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It's not the foreign workers who are at fault sm

Posted By: Anon on 2005-09-13
In Reply to: I tell them they are taking jobs from Americans and... - fbm

The fault lies with the big US corporations who are the greedy SOBs that have outsourced the jobs so they can save billions over what they would pay workers in the US. 

So, to be rude to and cuss out these working people is not going to get us anywhere.  What we should do is boycott the corporations who are sending the work overseas.  Maybe if they lose enough business they will get smart to themselves and bring the jobs back to the US workers. 

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As Economy Slumps, Firms Line Up to Hire Skilled Foreign Workers

 What the heck is going on around here?  It just gets better by the day!


Unions may be good for workers short-term, but look what has happened to American car union workers.
They priced themselves out of the market while making an inferior product. Ford and GM are now junk bonds. I'm driving a Toyota. So if that's un-American just like shopping at a non-union store like Walmart, well you can talk to whoever is in charge of wages and taxes who have created this monster where even middle-class has very little extra money to support a union store where the employees are paid well and you pay the price in the product they sell. I can't afford it.
Hey rimrods!!! He fully disclosed he was foreign, it was foreign
trying to catch him telling lies when he already told you he was. Really smart people around here. Call names, insult, tell everyone to leave and go to another site and then wonder why your posts are being deleted. At least he's not feeding everyone a load of CRAP about offshoring. He simply told the truth.
Its not the animal lovers fault about abortion and abuse of innocent children, it's the fault...
of our government to allow such a law. The innocent dogs being killed over the so-called rabies roundup vs. shortage of "beef" have no government to help protect their rights to live so the humans have to step in and protect their rights and the humans should protect the human's rights as well to live, but when a government passes laws, etc., you can only fault the government; afterall, they have the final decision.
it IS the mayor's fault and it IS Kathleen Blanco's fault
to assess the potential damage and what help they have immediately available in their area. They are then responsible for contacting the feds for more aid BEFORE the fact if they truly know their geography, economics, and have a weather advisory board on hand for such purposes, which they DO.

The mayor and the governor did not do any of this and now as the general consensus of the liberal loonies always turns, if you drop the ball and don't take responsibility for what you're expected to know how to do in your elected office, BLAME BUSH.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Oh, boo hoo!  Those foreigners learn our language so they can take our jobs and our money, you numbskull.  They aren't here to help us.  They take advantage of our laws which actually seem to favor foreigners over citizens, especially if the foreigners are "minorities."  (An interesting term since the only true minority in this world is white people.  About 85% of the world's population is non-white.)  

People like you who think you are so tolerant, are part of the problem.  In this country we would all be learning Chinese if the situations were reversed and China was the country with the open door policy and all the wealth. 

BTW, I lived and worked in Latin America and learned Spanish BEFORE I went there - I didn't expect the people of Colombia to pay to have everything I needed translated into my own language, which is precisely what these foreigners who come here to leech off us expect.

I'm an MT....slavery is not foreign to me.
Whatever it takes.
foreign docs
And why do a lot of those same ones who speak such poor English also make no sense in putting together their sentences?  I have several that sound like they are clenching their teeth together and straining to get the words out which makes it even worse.  I know exactly what you mean.  Their oughta be a LAW! 
Those foreign guys

Yeah, we've all had our share of "those" guys.  I worked in Radiology for a Spanish guy for about two years.  He thought his English was perfect, so anytime there were blanks he went off of his latino-rocker.  So I finally get this guy "nailed" where I can transcribe his reports just as fast as the others, and then what happens..  ? I lose the stinkin' account to VR!  So he still sends me work on occasion and guess what .... he's crystal clear NOW, and why?  Voice Recognition doesn't DO gibberish ... it trained HIM!  HA!   (Course he has to speak slowly now, losing lots of "billable hours"  And of course, they had to hire an Editor to clean up the reports, punctuate, and correct his English.)     Go figure!  ');>

Seriously, though, if you can't stay with that ESL day-in and day-out for at least a month, you will never get him.  Why companies bombard MT's with different docs from day-to-day is just beyond me.  If QA were REALLY that important, they wouldn't do that.

You all are talking foreign to me
I have ShortHand and love it, but you left me way behind. A Shorthand course would be great.

isn't SPI a foreign company
Maybe you could work for them.  They bought out Cymed.
foreign dictators
Wow, you sound so full of hate!!!Do you even know how difficult it is to learn another language? Have you ever tried to speak another language?

I don't particularly care for ESL's but...
foreign dictators!!

From one blondie to another--I couldn't agree with you more!

Drives me crazy, not to mention my so-called "productivity!"

What does the site being down have to do with foreign MTs?

Bonus from OJT - foreign dictators. (sm)

I learned OJT in a small hospital with a PDR, Dorlands and a boss with an attitude from &*^%&*^.  There were only about 7 doctors on staff, 4 of which were foreign.  I started off learning to cope with a Thai accent in a physician who had had a speech defect, a Nigerian, a Swede and a Czech.  It was a painstaking way to learn, but I am greatful every day that accents have become a way of life for me.  I almost prefer them to some of those mealy-mouthed speed demons. 

I can remember cursing when they would say "Go back up and change this".  Just rip that paper out of the typewriter and start again. 

My children can't imagine a time before computers.  Will have to take them to a museum someday and show them what life used to be like.




I don't do foreign-speaking docs....
Either they speak English and speak it clearly or they don't have me for their transcriptionist. I'll be danged if I'm going to spend 15 minutes trying to figure out their dictation because they "don't speekee English," or they dont' want to take the time to speak it clearly. Let an MT who doesn't value their time or money transcribe for them! Some may think that's heartless, but that's just the way it is. I'm in this business to make money, not coddle docs who can and refuse to speak straight.
First Job, given only foreign dictators, and never the same. Doing allright, however, should I look
This is my first job, and I am never given the same dictator.  Also, this is hospital work with basically any kind of reports.  Only doing about 200 lines a day for 6 cents.  Should I look for another job???
Focus stands for Foreign

Focus is an Indian company, you know.  Most who have been there were not happy, and many MTs only go there because they are fresh out of school and find it hard to get the experience they need.  Just FYI.

I do have a 2nd job with US owned co. that I love. Foreign
It's shameful if the new owner is foreign but

This is NOT racisim.  This is plain common sense and courtesy. 

Like most of the MQ workers lately.

One of my co-workers had a (sm)
similar situation, only it involved her entire family. She was adopted as an infant by these people and they never let her forget it. It finally got to the point that she told a dear friend that she was planning to cut off all contact because she couldn't see putting herself or her children through it anymore. That dear friend and his wife adopted her at the age of 40!!
Aruba is a foreign country. Their laws
are different than U.S.  Father said "no body, no crime" because he knows in their system if they have no body, they have no crime. Therefore, they have to find a body...or they can't prosecute for murder.... Their laws, not ours.  That is what it is when you travel outside the country, you are under the foreign country's laws.. Really too bad but that is how it is.
I think the foreign kid adoptions are liberal Hollywood

I don't think these kids are anything more than a fashion accessory/photo op for these phonies. I'm sure she and the other "stars" who adopt these kids for whatever attention/approval-seeking reasons have a full staff on hand 24/7 to take care of the kids when the cameras aren't rolling.

I doubt Angelina's ever been vomited on or crapped on (at least not by her kids anyway). 

It's the topic of the moment. You must be in a foreign country maybe.
There was a catastrophic hurricane with a devastating flood afterwards! A disaster of biblical proportions! Many people lost their homes, the worldly positions, billions of dollars in loss. Lives were lost, the poor, the elderly and the infirmed. We watched it on the news (it was on here in the U.S. around the clock). Try www.cnn.com for all the details.
I think MTSO should inquire of foreign docs if they want their

Like it should be standard practice for transcription services to require hospitals to ask------------------

Dr. Pammmmbogmamajama - would you like your dictation to go to India.  Check YES or NO.

Dr. Filiyambo - would you like your dictation to go to PHILIPPINES.  Check YES or NO.

Dr. MacIntiremeout - would you like your dictation to go to IRELAND.  Check YES or NO.

Dr. Chinese - would you like your dictation to go to CHINA.  Check YES or NO (we have to know they are creating offices in Shanghi as we speak)

Hey, I can deal with "the boys" from home.  But I'm sick and tired of  feeling like I chose the wrong profession and should be working in the State Department as translator and should certainly be drawing down lots more salary and getting a WHOLE lot more respect. 

That way we could keep the English dictation in the United States and have it being done by people who have English as their first language.

Ha! Those jobs they'll just import the foreign PhD on
on one of those work visas as they do nurses and teachers. Pay 'em less and put another American out of work.

Wake up, America! No job is safe any more.
Do you charge more for foreign-speaking doctors? nm
really?? Worse than the offshore foreign transcriptionists?
That's odd.
venting re foreign patient names
I just typed a long report where the patient has some weird foreign name so it's difficult to tell gender. The doc dictates as a male throughout, i.e. he, his etc. At the end changes it to a female.
Tired of these low class foreign doctors
They live here but they cannot learn the language.  Most should not be here in the first place.  They were admitted to medical school with the proviso that they return to their own countries to work as doctors and help their own people;  they got all these fancy or free grants to pay for their schooling; American citizens were pushed aside to fulfill the foreign student enrollment requirements for medical school to "help the needy countries health problems".  Then they got dollar signs in their eyes.  They refused to learn how to talk.  They are arrogant, sloppy, nasty, and are too mentally compromised to even learn how to push the right buttons to enter patient numbers into systems.  What pigs!!!!!!!!!!!  And they expect perfection?   I think we should sign every report off with a blurb saying unable to understand dictator, please return him/her to his own country. 
are you working for third world foreign doctors?
This has been my experience.
It's our fault
I saw an article yesterday (can't remember which newspaper) that said that. It's America'a fault there's global warning, its (whichever gods) punishment to the US.
Not my fault!
Only because the bashings start immediately after I post and then I react - sorry for being human!
My fault
Next time honey, we will turn on the lights so everyone can see it. Also, I would appreciate all the music turned down so I can hear you say to me "Oh Frank, my goodness you are so......" I just love it when you talk to me like that. For that my dear, you will get a bonus in your check next pay.
Yes of course my FAULT
Yes I looked up words, Yes I did my research, YES I HAD A BAD ESL WHO DIDN'T SPEAK ENGLISH !!!!!!!!!   That is WHY
My fault sm
I also usually stay off the boards, but I totally forgot tonight. That's OK
It's not the dog's fault....
Right...and of course, it's someone else's fault you were
Still can't post, still don't get it and still haven't learned to just stay out of the conversation as obviously they're not looking for your opinion...rude and mean as ever. Of course...that's just an OPINION. blah blah
How was it my fault?????
I was sitting there minding my own business. He walks over and blurts out my test results. Exactly what should I have done? Put tape over his mouth? I had no idea what he was going to say before he said it. I am the injured party here who is out over $100.00. I have to type an entire day to make $100.00.
It's always our fault
I learned a long time ago that no matter what, any mistakes made will always be blamed on the MT. If something doesn't get dictated by the doc, the excuse is inevitably either "it was lost by the transcriptionist" or "that Transcriptionist isn't typing all my dictations."

I used to greatly respect doctors - and then I became an MT and started actually having to work with them. Boy did my opinion change - and fast!
Lu..........thank-you. If I have a fault it sm
is being blunt. But, I am not going to sit here and beat around the bush and sugar coat things. I have seen too many whiny, complaining MTs in my career to cater to that stuff any longer. If you have been in the business a long time you know what I mean as do all of the others who have done this for a long time.

Maybe the bluntness comes from working on production for years (which I like) or whatever, but I don't have time to baby and soothe. If people don't want to hear how the business is then don't listen (most don't listen anyway).

The Mts who are successful in this business, working on production, know that we don't have time for the nonsense! I especially don't have time for the folks who are complaining because they have TOO much work and have to do different accounts, when there are people out there begging for work! Kind of reminds me of people who complain of having no money, need money and the overtime is there, but they just don't want to work it today! GEESH!
Indian workers
I was obvious they were Indian workers from Indian..Every one of them that I talked to had an Indian accent..I have nothing wrong with American workers with accents..but I called at least eight people to get my internet account straightened out and all had Indian accents..Come on now, I cannot believe eight people are of Indian descent all working at the billing department of my internet account..If you are American of first descent and working IN America, more power to you..if the account is sent overseas, I have a major problem with that..and if you dont have a problem with that, contact me in a few years when our jobs are overseas.
MTs/factory workers
I'm sure many younger and maybe even older MTs might not agree with this, so if you do, I'll be pleasantly surprised. The "how many lines per hour can you do?" mentality so prevalent in medical transcription today is not a good thing for this profession. This belittles the professionalism of the job we do, a profession which requires immense medical knowledge and skill, a fact which, sadly, no one in hospital administration or other positions of management have a clue about and really don't want to know about, else they would have to monetarily compensate us for the professionals we really are. The sad fact is that like a frog being killed by slowly upping the temperature of the water in which he is immersed, without his being aware of the change in temperature, we have by an analagous method slowly but surely become no more than skilled factory workers. X-ray techs, nurses, physical therapists, and other professionals are not evaluated on the basis of the number of patients they take care of each day but on how well they take care of these patients, so why are we evaluated on the basis of how many lines of transcription we can do per hour or day rather than the quality and accuracy of the reports we transcribe? It used to be our responsibility as MTs to put the patient first, to give the appropriate time to research any questions we have regarding the physician's dictation on a particular patient and to make sure we get it right for the sake of the patient, but now it has become the focus of our profession to see many lines per hour we can transcribe. This mentality leads to just trying to produce lines rather than trying to transcribe accurate medical reports. It is my firm opinion that we should not be paid by the line but by the hour, and unfortuantely, AAMT has not been there to represent us in this very relevant issue. If we are so professional as they espouse, then why don't they try to get on track and reverse this trend? In my opinion, AAMT has failed us. They have been so focused on style issues, which are of far less significance than medical accuracy and have caused many of us to boil inside because of the attention given to these really mostly irrelevant issues, that the crux of our problems has escaped them. They have been in absentia and have not been focusing on the issue of getting health care facilities and transcription companies to recognize us for the professionals we are and elevating our pay scale to the level it should be. I have been an MT for over 20 years, so I've seen the negative changes as they've slowly but surely transpired through the years. Perhaps it's time for me to leave the profession altogether because I just can't deal with this "factory productivity" mentality.
MTs/factory workers

There are many ways of sifting the chaff from the wheat.  It doesn't take long to figure out those who are goofing off versus the ones who are researching to transcribe accurate medical reports.  There also other means of monitoring MTs at home if one feels the necessity to be monitored.  Also, there are ways to clock in and out on a pay-per-hour basis. One is via dial-up method and entering one's ID number into a designated system. 

As for being paid for the amount one does versus being paid hourly I would only ask, would you want someone rushing through your H&P, your child's H&P,  or the H&P or other report of any loved one just to get a certain number of lines a day, possibly listing an allergy to the wrong medication or listing the wrong extremity or wrong eye designated for a surgical procedure?  I have transcribed for many, many years and there have been innumerable times that I have had to correct mistakes by physicians who have dictated the wrong extremity, the wrong eye, the wrong medication, the wrong drug allergies, etc., etc.  I for one wouldn't want someone transcribing that I'm allergic to Namenda when I'm really allergic to Augmentin, and it's easy to see how these two medications could be misunderstood if the physician dictating isn't articulate enough, if the quality of the dictation system is poor, or if one is in just too big a hurry to produce lines to care.  I do pray if I am ever a patient in a hospital that the MT who does my report gets it right.  With such emphasis on line counts, it's no wonder we have patients who have had their only "good eye" or "good extremity" removed surgically.

Not true. And they pay their workers well &
Workers Compensation
Have any of you who are employees of a national company ever had to file for WC due to hands that just won't work anymore?  I need to get carpal tunnel surgery but can't afford to make zero dollars while I'm off.  I don't want to start accumulating medical bills or alert my company until I've done my research.
Workers Compensation
I did workers' compensation claims in my pre MT life.  If MD says it is work related, should be no problem being covered.  Depending on what state you live in, there is probably a waiting period that you would not be paid for until you are off for a certain number of days.  State laws dictates the % you are paid of your average weekly wage based on a minimum and maximum rate.  Do not wait too long to get your CTS taken care of.  You could cause more problems with your hands if you wait too long. 
Workers' Compensation and the ER
I thought the correct order of things would be for him to be seen regardless of where or how it happened, and the Workers' Compensation part handled after the fact. What would they have done if he'd been hurt more severely? I thought they'd (WC) reimburse whatever out-of-pocket expenses you have once the insurance claim is settled. The boss was definitely trying to set him up, which is disgusting. The funny part is that he actually gave your husband ammunition for an even more complicated lawsuit, should it come to that.
problens with co-workers

Does anyone know of a good way to get my co-workers to be quiet?  I swear there is this one who if something sets her off we hear about it for the next 4 hours (no kidding).  Then others get involved and come into the office and try to say their piece.  It is so hard to concentrate and get a decent line count.  The quality of my work is suffering.  I got a report back the other day with some embarrassing typos in it.  I don't get paid hourly I get paid on production.  I need to make more than 1003 lines a day to make it worth my trip up there.  I was making 1300 lines a day when working from home but then they pulled me in house because they didn't like my internet connection.  Complaining to the supervisor  doesn't do any good as there was a girl that did that and it just made everyone mad and they talk ugly about her.  help!