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LOTS and LOTS of video tapes and DVDs.

Posted By: me on 2005-08-24
In Reply to: Anyone not have cable TV at all? - adjusting


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Depends. Did you just study or have you actually transcribed lots of tapes as sm

part of your training?  If you can't put down on your resume that your home study included multiple tapes in many specialties, etc. you are going to be hard pressed to find a good job. 

On the other hand, you might be able to type some orthopedics or pt notes (and then at least have some experience to put on your resume.)  Orthopedic doctors have TONS of dictation.  Besides their clinic notes, etc, most of them do IME (independent medical evaluations) which are fairly easy to do.  You'll need some good ortho books to get you started, but most will let you start without the experience if you can demonstrate you know the terminology.  Good luck.  Get some experience and the doors will start opening REALLY fast for you.  Sometimes, taking a low paying job is okay in the beginning just to get the experience.  If you can possibly get in a PCP's office to help out with clinic notes (even offering to to backlog/vacation stuff, you will get good experience and your resume will look great for the future stuff that comes up.  Good Luck to You.  Hang in there and learn everything you can.

Yoga is excellent. Lots of good tapes.
BBQ, slaw, cornbread, ham, casseroles, lots of veggies, chicken pastry, lots of desserts!! BIG fami
Lots of inexpensive decorations at Big Lots. Had a party last year.
Lots of us did.
Been here 8 and got $130. One lady got 2 cents and another 1 cent. It's CRAZY!
I have lots of them...

Hello!  Email me if you still need sites for OP notes - I have quite a few good ones I can send you...



I'm on my 4th since July.

Tried Transolutions, what a joke. Told I would be on the windows system, ended up on the old DOS system with 40 pounds of manuals to look through. Had 3 accounts assigned at once and one of the team leaders was absolutely nasty.

Tried Precyse, had absolutely NO work whatsoever for 10 days and was supposed to be full time.

Tried Interpro, what a joke!!! They act like you are taking up precious time if you even ask a single question (like how to set up the stupid program they send you).

Tried a foreign company, the work I saw that they were sending to the hospitals was so bad I didn't want my name associated with any of it!

Been with eTransPlus now since August 8, so far so good. Wanted to go with Transcription Solutions but they don't do training on any shift but days and I'm a night person.

Still looking for a part-time job, but with 20+ years I'm NOT working for 6-7 cpl without spaces!

I saw in a newspaper last night that nursing assistants are making 15 an hour now and LPNs are making 25. I would make more doing something like that, but I can't. When I see phlegm, I turn a lovely green color..lol
I think there are lots of us
I don't worry about it. I'm content being mateless. Whether we realize it or not, we're probably extending our lives this way---much less stress. No relationship drama.
I just got one for $499 with XP and lots of...sm
other great things.  I was going to buy this $319 Dell one, but if you spend $499 they waive the $100 shipping and handling fees.  It's all there at their website....delldotcom.....and you customize whatever you want.  I had forgotten that I needed a floppy drive and went right back to the website when I ordered that 'puter and added it on.  I need a floppy drive to put private MDs work on diskettes so they can upload them to their systems. 
Thanks--Lots to think about
I will think it over and see what I can come up with. Thanks again!
Lots and lots sm

On one of my personal computers where I had (as usual) TONS of AutoCorrects and AutoTexts stored every once in a while Word would freeze up or close down (I forget now which) and everything would be lost.  So, I made sure to back up the normal.dot and the .acl (I haven't had to do this for a few years so I'm not sure I have that 100% correct) often so I could reinstall them.   I also saved the documents I was working on every few minutes and made that easier by changing the F12 button to a "Save" button.  One day I had a brilliant idea and went in to AutoCorrect Options and unchecked everything I could that was not important to me and it stopped happening!  I only mention this in case someone else out there has this problem.   

But I have TONS and TONS of entries and I have never had one just disappear without some other reason for it other than I had too many in there. 

Not only that, but lots of MTs get a little
if they have too many mistakes or blanks. So the insinuation that we would be so lazy as to just send in ALL blanks is pretty silly. If our payscale is tied to our quality, the last thing we want is to leave lots of blanks.
Lots of
unhappy people here. Glad I'm not one of them. ;-)
Lots longer
I don't know - I've been an MT over 25 years, am a super fast typist, use expanders, and have a great platform and accounts, and it takes me a good 5-6 hours, with a 15 minute stretch break here and there, to make 1000 lines.  Bad dictators - a good 8 hour shift to make 1000.
THANK YOU ALL, lots of inspiration! NM
There are lots of differences

Acute care is so much broader as far as need for knowledge of terminology in many different specialities.  Clinic transcription can be of any specialty, but usually if you have a clinic account it will be limited to one or two specialties. 

There are many different work types in acute care.  Clinic work consists of mostly a history, physical exam, and plan.   Acute care includes things such as operative notes, consultations, etc.  which are "a whole different ballgame" as far as terminology.          


there are lots of good MTs like you.sm
but they are NOT the ones that are always applying to companies...they are not the ones that leave a client in the lurch or fit the description.

I have had a lot of really good ladies working for me for a LONG LONG time now and would do anything to keep them because a good Transcriptionist is so hard to find.

But there are those that give MTs a bad reputation just like in all professions.

Good MTs do not sit on these boards blasting people asking legit questions. Good MTs are the ones always answering the word boards, equipment boards, etc with kind and thoughtful answers. There are many of those...just wish I could find one or two more
Actually there are lots of happy MQ MT's...
but it all depends on which "office" they work for - Columbus=Happy/Amherst=Unhappy.


No consistency!

LOL! Lots of OPs? Or are you an MQer too? ;)
..."was reamed," lol. 
Me too, lots of bankies.
Also hubby, dogs and cats.
i do rad work & i need lots more of it!

Yes, tea has lots of antioxidants -

But there are lots of fields where you can come right out

what you get a degree in.  Something like sociology, anthropology, etc. - no, probably not many jobs.  Psychology you really need a graduate degree.  Social work you can find jobs with a bachelor's but not that well paying, so would need a graduate degree.

But look at a lot of the medical professions - heck, nursing, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, medical technology (except they call it something else now), radiology, pharmacy, etc. etc. - all are BOOMING.  Just gotta be smart about what you get your degree in.

There are lots of options out there.
Oh, I can relate. It took me 2 years before I made any money, wanted to give it up several times but stuck it out. Now I'm glad I did because working at home is worth all you have to go through in the beginning. Keep watching the job seekers board. You will eventually find something you like. One thing I love about this industry is there is a fit for everyone, if you don't have it now, you can find it. In any case, don't give up, MTs are hard to come by (the reason so many companies offer sign on bonuses). I worked as an IC for 10 years, loved it but had to go as an employee. Anyway, where I'm at doesn't quite cut it so I'm off to a new adventure with a new company. The bottom line is, you can find your dream job, just don't get discouraged in the hunt, but keep looking.
Wow, there are lots of people on
132 people on right now. I suppose maybe because so many people don't have any work to do.
Lots of posts about them nt
LOL. Know lots who really are helpless.sm
We call them the "girly boys from the 90s." My friend has one. Guy cannot even screw in a lightbulb.
Lots of ESL docs
Have worked for prison system in Tx. They hire lots of ESL docs but work is not hard as they outsource serious cases to general hospitals. As regards pre-employment testing all I did was a typing test and gave my references.
There are lots of variables there....

It took me approximately two weeks to really get the specifics down on the account I am currently working on.  That is just the account specs.  The DO's and DONT'S.  It is about 75 pages long.  I still am not used to all of the doctors yet because I have not had the opportunity to transcribe for all of them enough to be able to get used to them.  I work for a national, but my account is for a large hospital, so there are doctors there that I have not even come across yet.  I have been on this particular account now for 3 months.  I have the specifics down cold, and like I said, that only took a couple of weeks to get.

I have had other accounts that only took a few days to get used to because they were smaller and didn't have that many specifics.

The bottom line is that it depends on the account itself.  The client is going to be the one that will determine how long it will take you to get used to an account based on how many instructions, etc. they dish out for their accounts.  Each and every account will be different.  You may notice a pattern at some point, but you can't really count on a set amount of time or categorize it into a specific time frame.

Just my opinion.

Lots of stuff - sm
powdered drink mixes (PowerAde, Gatorade, KoolAid if it is presweetened.)

Hard candies.
Decks of cards (I also sent a book with about 1000 card games in it.)

Dental floss.

Magazines (nothing
pornographic or even remotely close to being so.)

Hometown newspapers
DVDs (most units now have DVD players for R&R)
Journals and pens/pencils

The most popular item was Baby Wipes. The dust and sand get into everything.

Basically you can send just about anything except...
No glass containers.
Nothing of a religious nature (bibles, etc...)
Nothing of a pornographic nature.

Someone said they sent jerky. We weren't allowed to send even that when my son was there. It was also considered offensive to their "host" country (Iraq.)

I have never tried the diet, but I know lots who

have, including my DH.  I have never known anyone to keep the weight off once they come off the diet.  While there have been various studies as to healthiness/unhealthiness of the diet, I don't see how eating high fat foods came be healthy.  I do know that the diet throws your body into a ketosis, which gives you terrible breath.  When my DH was on the diet I asked him not to talk while in the car because his breath smelled so bad.  He worked with a woman who said she wondered why people would back away from her when she talked.

I think low carb is a good idea, but I don't think high fat is a good idea.  I'm not a nutritionist, just makes sense. 

There are lots, but they don't spend (sm)
time on the boards because they're MEN! (Hmm, what does this say about the few very prominent male MTs who do post a lot?)
Sorry in lots of ways.

Through the crystal vision of hindsight, I now shout at the top of my lungs to any newbie even CONSIDERING getting into this field to run, fast and far!!!    The flexibility you get does not, in my opinion, outweight the mediocre pay and the total lack of respect that are given to someone who has achieved a certain level of expertise.  People who have attained their own levels of expertise in other fields do get a commensurate amount of pay and a certain level of respect; we, on the whole, simply do not.  No, girlfriend, I am pursuing leaving this dead-end field and I tell everyone I know how crummy it is and not to even CONSIDER doing this work for a living.  That is just my life experience opinion. 

Lots of help on line
Try googling "child development, preparing your child for kindergarten" It sounds like the teacher has spotted some common areas you can work on to improve your daughter's school experience. Try to see it as a positive thing - advanced notice that this is the time to act.
lots of memorable ones for me too
I have a doc who sounds exactly like the voice-over guy for the Cadbury Egg commercials (a very distinctive voice); good dictator, always makes me crave Cadbury Eggs.

Have a doc that really makes obscure references about every single name he dictates (most I get!), will note if that day is someone he know's birthday, lets me know the nurse that just came in us cute or nice etc...very amusing once I got used to it.

Had an ESL dictate "patient would like more Viagra, as it is hard to come buy"...that was funny...(I think his patient was previously getting it online and wanted a real prescription.)

Had a very nice ESL who tried very hard, but always got his cliches mixed up.

I also notably remember docs who have called into the system to wish us all a happy holiday and thank us for our good work (the job was left in the pool for others to grab it, listen, and put it back -- very nice); that has happened a few times. Had an ESL once apologize for always mixing he/she and him/her in reports and said he was glad we knew what WE were doing. Had a doc call the office once (when I was OM/QA) and tell me how much better our service was than their hospital in-house once and asked if we'd go give them all lessons.

We have a doc who always dictates while his kid is taking violin lessons in the house somewhere. At least the kid is getting better!

Had a doc once stop dictating to talk to her dog....like it was a itty witty baby girl.. who's a good puppy! You are!

on and on and on
There are lots of us out here who agree with
You! I post off and on - most days just don't have the energy, though, as the negative just is so draining. But there are cycles on here, and sometimes for a short time the kinder people are the majority. I miss a lot of the old time posters. This board had a wealth of great regular posters, all driven off by the chaff. They didn't leave in shame or anything, just went on to more professional pastures. Its just the dark side of human nature - this board often reminds me of Lord of the Flies in cyberspace! Know what I mean? And exactly as you said, if these women - and I do for the most part believe 100% that its the women who are negative and catty - if these women saw us face-to-face at the old water cooler, they would drop the nasty mouth immediately! I love the MQ board - this handful of malcontents who work for a company that they claim to believe is robbing them blind. And they trash their bosses and the very hand that signs their paychecks! Its so shameful. If they truly believed they were getting robbed, they'd be long gone. And its got nothing to do with waiting out lawsuits. Some people are just wired like this. Again, every water cooler has them, and these are the lowest of the low in the work place - whether in house or at home employees. We can soften their gossip if we hang out for a while. It does work. Mostly, though, we can't respond to their obvious troll posts - its so hard, but sometimes you just have to not respond. That's what feeds the trolls - don't feed the trolls!!
Lots of IC questions

So my current company isn't giving me enough work and I want to know all the things about IC that I need to before I start working as one. How do I go about establishing myself as an IC? What steps do I need to take to do that? What about taxes? I talked to my tax lady already and she said taxes are a huge responbility if IC???

Please help me find a solution. I want some more work and want to be IC but I'm so confused as to how it all works.

Lots of IC questions
Just be sure you pay your taxes quarterly and you won't have any problems.

Good Luck!
Lots of stuff...here ya go



American Heart Association



Click on Complete List of Definitions, Cardiology.



Health Central Home Page, Links to Cardiology Terms, Link to Diseases, Conditions, Drugs, Procedures, etc.



Medscape Cardiology



National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute





Cardiology Glossary A-Z



Glossary of Cardiology Terms



Cardiothoracic Surgery Glossary



Medtronic, Glossary of Cardiology Terms



American Society of Nuclear Cardiology Glossary of Terminology



MedTerms Medical Dictionary



AHA, Heart and Stroke Encyclopedia





Symptoms Reference A-Z



Diseases and Conditions A-Z



Link to Top 200 Websites for Diseases and Conditions, Excellent Site!



Diseases and Conditions A-Z



Heart Failure Causes



Merck, Aneurisms



Merck, Peripheral Vascular Disease



Merck, Cardiovascular Disorders



Heart Disease, Dilated Cardiomyopathy





BNP info, normals, etc.



USCD Laboratory Services Guide, Choose lab test or procedure A-Z, EXCELLENT!





People’s Pharmacy, Search by Generic or Brand-Name Drugs



People’s Pharmacy, Herbal Library



Aspirin and Antiplatelet Medications Index



ACE Inhibitors Index



AstraZeneca, Products and Medications



Beta Blockers Index



Calcium Channel Blockers Index



Drugs Approved by the FDA by Year





Texas Heart Institute, Cardiovascular Glossary A-Z



Cardiac Terminology



Cardiovascular System A-Z Terminology Links





Glossary of Terms and Acronym Expansions for Perfusion Technology, Open-Heart Surgery and Cardiology.



Surgery Terms and Procedures



Heart Surgery Terminology



CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) Surgery





Merck, Noninvasive Diagnostic Cardiovascular Procedures



Merck, Invasive Diagnostic Cardiovascular Procedures



EKG terminology and sample tracings of both normal and abnormal rhythms.



Introduction to EKGs.



Basic EKG Interpretation



EKGs, Very Complete!



EKG, Basic Rhythms and Waveforms, as well as “Vocabulary Words.”



EKG, Sinus Rhythm



EKG, Sinus Tachycardia



EKG, Sinus Bradycardia



EKG, Supraventricular Tachycardia



EKG, Atrial Fibrillation



EKG, Atrial Flutter



EKG, Wandering Atrial Pacemaker (WAP)



Choose Basic Imaging, Choose Non-Invasive Arterial Testing.  Excellent Site!



Spirometry site



Procedures and Tests A-Z



Coronary Angioplasty Index



Exercise Stress Test Index



CAT Scan Index



MRI Scan Index



Chest X-Ray Index

Lots of the dictators where I am
are dictating them mixed right up with the labs, so I have started calling that section DIAGNOSTIC DATA (shortcut dd) to cover everything. Now some of the doctors have started calling it by my name, LOL.

Lots of speculation on that.
My personal opinion is that new things will be opening up in editing, and there will still be MTing. After all, we are creating EHRs when we transcribe. Basically, the difference is that it stays in a computer instead of printed files.
lots of luck
My first co 10 years ago used them and had 1 set of discs. If they loose them they are screwed. I looked years back impossible to find.
Lots of IT being offshored too..just FYI
I guess lots of changes but
back in the 80s when working MTing inhouse, someone from radiology transcription out and they asked if I would fill in. I went over and worked there for, oh, 2 to 3 extra weeks after getting off from the regular job for few hours each day. I really did not have any trouble with it at all and never done any before.
LOL..yeah, lots!!! nm
Of course you do. There is lots of money to be
You have to have lots more with discrimination
charges. What you have said in your note are "looking up and down" and things you take as being discrimating, nothing really. Your changes of really a suit like this would be about a big 0. Insurance companies are to make money- what about all the homeowners being cancelled on the coast because hurricaines hitting other places and not theirs? It happens! A company can turn you down for any reasons - regardless of your passing their test- they don’t have to hire you. I have looked all over your original post and nothing here that would be a court case. Saying making room, asking if they could eat a cake? If it were chocolate and I was really in the mood, yes I could eat a couple of pieces and so? Most could, they just don’t say they could!
Lots of possibilities
What about checking with your company's tech support first?  Not all these programs install properly.   512 should be fine.  I would do this.  It's like the doctor has to do -- by process of elimination to isolate the source of the cut off.  Does it happen to everything you play in your computer?  Can you duplicate the problem with media player?  It's possible the audio function of the platform isn't installed right.  Maybe your foot pedal isn't set up right.  Can you duplicate the problem when you just use the hand controls for the audio portion of the VR?  Can you use the mouse and make it work?  Is it even when you're just listening or when you use the foot pedal?  I really would check with the company's tech support since you didn't have this problem before.  Maybe you need to reinstall your sound card driver.  Your pc is probably fine, it may be the tech's installation on your computer that has the problem.  My guesses only, hope some of this gets you started with some solutions.  Best of luck to you.
Lots in common
The post office!!! My husband works there. What a nightmare. It is not uncommon that people leave working there. My sympathies are with you and glad you are doing well now. I went through the same thing. They cut incentive on me at a hospital where I worked when I was a single mom. They told us if we could find more money to leave, so taking the challenge I did and went to the other hospital in the area. Big mistake. When I kind of crawled back to the director of trans who also used to be my friend and little boy's pal, she had no openings (although there were ads for openings). I had been there for more than 7 years too. This year I applied again. Immediately got a "resume will be kept on file for 3 months" letter. Well, that wsa that. It has been 5 years since then and finally I found a great company to work for and believe me, I will never look at grass greener on the other side again. Takes too much work to keep trying out new places and too many heart breaks. But, as they say, "all things work out for the best" and we must in the end believe that one hundred percent. Good luck to you!
Web Sites! Lots!


New/unusual terms

 has been useful in finding OB phrases I’m not familiar with on my new job.


  for drugs


for drugs


  chemotherapy drugs

Medical tests, signs, and maneuvers:


The “everything” site:

   That goes for drugs or anything.  Customize to start looking in medical books firs and not in general dictionaries.


http://www.upinregistry.com (very comprehensive listing of doctors in all states with ability to put in specialty if it is known to narrow the search


now available on line.drugs, etc)


diseases and syndromes, etc)



  Online Medical Dictionary,

Wikipedia has images and diagrams from Gray’s Anatomy and links to related body parts.

Chemo acronyms – this same website has chemo drugs


types of lymphoma


Site for names of bacteria


Drug list


Acronym finder


Spellings for drugs


(scroll down to Medline search)


Books list – any book an MT could ever need:


Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary ONLINE:


Online Medical


Over the counter drug list:


List of FDA drug approvals:



   -- links that might be helpful

http://home.adelphia.net/ ktm58/links.html

Wound V.A.C.


Sleep Studies


To find doctors by state


Good fibro website


Sites to find docs


OP note samples

http://www.mt911.com  on it and has a lot of different samples. Also a good reference book is The Surgical Word Book by Saunders.







Antibiotics site


Found this site with injectables etc.


Surgical Instruments


coag = coagulate
coags = coagulates (add s)
coagd = coagulated (add d)
coagg = coagulating (add g)
coagy = coagulopathy (add y)
coagj = coagulation (add j)
(use J for tion)

apx = approximate
apxd = approximated
apxg = approximating
apxs = approximates
apxj = approximation
apxy = approximately

The possibilities are endless.

Also, enter words you frequently misspell:

berast = breast
teh = the

add mixed case words:
tricor = TriCor

add dosages:
q3hprn = q.3 h. p.r.n.

http://www.mt-stuff.com/freebies.html (MT-Stuff is an MTStars sponsor)

This website is a good one for us newbies. I found it during school this year. I also use the express scribe for practice files. The freebie page lists several free downloads.


[ "Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don't." 

Same here...lots of standards