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and I'm a liar it would seem

Posted By: teaser on 2007-07-04
In Reply to: yes and no - teaser

Vista does work with DQS (I just read it on the Medquist board). That's cool to know. :)

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No one said liar ...
that's not the word "I" chose, ladies! You must be mis-reading. Have a nice day!
Oh, and let me tell you about another liar
I went to another physician for some lipo and he noticed the nasolabial folds and he guaranteed that inserting Gore-Tex inside underneath these would smooth them out. The procedure did not work and when I asked him about it and told him guaranteed he said just my word against his. I then reminded him of what my father always said - a man is no better than his word. Total lies once again and can you believe his answer- my word against his? I have lost most respect I ever had for so called doctors.
I would ask her to show you how she is accomplishing this!  I honestly do not think this is humanly possible.  I have a friend who had claimed she was doing 500 to 600 on average, turns out that was with HUGE templates!
MQ lover-liar
If you have to say you don't lie, you are a liar.
And you are assuming I am a liar when you don't know


and how do you spot a liar??
just wondering. I have a bridge for sale.
I am definately not a liar and I can
honestly say that I've been doing VR on the eScription platform for over 4 years now, 2 years at my current employer, and at 0.04 a line I can easily do 500+ lines an hour. I have a great primary account that I have been on those 2 years and sometimes if I get the few dictators that have templates I can even do 700+ an hour. It most certainly can be done!
Not saying you are crazy or a liar.
Saying the state you live in is crazy though.

How does that have anything to do with a person's ability to operate a vehicle? That seems kinda outrageous if you ask me.
Great for you!!! I am not here to call anyone a liar...
I started this thread and I just wanted to see if I have anything to look forward to in the future. I would love to make even 3,000-4,000 a month. That is still a good figure for me! As of right now I am making about $1000 a month, but I have kids to tend to also.
You don't think calling someone a liar is hateful? lol
Mine is totally incompetent as well as liar.
You said you "joined" the lawsuit. You did NO such thing! You're a liar!
How's that for spin? Didn't want to say it before, but you're right, why be polite? There is NO LAWSUIT TO JOIN NOW.  Only 3 employees are suing and we're NOT ALLOWED to join it yet.  So banter and pound your chest all you want, you joined in your dreams, sister!!
Talk about anger...anyone who posts a high IQ score is a pathological liar.....
So, are you saying that no MTs can have high IQ scores?? Just because you don't, we all have to be pathological liars? Sorry.
not a liar, not an old person, I make waaaaay over $20/hour, probably double (CA, .15-.17 line) sm

I have two accounts of my own and do vacation coverage for a few other MTs as well as occassional work for a lawyer and a psychologist.  I charge .15 for one clinic and .17 for the other clinic... clinic #2 is a husband/wife neurologist team, and the husband was a major A&& at first... with a very strong accent and every possible bad dictator habit you can imagine.  I told wife I would transcribe for her, but not for him, I had plenty of business.  She said charge whatever you want, have whatever turnaround time you want, just please don't leave.  At the time they were at .12... so I upped them to .17.  That was 5 years ago and now after having gotten to know him and his *quirks* I adore them both.  I am an IC, but they give me very large gift cards for Christmas, kind of in lieu of a bonus, I guess. 

Clinic #2... just this week took on another physician and I told them point blank it was too much for me to provide quick service and they may want to consider a service.  They said no way, we changed the turnaround time to one week with stats as needed.  I even asked them if they considered voice recognition and the office manager laughed and laughed. 

I am just now putting both clinics on digital, and after the initial cost, this will increase my estimated hourly wage as it will take away my delivery time and cost, and my paper and ink printing cost and time.  Though I still plan to visit each office on a regular basis for customer service and because I know my customer service is what got me here in the first place.

For the *occasional* work, the lawyer and pysch I charge $50/transcription hour. 

I know you will all doubt me.  But I work extremely hard, have put in my time with my education - not just learning MT but learning the ropes of running a business and how to do everything smarter, faster, and in the most efficient and sensible way possible.  I also have another business I do in a totally different field!  I am very blessed.  Well, I also know the fields I have chosen were perfect for me, and also I've had good luck.  You know what I think though?  I think my sense of humor and just being as honest and open and observant as possible has made this possible. 

Wait, you want me to walk in a masochist's shoes or a liar's shoes and work 80 hours for what?
Kick off the freaking shoes.  Why do you wear them 80 hours a week was the question.