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I used satellite with 2 different platforms and the download and upload speeds were just

Posted By: as fast as when I had DSL or cable. The installer on 2006-01-02
In Reply to: Satellite upload speed is not much (sm) - Lori

that satellite was just a 'step up' from dialup, but it was WAAAAY faster and very comparable to the cable and DSL I previously had. I had more down time with both of those because the companies do not want to spend the money to repair connections and lines running to the individual homes (this from a Bellsouth tech after his 8th visit to my house). Plus, living here in Florida, I was able to work last year during and after swipes by 4 hurricanes. Our phones were out for 2 weeks and cable was out all over town for even longer. Just plugged my surge protector into the generator and off to work I went. Give me my satellite any day! Thank you so much for your encouragement! Right now I guess I'll just ride my horse for a couple hours. We are surrounded by federal preserve land. There are miles and miles of trails with old plantation ruins. Very relaxing. In spite of not working, I do love my life!!!!

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i know nothing about wireless -- but with DSL mine were taking only about 15 seconds when i signed on. Then i got a replacement machine and it was back to about 5 min to do the initial upload. Tech support said there were problems with the new DQS version, so my replacement machine was reverted to old version. Don't know if any of this is helpful, but that's all i can offer...
Satellite upload speed is not much (sm)
better than dial-up. A lot of companies don't allow it because their own crappy platforms will time out waiting for your upload. You just need to look for companies that don't use a platform. Keep looking! There's some MTSO out there looking for you!
How long does it take for you to download/upload jobs?
I am wondering if I have a slow connection or if it is DocQScribe uploading/downloading jobs too slow.  I have wireless internet because it is the only service available in my area besides dial up.  Would love to hear some feedback on this.  Thanks
Another question - are you able to stay under the upload/download threshold? nm
Modems/speeds different
I'm not sure what fast IS but I don't experience slow downloads at least using systems DocQ and EMDAT.  It just takes under a minute usually to download the initial 3 reports and then it comes in prior to completing last report.  I have seen one post where she spent 20 minutes downloading a 2 minute voice file, is that what you mean.  Never experienced that.  I have earthlink and acccelerator, my modem came with the PC Agere Systems PCI -SV92 PP Soft Modems 56K
Try changing the speeds under Settings/Playback. I have my RW on 800/150 and
Download Express Scribe, it's free, when you download the voice files you will listen to....
them in Express Scribe and you can set your footpedal up. I forget where the downloaded files go, can't remember if you can put them where you want them but I would have to search for them to download to Express Scribe - maybe someone else can tell you how. It is much better than what you are doing.
Would definitely not go satellite. Most use DSL or cable, some with reimburse partial $$, satellite
Transcend, although they said my satellite was too slow, they do allow satellite with some accts. nm
Starting job using Olympus Player/pedal - does this have a good player with slow down speeds - I do

Until now I have always used company software with player included.  I hate to spend money and find out the player is mickey mouse!!

Thanks- you may e-mail me if you prefer.

I think if the FTP is "secure" you just upload using either their -sm
website using IE or using an FTP transfer program. I am actually looking into this myself right now. Was thinking about Metroscript but they charge way too much, $15 a month + .34/mb uploaded to the site. It would cost me a min. of $135 a month to use it. So I am looking into those that offer secure FTP but with no fees other than the monthly usage flat fee. I have no idea about cable, I use dial up (no cable or DSL here). As for inspectors, I highly doubt that will ever happen.
Not by email. You have to upload sm
to another site, zip the filed and send.  Try sendthisfile.com
Cool! Try photobucket.com to upload them to
I have mine all upload from a folder on my PC.
I just go and periodically clean out that folder.
upload voice file
A good way to upload a voice file is to send it by FTP to an in-house computer. This keeps it off email and the web.

Just keep in mind that you have to have software to upload the files to you.

Cheap handheld units sold on ebay do not offer that.  Those mentioned are older models and do not have the software to upload to FTP.  No offense to the last poster, but the handheld units that do have software to upload to FTP are newer models and cost more.

You're also taking your chances buying on ebay, so OP, whatever you decide to do, make sure to only buy from Powersellers or sellers with no less than a 98 rating.

Listen/read/proof and then upload

I don't do VR right now, but when I did I would only go through it once.  Only on a very long one would I ever go back through it again and only if I had a problem would I listen to the whole thing again.  I started out doing that and realized I was never going to make above $4 an hour if I kept that up.

I agree! They're looking for you to upload to a network drive,
which is totally not your responsibility to provide for them. If they don't want to install a network and dedicated drive, they can turn on their file sharing but allow ONE computer to be the master computer. All other computers would have access to the shared folder on the "main" computer. However, they would HAVE to be sure they uploaded the files again to the main drive after making changes.

As for the search feature, they've already got that built into Windows. Start Menu, Search for Documents, Advanced Search options, "A word or phrase contained in the document," type the patient's name into the box, and specify which drive to search on. Hit OK and voila!
There is an upload hanheld icon on the tool bar of the Olympus software.
from the unit to the computer, then the file can be dragged and dropped.  Good luck!
Under tools/options, you can have it upload the files once the recorder is detected. I ...

have all of my accounts set up this way.  It makes it much easier and all the doc has to do is plug in the recorder.  I use DocShuttle with Olympus DS-2300 recorders.

Hope this helps.

Core is software to upload and downloads. It's not a hosting site.
if you purchase bytescribe/docshuttle, you can actually upload the completed work back on there. nm
Download antikeylogger from download.com.

I haven't tried it yet, but it's got good reviews and a 10-use trial.


Platforms are bad.
Microsoft Word is great. The company's platforms really stink sometimes. Not helpful at all and make it harder for production.
DQS was one of first platforms (sm)
that pared transcription screen down to body of report, with all demographic stuff on UNPAID demographic screen. No matter how much time you have to spend searching for and filling in demo info, no pay for lines like cc's, dates of service, admission/discharge, names of consultants, etc. That stuff adds up when the reports are very short. If your new MTSO's account pays for such things as headers/footers, you should see better lph than you were able to achieve with DQS.
Yep that is low, though some platforms
are not MT friendly and if you have lots of horrible dictators it will slow you down.  At most companies the FT MTs tend to get first shot at the work (usually, I know there are exceptions) and I know with my company if work is slow FT MTs get the work first. 

Platforms are programs usually provided by the company.  Examples are Emdat, escription, or when you hear the term "proprietary software".  Oh, I think another one, is Bytescribe, but don't quote me on that. 

Express Scribe is considered a "player" for dss, wav files (digital recordings).  The doc will dictate either directly into a microphone on the computer or he/she may have a handheld digital recorder.  A lot of times these dss or wave files are provided to you through an FTP site.  If you read this post, I have found that any word that is underlined and in a different color, if you click on that word, there is also an explanation of these terms.  Very helpful indeed! 

Do not feel that you are ignorant.  There are still transcriptionists transcribing from tapes (me included).  I only wish I knew about this board long before I learned about it.  There are some nice people that will try to help you.  Good luck in your "at home" MT'ing....  

What exactly is a transcription platform and what are the best ones out there.  On the Diskriter ad they say they use ChartScript but I also saw someone else say they used AnyModal Edit.  What is the difference with these?  Looking into picking up extra work at home and needs lots of info.  Please be patient with me as I do not always know the answers or the right questions to ask. 
I believe the platform is the software used to transcribe or edit the dictation. Some are more user-friendly than others.
Have you tried it with any platforms?
Have you talked with the tech people at the company about this? Even though they say it won't work, find out if you can give it a try and if it will work.

As far as changing the OS from Vista to XP, it can be done. However, in a case like yours, I would be inclined to spend the $$ and take the laptop to a guru/specialist that I trust for the sake of my sanity.
I have never heard of a platform many of you are speaking about.  Could you please explain?  Thank You!!

If each company has their own platform, why do they list "experience preferred in..." that platform on their classifieds?  How could you have experience if you had never worked for them before?

Is MS Word experience recommended for most services?


I don't know anything about WP5.1 and FlashForward. Maybe I used them and didn't know it!  But when I used a DOS-based program - or, before that, a dedicated word processor - I could rack up the lines in nothing flat.

Now we get yelled at to produce more, produce more, while they tie our hands behind our backs with the idiotic software they provide us with.  What are we supposed to do in that position - type with our noses?

If you ever get the chance to use ChartNet, TAKE IT!  It is the most awesome program I've ever used in the 38 years I've been at this.  It is written for transcriptionists and is simple, amazingly easy to learn - an hour or two - and very rarely gives anybody any grief at all.  A man in Hudson, Ohio, developed it and it's spreading and just the best.
MTS Platforms
For at home-transcribers, what is a good software platform - Express Scribe, Transcription Gear???  How about ExText - is it available for purchase to ICs?
Not able to do that with certain platforms.
Can I get some opinions as to what you think is the best platform to work in?  Does anyone think Scribe is slow?  What is best, what is worst?
what platforms MT's like
I like just Word and then encrypted e-mail
It can be done both ways. There are platforms out there
that you can download the sound files, transcribe them, then upload the documents. This would be like an FTP site for upload/download and Word/Express Scribe (or another wav player) to type/listen.

There are also platforms that work "realtime" over the Internet with servers. Some places have you log into their secure system to listen to the sound files and type in a Word-based platform.
Transcend platforms
Any help you can pass my way on the various platforms that Transcend uses and how user friendly they are, bulky they might be , etc. will be appreciated.  Can you use Expanders with them?
Platforms like any other software (sm)
have differing features. Some of these features are more attractive to a hospital or MTSO than to an MT. Some were not designed for a production environment but are being used as such. Some are chosen by companies because they are "tweakable" to maximize profits for the company and not the MT. Some are simply not MT-friendly, too many demographic screens and other piddly things to fill out that slow one down.

Also, a facility's internal IT department, server, network connection, and other factors make another difference. A decent platform can be ruined by an MTSO or client not having enough power to run the software.

But basically to get at your question, IMO a good platform minimizes the amount of "fiddle work" an MT has to do. It has things like automatic filling of demographics, report lookup features. It works with multiple brands of abbreviation software seamlessly. It's fast because it's installed optimally on a system big enough to handle its memory requirements. Its line counting setup or function is clear and verifiable by the MT.

IMO anytime you have to be fiddling around with multiple popup boxes, searching for patient demographics for every report, or waiting on a slow system, that's not a good platform to be on and is costing you money.
Need some information about these 2 platforms...
If you had a chance to work with Dictaphone Ex-Text, or Chartscript, which one would you pick?
Don't know about platforms, but recent
posts about having trouble getting paid with DeVenture. 
DocQScribe and Other Platforms

I have Emdat and Transurfer on this computer and all attempts to get jobs in DQS have been thwarted.  No idea why.  Never had this problem before.  Voice file just shows "buffering" and never goes beyond that.  If anyone knows a fix, I would love to hear it.  Thanks!

Transcription platforms

Hi all - I'm looking for a transcription platform for my small company. I've looked into EMDAT, Intrascript, and Medquist. I've seen a reference here regarding I-text, but I can't seem to find them on Google. Do you have any other platform recommendations? Also, do you know their contact info?


yes, it is possible to have 2 different platforms on the same computer...nm
What are the good platforms?

What are the good platforms?  I currently work in MS Word and upload my reports after completing each one. 


I have several platforms on my computer..
I have EXT, Fusion, Bayscribe, Escription, Dictaphone, and Express Scribe. I use ShortHand 10 for one account and autocorrect in word for others. I have had no problems with anything. I did have a problem once with escription and not being able to use yahoo messenger while in there, but that is all. Hope this helps!
They have different platforms. Have never heard of one you spoke
These are not really platforms--they are software programs
A transcription platform is really a computer network that operates in a different way, usually involves having to log into to secure server that allows for file transfers of voice recordings and transcribed documents. They usually have an embedded software application for transcription, and most times has capabilities to allow replay of dictation file from within that system, which creates a lot of the foot pedal discrepancies because they are all not the same setup. MTs and MTSOs that don't have their own company platform (network)can subscribe to these services to be 100% compliant. These are refered to as TASPs or ASPs. Some examples would be like Emdat, Scribe, Escription, Bayscribe, MTWorld, etc. There are other services that allow for secure upload/download digital recordings and upload of transcribed files that do not have an embedded platform--Metroscript, Novuscript, MyDocsOnline, which are more like glorified FTP services. They are secure in the Transfer function but not 100% technically HIPAA secure because the MT is able to download the files directly to their own system to do the transcription, usually saving a copy on the PC hard drive. HIPAA says work should be done on a secure network system and that the MTs doing the transcription shouldn't be able to save anything to their own PC hard drive, or at least erase it when done. You may already know this, but I just thought I'd clarify your questions regarding the transcription software programs you mentioned. Peace.
Any companies with platforms that allow using Vista? How about a Mac? NM