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I tried Slycount and it didnt count the text in headers and footers

Posted By: ladydianamt on 2007-01-31
In Reply to: Slycount - IC

I tried Slycount and it didn't count the text in headers and footers after the 1st page. Apparently its a problem with upgraded versions of MS word 2003 and there isn't a fix yet for this problem. If you don't use headers and footers than its a good program. I currently use Spellex AccuCount and its great :). I believe they have a free trial on there website. I Hope this helps :)

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headers, footers, word count
I am an newbie IC and just started a new Dr. when I realized that MS word does not count headers and footers with word count.  Any way you can include headers/footers in the word count or do you have to count it all separately and then add them together?
Is it customary to count headers/footers in this business when doing line counts? Thanks. nm
headers and footers
I just read in the MPCount info that it does not count headers and footers. Is that a bad sign?
Not OP, but I get paid for headers and footers.
And most often headers, footers, & copies are not
most companies don't pay for headers, footers, cc. (nm)
Want to get paid for headers, footers and spaces?

Just in a silly mood.... 

11 cpl, 65 line w/spaces. No headers/footers except
Usually it's the software not counting headers/footers, or any of the
I would say that if you are typing headers and footers for free, i.e. not getting paid for them,
11-1/2 cpl, 65 ccl, all spaces, headers, footers, etc. NE part of country. nm
Headers and Footers can carry on to the rest of the pages.
Not included. Demos and ccs are headers/footers. Not counted. nm
Oh absolutely! I would get 9 or 10 lines of headers and footers per report on Cottage. sm
So, if you do the math, if I typed 25 reports that day, that makes a total of 250 LINES I no longer get paid for! I truly believe DQS is just a sneaky, smart way that MQ has come up with in order to squeeze line counts and money from under us. Think about it. It is!!! No doubt in my mind, ladies!!

I want to quit to freakin bad this DQS crap! I am making so much more LESS money on DQS it isn't even funny. We should really smarten up about this program.

Also, how about the way you have to look up cc's and addressess and then put it into that stupid ADT field and then you DON'T GET PAID FOR IT!! MAKES ME SICK!

Okay. Done ranting and raving for the day! Let me go look for another job right now.
could be short reports and getting paid for headers/footers in a 10-hour day.
I stand corrected. Sorry, did not mean to say gross. Rather, 65 cpl with spaces, headers, footers.
Maybe if it is gross lines, lots of headers and footers and normals......sm
Other than that, I really can't imagine it.
9 cpl, 65 characters per line, spaces, headers, footers included. employee status. nm
Offered a position paying 9 cents per 65 line without spaces with headers and footers.

Is this a good deal?

the properties stats still do not count headers.
Do a test to prove it. Type one word in the document and one word in the header and you will only see a count for the word in the body of the document.
It absolutely is a way to cut an MT's line count since most companies don't pay for headers,

footers, and anything in the template.  This one of the BIG reasons why I decided to give up working for the nationals.  I bit the bullet and went back to work in the office for a while and then finally I found a job with a hospital that allows me to work at home, pays me hourly plus incentive, and doesn't try to cheat me out of my line count.

I just always felt like I was working my rear end off lining the pockets of the MTSO's while they nickeled and dimed me to death!

That's my 0.02 cents worth!

Ex-Text Line Count
I know we have covered this before, but can anyone relate current experience with Ex-Text line count where you feel you have been shorted and by how much.  TIA.
I agree also.  I have this software and love it.  You just pull up your folder of patient names and it does the counting for you.  You just plug in the info on how much you want to charge and how many characters and so on.  A great tool.
I 2nd that. Slycount Gold.

Help with fax headers please

Hi....does anyone know how to turn off the fax headers in MS Word?  I found out how to do it years ago and then I got a new computer and now I have tried and tried and cannot figure out how to do it!

Just to clarify, I'm talking about when you use the fax wizard function in MS Word to send a fax, and that header comes out at the top of each faxed page with the time and phone number of who sent the fax etc.  How do I get that off my outgoing faxes???? PLEASE HELP! 

I have only been doing this for 11 months, so I do not know what it used to be like. I would have a suggestion regarding the headers. Use templates. If your company does not supply them, then you could make them up yourself, and you could also use an Expander for the headings. The other day I saw a job opening that stated you could do all reports in one document, but so far that has been the only one I have seen. I agree with lousy audio quality. I do not understand how come the MTSOs put up with the lousy quality and submit their MTs to it. I believe there needs to be much more done about the quality of the dictations, whether it is a fast dictator with loud background noise or just poor audio quality. So much more could be achieved by the American MT workforce if the quality of the dictations was better.
Take the character count divded by 65 and that will give you your line count.
Rad Reports/headers, etc
As an IC, i have a great radiology account, and because my company did such a good job, turnaround, accuracy, etc. I was offered a neurophysiology account....something I had never done before.........However, having such a good medical terminology background, I was willing to give it a try (and they were desperate)...(ha ha),,,,Anyways, the reports are done in word,,,,and are not all that difficult as it turns out. The TIME CONSUMING part - was doing the headers - which we retrieve from the text files attached to the wav files,,,,,,,and each identifying piece of information has to be looked up and typed on a single line (15 lines total -before you get to the report),,,,,,,well I hired somone just to do the headers,,,,,,as it turned out.....I met with the company and proposed a 1.00/per header charge for these cases - which turned out to be an excellent idea. The girl that does the headers for me - is guaranteed x amount of money now,,,not just lines and I can sit right down and type the reports.....perhaps you could approach them with an idea like this? 
no headers paid
Dictaphone does not pay headers..that is why the line count is lower than you think.  Dictaphone has the HARDEST header to fill in too!!!  Amazing that they do that!
If you don't type any headers and
footers they deduct 25% from your TOTAL lines.  That is not fair.  They use the header/footer issue as an excuse.  The header/footers are NOT calculated in the total....BUT....they deduct anyway.  Beware!!  Also....ask how long before you get your first check.  If they don't tell you 6 weeks, they are not being honest.  That's what happened to me.  The supe will tell you one thing, accounting will tell you another, and the owner another, and so on .....Good Luck!
faxs headers sm
Make up your own, call it up and fill in the blanks, you must have one HIPAA compliant you can copys. Create your own document.
No, she didnt but so what if she did?
She was self supporting.  She didnt take anything from anyone or go on the system. 
i didnt see that.
what was the report?
How do you know that she didnt get ....
the newest edition out used??? I agree with it being worthless after a while but you can get used books that are the newest editions.
She didnt say they

were paying production. Probably an hourly rate position. Wipe off the drool. they ain't no fool.



it does not count gross lines...I count 37 and it counts 67.
I get 10 cpl, spaces, headers, etc. as an employee. Sure ICs will get
offered more because you have to pay your own taxes and there are no benefits.  9 cpl isn't that good for an IC though.  It might be for a clinic count because they are more hum-drum accounts where you have the same doctors and can make lots of normals so you can get more lines, but if you are doing acute care it isn't a very good rate.  A good rate with mostly good dictators is hard to find these days. 
I would find it easier to add the headers myself--sm
and the reason why is because MOST of my docs do not follow any template order, even if it is THEIRS. they jump all over the place and I have to consequently do the same thing. I am paid for the headers, though, so that is okay, I guess. as far as patient demographics, I also put those in, when they are given, which is not all the time..sometimes the docs rely on past notes for that info and being one of many MTs, I don't always have that info available, which takes lines away from me, too. Perhaps the MTSOs think it is easier, but in some cases it is more time consuming. JMO
If Word, headers are always spellchecked unless you
mark that text for no proofing in your language setting.
Headers/templates wrong
Anyone else have the problem of the proper headers/templates not coming up and wonder why the proper docs aren't informed and why we have to correct it by clicking and pasting?!
That didnt work out right! Sorry.. NM
Didnt Seem Rude
You didnt seem rude to me at all. You adressed exactly what I was looking to get more info about. Should I even invest in the training, and if so what was the best way to go? Was MT even something I should get into? Sounds like more bang than I want to get tied up in so I appreciate your reply! Thanks!!
DH now knows reality of my job, didnt at first.
Why didnt your ancestors stay?
Why didnt your ancestors stay wherever they came from?  What a horrible statement.  We are all descendant from another country, unless we are American Indian.  I know two doctors who live here and do help in their home countries.  One from South Africa, the other from Mexico.  One goes back each year to hold clinics where they operate on children. 
Nixon didnt declare war
Lyndon Johnson stepped up the fighting in Vietnam, we were there back in the 1960's.  Pressure was put on Nixon from the courageous and so right protestors to end our participation in a wrong war a war we were in because we didnt want the South Vietnamese to become communist, which happened anyway.  The protests at Kent State were peaceful except some students started throwing rocks at inexperienced guardsmen.  The guardsmen were called before the protest to keep calm on campus, which is something that should never be done and was never done before.  You do not turn military against student protestors.  You do not use military to guard Americans, that is what police are for.  Only during Martial Law can you have military take over American streets.  We have a right to protest.  When the students saw the guardsmen, some threw rocks.  The guardsmen then shot their guns.  Trust me, this is how it went.  It is burned into my psyche.
Thank you. I didnt know if there were a lot of parts to assemble.
Didn't have to do much of that (didnt really mind that
part of the job, though). Just didn't like working 11-7, hated the fact that with being responsible for so many patients, I felt like I wasn't giving any of them very good care.
wonder why my email didnt work??
That makes me wonder, I have been getting emails lately, it should be working.
Vets were I worked didnt want to pay for MT. Had
Not RadGuy but didnt take much to get banned
You did call the school, didnt you?