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It doesn't matter

Posted By: Kate on 2006-01-12
In Reply to: How many people run spell check here? sm - confuzzed

It doesn't matter HOW time consuming running spell check is - it's something you do, or should do, to ensure an accurate work product period.

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Doesn't matter, IF you are not paid an hourly wage, i.e. a set amount no matter - sm
how much or how little you type, say $12.00/hour, you do not get OT. As someone mentioned here, certain jobs are exempt, and as most of us are paid a flat rate of .08 cpl or .09 or .10, whatever it is, that is all we get regardless of how many hours under or over 40 hours we go. If you want OT then go get an in-house job or get a job doing something else.
well it doesn't matter
that's for sure....
It doesn't matter if he did it before; he WILL do it again. Get out now.
The man who hit me hadn't done it before, but once he started, it didn't stop. Several police officers at various times all told me the same thing--it doesn't stop, it progressively gets worse. I chose not to listen. Get out while you can. Beg, borrow or steal the money for a lawyer. Call a women's shelter; they can give you advice on legal help. Just do it now.
doesn't matter-
Professionalism is a state of mind. If you bring pride and caring to your work thats profressionalism. Doesn't matter what you do. I've met very unprofessional lawyers and very professional, honest plumbers who bring dignity and perfection to their work. Do the best job you can do no matter what you do and don't let any elistist snob tell you otherwise.
doesn't matter to me either what U think..LOL
just seeing a political lucid moment from you blew me away, for a split second           
welcome.. doesn't matter what you do around here - sm
someone will jump on you for it.  LOL 
That doesn't even matter if the DOJ only requires your
SSN and address.  The criminal background checks aren't coming from the DOJ.  The MTSO or national is requiring a criminal background check.  That's their prerogative.  You either submit to the criminal background check, or you look for work elsewhere.  It's that simple.  There is NO law requiring background checks.  It's not a violation of privacy because you agree to it before it's done.  As the other poster said, what's wrong with it if you've got nothing to hide?  Many times, you're getting a computer and access to people's private health records.  I don't want a criminal having access to my medical records.
Agree, it really doesn't matter what anyone else does.
IF you are happy with your line count and paycheck, who cares what anyone else produces........I don't. I am quite happy in my little bubble.
Law doesn't matter if she can't afford to take
him to court to fight it. He can do as he pleases and the burden will be on her to go after him and make him adhere to the court order.

Been there, done that. It's an expensive, exhaustive process and, in the long run, she will probably lose out if she runs out of money.

It's sad, pathetic, unfair, immoral, but true.
It doesn't matter where you live (sm)

There are bad neighbors anywhere you go.  You can start praying that they'll move, we did that at my place and have good neighbors now.

Be glad there is some room between you though, at least their windows are not 10' away from yours.

not a winner but it doesn't matter -
Thanks for all your efforts - it was fun !
It doesn't really matter to me as long as they do
it right.
You are right - it doesn't matter what reports
get to vent about it -- we done these all the times, not just on Thanksgiving weekend, right ?
Doesn't matter what the company goes to. The
To me, it doesn't matter what anything "think" this job entails, but
what I "know" it all entails. You could be a street sweeper, but if you respect yourself, then you are doing the most important job in the world. I believe I am doing an important work - I sometimes think of the nurses and docs who read my consultations I transcribed and the words that will help them to help treat an ill patient.

I don't care if they label me a data entry clerk (although I've never heard that before), because I know the work we do IS very important.
It doesn't matter to me if you agree with all of my posts or none of them.

Not trying to hurt your feelings or anything, but that's just the way it is.

Doesn't matter, right or wrong, it's been happening.
Evenutally, the only need for US MTs will be for editing and ASR.  If I remember AAMT even changed their name.  Everyone but the MTs are profiting from this.  My salary has decreased so much over the last 5 years it's a joke.  This has been going on for  years already and the reality is, it's just getting worse.  As long as there is money to be made the big guys are going to go where they can get it and laugh all the way to the bank.  
Brand doesn't matter as much as the speed
of the hub.  You want high-speed, I think it is 2.0, though not sure if technology has updated. 
Sorry about that. It doesn't really matter what the "R" stands for. Please accept my apolog
being catty. Hope you have a good evening.
it doesn't matter. next year it will be different but yet subject to interpretation.
Mixed Latin and English abbreviations "confuse" the health care worker. Doesn't compute. Next year it will change. Maybe too we can spell things phonetically for the healh care worker who is confused. The new spellings can bring in new revenue to AAMT.
I doesn't matter. You can transcribe the reports of people you know. sm
You just keep it confidential. There is no need to tell a supervisor or bow out of doing the report. Just don't talk about it, AT ALL.
Doesn't matter....they deduct 25% (or more) from your TOTAL lines - NM
They were going pay me an hourly rate, training pay. It doesn't matter, I just tested for two ot
and I did pretty well.  I should get a couple of offers in the next couple of days, hopefully -- I don't want to be overly confident because if I learned anything out of all this it is don't count your chickens before they hatch and don't put all your eggs in one basket.
So it doesn't matter if you got a 30 minute file and only 3 minutes of it is actually dictation,
Doesn't matter If you haven't contacted former previous supervisor or not; go ahead
and put their contact info down (if you have it), for your reference. It's not necessary to contact your references prior to putting them down on an app--if you left them with a good impression, that should speak for itself and they will give a good reference if they are contacted.
Collision or comp doesn't matter. I called my insurance company
when I was hit by someone. I only had liability but their adjuster made sure I got the best deal out of it. My rates didn't go up either.
Doesn't matter 1 iota if it is a medical report.She probably wouldn't know a good MT if 1 bit
the butt - that was my point.
It they can't type a grammatically correct sentence, it doesn't matter how many degrees they h
That doesn't matter. A quick blood test, NOT 3 hours, would have settled that question.
Why are YOU attacking HER? Just because she doesn't want kids, doesn't mean she needs a psychi
I did say that there are some that no matter what
will still be on the streets. In Houston though, our mental health resources/job training/etc. are severely lacking.
I think that no matter how much
They will always need US MTs because they will always have clients who will refuse to allow their work to be done by overseas MTs.

I think that everyone should be allowed to further their education if they so desire. I am studying for the LSAT and hope to be in law shcool by next year. But, this is really something that must be worked out between the two of you. Luckily, I don't have a husband to tell me what I can and cannot do. I'll only get married when I am truly financially secure, so that I'll have the means to leave him if need be.
Does it matter?
I am a CMT and it does matter
to me, as a professional MT for my own satisfaction.

The English language is ever-changing. It has changed significantly since I was in high school and college. The BOS changes, technology changes, everything changes (except God). In healthcare, we learn to adjust to change or change professions.

I work for a large healthcare corporation/satellite facility, and CMT is not even recognized of any importance in regards to pay. The fastest MT at the keyboard wins -- quantity outweighs quality. As a CMT, I do not make "one penny" more than anyone else on my team. Since I am home-based, earn excellent benefits, and the pay isn't too bad, I continue to work for this corporation.

My supervisor's (a non-MT)philosphy is the more experience one has the more money one will make (ha!)

Again, I am thankful I took the extra step to become a CMT -- I strive for the highest quality for patient safety, my initials are on every report, and each report is a portrait of my professionalism.

She even made the comment that anyone, anywhere could be certified in anything. I encouraged her to take the CMT exam, but so far she has not attempted.
Does not matter in the least
about if you even have a job. If you have anything in your name, a house, carr, checking acct, whatever, you can have a garnishment. The company that now wants to garnish your wages probably has sent you duns and they want their money. More than this, I have worked for a company before (do not know how yours is) but only one (1) garnishment and you no longer had a job. Places you work really do not like to put up with this kind of stuff.
no matter if you are an IC...
you have to commit to something be it hours per day or lines per day. I am an IC and I commit to 500 lines a day. My day is from 12 am to 12 pm. Anytime in there, all I have to do is 500. I can do more if I want, I can work on the weekends if I want, but I have to do my 500 lines a day M-F. I don't see how so many can be confused by this. Seems so simple. Everyone of us that takes a job with somebody be it IC or employee has to make some kind of commitment.
No matter
I don't agree with that. As an English speaker I could communicate well enough with another American to get a history. They may be difficult but I could get it. I mean I haven't met another American yet who I have not been able to understand at all.
I would think you could ask, but no matter
what the "average" for a specific account it, an MTSO has a right to require a certain line count of its transcriptionists to maintain employment.
I did/do this, too. It's a matter of..

constantly re-directing yourself to the dictation/transcription in real time. What I did when I found my mind wandering: I would rewind the dictation to the beginning and force myself to relisten through it (to be sure I didn't omit anything).  The problem I noticed more than leaving out dictation was duplicating it, i.e. typing the same phrase or sentence twice. It takes a day or two of this method, but that's what it took to keep me focused.

Hope this helps.

Yes, it could matter a lot sm
My company decided to make me PT and IC and stopped taxes. When spring came around I didn't have the $to pay and had to cash in my 401K. Wonder what they'll do to me next spring, as I've paid PART of the taxes as I go along, but am not up to date..........
I don't think you are going to have much say in the matter - sm
other than thanks or no thanks.

In my state in the So West, 13.oo - 15.00.

Try looking in your local newspaper, in the want ads, to get a handle on the going rate.

3 cpl no matter what
which is why VR is so problematic....if the starting document has to be heavily edited you are getting peanuts for having to take alot of time fixing it. AND you still have to listen to the whole thing so if it is a long long recording (with lots of dead air space) you really are taking a hit.  Many times I find I can type it quicker from scratch.  VR is just not there yet, or should I say the line rates for VR are just not there yet.  Companies have no way of guaranteeing that the starting document will be good, so it's like playing Russian roulette--you never know what you are going to get.
I would think it's a matter of
servers are set up to reject attachments due to spam, viruses, etc.  They probably figured if you couldn't follow the application instructions how would you follow the account instructions? 
what does it matter to u
hi what does it matter to you, yes im not from US and if you dont like c my posts, please do not.  I dont care if the english is broken.  The subject matters.
No matter what anyone says, somehow
I think reverse 'cherry-picking' or whatever you call it goes on a lot more than the other way around. This is one MT who NEVER ever catches a break, no matter what time of day, what day of the week I consistently get the worst most difficult dictators, and the more I have complained the worse it gets. My pay is so low it is indicative of how desperate I am for money, perhaps another reason I get the bottom of the barrel. If in my queue an 'easy' dictator appears, it is about 85% of the time pushed down the list as the more difficult dictators pop up in their place, consistently, over and over, all day long such that I never do get those easier dictations. Continually I am told no one is assigning my work but as I mentioned, 18 years experience, that is not a reasonable answer because the odds would be all wrong...

Somebody gets those easier reports, every day, all day, but most never me. For my own sanity I sign off here and there just to take a break from the abuse but no matter what I do the only work I get is the bottom.

Not sure what causes it and frankly I do not know how anyone would know someone else is picking work unless they are doing it themselves or those people who are in charge who are specifically assigning bad work and then sitting back to see if you do it (?).

We are all vulnerable because there is no accountability and everything is covered and managed and the bottom line is there are people who somehow know how to makes umteel zillion lines but a bigger percentage of MTs like myself who struggle every day just to make minimum...
what the matter with you?
There is ONLY

1 TYPO 'bookd' instead of books !

Is English your 1st language?

Because you see mistakes where there are none!

Either you need a new pair of eyeglasses or a book about grammar and spelling.

Go to bed, it's late!
If it is a good buy, it should not matter! Go for it. sm
I would not care if the street was named Poop! If it is a good buy, I'd go for it. Who cares what the street name is. You are being silly about this.
Well I Just Got fired so it does not matter !!!!
Back to the office for me thank god I had a plan B !!!!
spaces do not matter
If there is 1 character on a line, it counts as a line.
I agree with the other MT on this matter
Wow, is this ridiculous, or what? I have been an MT for 5 years, and I enjoy every single minute of it, even if I always get the hard work that no one wants, or seems to be able to do, for some reason! I also get the less than 1 minute cherry-picked jobs from my "SO-CALLED MANAGER," who does give a rats ____ if you get your quota, or NOT !! They send all of the bigger jobs to people in India, etc, and MTs like myself get all the small, small, almost nonexistent jobs, and that is every single day!! I am switching to another company with much better pay, and much better respect for MY HARD WORK!! I am, basically, MY OWN QA person, as MOST OF MY work needs NO editing by QA people !! You had your vent, now I had mine, so let's get to work, already!

No matter what some people think,
animals are very smart.  The dog probably really needed someone with a big heart and chose you, obviously with good reason.