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It can be done both ways. There are platforms out there

Posted By: either or on 2006-01-04
In Reply to: I have a question. Do you download the sound - files to your computer or are you

that you can download the sound files, transcribe them, then upload the documents. This would be like an FTP site for upload/download and Word/Express Scribe (or another wav player) to type/listen.

There are also platforms that work "realtime" over the Internet with servers. Some places have you log into their secure system to listen to the sound files and type in a Word-based platform.

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Platforms are bad.
Microsoft Word is great. The company's platforms really stink sometimes. Not helpful at all and make it harder for production.
DQS was one of first platforms (sm)
that pared transcription screen down to body of report, with all demographic stuff on UNPAID demographic screen. No matter how much time you have to spend searching for and filling in demo info, no pay for lines like cc's, dates of service, admission/discharge, names of consultants, etc. That stuff adds up when the reports are very short. If your new MTSO's account pays for such things as headers/footers, you should see better lph than you were able to achieve with DQS.
Yep that is low, though some platforms
are not MT friendly and if you have lots of horrible dictators it will slow you down.  At most companies the FT MTs tend to get first shot at the work (usually, I know there are exceptions) and I know with my company if work is slow FT MTs get the work first. 

Platforms are programs usually provided by the company.  Examples are Emdat, escription, or when you hear the term "proprietary software".  Oh, I think another one, is Bytescribe, but don't quote me on that. 

Express Scribe is considered a "player" for dss, wav files (digital recordings).  The doc will dictate either directly into a microphone on the computer or he/she may have a handheld digital recorder.  A lot of times these dss or wave files are provided to you through an FTP site.  If you read this post, I have found that any word that is underlined and in a different color, if you click on that word, there is also an explanation of these terms.  Very helpful indeed! 

Do not feel that you are ignorant.  There are still transcriptionists transcribing from tapes (me included).  I only wish I knew about this board long before I learned about it.  There are some nice people that will try to help you.  Good luck in your "at home" MT'ing....  

What exactly is a transcription platform and what are the best ones out there.  On the Diskriter ad they say they use ChartScript but I also saw someone else say they used AnyModal Edit.  What is the difference with these?  Looking into picking up extra work at home and needs lots of info.  Please be patient with me as I do not always know the answers or the right questions to ask. 
I believe the platform is the software used to transcribe or edit the dictation. Some are more user-friendly than others.
Have you tried it with any platforms?
Have you talked with the tech people at the company about this? Even though they say it won't work, find out if you can give it a try and if it will work.

As far as changing the OS from Vista to XP, it can be done. However, in a case like yours, I would be inclined to spend the $$ and take the laptop to a guru/specialist that I trust for the sake of my sanity.
I have never heard of a platform many of you are speaking about.  Could you please explain?  Thank You!!

If each company has their own platform, why do they list "experience preferred in..." that platform on their classifieds?  How could you have experience if you had never worked for them before?

Is MS Word experience recommended for most services?


I don't know anything about WP5.1 and FlashForward. Maybe I used them and didn't know it!  But when I used a DOS-based program - or, before that, a dedicated word processor - I could rack up the lines in nothing flat.

Now we get yelled at to produce more, produce more, while they tie our hands behind our backs with the idiotic software they provide us with.  What are we supposed to do in that position - type with our noses?

If you ever get the chance to use ChartNet, TAKE IT!  It is the most awesome program I've ever used in the 38 years I've been at this.  It is written for transcriptionists and is simple, amazingly easy to learn - an hour or two - and very rarely gives anybody any grief at all.  A man in Hudson, Ohio, developed it and it's spreading and just the best.
MTS Platforms
For at home-transcribers, what is a good software platform - Express Scribe, Transcription Gear???  How about ExText - is it available for purchase to ICs?
Not able to do that with certain platforms.
Can I get some opinions as to what you think is the best platform to work in?  Does anyone think Scribe is slow?  What is best, what is worst?
what platforms MT's like
I like just Word and then encrypted e-mail
Transcend platforms
Any help you can pass my way on the various platforms that Transcend uses and how user friendly they are, bulky they might be , etc. will be appreciated.  Can you use Expanders with them?
Platforms like any other software (sm)
have differing features. Some of these features are more attractive to a hospital or MTSO than to an MT. Some were not designed for a production environment but are being used as such. Some are chosen by companies because they are "tweakable" to maximize profits for the company and not the MT. Some are simply not MT-friendly, too many demographic screens and other piddly things to fill out that slow one down.

Also, a facility's internal IT department, server, network connection, and other factors make another difference. A decent platform can be ruined by an MTSO or client not having enough power to run the software.

But basically to get at your question, IMO a good platform minimizes the amount of "fiddle work" an MT has to do. It has things like automatic filling of demographics, report lookup features. It works with multiple brands of abbreviation software seamlessly. It's fast because it's installed optimally on a system big enough to handle its memory requirements. Its line counting setup or function is clear and verifiable by the MT.

IMO anytime you have to be fiddling around with multiple popup boxes, searching for patient demographics for every report, or waiting on a slow system, that's not a good platform to be on and is costing you money.
Need some information about these 2 platforms...
If you had a chance to work with Dictaphone Ex-Text, or Chartscript, which one would you pick?
Don't know about platforms, but recent
posts about having trouble getting paid with DeVenture. 
DocQScribe and Other Platforms

I have Emdat and Transurfer on this computer and all attempts to get jobs in DQS have been thwarted.  No idea why.  Never had this problem before.  Voice file just shows "buffering" and never goes beyond that.  If anyone knows a fix, I would love to hear it.  Thanks!

Transcription platforms

Hi all - I'm looking for a transcription platform for my small company. I've looked into EMDAT, Intrascript, and Medquist. I've seen a reference here regarding I-text, but I can't seem to find them on Google. Do you have any other platform recommendations? Also, do you know their contact info?


yes, it is possible to have 2 different platforms on the same computer...nm
What are the good platforms?

What are the good platforms?  I currently work in MS Word and upload my reports after completing each one. 


I have several platforms on my computer..
I have EXT, Fusion, Bayscribe, Escription, Dictaphone, and Express Scribe. I use ShortHand 10 for one account and autocorrect in word for others. I have had no problems with anything. I did have a problem once with escription and not being able to use yahoo messenger while in there, but that is all. Hope this helps!
They have different platforms. Have never heard of one you spoke
These are not really platforms--they are software programs
A transcription platform is really a computer network that operates in a different way, usually involves having to log into to secure server that allows for file transfers of voice recordings and transcribed documents. They usually have an embedded software application for transcription, and most times has capabilities to allow replay of dictation file from within that system, which creates a lot of the foot pedal discrepancies because they are all not the same setup. MTs and MTSOs that don't have their own company platform (network)can subscribe to these services to be 100% compliant. These are refered to as TASPs or ASPs. Some examples would be like Emdat, Scribe, Escription, Bayscribe, MTWorld, etc. There are other services that allow for secure upload/download digital recordings and upload of transcribed files that do not have an embedded platform--Metroscript, Novuscript, MyDocsOnline, which are more like glorified FTP services. They are secure in the Transfer function but not 100% technically HIPAA secure because the MT is able to download the files directly to their own system to do the transcription, usually saving a copy on the PC hard drive. HIPAA says work should be done on a secure network system and that the MTs doing the transcription shouldn't be able to save anything to their own PC hard drive, or at least erase it when done. You may already know this, but I just thought I'd clarify your questions regarding the transcription software programs you mentioned. Peace.
Any companies with platforms that allow using Vista? How about a Mac? NM

Vista is still not compatible with most platforms currently.
I have yet to see a platform compatible with MAC and if you look at the job ads when listing needed equipment they all say PC. 
I've had multiple platforms.

Once you land the 2nd job, the tech person should be able to help. 

I'm a small MTSO - what platforms do MTs like?

Or do you prefer typing in your own Word program and emailing encrypted files?  Do you prefer to use C-phone to access the dictation, or wav pedal?  I'm seriously thinking it might be better to use a platform where MTs can go online to access the dictation and the platform to type into and I am looking for ones that MTs like and consider MT friendly.  So...what have you used and which ones do you like best?  I did do a search, but I'm asking again.  Obviously, being a small MTSO some of the larger platforms might be beyond my reach, but I'm looking for opinions.

Platforms - the good, bad, and the ugly!

Would like to know what platforms are user-friendly and which ones slow you down.  Currently working on one that slooooows me down so much!!! 

What are the TX platforms to stay away from ? I am currently on a job using EMDAT
and I am about to loose my mind!  I am new to the company and this platform is making me as a new employee look like a bumbling fool!!! I feel like I am always complaining about somthing or another because the program does not seem to be very user friendly.  I am wondering if I shouldn't just look for another company to work for.  I just don't know what other platforms to steer clear of in the future when looking for work.
Scribe and Inscribe are two different platforms...sm
Isn't Inscribe used by an MTSO in Kentucky??

Anyway, just wanted to clarify that. :)
Do any of your platforms have shortcuts for productivity...
my company had used our system so short of time they didn't even know how it worked!
Which platforms do you find to be the most user friendly . . . sm
and allow you to be more productive?  Your input is greatly appreciated!
Platforms are referred to when you work live
via a VPN or through the internet in some fashion -- when you work directly from their voice server and upload back to their server through the software they use.
Accounts, companies, platforms differ...sm
To my mind, the only true barometer of compensation (aside from benefits) is one single number: What do you make, on average, per hour of labor? By "on average", I mean, for instance, as measured over a period of time such as a week or more.

Think about it: This one number takes into account all of the variances that we see between accounts, companies and platforms when it comes to nonproductive "clerical" demands, dictator variances, quirky site specifics, technical level of the content, sound quality, the usability of the platform, and even work availability.

I've found that those who wish to be paid by the hour are often being overburdened by nonproduction requirements, challenging site specifics (for instance, in one case, over 100 different worktypes with the need to listen to the first part of the report before you knew which template to choose!), or by platforms that are not "transcription-friendly", while those who are happy with production pay are more fortunate in one or more of these regards.

It is so difficult to compare the variables among accounts, companies and platforms individually that you need a single number like this to bring things into focus. That means that an essential question to ask any prospective employer is this:

"On average, how much are people in your company who have my level of experience earning per hour once they learn your system?"

You'll get one of three answers:

1. One that sounds knowledgeable and frank.

2. One that sounds "hedged" or questionable. Probe further. "How sure are you of that number?"...etc.

3. "I don't know." I would run very far and very fast from any company that is so poorly managed that they do not know how their production numbers relate to hours of employee transcription time. Such companies are likely to overhire and to make errors in creating their client teams, and they don't have a handle on the basic business metrics that apply to this industry.
I used satellite with 2 different platforms and the download and upload speeds were just
that satellite was just a 'step up' from dialup, but it was WAAAAY faster and very comparable to the cable and DSL I previously had. I had more down time with both of those because the companies do not want to spend the money to repair connections and lines running to the individual homes (this from a Bellsouth tech after his 8th visit to my house). Plus, living here in Florida, I was able to work last year during and after swipes by 4 hurricanes. Our phones were out for 2 weeks and cable was out all over town for even longer. Just plugged my surge protector into the generator and off to work I went. Give me my satellite any day! Thank you so much for your encouragement! Right now I guess I'll just ride my horse for a couple hours. We are surrounded by federal preserve land. There are miles and miles of trails with old plantation ruins. Very relaxing. In spite of not working, I do love my life!!!!
Thanks for your responses. The ad said it was loaded with several platforms and word processors
Any companies have VR/Speech platforms, i.e. Dictaphone, Escription ?

Any companies have VR/Speech platforms, i.e. Dictaphone, Escription ?
Thank you.  I will look there.
I believe there are many ways
we have benefited from others coming to America. We have a specialist at our Children's Hospital, that is world renowned for rebuidling throats and trachea's for kids after haveing had a trach tube...guess he should have stayed in Africa, in your way of thinking?
That goes both ways, though.
I don't know how many times I set aside an entire day because the company told me there would be work only to sit there all day long checking in every 15-30 minutes for nothing.  There are days when I make $5 and days when I make $200.  If I don't have work within an hour or two of my shift starting, I turn off the computer and leave for the day.  I'm not going to be on call for free just because the companies decided to call us ICs for their own tax break purposes.  The same goes for the cherry picked leftovers.  I'm not working for $7 an hour while someone else is cranking out the lines by taking all the good reports and dictators.
Sometimes you can have it both ways.

I used to work for a Jewish lawyer and received Jewish holidays off (paid), along with all other paid holidays (including Christmas.)

The difference is that Christmas is a FEDERAL holiday, in fact, the ONLY religious FEDERAL holiday where most people are paid regardless of their religious beliefs.  So people of other religious beliefs celebrate the *secular* Christmas, which is supposed to mean happiness, charity, gift-giving and especially tolerance.  Your post gives me the impression that you want to investigate and judge every American's religious beliefs and deprive them of the holiday if their beliefs don't match yours.  This is a pretty scary thought, especially because of the recently discovered practice of the government's illegal wire-tapping and spying of Americans under the guise of terrorism.

So maybe this issue isn't really about Christmas at all.  Maybe it's just about personal freedom, and personally, I find what's happening in this country to Americans almost as terrifying as the terrorists themselves. 

I don't think we can have it both ways.

I didn't see Frontline but have read and discussed the WalMart issue in depth over the years.

As I understand it, what separates WalMart from other large department and grocery stores is their business practices. WalMart dictates the price they're going to pay manufacturers for the goods going on the WalMart shelf. If the manufacturer doesn't cut his price to meet WalMart's demands, the store will just move on and stock a different company's brand. (So maybe Bounty cut a deal to get their product distributed thru WalMart but Marcal paper towels couldn't, for example.) The manufacturer is then faced with having to trim his margins while producing more to meet the higher distribution of having WalMart's business. Some companies are much more able and willing to do that than others.

But there is a mentality there that I just personally have a problem with.

To me it's like the hospital telling the MTSO that they're only going to pay 10 cents a line, period. The MTSO will have to slash her profits and likely the rates she's giving to her ICs or employees in order to keep the work coming in. OR, the MTSO may decide it makes more sense for her to get ICs that are willing to work at a much lesser rate (like those in India) so she can keep her business profits steady. This forces the MTSO's hand in a way that I feel is unjust, as her options are quite limited. No business owner or worker wants to go backward income-wise as the years pass, but this is the kind of thing that WalMart is doing to business people. It sounds to me like many hospitals and physician practices do business the WalMart way, and I think we need to walk the talk. If you shop at WalMart to save a few cents, do so knowing that you're supporting a company policy in the process. I do shop there on occassion, I admit, but I keep it to a minimum because I don't want to contribute to WalMart's success. 

Good opportunity, while I have the soapbox, is to share something that has been on my mind for years as this offshoring issue has snowballed. I think the saddest outcome of all this is the illwill that has been fostered among so many us. Some of us get on a high horse about where we shop and don't shop, others resent that they have to run from to store to store, cutting coupons, just to get by every month and they last thing they want is to be preached at. Often there seems that there's not enough compassion or understanding, and to me, this devisiveness among people is just a horrible outcome as the loss of American jobs.

I also cringe when I read posts that just reek of bigotry toward Indians, Pakistanis, Canadians, etc. who wind up with work because a company thousounds of miles away made a business decision. Everyday working people, whether they're in Bangalore, Ontario, or Erie PA, do what's best for themselves and their families. I hope that no matter where we each stand on this complex issue that we don't allow ourselves to become mean-spirited and bitter people over it.

My DH is nothing like my dad, wish he was in a few ways though - sm
but for the most part I have a pretty good guy, just needs to learn to let the little stuff roll off his back. Both my dad and I are Scorpios and born 1 day apart so we are a bit alike, so I kind of went for the opposite of me which at times can drive you nuts but we have the same fundamental values and goals and that is important.
oh there's ways to get out of it....nm

2 ways
If you can go into Control I, that will show you the number of jobs (not the job numbers), but I don't write mine down with that function, I check frequently and would know if I missed a job.

on the other hand, if you have to go to the Dictaphone site, write down every job #, not that it does you any good because you have a lump dictation #, but if you do 40 reports (that you have written down) you should have at least 1000 lines and if it shows (as commonly does) 700 to 800 lines, then something is wrong, but how you prove it beats me.
Two ways. SM
1. Alt insert to add a shortcut. type in the keyword. Go to the text to type box. Hit Ctrl-K. (The next keys you hit will be assigned the shortcut). Hit Ctrl-B (for bold). Then type the text you want bolded. Do it again to turn off bold - hit Ctrl-K, then Ctrl-B.

2. After you name the macro and go to the text to type box, click on "Record" on the right side of the box. Then type your shortcut exactly like you want it, using Ctrl-B as in Word to start and stop the bold function. When finished, click "stop" on the recorder box. It will close and the shortcut will be saved.

You can do this with any Word function - italics, etc.
There are a few ways to do this. sm
Under Settings, Incoming you can specify the location where you want the files to be loaded from. Hit Add and chose either the folder on your computer or the FTP location. Check the file types you want and how you want them to load (manually or automatically). If you choose automatically, you can specific how often you want the program to check for new files. If you choose manually, you can use the Load Now button in the toolbar. This method will only load file types ES provides for selection(.dct, .wav, .mp3, and .aif file types). This will not work if you're working with .dss files (and is very frustrating to me).

The alternative method is to click on the Load button in the toolbar and go to the folder where you files are located. Hold down the Shift key, click on the first file, then scroll to the last file and click on it, while still holding down the Shift key. This will select all the files. Hit load.
Are you going to be looking for ways
If DH could "claim the income and I could be his "employee"? Really! You just want to type unlimited, have the money go to DH and then he just pay you the limit of $900.  And you dont see how this is wrong?  I would not want to hire you, would be afraid you would always be looking for way to cheat me, too.