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Nope. Get 2 channels. Haven't turned the TV on in

Posted By: BeckyB on 2005-08-24
In Reply to: Anyone not have cable TV at all? - adjusting

probably a month except to watch a DVD. Not much interested in anything that's on there. But if I did have cable I'd probably NEVER work.

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So much anxiety that I haven't even turned heat on
nope, still crunching last few days of year to hit my 50k this year. how can you when you haven'
Maybe get one of your local TV channels involved?
Nope, I don't feel "LUCKY" to be treated like an imbicile by my company. Nope, No way.
when i turned 18,
my mom gave me a necklace that used to be my grandmas, which i still have now 35 yr later...when one of our daughters turned 18 and was going on to college, we bought her a computer. You could ask her what would be meaningful to her too...
I just turned 24 yrs. old. MT x 5 yrs. & QA x 2 yrs.

Used to work in-house, but on my own now. Love working at-home too! :)

Can these be turned off?
I agree, the cursor and snowflakes are really cute, but distracting to me.  At the risk of being labeled a Grinch, is there any way to turn them off on one's personal computer?  Thank you--
I turned him in ...
I just turned 40. nm
LOL I tried to take an hour nap, but it turned into
11 hours of napping.  LOL  At least I'm refreshed this morning.  Time to type quickly so I can go play.
YES! nationals have turned

wife's kind of job......need a second income to live.

It is no longer a career

It is no longer a respectable job.

They have lowered it to _drop in_ make a few bucks_go to bed

But don't expect or receive RESPECT, A LIVING, OR ANYTHING ELSE

from a transcription company.  They are there to make the profit



Bows sounds real darn good - when do we start - I'll make the

wagon to sell them from - I'm pretty handy with power tools now since

my husband left because I had to type 26 hours a day!  Stupidly he thought

we should have a life.

I just turned 30 and have been doing transcription...

since I was 21.  I love my job and wouldn't trade it for the world.  I also have several friends whom are my age that do this work and though our work changes with the science of medicine, I think you are going to find your job changing in whatever field you are in because everything changes and evolves over time.  I do understand where you are coming from though about people my age not being pushed towards this field.  I can't tell you how many times when I meet new people and I tell them what I do, they have no clue what transcription is, LOL. 

The only people that give this profession a bad name and a bad rap is the people who are unhappy.  Sure, I have had my ups and downs in this position, but I have also had other jobs where I have had those same ups and downs in different fields.  It is called moving on and finding peace within yourself.  If you are unhappy, fix it.  Only you can make your own happiness, nobody else can make it for you. 

Are you sure the volume is not turned down (sm)
in the "audio" of the gearplayer or that mute is checked in the "audio"?
Just turned on puter

and find all kinds of slander about the x-3.  So if you are confident that I have been "bad mouthing" the company give me your facts.  If I recall correctly I went off on you and apologized for it.  You are the one in the end that said you needed time to lick your wounds.  I have not bad mouthed the company to anyone!!!!  and to quote someone whom I thought was an excellent friend "venting to friends is okay, that is what friends are for."

I am actively seeking employment, will continue to do so, and keep my opinions of the company to myself.  If you feel I have done otherwise share the facts you have, give me a chance to defend myself.......

It tears me apart on a daily basis that we have no friendship........if you truly feel you cannot forgive me that is fine, but please don't bash me on a public board about things that are not true. 

I interviewed with them and turned them down

but can't remember all the details.  I think they offered 10 cpl for IC and 11 cpl for lines over 12,000 per pay period.   You have to "punch the clock" , which I just won't do.  Sorry I don't remember other details. 

I am glad everything has turned out okay....sm
for you. I am also glad you shared it and I was fortunate enough to read it. I hope I may not have to encounter what you have but some day if I do I will always remember reading this. God bless and I wish you the best....
Thanks for the responses. It turned out to be a bad box (the little one). nm
I just turned 40 and have the same thing going on! nm
Just turned 29 in June..nm
mine turned out to be--sm
3025 for today. It started out poorly but ended up good, although it is 9 pm here and I have only been done for a half hour. that was 12 hours worth.
Guess what this s/l turned out to be.
What this probably oriental ESL said when I slowed him way down:


With a little research I discovered he meant:
end-stage renal disease

It's typical of him, but I do wonder why he doesn't invest in some speech therapy.
coders turned MT? Any of you out sm
there that went from coding to MT? OR, MTs who went into coding? Love coding, hate coding? Not much talk amongst coders anywhere. I just wonder what it is like and if it is worth considering.
I am tired of being turned down....

I am new to MT but I am not new to hard work and determination.  Companies have turned me down just because I don't have experience.  I know I don't have years and years of experience but that doesn't mean I am inapt.  I have decided to seek out my own accounts because I am tired of waiting from someone else’s approval.  It is scary but I am determined to make this work.  I really need your input on what type of doctors I should start with.  I was thinking family medicine or psychology since I have experience with medical coding in these areas.

Please offer your honest opinion on how I can make this work.  If there is anyone else that has started out as a newbie and is transcribing on his or her own, please reply with advice also.

But if you are going to rude or cruel please don't reply.


Tables turned on me....
I had the strangest thing happen to me.  I have been contacting some people who had tested for a position I was filling.  When I interviewed this one applicant, as soon as she got on the phone she started interviewing ME.  I mean she was shooting questions left and right and before I had a chance to really explain how the account worked she was like, "Well I'll let you know about the position in a day or two", like it was hers to decide and I hadn't even offered her the position.  She was actually my first choice and I was going to give her the position, but after talking on the phone I have decided against it.  I'm afraid she would be trying to run my business instead of me.  I had just never had such an experience and thought I would just voice it here.  Let me know what you all think.
Have you turned off autocorrect?
I turned off the little box in Shorthand, SM
feeling it would be important to keep my eyes on the screen, initially with transcribing and now especially so with editing where I'm typically reading and scanning the text ahead of the dictation, dropping Shorthand-abbreviation corrections in as I pass by. I'm coming up on 40,000 entries and definitely don't have them memorized. I do have my various patterns for abbreviating memorized. J for -ation so that hospital + hl and hospitalization = hlj, hospitalized + hld. Adjective + noun = first 3 letters of adjective, first 2 of noun. That sort of thing.

I don't type fast. Since you do, it means you'll always be able to keep up with a speeded up dictation and when editing you can just relax back and rest your wrists as you scan much more than you can now.

And just think--I have many common and hard-to-spell doctor names entered in the form "drng" = Dr. Nguyen, which includes the link to make sure they don't get split at the end of the line. Wouldn't that be nice?
english turned OFF

I for sure am not going to sit and proofread my posts and sometimes fingers go where they go.  If people feel the need to proofread others posts they REALLY need to get a life or a friend or something.  I had another person do this to me on another board and I cannot tell you how aggravating it is.  I have a 99.58% accuracy rating and make plenty of mistakes in my email posts.  This is NOT WORK.  This is play and the fact that you feel the need to criticize people just tells us all about YOU.

It turned out to be short, so
I typed it without my footpedal. My Gear Player box is no longer open to drag the windows media file into.

Now I'm having trouble formating Word. They want the margins changed to 2.54 cm (not inches), and I type it in like the instructions tell me, and save, but of course Word ignores me. Grr.
It turned out to be short, so
I typed it without my footpedal. My Gear Player box is no longer open to drag the windows media file into.

Thank goodness it was short. It was also not a medical report. Instead it sounded like a radio show with two speakers talking, but it was clear and easy.
you said it! The schools just turned sm
into a money making scheme all their own. It does take 10-15 years and then you find out you are barely experienced. Some of the "newbies" here if not most of them will not work the years it takes to find that out because they really don't want to be in this business anyway. It was just an easy work at home job to some (not all) of them.

When I think about it, I blame some of the large MT companies, especially MQ for some of this. They hired these people right out of school, they have worked several years but not gotten the experience they need. They really are not "experienced" but they think they are and that is sad.

I wish MT would ALL go back in house and these companies were just to pick up the slack in the hospitals and not take over their accounts totally. That way MTs could get their experience before they ever venture out into the MT working at home thing.

I started at 23.
Help! Windows turned sideways?

I tried a new 'keyboard shortcut' and miraculously not only did it not work, it turned my desktop on Windows sideways.

Any suggestions on how to fix it?


every one will see in the end and so many will be lost because they turned away from the truth.
He is actually quite easy to please.  you only have to do one thing.  Its the most simple thing in the world that could save you eternally. 
Before he turned into a complete idiot.
I haven't seen any of his recent movies since he split with Nicole Kidman.  Of course, I saw "Days of Thunder" and "Far and Away".  Read the whole post, then try taking an English comprehension course.  Troll.
Yes, we just put in a wood stove and turned off
the furnace out in the shop. We know of a guy who gives away free scrap wood, so we're heating the shop for free this year. That'll save quite a chunk of change. I wish we hadn't taken the wood stove out of the house, but it would have cost too much to bring it up to code. Other than that, put on more clothes, extra blankets on the beds, and turn the heat down.
I turned down a job with a company that used Worf but
I won't fly without a net!
Went BK a couple of years ago. It turned out
to be one of the best things ever.  Since then, we only use cash and have been able to save and pay off our house.  Unfortunately, the laws have changed and I think it is almost impossible to file a Chapter 7 now.  Anyway, good luck to you either way!
Friday is my last day... turned in notice..

This Friday is my last day of a 2-week notice and, as of yet, the administrator has not said a word to me about leaving. I've worked inhouse for these people for 20 years. No questions as to why, nothing.  The assistant only said she was glad for me and wished me well. What do you make of spending 20 years of your life doing your best and, in the end, they could care less? Boy, do I feel stupid, but definitely made the right decision in leaving.

I always ask if the company offshores. I have turned down

multiple positions because the companies offshore.  I'm now in a dilemma as my company has started offshoring.   They are not taking work from me to offshore, but they could not find enough qualified MTs to keep TAT where it needed to be and we were having to work like dogs.  They knew they had to do something so they went offshore.  I'm still not sure what the difference is - if they have to proof 100% of the offshore work, why can't you proof 100% of U.S MTs and train them trained, even getting a newbie, someone who didn't have the attitude that this is they way I've always done it, etc.  I've seen the work that comes back from India and it is not client ready.

I have several years invested with this company.  They pay better than anything I have been able to find thus far, I'm comfortable with my accounts, the platform is easy, etc.   So what do I do now?   There are very few companies that don't offshore, either to India or another country, and they are currently training women in Trinidad, so more work will eventually follow.  If I do find a company that doesn't offshore, how long will it be before they do start offshoring.   I honestly never thought I would be in the position that I am. 

MT'ing since 1998. Just turned 30


Me too. Snow Bunny turned me on to it. I use it every day. nm
I did that a long time ago. I turned it over sm
and let it sit overnight, and the next day it worked fine.  I think as long as it wasn't anything sticky like a soda or something, you should be okay.  It just has to dry out.  Of course, I'm not that technically oriented, so I don't know, but I'll certainly cross my fingers for you. 

I've never known a patient to be turned away

They usually send them to the mental health/crisis unit and get social services involved to arrange coverage. Maybe it's different in different parts of the country, but it has never happened at my hospitals.

When I use a subcontractor, I pay them as soon as their invoice is turned in to me.

I consider it a good business practice to pay the sub as soon as their invoice is submitted. After all, don't you expect the client your contract with to do the same for you. You really should have paid this $100 invoice long before now. You have no recourse and should consider this a lesson learned.

Personally, I don't think you have any business subbing out work if you're no more prepared to pay and, apparently, are careless with the information that your sub receives from you. You could also be considered breeching confidentiality if you're not having the sub sign some sort of understanding regarding the confidential nature of the work you're sending out.

Help! I just turned my whole screen sideways!
Autocorrect turned french!

Out of no where my autocorrect is french!  Anyone know how to turn this off??

This whole discussion has turned to blanks, but -
it's about so much more than that. That was only a fer-instance. What my rant is REALLY about is that we are an educated and skilled specialty in the world of white-collar business. I can't understand why our country has allowed a decent-paying job to be trashed by outsourcing.
We lose money, so we end up paying less taxes. The big corporations are given a tax-break by offshoring, so they pay less taxes. The offshore workers pay no taxes. So where is the benefit if I finally give up and go on the dole in order to survive. One more taxpayer bites the dust. If we ALL go, the poor little wealthy darlings of the upper class will start having to pay their fair share and more, if there is no longer a middle class whatsoever.

yes, it has turned into a sweatjob, especially for newbies....nm
They've turned them off. There was a wreck nearby and the SM
emergency vehicles couldn't get there, so he voluntarily turned them off.
Unusual word turned simple.
I just started work in a hospital and this doc, a Chinese gynecologist who is MY DOCTOR, was saying "peewah".  I finally realized, it was "period"!  Good heavens, I thought I was losing it and was going to have to find a new doctor in the process.  I love him, but that word was making me crazy.(period or peewah, whatever you prefer)  Zoinks!
Just turned 40 last week, Not on myspace and won't allow my teens either. sm
I have a very fulfilling life with my husband, family and friends - don't see the need for myspace for folks my age.

As for the teens - there is just too much temptation on their for them to get in trouble. They are forbidden and I check the web as well as their computers, cookies, etc. every week to be sure they are in compliance. To much danger there for my son and daughter.

You turned off the white space setting. sm
First switch to page layout view, then go to the Tools menu, Options, then check the setting for white space between pages. You can turn this off real easy if you happen to click your mouse near the top of the page.