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Irish dance competition.

Posted By: nm on 2006-03-25
In Reply to: what's everyone doing this weekend? - nygal


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Try Irish dance!

My 16-year-old daughter got involved a couple of years ago, and it's wonderful! I had to sit through all the classes as I'm our area coordinator, so I decided to join the adult classes. It's a very social dance form, especially with adults who do a lot of what is called ceili dancing, which essentially dancing with a group of people. In Ireland, it's not unusual for 4 to 100 people to get together than do progressive dancing (stopping for a pint of Guinness as needed) for hours on end.

To look for a school in your area, go to http://www.geocities.com/aer_mcr/irdance/irteach.html

Whatever class you take, YOU GO, GIRL!

I had a doc from Ireland that was very hard to understand. I also think Brittish is harder to understand than some others. Glad someone else feels that way!!

Or when the Irish came over a century ago...
And the Italians and the Chinese and the Jews fleeing Europe....

There have always been immigrants and unfortunately it always seems that the "previous" group wants to look down on them. Only ones that DIDN'T get to do that were the Native Americans, and if anybody's entitled to do it, I agree they are.
And the Edge is my favorite, Irish man + (nm)
Hi, Irish. Don't feel bad about asking questions and needing help, EVER!

That's what this board is for.  Well, that's what most of us believe.  Some us like to bash people and argue and just be plain mean, but ignore them.

SM stands for "see message."

NM stands for "no message."

Do you have an abbreviation expander?  If not, I would suggest PC Shorthand.  In my opinion it's the easiest to learn and use and it's affordable.  If you choose or already use PC Shorthand, then I would follow the Mary Morken link that someone posted below and download her abbreviation and Expander list as it is formatted for PC ShortHand and it would be a great starting point for a new MT.  I would take the time to print out her list as well so you can read over the abbreviations and expansions and become familiar with what you're using.  Then start adding your own abbreviations to the list.

Hi, Irish. FWIW, I use my numbers keys for all SM
they're worth--just the opposite of what you're asking, but my experience is that I need more keys on my keyboard, not fewer. 2dg is 2nd digit and 2dgg second digit.

I don't have IT, but I'm sure it's very flexible. For me, j = has and h = had, e = was and c = are, d = and, k = she, u = her, and so on. I have literally hundreds of sentences compacted to their initial letters using them, including practically every variation that can be produced of them, as well as practically every phrase that is contained in them (please feel free to, please do not hesitate, call me with any, me with any questions, to call me if, contact me should you, and on and on. To differentiate those that use the same letters I pick a key word in the phrase and use 2 letters from it -- contact is cn and call is cl. With this system, virtually no memorization is needed. A D added to a letter designating a verb makes the phrase past tense. And sooo oooonnnn!

BTW, with editing, being able to drop in little 2- and 3-word correction phrases, as well single words of course, becomes the name of the game.

Not exactly what you asked for, but I hope it sparks some thought on how you want to build your systems. As others already said, various systems for various situations are required. For instance, in my system for caps, I actually try to avoid using the caps key and hpi is HPI, hpii is history of present illness, and hpizz is History of Present Illness.

It's fun figuring out what floats your particular boat...

How long have you been with this client? Is is offshore they are talking about? Be tactful and supportive of their concern, BUT FOCUS ON THE PROFESSIONAL QUALITY OF YOUR WORK. Start off by a brief review of your business relationship together. Review with your client, all the fine points of your business - your professionalism, TAT, your availability and your thorough knowledge of their particular needs. Then taken the client through a scenario - ask them point blank who is this other service offering such low rates? Ask your client about the other service's background? Are they offshore? Bring attention to HIPPA and security of their patient's records. If you get no where, you may want to consider meeing your client in person for review of pricing and offer a perk such as a discount per month or if you have to, lower your rate a little. The more you keep your wits about you and stay professional at all times, the more impressive you will remain to them. I have lost hospital accounts at times to lower rates, but I kept my cool at all times even though it killed me, and just once or twice, I got back the accounts and you know what? The first thing told to me was how impressed they were that I was so professional and helpful through the process of letting go. As it turned out, the other services were lousy and I got my accounts back. This doesn't always work though but it's worth a try.
This is not a competition.
see "I think it has to do with"
I don't feel as such competition with $$$, sm
As I don't believe they settle for the pay that the Indians do, and as such not competing with us as much ...
Well if it's a competition, I guess
the experienced ones could stop being so generous with help on the Word board, which they do FOR FREE.

Sorry, but I've found another industry that pays by the hour and gives actual holidays. I will drive to work and work with real people, where I will actually feel like I count for something. I'm over the feeling of "privilege" of working in medicine. Let the newbies have it. I'm tired of the docs think we're idiots because we follow a book of rules that has no basis in their reality. I'm also tired of docs that don't want to pay, but would never consider changing their ways and standardizing formats and phrasing or gathering everything they need ahead of time before they get on to dictate (think ESLs and their long, drawn out, time-wasting sentence structures and pauses).

LOL. And some kind of comedy competition soon too!!! nm.
Y-City Star competition - like AI

Fellow MTs and American Idol watchers,


I made it to the top 20 in the local Zanesville, OH competition similar to American Idol. PLEASE HELP A FELLOW MT!!! You can go online and vote tomorrow for me. PLEASE!! go to www.whiznews.com or www.zanesvilletimesrecorder.com and cast your vote. You should be able to hear me sing for about 90 seconds. The public vote is only a portion of the scoring. I will be judged on vocal quality and performance as well. The first night of actual competition is July 15th and then again on July 29th if I made it to the top 8. I appreciate each and every vote.  There is some stiff competition ahead of me. Lots of talent in OHIO!!! This is gonna be fun!

You can "thank" the offshore competition...sm
Like it or not.... it's driving the prices down in our industry. We have customers now demanding price reductions as contracts come up for renewal and tell us that if we don't meet their new pricing they'll send the work offshores and pay 4 cpl for transcription, 1.5 cpl for editing work.

More and more clients are willing to take the risk of sending work out of the country for the cheap labor and getting the work done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The overseas companies truly work 24/7/365 and their English skills have improved dramatically.

Gone are the days of high line rates for everyone. Stinks, I know.

Thanks for that information! Competition should bring price down
It's called competition in a buyer's market (sm)
 or vendor's (hospital's) market, not low-balling. 
MQ's "daddy" underwrites them so they can undercut competition. They aren't

And if you aren't MQ Rosie then I guess I'm not calling you stupid now am I?


Going on a school trip for childs chorus competition--sm
in March to New York. Went to a meeting with school/parents and told the school board will cancel the trip if the terrorist threat level goes to red--understandable, but also we would lose our money ($1600 for four of us to go). Does anyone know of an insurance company who underwrites trips or tours?  One of the parents said they heard of this but did not remember the details or company.
You're asking for part of their market! It'll be a competition
You go ahead though. Keep us all informed.

Competition is driving prices down. Companies are not making
Sooner or later you will have to face facts that this industry is in a freeze hold due to several factors.

If the companies are not able to raise their prices to customers, they cannot raise their payouts to workers.

Nice marketing too..a bogus statement about US MTs to discredit the competition nm
See if they have a class strictly "technique" for dance team. My daughters danced with band for years and took "technique" class. If no technique, ballet is the best basic before moving on to the other dances.
I would like U2 dance...
take a cha-cha-cha chance!
I work 2 MTs jobs as well, but I make time to take beginning dance classes for adults at least 2-3 times a week. I also recommend Pilates for relaxing and stretching.
So you think you can dance
Is anyone watching this?  I haven't seen it, but my MIL says it is really good.  I'm tired of the reruns of House and some of the others.  I know that someone mentioned Medical Incredibles (something like that) and I have watched it a few times.  Just wondered if this show was as good as American Idol or similar.  Of course I can't miss an episode of All My Children - been watching that since 1970 (I was 10).  I'm just looking for some good TV to help me relax after a day at work.  
I'm a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance. sm
I like it a lot better than Dancing With the Stars because these are mostly highly trained amateur dancers, wtih a few street dancers in the mix. They have them paired up, and they randomly pick all different kinds of dances to do each week....so you might have a ballroom dancer girl paired with a hip-hop guy, and they have to perform a Cuban Samba (that was one instance this week). Next week those two will do something different. It's funny to see a classically trained ballet dancer attempt to do hip hop, or a hip hop dancer attempt to do modern lyrical dance, but for the most part they really are superb. The ballroom men always are my favorite...
Doing the happy dance...
We just moved into a newly bought house (same neighborhood as we rented in) and we're now in bus riding range (too close before).  Today was the first day of school so I drove my kids, but I looked out the window this morning and what do I see but a group of kids congregated at the opening of my driveway.  My house is a bus stop!   My kids will be let off the bus at the opening of their own driveway.  What luck!
Dance Classes
I have 20+ years of dance training (ballet, jazz, tap).  From what I see, jazz and hip-hop would both help with drill team.  Jazz more so, but I know some drill teams are getting a little edgier with the hip-hop style.  If I can help with any other questions, feel free to email me.
Does anyone take dance classes for exercise?
I'd like to get out of the house once in a while and can't stand the gym.  I just don't want to be the only adult student among children.  LOL
I have thought about it as my 2 daughter take dance - sm
Their school is basically pre-school all the way through high school, but they also have adult classes as well.  Since we are a bit rural it is cheap too, about $25 a month for 1 class a week (so $6.25 a class), not bad for a 1 hour class once a week.  They put on a kickass recital every May too which is quite impressive.  I may try it next year....want to shed my poundage first, have been working on it and 7 pounds lighter so far......have about 60 or so to go.....so we will see.
First day of school happy dance
I'm going to be doing a happy dance on September 8. It's the first day of school and my birthday. It's the best gift this year. Mine has been out of school since the end of May!!!!!
Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance!
I JUST WANT TO PRAISE HIM - your post made me misty, thank God for you!
the dance that was made famous
in Dirty Dancing, one of my favorite all time movies.... sorry, just couldn't pass this up. 
Last Dance by Donna Summer
keyboard happy dance
Wow! I have used the microsoft ergo keyboards for years..the last one being the 4000 model. It seems after about a year the keys get a little sticky or something and my wrists start to hurt and arms fall asleep, even at brand new I have a little of this problem. I just got a Goldtouch keyboard and wrist rests today and I cannot tell you the difference I feel after just one shift of work. WOW! I am a total convert!!
I'm doing a crazy happy dance!

I know this is not the religion board, but I have to give a shout out - so if it bothers you look down real quick. Psalm 116:1 I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications. Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness. You have seen every tear and every time my wages have been changed by Medquist. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

I am beyond excited this morning! I have been busy, busy, busy on the Internet since Saturday night, following a trail on earning money on the Internet. I did not even sleep Saturday and then went to church all day Sunday and then back on the computer Sunday night. Anyway, after many, many hours, the Lord just dropped a site on me, I don't even know how I got to it. Well, I signed up and started making money answering surveys! So far, I have made close to $60 in just a few hours! This is for real. I am mad, because it is too easy. I know how I have struggled in the last few months, really the last several years, to earn a decent wage. I have years of data entry experience, and that is how I am looking at this. Just keep the forms moving. Advertisers are willing to pay for exposure, hoping to influence your buying decisions. With this, all I needed to start was my email! I was so impressed, I set up a new blog that has all the details, some tips and the link. The company even asked me to share a testimonial. The site has great support. All the details are in my blog, but basically you get paid per form (the ones I did paid 0.60), and they estimate doing at least 12 an hour. We Ts know how to move records!  I did 16 forms an hour easy last night, and like I said, I am just getting started. You can listen to your favorite TV show while you do this! Great referral earnings too. You can e-mail me if you have any questions or if I can be of help. I am glad things have been going better with the Q - the additional bonuses and OT has been great. But this makes me really happy.


There was a techno dance remix of it done in the 1980s.
Can't remember the band but they played it at the nightclubs.
What company is this? Sounds like the same song and dance
Gotcha all beat - over 64 and love to dance nm


You know I'm just watching them dance. I don't care about A, B or C listers.
Who cares if some over-hyped A lister dances on the show or if it's Tatum O'Neal. It's an interesting and charming little show. I am not interested in seeing say Jessica Simpson or Jude Law (A listers?) dance.
Hora = Israeli dance........no message
Merengue is form of dance, like salsa
or cha cha. You'd be just as likely to dance to *rancheras* and *corridos* since, technically, merengue is a little more South American (namely Dominican Republic) as Tex-Mex. Nonetheless, it is all great spirited fun and I hope you have a good time. It is a wonderful tradition.
I hope you dance - Lee Ann Womack (no message)
I've been listening to the same song and dance for years.

Things only seem to be getting worse.

For mom with teen girls, what type of dance classes sm
are appropriate for learning moves to try out for drill team?  my daughter is 14 and has never been in any dance classes.  i am puzzled by the jazz, hip/hop, etc. and have no clue where she needs to start.  she wants to try out for the drill team next year.  TIA!
My kids are allowed on extracurricular activity a piece. My daughter is taking one dance class

week and my son will be starting basketball at school in a month and that is it aside from church activities.  I definitely think parents push their kids to do too much.  Not only is it stressful for the kids, but I can imagine the added stress of parent who works full time having to keep track of each other's schedules, the kids' schedules, and running to and fro taxing kids back and forth!

I worry about my nephew.  He's 13 and he plays every sport there is.  He broke his knee playing fooball two years ago and now has to wear a knee brace in every sport he playes, he's 13!  Right now, he is playing 7th grade football, he is in two different soccer leagues, and he is signing up for a football outside the school system.  So he basically has some sort of practice or a game every day of the week and on Saturdays!  He has strained his back, he complains about his knee aching.  When I say something to my sister about him overdoing it, she says "he does want he wants, we're not making him."  I've told her that she is his mother and it's really up to her to set limits, but she loves the idea that she's the mom of a "star athlete."

Anyway, just a sore subject with me, I guess.  I'm really close to my kids and all my neices and nephews and I hate to see them miss out on the fun in life just because they feel they have to schedule everything!