happen to children of overprotective parents, too.

My kids were very adept at escaping and bypassing child proofing measures.  They're very smart kids.  They figured out how to climb out of their cribs and playpens at the age of 9 months.  They climbed over baby gates.  I wasted so much money on latches, doorknob covers, electrical outlet covers (not the plastic plugs), toilet seat locks, and all those other childproofing tools.  I took two child safety classes to make sure I did everything "right".  However, by the time each of my kids was 2 years old, they knew how to get past all of it.  They could open doors even with deadbolts, chains and those plastic squeezey knob covers.  I had to tie cowbells to the doors to make sure they didn't try to leave while I was asleep or in the bathroom.  They would use chairs, toys, each other, and even kitchen drawers to climb up on things.  I'm a very diligent parent and have even been called overprotective.  My kids still got into things and got out of the house.  My kids are discliplined, too.  If I had to do it all over again, I'd buy those door and window alarms that go off whenever the doors or windows are opened.

Your post makes it sound as if you are the perfect parent and that people who have bad things happen must have done something wrong.  I do not agree for one moment.  I don't know, maybe some kids are more adventurous and risktaking than your kid was.  Even when you do everything the way you're supposed to, bad things can still happen.  It's impossible to imagine and prevent every potential circumstance.

If she doesn't want it, I'll take it.
I've been trying to get one off of Ebay but they're so expensive.  It'll probably be like everything else and gather dust, but I'd still like to read through it.  Is your system complete?
Rochester doesn't.
All of the dictation in Mayo Rochester is handled either by transcriptionists in each department, or by a transcription department (where I worked as a QA) in an off-campus building.
because it doesn't exist either!
Thank you. It doesn't sound like it's for me then.
Doesn't anyone else find it odd that - sm

with the massive destruction our South has just endured, there has been NOTHING in the news about other countries offering their aid?

Who raised the most money and gathered more supplies faster than any other country for the Tsunami vicitims?

Makes me really angry that we are seen as such evil people when WE are the ones reaching out to others in their time of need and they help us with what when we need it?  Nothing.

Doesn't surprise me
They seem to be turning them into regional offices.
It doesn't mean anything sinister.
It just means that that particular post has had a large number of views. Any post with a large number of views will display the same flame, regardless of content.
In my experience it just doesn't. sm

I believe those are in the system.  I found after many frustrating months that you can actually put the headings in your expansion settings.

Goes like this.

Say you want a heading that says ASSESSMENT ANALYSIS

put it in your expansion settings as "asa" or something you'll remember, but the important part is when you type out the expansion in that box it needs to go in like this:   </ASSESSMENT ANALYSIS/>.  You need to put the symbols in the beginning and end for it to come out as a red heading.

Hope it helps.

Yuckie doesn't want to go to bed..
Because her Daddy is there waiting on her.  Poor molested Yuck.
well it doesn't matter
that's for sure....
She doesn't. She is implying she knows but no
announcements have been made about the new plan. Her post reads very much like a scare tactic.

You are correct - the only thing we have heard about is an ASR reduction but, honestly, we cannot even truly verify that and whether it is a specific office, etc.

I don't want to see anymore of the negativity that has been posted. It's not a fact on any of it yet. Until we have something from MQ in our hand, we don't know. If these MTs do have something, they should scan and post it here for credibility, but I doubt we will see that either. Be safe and consider all here as hearsay until you can confirm it for your own self.
Even more sad is the fact that there doesn't seem to be - sm

the support network or help out there for parents of kids with this kind of behavioral problem. 

Until I can help her find some more information, I have called her back and suggested that she call Tater's psychologist for an "emergency" meeting and see if she can offer anything else to them. 

I have a picky little kid who doesn't like

it when the bread gets soggy from the PB&J.  I make sandwiches ahead of time and use hamburger buns, which are inexpensive at the thrift bread store.  The buns are more dense than bread, so they don't get soggy.  You can also make the PB&Js ahead of time on bread and freeze them, although I've never tried it.  Or put a light layer of peanut butter on both pieces of bread, then spread the jelly.  The jelly won't soak into the bread through the peanut butter. 

I do like the other Mom's advice about prebagging things like cookies and chips.  I prebag carrot sticks and celery in the fridge.  We use a lot of yogurt and applesauce cups, granola bars, fruit bars, juice boxes, and that type of thing.  It does add up and costs as much as a hot lunch, but the kids don't like hot lunch.  It takes me maybe two minutes to do a lunchbox. 

Our library doesn't have them either so
we may be bidding against each other.  I checked HPI too, and the prices are real killers. 
It doesn't matter if he did it before; he WILL do it again. Get out now.
The man who hit me hadn't done it before, but once he started, it didn't stop. Several police officers at various times all told me the same thing--it doesn't stop, it progressively gets worse. I chose not to listen. Get out while you can. Beg, borrow or steal the money for a lawyer. Call a women's shelter; they can give you advice on legal help. Just do it now.
his/her elevator doesn't go all the way to the top!