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It's the companies that are not up to par with Vista yet,

Posted By: Love Vista on 2007-07-04
In Reply to: OP--Just did a search in the archives. Vista - doesn't look user friendly. Gulp. nm

no Vista problems at all.  It is really smart.  It is just some of those companies out there who have not gotten *smart* yet to be compatible with Vista.  Some of the problems have to do with the VPN the company uses, plus software/platform problems.  They will get there eventually -- have to. 

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Any companies with platforms that allow using Vista? How about a Mac? NM

No answer, but many MT companies out there aren't Vista
VISTA Friendly Transcription Companies?
I saw a post here within the last month for Vista-friendly companies.  Please email me if you know who they are.  Thanks so much!  
Speaking of Vista, what companies have asked that we NOT install it yet? nm
MT companies negotiate with the insurance companies until they get what they want

It is strictly up to the agreement between the employer and the insurance company.  Your new employer can tell you what the pre-existing clause is in your new policy.  Some require proof of insurance for the past 12 months.  It may say something like if a diagnosis has not been made NOR treatment received within the last __ months.  Not good when companies negotiate with a pre-existing clause in order to get a lower rate.  Better check with your HR with your new company before doing anything.  It really gets hairy !

Most companies do no use their only files (HIPAA). They use files provided by other companies, serv
If you can get through the test files, then the sound quality on the actual company files is better. And, the dictation is never as bad as the test files, plus you have QA to help with hard blanks.
Has anyone done transcription in VISTA, the VA program? Just wondering how easy/difficult it is. I am starting a new p/t account soon and will be doing transcription in VISTA, and I know absolutely NOTHING about it.

Thanks in advance.
Not easy to transcribe in VISTA. Can you transcribe using Word or WP and then upload your reports to VISTA? That would be simpler. VISTA has no spell check; it is very hard to make production in VISTA, as it was and still is an older version of word processing.
I'm not going with Vista either until the "bugs" are worked out. I've heard that many of our programs (Word 2003, WP, etc.) will NOT work with this. I'm sticking with XP for now.
Has anyone heard much about Vista, good, bad or otherwise?  I'm wondering if it's worth getting.
I don't know if Vista has this feature or not, but in Windows XP Pro, you can right click on a program icon, click properties..click compatibilities...click "run this program in compatibility for:" and then you could chose older operating systems, if you needed to.  If Vista or Vista Business Edition has this it might be an option.  I don't know how well it worked in XP because I never needed to use it.  Still, a lot of people seem unhappy with Vista for various reasons.  I'm afraid to try it for about a year until they get the bugs worked out.  If, heaven forbid my computer crashes, I'll re-load Windows XP Pro. 
To vista or not to vista...

Microsoft's new operating system, Vista, was released a couple weeks ago.  We here at Emmaus have spent weeks studying the documentation, and making the necessary adjustments in our software to be Vista-friendly.  All the applications will now run just fine under Vista (and users installing onto Windows 2000 or WinXP will see no obvious difference).


But I do not think Microsoft designed Vista for the home computer. My impression is it is wonderful for a huge corporation, e.g. General Motors, but is going to give the home user fits.  Most older applications will not run reliably under Vista.  Most older printers will not work under Vista.  And forget about on-line banking and any site that needs an ActiveX control in a web page: They just won't work under Vista.


You see, Microsoft needed to improve security from hacker attacks. They accomplished this with an operating system edict: Applications must run as a limited user.  The consequence of that is programs have traditionally saved user data in their folder under Program Files.  Under Vista they can't do that. It must be saved to %LocalAppData% for a limited user, and for an Administrator to %AppData%. Although MS has tried a kludge to accommodate older programs (by use of what they have termed Virtual Directories), it isn't very successful.


I heard some television commentator saying that Vista was the best thing that ever happened to encourage Apple computer sales. Probably for the short term, he's right, but when Apple gets a user share of the market of 20 to 30%, then hackers will have a field-day wrecking Apples.


So, in my humble opinion, should you upgrade to a Vista computer? No. (But if you do our software, MPWord, MPTools and MPSentinel are ready for you.)


Best wishes,

Vann Joe

Do you use MS Vista? I need to have MS-XP
i don't think MS will give a hoot about us and our programs, to be honest.  i think it will be the other way around...our IT people will have to re-design our programs to work with Vista.  and i doubt that any IT will be willing to start that endeavour until Vista had gotten the bugs worked out.  Stick with XP and let others find out what the problems are with Vista and wait for that to get resolved is my opinion.

I got a new computer with Vista and I had to take it back.  It is not compatible with a lot of the transcribing programs.  Check with your company.  I am starting an ER account with KS and I think they use Extext.  They told me it would not work. 

Don't know if this will help you or not, but earlier this week I was at Office Max and asked about a laptop with XP. Guy said possible to wipe out Vista and buy XP software and load that. You would be able to upgrade to Vista if/when wanted with disks that came with computer. I want to say the XP software was about $200.00. Like I said, don't know if that will work for you. Me, I think I would take it somewhere and have them do it. Save the headache. (Tax deduction as well)
No Vista
Just speaking from experience, a lot of programs are not up to speed to accepting Vista..... So don't do what I did - spent a good chunk of change on a nice laptop, only to have to purchase another one with XP to use for work!!  :o)
I am curious, what is wrong with Vista that is not compatible with what we do?  Is any of our software that we used with XP compatible including Word?  Our expanders?  Could you be more specific?  Thanks, I need a new computer soon and am wondering, and also wondering about getting a Mac and loading all my software on it.  I have heard that this is possible and it sounds good because of the lack of virus they seem to enjoy. 
...are you using Vista yet? ...nm
RE: Vista
I got a new computer with Vista. I packed it up twice to take back. I finally got the hang of it. I changed the way some of it looked, so it would look little like XL. Anyhow, had to buy Word and it is really different, had to upgrade Transcription Gear, and had to get upgrade for Shorthand. Now, I am all set. All works fine. There are good things and bad things. I think it is for people that do not know anything. Good luck.
I just got my new laptop last week with Vista. Had the same problem. I called Dell and they remotely installed the correct file that was needed. Wish I knew what it was but can't help there. Dell was terrific...maybe your tech would be also.
Re: Vista

I am sorry if this is long but I am so lost here on this.  I have a laptop with Windows Vista on it.  I hate the sound card, does not record states volume too low when it is turned all the way up and found through research problems with Vista etc.  Has anybody used an external sound card that works well with it.  I was going to have Vista wiped out and have XP put on but the tech is telling me I cannot have that done as I need to have motherboard etc changed, need manufacture help etc.  Has anybody done this successfully or am I just stuck with Vista and need to get over it.  

Thanks ! 

RE: Vista
I have Vista also. Not problem with sound though. What kind of computer do you have? My main problem is the programs working with Vista. I am in a mess trying to get Meditech to work with it now. Hang in there. Sooner or later, everybody is going to be in the same boat with this.
I had a problem with EVERYTHING with Vista...I finally had to just return the computer and have one built that I could load XP on...You can only buy prebuilts with Vista now, and conveniently, you can't overwrite Vista with XP.  It was a true nightmare..was out of work for 2 weeks..I highly recommend no one buy a computer with Vista at this point.  But, that's just my opinion!  :
I just purchased a new computer (desktop), cannot connect to the Internet.  I have a wireless system, put the CD in for the USB adaptor and it does not detect my wireless modem.  Any suggestions? 
You cannot just take off Vista SM

and load XP.  You have to partition the drive, the Vista stays and the XP goes in a different sector.  If you just throw in the XP disc and hope it overwrites the Vista, you will end up with an unusable computer until you recover the Vista and you still will not be able to use XP on it.

If you are not a technical person, you should take the computer to someone who is to do this correctly.

I bought a new computer with Vista installed. I LOVED Vista, but had to have it uninstalled because it was incompatible with the software platform that my MT company used. If you check some of the job ads, lots of companies haven't updated their systems to be compatible with Vista yet. So, perhaps you are better off with XP for awhile?
RE: Vista
If you were using Shorthand, did you buy it? If you did, you can still use it. You don't have to buy an upgrade or anything. Just download that one or whatever. You still have it unless you bought another machine. Vista uses it. If you changed machines, you can copy it from old one and put on new one. I did that.
I find Vista clunky and its security is kind of a joke. Can't you just install XP if Vista doesn't work or you don't like it? It's $139 for XP Pro at tigerdirect.com.
Are there any companies out there that are using VISTA yet?  I am still using XP and that is all that my company uses - just wondering with microsoft going straight to VISTA at the end of June if anyone knew of companies that were already using it.?  Thanks
I wonder this too. I have a Vista and am starting with a company who is not compatible with it. I am having trouble getting a new computer with the old XP on it. Even rental companies all have Vista. I have been checking around some used computer stores.
I checked a web site for XP a few days ago and they said it was being extended for two years. I hope that is right.
Any Have VISTA

I have Vista and word 2007.  I understand that the MT world requires XP operating system and word 2003 or higher but not 2007.  I am thinking about getting my Vista switched to XP and trying to find a lower version of word.

Any suggestions?



I have Vista... (sm)

It came with a trial version of Word 2007 and I hated it. Couldn't even try all the features because it was a trial version. I got rid of it and installed my Word 2000.

I can't say I like Vista but I'm stuck with it. I'm having a problem with the Search feature. It just doesn't find some files that are definitely there. When I scroll manually through the directory, I see the files and can edit them. It's very random and the files don't fit specific criteria, such as before or after a certain date. Sometimes it shows two versions of the file with different dates, but inside they are identical. It also "sees" files that have been deleted. If I try to delete it again, it says it can't be found. It worked fine at first but after a couple of months it gradually went flaky. There may be a setting that got messed up but if so, I don't know what or where to find it. The Help feature is pitiful.

So that's my story about Vista and, not to hijack your post, but I'd appreciate any advice that anyone has about this problem.

Are you using Vista?

If so, be sure to disable the User Account Control setting which can be found under User Accounts and Family Safety in the Control Panel.

If you are still having trouble, the best would be to contact our tech support directly. You can email as at support@textware.com or you can call us at 781-272-3200 ext 2.

Textware Solutions

XP and Vista...sm
First, installing more than one Windows operating system to create a multi-boot system is best done by installing them in order with the oldest one first.

Since you already have Vista installed, you'd be going the opposite direction. It can be done, but the best way is to get a third-party boot manager like BootMagic, OS Selector, System Commander, etc. to accomplish this. These help you resize partitions, etc. to accommodate multiple operating systems. Once they are installed, these programs fire up when you boot the system and provide you with the menu of choices as to which OS you want to boot.

Second, you can't install any Windows OS using anything but the installation disks - not the backup disks. It's pretty easy to imagine how allowing users to do so would invite piracy of the software. Backup disks are used to recover from a crash on the machine that was used to create them. You'll need to purchase a copy of XP if you don't have the CDs from your old system.

One alternative to creating a multiboot system as above is to set up a "virtual machine" using something like VMWare. However, you still need the installation CDs or disks for any operating system you want to run as a "virtual machine".
vista vs. xp
I just went through the same thing. My new computer had Vista and I needed XP. I had to get a professional to do it, because it is a major pain to set up a multiboot system. This poor guy had to wipe out Vista and then search around and find the proper drivers for my new system to match up with XP. Of course, Microsoft was absolutely no help as was HP (the manufacturer). If you can get a decent used one for a couple hundred, do it. It will be much simpler and a lot quicker.
You are so right. I just bought a new laptop with Vista. I have been online with tech support every day since. Some kind of problem. However, I did purchase a new program for XP several months ago when they were getting hard to find for $200. I will have it installed. I could do it but, there are several glitches and I want a pro to do it. My XP is in the shop now. Needless to day, make NO money for quite a while untill this is all paid for.

Also my printer does not work correctly. Went to the web and downloaded the driver but it is finicky (spell). It has been a NIGHTMARE the whole way. If I could have had time to look around and get one off the net it would have been better, but as an IC, have to have the work out within a certain time.

Sorry this is long, but one other thing, ShortHand will not work properly with Vista either. I have the 30-day trial of Shorthand 10. I am sure I will end up buying that also! It will be a bargain at about $30 per year. Plan to buy the CD when more affluent.

Good luck to you.
I bought a new computer last month. Had a nightmare of a time for the first two weeks on line with tech support every day. Finally found out ShortHand will not work unless you use the new version 10 which is about $30 per year and cheap which cut out most of the headaches. My printer did not work at first, but after research, the company sent me a link for driver so it works now too. You may want to try that and I hope it works for you. The problem with buying a new one next year is that it is sure to have glitches too. I waited as long as I could to buy Vista but old computer went on the fritz so didn't have much choice. Hope this helps you.
If you have Vista...sm
yes. there is a problem between Vista and IE7 and nothing you can do will stop these messages. download IE8 and all will be taken care of. This was why IE8 was made, specifically. good luck. It worked for me!

Usually computers slow down for two things.  The most common in spamware and viruses.  I like to use adaware from lavasoft (google search: lavasoft adaware) which offers a free trial and removes almost all spamware.  It picks up a lot of cookies as spam so you have to be careful what is deleted or all your saved passwords will be removed when you clean the system.

The harder one to clean up - and that is the most common with Vista - is registry errors.  You can go to a site called finallyfast.com and get a free diagnostic of your system, if you have more than 100 registry errors the software is worth the cost.  The problem with Vista is that MS was so busy trying to make it look more like a MAC that it forgot it was working with an IBM compatible.  When you load drivers and software onto your machine the registry keys that tell the system how to run the program are not loaded on correctly and so the program doesn't run correctly which freaks out the machine and ... blip - blue screen of death. 


If you only use your machine for 10 programs or less (e.g., your foot pedal, printer, dictation software, internet explorer, and sound card for work) then Vista runs smooth as a baby's bottom.  If you use your computer to surf the internet, play games, write papers or books, etc. then you run into problems.

Some people purchased a software package with their computer that included a registry correction agent and that is why their computers run better even with more programs running.  This package is very option and probably cost $100 or more so most people opt to leave it out.


Try the finallyfast.com and get the adaware.  Make sure you update your antivirus software at least once a week - every day is better.  If you don't know what you are doing or are not comfortable take the advice of some very knowlegable people - as suggested elsewhere - and take it to the pros.  They will diagnose the problems and discuss options with you - some of which I listed above.  I used to do tech support for USPS, these are suggestions we give those people and I think they will work for you too! :)

Anyone considering Windows Vista?
I'm just now beginning research, anyone have any opinions yet?
VIsta - What will it do to MT work?
Vista is coming out at the end of the week.  Is it going to cause MTs computer problems?  What is the techs telling all of the MTs out there about whether it will work with company platforms? 
windows vista
I have seen a lot about Vista not working with several programs, etc. Has anyone found a fix for this, or is it better to just stay with XP and pray it does not crash. I think I may use the "contact us" on the windows site to let them know our problem, I mean we are a major user of their product. What are our alternatives? Any opinions?
Windows Vista
I need to get a new computer, having decided I need one dedicated solely to work, without my 13-year-old's sites and fun and games. But I'm wondering how the new thing, Windows Vista, is going to affect different programs and platforms. All the job ads I see where you use your own computer specify Windows XP. And I don't really want a buggy new system. Amybody facing this?
Don't fool with Vista yet
My son beta tests these programs and this one is not ready yet.  It conflicts with other programs at present, especially any older programs (pre XP).  Better to wait until it has been out for quite a few months and the bugs are worked out. 
Has anybody tried the new Windows Vista...sm

If so does it work well with the voice file/foot pedals we use for transcription. 


Windows Vista
Are there any companies that have systems compatible with Windows Vista?

Windows Vista
Does the new Basic Windows Vista come with any type of word processing program or do you have to buy that separately? Thanks.
Windows Vista

Has anyone used Windows vista with Extext? 

Vista not working for me either
Same story.... bought a new laptop for and it's not compatible with my either of my jobs. Waaaaa. :o(