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It is also dishonest and believe me, they DO know the difference--sm

Posted By: ks on 2007-01-30
In Reply to: If you are only charging 11 cpl - then charge them for the blank lines.

I know many doctors who have their staff basically QA the returned dictations and look for both errors and line count irregularities. I know two specifically in the accounts that I have that do this on a daily basis. I would no more *cheat* these doctors any more than I would try to *cheat* the IRS. Please do NOT take the advice from this person!!!

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Dishonest, that is.
Dishonest QA
I have printed copies. I used my printed copy from my PC to compare with the "corrected" one that went through QA. The word I supposedly spelled incorrectly isn't spelled that way on my copy. I went above QA before and it did no good. I sort of think this person may be the "head" of QA and is on some ego trip.
Dishonest QA
I think you are correct in your thinking. I have only been at this type of work for a little over 2 years, but I have noticed the same thing. I don't mind being told I did wrong when I actually do wrong, but I cannot keep quiet when faulted for something I did right.
Why do you assume she is the dishonest one???
Tell me why you think she is the dishonest one -- unless you are posting for the present board. 
If AAMT and its dishonest 'advocacy' had never existed,
They've turned MT into nothing more than exploited, sweatshop labor.

They shouldn't be allowed to do business in this country.

But the climate in the US has definitely begun to change since all this economic crisis B.S. started coming to light, and very likely the healthcare industry is going to get a thorough shaking-out, as well. I believe the time was never better for MTs across the country to start talking, writing, and making their voices heard in Washington that we want these AHDI people investigated, and hopefully prosecuted.
Technology has made it so much easier for dishonest people to
take advantage of others. On the internet you can be Miss America, you can be a millionaire, you can be a movie star, you can be anything you want to tell people you are and these services are a breeding ground for people like this.

No thanks.

I'll size people up in person, at face value like anyone should who has nothing to hide.

Normal people don't have to resort to hiding themselves behind a monitor.
You really cannot see the difference?

When people first started coming to America, it was an undeveloped country.  Aside from the Indians, there were no other people living here.  What other language was there aside from what the Indians spoke?  The new Americans and the Indians learned to communicate with each other and both sides learned the other's language.  It only stands to reason, however, that English would be the dominant language, as they became the majority of those living in America. 

Also, when our founding fathers came to America, they and the others that then followed made America what it was and is today.  THEY are the ones who made America great by the blood, sweat and tears of their families.  They had every right to come over here as they were the ones doing all the work!!!!!  They did that work to take care of the future generations of Americans. 

But now our "powers that be" in the government do not make decisions based on AMERICAN best interests, but for people from other countries.  To be politically correct, we have flooded our country with people that want to prosper from OUR WORK.  They do not come over here and better America in any way.  They better their own little circle of family and actually make life harder for the people who belong here in the first place. 

That is the difference between immigrants then and now.  The more we let them in now, the more jobs we lose, the higher our bills become, the more terrorism we face.  When do WE benefit???????  It has nothing to do with prejudice either.  Who cares what they look like, where they are from?  It doesnt matter.  What matters is what they expect, what handouts they want, the bending of the rules for them while we get no break.

If you are Native American, then I would think that  you would be sick and tired of having all you work for taken away from you.  I know that I am.

What is the difference from QA and QC TIA
That's the difference between (sm)
preparedness and no plan at all.  Shame on LA officials for not implementing their own evacuation plan.  Did they really believe a hurricane the size of the Gulf of Mexico wasn't going to be deadly??  If LA officials had followed their own Emergency Operations Plan, most of these senseless deaths could have been avoided.
Same difference, eh?

Don't you think there is a difference between
making a human error and being an inconsiderate pig??? Since they are responsible for these people's records they should go out of their way to be understood. But then again I guess that's our fault too, seeing how the salaries between doctors and transcriptionists (and any other health professional) are so even. Pllllleeeaaassseee. Why don't you send your docs each a Christmas gift for even letting you type their records? They'll stash it right next to all the gifts they get from the medical companies kissing their butts.
no difference
The major concern of IRS is employee versus ic.

EXAMPLE - get 1099 at end of year, you set hours, no benies - IC

EXAMPLE - get W2, punch clock, etc., employee.

As IC, you can deduct all of your business related expenses - i.e., the beauty of small business. Just you, your are a sole proprietor, use Schedule C. Have people under you - several different ways - check out IRS.gov.
There's a difference...

they have a mechanism in place to allow you multiple installs. This only gives you 3.

What is the difference
Can anyone tell me what the difference is between an LX-219 and an LX-219-1.  Also what is the difference between a "Basic digital station with backlight" and a "Enhanced digital station with backlight"? Thanks!
I think the only difference with the new law is SM
now you have to complete a credit counseling class, and instead of filing every 6 years, it is 7 or 8, or something like that.
The difference is...

If you want to make more money, then become the business owner, take the risks and then you'll have the additional income. You'll never get rich working for someone else. Complaining and badmouthing management and other business owners never translates into more $$ in the check--sometimes people complain themselves right out of a job.

I know this board is an "open forum" for all topics. It's just unfortunate that so much of the talk is about how terrible management/business owners are. There are lots of good MTSOs out there!

I have never had a difference between say - sm
an OP note versus a H&P or DS, or ER note. I have seen offered diffrence in pay between clinic versus acute care work; clinic is less since it is easier. I have only ever been paid a flat rate, 2 jobs with incentive pay (.005 to .01 more a line over so many lines a day). I have 2 IC jobs now that is flat rate period, regardless of number of lines or when you work them (had a job years ago that sometimes would pay .01 more a line over the weekend but only when they got out of TAT, but that was they only time they would ever do that). Good luck finding an IC job that pays more for the more difficult reports; most likely few and far between.
Okay. That is probably the difference

We are not an MTSO, we are employees of the facility working out of our homes.  I will keep track of the e-mails though as you have suggested. 

I do believe though that it is more or less passing the buck.  That way if it was supposed to be in there and it wasn't the doc has someone else to blame.  Thanks everyone.

I don't know that there is a difference, but...sm
I wanted to keep all my things in one place so if I could send the word autocorrects to ShortHand without having to spend the time retyping them all it would be great. 
Okay, but what is the difference?
What can an Expander do for me that I am unable to do with Word? (Other than spell Mickey Mouth...heehee)

thanks for the replies!
The only difference in now and then is
way "back then" they probably had a little more upbringing where they said urinate instead of the word you used. I think they called it class?
I don't think there's a difference between the 2...
I've done both and never noticed a difference, just company calling you a subcontractor instead of IC. Maybe just a preference on their part? There's obviously a difference between these 2 and being an employee.
I don't think there is a difference

no difference
I was a sub IC at one time and it made no difference tax-wise than being a regular IC. You're just getting paid by the contractor instead of the client directly.
There is a difference
I do notice a big difference working in InScribe in upload/download time and reliability. There are copies of the dictations on both ends while I work, but I can see that only getting half a file and having dial-up bomb out would not be a good thing (and frustrating, at the very least, for me). Besides the reliability and speed, it's just one of those things....it just IS a requirement. I don't think about it, just use what I'm told to use, and write it off.
There's a difference between
If you think she takes all the easy work, then you take it all one night.  It will all come to fruition when that starts happening.  Stop being so childish, and take the work and do it.  I'm sorry, but your post sounds like a 2-year-old that is telling in the 4-year-old who took the last cookie!  Maybe I'm grumpy, but my gosh, put on your big girl panties and tell 'em like it is!  Karma is for people who are malicious in their intent.  You don't sound malicious, but you do sound like you sort of have your nose in someone else's business.  If the cherry picking is tolerated, then do some of your own cherry picking and see what happens. 
Can any one tell me the difference between...

eScription and ExText/ExSpeech.  I think Dictaphone administers both, but I think their ExText/ExSpeech platform is horrible.  ExText locked up at least twice a night (requiring a reboot) before I went to ExSpeech.  Now that I am in ExSpeech, the footpedal freezes (requiring a reboot), and the ExSpeech platform takes a week-long holiday every month or so, so if you are a VR editor, you still have to try to make Expanders and learn the traditional authors for that little bit of downtime.

Is the eScription platform any better?  My company has both, but I do not want to go through the trouble of learning a new platform and new accounts for the same crap I am already experiencing.

Sorry if I seem rude, it is just 3 weeks before Christmas, and I do not need the hassle of finally having work and the #@%$ platform does not work properly.

There is a difference between...

being realistic and pessimistic, tactful and rude.  I personally prefer to offer an optimistic viewpoint and hope that she takes the advice and builds a great business. We need more good MTSOs.

Actually the difference is this.....sm
Offshoring is sending the work overseas.
Outsourcing is when a hospital or clinic outsources their work to a transcription company. :)
What is the difference
then btw an IC and an employee? I have my own personal computer and high speed internet. Do you usually have to purchase the software? As an IC do you make your own hours compared to an employee? And as an IC is this just temporary work for the company. What is the benefit of being an IC versus an employee? THX
My in-law had it, no difference.
She says she never would have done it had she known she wasn't going to see any difference. She was 68 when she had the procedure done (so definitely lots of wrinkles). Still looks the same (even when comparing pictures not much of a noticable difference at all). Based on her results, I wouldn't do it.
Don't know what the difference would be, but
I do know that self-employment (IC) taxes are higher than employee status.
Yes, one can tell the difference, but it is NOT your
job to point this out in such an nasty way!
If she did not have a sufficient MT education, sooner or later she will realize it herself.

She might be a
fast learner and will succeed.
The only difference is
that Instant Text can create the different glossaries of words, phrases, and continuations for you. You don't have to enter each and every word or phrase manually. 
There is a big difference between being negative
and being realistic. The young woman is a single mother with a 5-week-old infant. I never said she shouldn't become an MT. In fact, in my next post, I told her that it sounded as if she had done her research quite well and had the interest and abilities to do it. I also told her how I managed when my kids were young by working sporadically. FWIW, I was a single parent during part of that time, too, and newbie income as an MT did NOT pay the bills or support the kids. And believe me, I'm no dummy. I had stars in my eyes when I started out because those ads are everywhere telling mothers that they can make $40,000 a year starting out. I wish someone had told me the harsh realities of working at home then. I didn't know we'd have to be chained to our desks for the majority of the nationals. I didn't know how difficult it would be trying to listen to ESLs while the kids were clamoring for attention, but I just had one more little report to finish up. I've seen a lot of people who wasted a lot of money on MT courses only to find out this wasn't their cup of tea. Mothers get sucked into believing that any half-trained monkey can do MT work and care for an infant at the same time. It's not true. It doesn't require a PhD in rocket science, but it's best to find out if you'd like it or not BEFORE spending all that money on training.
can anyone tell me the difference between celeron
and pentium processors besides price? i'm looking for a very inexpensive desktop for a backup/emergency basis. tia 
difference inside
the main differences between Celerons and Pentiums are in the areas of bus speed and L2 cache features. Both Pentium-II's and -III's ship with 512kB of secondary (L2) CPU instruction cache. This allows the CPU to store recently used instructions close by and is responsible for much of their high performance.

The Celerons that Intel first introduced as a low-cost CPU alternative (266 & 300MHz versions) were basically just Pentium-II's without any L2 cache at all.

What is the difference that you notice mostly.
It is a cultural difference
and if you are going to stay friends with a German woman then you are going to have to accept the way they address you and everyone else. I have a friend who is like this and it makes me crazy, along with whacking the dog on the head as well as her son who is 6'4" but is just too nice to clout her back. She nearly marches around the house .. ya-vol.
From what I can tell, it really won't make a difference
This is a unique situation where, because of the water and hence isolation of individuals, they can't even GET supplies to the needy.

FEMA seems to have the tangible resources but no form of transport.

Heck, people are being evacuated people from rooftops at a snail's pace.

Yeah, it would be nice to see some kind of gesture of help from other countries, but right now I think all that is humanly possible is being done. And seems like just a drop in the bucket.
Can you explain to me the difference between SE and IC please? nm
No difference in them other than connection.
Some companies require a 9-pin or 15-pin, but you can get adapters to convert to USB if that is what you have. 
Yes, it DOES make a difference;
tries, rather than a rude, obnoxious native doctor who burps, passes gas, and abruptly hangs up at the end without even an "end of dictation" Didn't these people listen to their mothers when they were told courtesy does count?! Acknowledgement of the human on the other end always appreciated. There, thank you, my rant for the day...feel much better.
You have GOT to be kidding. There is a difference
between telling the truth and spreading lies. This is a fact and should not be hidden.

As service owners, we all take a beating here and there. I have learned to have a thicker skin, and more importantly, not to react and/or post about posts re: our company. I came out of hiding to post about these. That is NUTS.
how big of a difference is with spaces and without...in pay?

dont know how big of a pay difference that will be for sure.


What's the difference if she takes
6 hours to do 8 hours' worth of work, or if she takes a break for 2 hours after she does say 5 1/2 hours, comes back and finishes up her "8 hour" schedule? Would that make you "feel" better? Oy-vey!  A day's work is a day's work, but you want ALL of her time. What is the problem? Work ethic? I think not.  She has done a FULL days' work in less time than what you would like, so what?  If one does 8 hours' work in 6 hours, then anything over her 6 hours would be OT, oh that doesn't count in your book.  Would you pay more for her to work OT?  I bet not... The only thing she would get for being a good, fast transcriptionist is fired for NOT doing more than her share...niiiiiice... Crazy!
That's for sure - what a difference it makes.
You will notice difference after one use... but
I did have an issue with getting some of the gel in my mouth and getting nauseous from swallowing some of it. Just be careful.

There's a difference between a profession and a job.
Dictionary.com states that a PROFESSION is, "An occupation, such as law, medicine, or engineering, that requires considerable training and specialized study."

That means MT, being that most MT's have no post-secondary education, or at most bare minimum "MT school" training. O-net on-line (occupation information network) states that 14% of MT's have a bachelor's degree or higher.

This is a joe-job, plain and simple.
what difference in schooling for PA's?
vs. MD's?  What can they NOT do?
I see the difference, but in other countries...
they consider dogs and cats as food consumption. They were in other countries killing birds over the bird flu which were their pets and some were for food consumption, but they have to kill them all because it travels. They are totally different than we are here in the states when it comes to dogs and cats. I gave up Chinese food for that reason and stick to only Loo mein and hope that it's really a noodle. lol