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Platforms - the good, bad, and the ugly!

Posted By: NCMT on 2008-10-20
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Would like to know what platforms are user-friendly and which ones slow you down.  Currently working on one that slooooows me down so much!!! 

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The good, the bad, and the ugly.
I just transferred a whole group of on-site hospital MTs to a MTSO (I'm currently a recruiter). The money they made was amazing, and was killing the hospital. They all now work for a national.

On the flip side, I just went back to work for a hospital as an MT, the job was advertised recently on an MT board. Great bennies, I know the docs already as it is a local account, great pay. They were once with two major national MTSOs, decided they could do a better job themselves...and from what I've seen, I'm sure they do.
Good, bad or UGLY
Geez guys, I see no work, slow work, and when there is work - "it's bad". What does it take to make you people happy???????
Good, bad, ugly...
I've worked for several MT companies and have seen "it all" (no flames, I'm sure there are MTs here who have been working longer than I've been breathing). Anyway, have seen MDs who dictate every few words and expect us to fill in the blanks, had MDs who question in the beginning of the report "I wonder how many days until I get this job back, they must type them on the moon or something" etc.... Then there are the gems out there too, ie "I'm sure you can tell I'm dictating from my car, first of all sorry about that, but I'm on my way to a Steelers game, I sure hope you like the Steelers" As with any profession "Takes all kinds" :)
What are the good platforms?

What are the good platforms?  I currently work in MS Word and upload my reports after completing each one. 


There are good points and there are bad and ugly points. Unfortunately, the bad and ugly get
deleted.  Just the other day there was info and it seems to be more positive.  Like any MT job, some love it, some hate it.  But, having been employed there, the bad parts are/were true.   The changes sound great but not great enough to make me change my mind about working for them.  I do say she pays well for the area.  She is one of the rare business owners who actually started out as an MT..I think that makes a big difference in pay.
Precyse. Good, bad, ugly?


I have had the good, the bad and the ugly in QA people in the past sm
It shapes the way I do my job, on both sides of the equation.

Right now, I am teaching an MT to do acute care with my feedback. I must be doing something right (she is too and trying very hard) because she is progressing so nicely. She does rad too and she said that my help is making her a better rad MT as well.

I so rarely send anything to QA at my other FT job and I had to send one yesterday, the first in over a month! I was so p o 'd, but the doctor threw some obscure equipment at me and I had 7 blanks, but that was for only 3 words I could not document well enough to suit me. My favorite QA gal grabbed it and gave me some feedback on the words and she went on to tell me what a good job I did (not!) because she said that most MTs have 10 to 20 blanks for this same doctor. I almost never have a blank with him, but this one time...it was a complex lower extremity interventional vascular procedure and I am not up on the equipment for those just yet with the switch to cardiovascular from OP notes. I felt like a fool, but she was great.

I have some really awful ones and there is one in particular who comes to mind because of her extremely condescending and childish manner. I actually have the QA position for a gal who was fired because of a similar attitude problem.

As QA, we are around to be the MT's safety net. We here for an extra set of ears so that the document is as full and correct as possible. Providing feedback helps an MT so that the quantity of their work going to QA will diminish. If you really want a justification for your existence as a QA, it is in the number of blanks you fill in and low numbers of jobs you have to review. IT IS NOT a promotion! IT IS NOT job advancement! It is using the knowledge you have gained to help others.

I can sort of understand the attitude because MTs seem to be having more issues with quality than they used to, or so it seems to me. The quality most lacking is a sincere wish to do the job well.
Someone who unfairly grabs the easy stuff instead of doing the good, bad, and ugly,
I meant it in a good way, and I will not turn this into a huge ugly post.
I am not a "paranoid mass of jelly", for Heaven's sakes! But I have lived thru having neighbor children try to poison my puppies over our fence in similar circumstances - not identical, but similar.  These same kids used to stuff picked flowers in my mailbox, and I never knew how to take it.  I just asked that she be extra cautious. Obviously you ladies have been blessed with not being confronted in life with strange "encounters" like this - I have, and have tried to learn from it. There used to be no more trusting person than myself.  I have learned, though, to be cautious in situations like this - not paranoid, just cautious. Wisdom, some would call it? For what its worth, my sister is a psychiatrist, and she thought the flowers creepy as well, but in a different analytical light - with her mother's and sibling(s) death of late, and her expressing that she wanted the puppy killed, to my sister, she said they could be symbolic of flowers on a grave.  Not paranoid - she's nearly 60 years old and deals with school-aged kids on a daily basis. Her "job", so to speak. Again, probably a 100% innocent gesture, but to those of us who have had encounters with the "children from H*ll", it could be eery.  My post was meant out of genuine concern for Puppy Mom!
Emdat platform?? Good, bad or ugly? Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance. NM
Don't go there!!! It is ugly, ugly, ugly.
ugly. nm
No, I wasn't trying to be ugly to ANYONE. I truly was
trying to make some peace.

Goodness gracious.

Sorry folks.
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ugly names
I used to work with a woman named GayDonna -- yes, that was her REAL name!!!
What is up with that lately. It sounds so ugly!
Platforms are bad.
Microsoft Word is great. The company's platforms really stink sometimes. Not helpful at all and make it harder for production.
DQS was one of first platforms (sm)
that pared transcription screen down to body of report, with all demographic stuff on UNPAID demographic screen. No matter how much time you have to spend searching for and filling in demo info, no pay for lines like cc's, dates of service, admission/discharge, names of consultants, etc. That stuff adds up when the reports are very short. If your new MTSO's account pays for such things as headers/footers, you should see better lph than you were able to achieve with DQS.
Yep that is low, though some platforms
are not MT friendly and if you have lots of horrible dictators it will slow you down.  At most companies the FT MTs tend to get first shot at the work (usually, I know there are exceptions) and I know with my company if work is slow FT MTs get the work first. 

Platforms are programs usually provided by the company.  Examples are Emdat, escription, or when you hear the term "proprietary software".  Oh, I think another one, is Bytescribe, but don't quote me on that. 

Express Scribe is considered a "player" for dss, wav files (digital recordings).  The doc will dictate either directly into a microphone on the computer or he/she may have a handheld digital recorder.  A lot of times these dss or wave files are provided to you through an FTP site.  If you read this post, I have found that any word that is underlined and in a different color, if you click on that word, there is also an explanation of these terms.  Very helpful indeed! 

Do not feel that you are ignorant.  There are still transcriptionists transcribing from tapes (me included).  I only wish I knew about this board long before I learned about it.  There are some nice people that will try to help you.  Good luck in your "at home" MT'ing....  

What exactly is a transcription platform and what are the best ones out there.  On the Diskriter ad they say they use ChartScript but I also saw someone else say they used AnyModal Edit.  What is the difference with these?  Looking into picking up extra work at home and needs lots of info.  Please be patient with me as I do not always know the answers or the right questions to ask. 
I believe the platform is the software used to transcribe or edit the dictation. Some are more user-friendly than others.
Have you tried it with any platforms?
Have you talked with the tech people at the company about this? Even though they say it won't work, find out if you can give it a try and if it will work.

As far as changing the OS from Vista to XP, it can be done. However, in a case like yours, I would be inclined to spend the $$ and take the laptop to a guru/specialist that I trust for the sake of my sanity.
I have never heard of a platform many of you are speaking about.  Could you please explain?  Thank You!!

If each company has their own platform, why do they list "experience preferred in..." that platform on their classifieds?  How could you have experience if you had never worked for them before?

Is MS Word experience recommended for most services?


I don't know anything about WP5.1 and FlashForward. Maybe I used them and didn't know it!  But when I used a DOS-based program - or, before that, a dedicated word processor - I could rack up the lines in nothing flat.

Now we get yelled at to produce more, produce more, while they tie our hands behind our backs with the idiotic software they provide us with.  What are we supposed to do in that position - type with our noses?

If you ever get the chance to use ChartNet, TAKE IT!  It is the most awesome program I've ever used in the 38 years I've been at this.  It is written for transcriptionists and is simple, amazingly easy to learn - an hour or two - and very rarely gives anybody any grief at all.  A man in Hudson, Ohio, developed it and it's spreading and just the best.
MTS Platforms
For at home-transcribers, what is a good software platform - Express Scribe, Transcription Gear???  How about ExText - is it available for purchase to ICs?
Not able to do that with certain platforms.
Can I get some opinions as to what you think is the best platform to work in?  Does anyone think Scribe is slow?  What is best, what is worst?
what platforms MT's like
I like just Word and then encrypted e-mail
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She's way too young to have had all that work done.  My guess is it was a mistake when it said Kat's family and friends... apparently she doesn't have anyone except her parents and grandma!



Do not be ugly to people on their accomplishments. NM
Well, Gretchen, I'm old and ugly, but agree...sm
Rude, cruel, insulting people definitely eat roadkill. Best to blow them off. :D :D
It can be done both ways. There are platforms out there
that you can download the sound files, transcribe them, then upload the documents. This would be like an FTP site for upload/download and Word/Express Scribe (or another wav player) to type/listen.

There are also platforms that work "realtime" over the Internet with servers. Some places have you log into their secure system to listen to the sound files and type in a Word-based platform.
Transcend platforms
Any help you can pass my way on the various platforms that Transcend uses and how user friendly they are, bulky they might be , etc. will be appreciated.  Can you use Expanders with them?
Platforms like any other software (sm)
have differing features. Some of these features are more attractive to a hospital or MTSO than to an MT. Some were not designed for a production environment but are being used as such. Some are chosen by companies because they are "tweakable" to maximize profits for the company and not the MT. Some are simply not MT-friendly, too many demographic screens and other piddly things to fill out that slow one down.

Also, a facility's internal IT department, server, network connection, and other factors make another difference. A decent platform can be ruined by an MTSO or client not having enough power to run the software.

But basically to get at your question, IMO a good platform minimizes the amount of "fiddle work" an MT has to do. It has things like automatic filling of demographics, report lookup features. It works with multiple brands of abbreviation software seamlessly. It's fast because it's installed optimally on a system big enough to handle its memory requirements. Its line counting setup or function is clear and verifiable by the MT.

IMO anytime you have to be fiddling around with multiple popup boxes, searching for patient demographics for every report, or waiting on a slow system, that's not a good platform to be on and is costing you money.
Need some information about these 2 platforms...
If you had a chance to work with Dictaphone Ex-Text, or Chartscript, which one would you pick?
Don't know about platforms, but recent
posts about having trouble getting paid with DeVenture. 
DocQScribe and Other Platforms

I have Emdat and Transurfer on this computer and all attempts to get jobs in DQS have been thwarted.  No idea why.  Never had this problem before.  Voice file just shows "buffering" and never goes beyond that.  If anyone knows a fix, I would love to hear it.  Thanks!

Transcription platforms

Hi all - I'm looking for a transcription platform for my small company. I've looked into EMDAT, Intrascript, and Medquist. I've seen a reference here regarding I-text, but I can't seem to find them on Google. Do you have any other platform recommendations? Also, do you know their contact info?


yes, it is possible to have 2 different platforms on the same computer...nm
I have several platforms on my computer..
I have EXT, Fusion, Bayscribe, Escription, Dictaphone, and Express Scribe. I use ShortHand 10 for one account and autocorrect in word for others. I have had no problems with anything. I did have a problem once with escription and not being able to use yahoo messenger while in there, but that is all. Hope this helps!
Its not that I'm worried about bidding, but if the seller is ugly in
response to neutral or negative feedback I don't wan to deal with them, I don't care if they have a 99% rating.  Sure there may be hundreds of positives, but it is their response that I'm looking for to see if I want to deal with this person/company.  
Oh, and to the smart-mouthed poster below trying to be ugly to
those who are wanting to know more....SHUT THE H*** UP. You're not helping anyone.

I had to learn how to use macros, word expanders, etc., to get faster and there is no reason why these MTs shouldn't be given insight, hints, and tips to do it either.

Go mind your own business and stop being a snotty jerk.
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