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Doesn't matter If you haven't contacted former previous supervisor or not; go ahead

Posted By: sm on 2005-08-03
In Reply to: Is it OK to give only two reference when applying for a job - newbie

and put their contact info down (if you have it), for your reference. It's not necessary to contact your references prior to putting them down on an app--if you left them with a good impression, that should speak for itself and they will give a good reference if they are contacted.

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Am glad you are okay, Michelle. Have you contacted your supervisor?
Doesn't matter, IF you are not paid an hourly wage, i.e. a set amount no matter - sm
how much or how little you type, say $12.00/hour, you do not get OT. As someone mentioned here, certain jobs are exempt, and as most of us are paid a flat rate of .08 cpl or .09 or .10, whatever it is, that is all we get regardless of how many hours under or over 40 hours we go. If you want OT then go get an in-house job or get a job doing something else.
I sent an email to my MT supervisor yesterday, but haven't had
with other emails. Will see if I get a reply or not.
well it doesn't matter
that's for sure....
It doesn't matter if he did it before; he WILL do it again. Get out now.
The man who hit me hadn't done it before, but once he started, it didn't stop. Several police officers at various times all told me the same thing--it doesn't stop, it progressively gets worse. I chose not to listen. Get out while you can. Beg, borrow or steal the money for a lawyer. Call a women's shelter; they can give you advice on legal help. Just do it now.
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter HOW time consuming running spell check is - it's something you do, or should do, to ensure an accurate work product period.
doesn't matter-
Professionalism is a state of mind. If you bring pride and caring to your work thats profressionalism. Doesn't matter what you do. I've met very unprofessional lawyers and very professional, honest plumbers who bring dignity and perfection to their work. Do the best job you can do no matter what you do and don't let any elistist snob tell you otherwise.
doesn't matter to me either what U think..LOL
just seeing a political lucid moment from you blew me away, for a split second           
welcome.. doesn't matter what you do around here - sm
someone will jump on you for it.  LOL 
That doesn't even matter if the DOJ only requires your
SSN and address.  The criminal background checks aren't coming from the DOJ.  The MTSO or national is requiring a criminal background check.  That's their prerogative.  You either submit to the criminal background check, or you look for work elsewhere.  It's that simple.  There is NO law requiring background checks.  It's not a violation of privacy because you agree to it before it's done.  As the other poster said, what's wrong with it if you've got nothing to hide?  Many times, you're getting a computer and access to people's private health records.  I don't want a criminal having access to my medical records.
Agree, it really doesn't matter what anyone else does.
IF you are happy with your line count and paycheck, who cares what anyone else produces........I don't. I am quite happy in my little bubble.
Law doesn't matter if she can't afford to take
him to court to fight it. He can do as he pleases and the burden will be on her to go after him and make him adhere to the court order.

Been there, done that. It's an expensive, exhaustive process and, in the long run, she will probably lose out if she runs out of money.

It's sad, pathetic, unfair, immoral, but true.
It doesn't matter where you live (sm)

There are bad neighbors anywhere you go.  You can start praying that they'll move, we did that at my place and have good neighbors now.

Be glad there is some room between you though, at least their windows are not 10' away from yours.

not a winner but it doesn't matter -
Thanks for all your efforts - it was fun !
It doesn't really matter to me as long as they do
it right.
You are right - it doesn't matter what reports
get to vent about it -- we done these all the times, not just on Thanksgiving weekend, right ?
Doesn't matter what the company goes to. The
To me, it doesn't matter what anything "think" this job entails, but
what I "know" it all entails. You could be a street sweeper, but if you respect yourself, then you are doing the most important job in the world. I believe I am doing an important work - I sometimes think of the nurses and docs who read my consultations I transcribed and the words that will help them to help treat an ill patient.

I don't care if they label me a data entry clerk (although I've never heard that before), because I know the work we do IS very important.
It doesn't matter to me if you agree with all of my posts or none of them.

Not trying to hurt your feelings or anything, but that's just the way it is.

Doesn't matter, right or wrong, it's been happening.
Evenutally, the only need for US MTs will be for editing and ASR.  If I remember AAMT even changed their name.  Everyone but the MTs are profiting from this.  My salary has decreased so much over the last 5 years it's a joke.  This has been going on for  years already and the reality is, it's just getting worse.  As long as there is money to be made the big guys are going to go where they can get it and laugh all the way to the bank.  
Brand doesn't matter as much as the speed
of the hub.  You want high-speed, I think it is 2.0, though not sure if technology has updated. 
Sorry about that. It doesn't really matter what the "R" stands for. Please accept my apolog
being catty. Hope you have a good evening.
it doesn't matter. next year it will be different but yet subject to interpretation.
Mixed Latin and English abbreviations "confuse" the health care worker. Doesn't compute. Next year it will change. Maybe too we can spell things phonetically for the healh care worker who is confused. The new spellings can bring in new revenue to AAMT.
I doesn't matter. You can transcribe the reports of people you know. sm
You just keep it confidential. There is no need to tell a supervisor or bow out of doing the report. Just don't talk about it, AT ALL.
Doesn't matter....they deduct 25% (or more) from your TOTAL lines - NM
Just because you haven't had a report returned, doesn't mean

it is error-free, it just might mean it didn't get caught.  I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, realizing that I typed the wrong word in a report, but it passed spellcheck and I may or may not have proofed it, but it also passes QA and the hospital, even though I know it is not correct.  


They were going pay me an hourly rate, training pay. It doesn't matter, I just tested for two ot
and I did pretty well.  I should get a couple of offers in the next couple of days, hopefully -- I don't want to be overly confident because if I learned anything out of all this it is don't count your chickens before they hatch and don't put all your eggs in one basket.
So it doesn't matter if you got a 30 minute file and only 3 minutes of it is actually dictation,
Who doesn't love Chris on AI. I haven't been watching AI
but Chris is a hometown boy and there are clips of him on the news all the time and articles in the paper, clips of the other contestants as well on the local Fox channel.   I happened to walk through the den where my son was watching AI when Chris performed.  I thought the song was horrible and he was even worse.  All I could think was I sure hope he doesn't win.  They keep playing the clip where he sang the Johnny Cash song and I thought his version was horrendous.   He is a rocker obviously and screams, but you can't really hear the words and with the music so loud and screaming even I could probably sing (and I am horrible).   I like Taylor ? (the guy with the gray hair). 
Collision or comp doesn't matter. I called my insurance company
when I was hit by someone. I only had liability but their adjuster made sure I got the best deal out of it. My rates didn't go up either.
Doesn't matter 1 iota if it is a medical report.She probably wouldn't know a good MT if 1 bit
the butt - that was my point.
It they can't type a grammatically correct sentence, it doesn't matter how many degrees they h
That doesn't matter. A quick blood test, NOT 3 hours, would have settled that question.
If I boil mine ahead of time, I go ahead and peel off the shell after they have (sm)
been sitting in a pan of cold water for about 30 minutes.
Of course I contacted QA...SM

and asked specifically that I be e-mailed the completed document.  I will keep that for my proof as many suggested, but I'm 100% sure that I would have at least verified it with the office because it is a dangerous sound alike medication.  There really is no way this QA person would ever change her mind.  She is one who really thinks she knows it all.  I figured I'd be asking to be fired if I said anything more.  I constantly am biting my tongue and keeping quiet, but have kept copies of all communications regarding any issues that have come up.  Ultimately, it will be her fault and responsibility if a lawsuit ever happens or a patient is injured because of the wrong med.  It is just sad that she can't consider another point of view or at least ask verification. 

Anyway, water under the bridge for now.  The documentation I have should be fine.

What to they tell you when you have contacted
them about this?
Corporate has been contacted. The more the better.
Yeah, I contacted them as soon as I
found out they needed homes for the pets and still have not been contacted, either. I was getting curious, too:)
Have you contacted Dr. Phil??
Seriously, I don't know what you can do about it. Probably absolutely nothing. You just need to be as supportive TO YOUR SON as you can be. You can let him know you don't agree with this but you love him anyway. Honestly, this will not last long. He may not even make it to the altar. As far as the girl....just tolerate her the best you can. I don't think she'll be in your life very long!! Good luck!
Evidently you can't read. We have contacted

employee problems to be public fodder.  They don't respond to questions.  They

don't return phone calls.  When they do give answers they are nonsensical, non-answers.

Go back and read.  See how many of us here are saying we have been in touch

with the mighty Frank et al.  And it is not your place to tell anybody to "file it or shut it". 

Get out of "our" business if you are not affected.

Casey, ck your email, I have contacted you.
You DONT need to be contacted. Send it all!
My friend contacted this morning regarding radiology job and she
was asking me if I had done before- I had at a previous job when radiologist MT was out and had never done before. This person calling wanted experience but said paying up to 17$ an hour. That is a pretty good salary. I told my coworker I would ask on board how she could maybe take some courses or just where to go for help in radiology MTing. I am happy where I am with VR so not interested in myself but I know she is looking. Thanks.
Have you contacted the office manager, physician, etc.(?)
I have been in the same boat since being transferred to Amherst. I have contacted New Jersey and
spoken with one of THOSE WOMEN and have gotten very little response other than oh we will see what we can do and things continue to just go on the way they were. I think it will take a lot of people calling Human Resources and emailing those 2 women or getting transferred or quitting that will change things MAYBE. Are many people quitting up there in Amherst. I know since my office has been transferred they are quitting now.
Have already contacted by state senator and received a response
But of course, all it said was that he was glad to hear my point of view, blah, blah.....no indication of how he was going to vote when it comes up - but at least I let my feelings be known, in no uncertain terms.   We have to do SOMETHING, it's just hard to know what. 
You have to work in their Harrison office. I contacted them in August, but I live across the
The Dictaphone techs are usually great at problem solving. Have they been contacted?? nm
Why are YOU attacking HER? Just because she doesn't want kids, doesn't mean she needs a psychi
Don't do anything, just tell him to go ahead and do what he
has to do. If he's not for real, the threat has been not worked. If he is for real, he MUST have documentation to prove his case, or even then it's no use taking it to court. He will file in small claims probably, if less than $5000. He must prove his case, and you don't have to do anything, bottom line.
Don't get too ahead of yourself..
You may certainly have a valid argument, but don't base it on the "fact" that rad reports are all paid by report.  I have been doing rad for over 12 years now, and have yet to be paid by report.  Most are by the line, and any MTSO I have worked for, rad is one of the lowest line rates compared to other work type accounts.  Yes, there are companies that pay by the report, but, I surely wouldn't go so far as saying that is the "norm".