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Lady on Oprah today who was

Posted By: NCMT on 2006-05-03
In Reply to:

set on fire by her ex-husband.  It's an amazing story and brings tears to my eyes to hear her talk about how thankful she is to be alive and that beauty comes from within.  We could all take a lesson from her.


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Just saw Oprah today. Dr. Oz said
no sugar, no enriched flour, no hydrogenated anything, no saturated fats, and I forgot the other thing.  Also walk 30 minutes every day, even if the world is coming to an end, you need to walk 30 minutes a day.  If you go to Oprah's website there may be better info there. 
Healthcare - Today's Oprah
THURSDAY'S SHOW: Sick in America: It Can Happen to You

For the first time on TV, the director of Sicko, Michael Moore, and a respected insurance lobbyist face off in a healthcare showdown. Then, Lisa Ling puts some insurance companies on the line. And a discussion of the one question we all need to answer.

"mean lady, ice lady, flaming monsters"
watch others feel hurt? from my computer? locked away? huh? you have clearly let your imagination run away with any powers of logic you may have had. sad.
Naaaaaaasty lady. Bad lady. Pooh.
I think we should go on Oprah!
What a great idea!  I'm sure she also has healthcare experience.  I'm going to go on the website and see how to communicate with the show.  LATER.....
I wonder if Oprah would show this?
Nobody gets the country outraged like she does!

what will India do now? on Oprah

just happened to catch a small piece - Indian women are surrogate mothers for women in US who cannot/will not get pregnant - 6000.00 going rate.

I am scared at the simple thought that this record goes straight from the doc (whom we all know can say/type wrong thing, i.e. right versus left) and no one to catch errors - straight to record.

Or Oprah! That would spread everywhere!
Oprah show Monday-have you let yourself go?? sm
I must admit this is me ever since I started working at home 6 years ago. Too easy to do. 6 months since a decent haircut, too many kids to look after and too much work to get done. I thought others might appreciate thesubject matter. Happy watching.
oprah and david letterman
From what I could see on the Today Show this a.m. they showed Oprah and David and they did kiss and make up and everything is fine with them. David Letterman even walked Oprah to across the street where she was appearing for something at the end of her appearance on the Letterman Show, both smiling away at the cameras
I really do not like Oprah or her show! Who cares? !
Nor I! He sure stepped in poop when he met Oprah!...nm
Matthew McCaughnahey will be on Oprah

Just e-mailed the Oprah! show
I just finished posting a comment to the Oprah! Show.  If/when (I'm an optimist!) I get a response, I'll be letting y'all know.  Happy Wednesday!  
I don't need to watch Oprah to know the answer to that question

years ago, I heard that Oprah Winfrey...nm

I e mailed the Oprah show about a year ago sm
I got an automated response and that was it. I have always loved Oprah, but she is into helping kids in other countries, not so into helping here.
I knew about the Killing Oprah On Her Couch thingy...
but never saw him get squirted! He simply was not happy with that man, wuz he? Ah, fame and fortune - it must B a drag!
Is everyone relieved Oprah & David Letterman have kissed & made up?
Last night's show wuz so touching...
I saw Luther Vandross mention doing that a few years ago on Oprah. He must've ignited the craze!n
HELP with Shorthand. Suddenly today when I tried to start work today.sm

my ShortHand would type only the first letter of an expansion and then take all the letters away!  I checked and the Type It button is grayed out!  I have restarted the computer and looked on the Shorthand Help menu but can find nothing that applies.  Can anyone please help me ASAP?  I am lost without it!  TIA

Perhaps you are right. This one is dated today. The original article was on Yahoo today also with

But this article states it would only affect new customers right now.  So I am upset over nothing.  I went through heck with BellSouth when they charged me a surcharge of an extra 50 a month and then would write a letter saying I had to switch to a long distance service and pay by the minute because of my "excessive" use. They told me the unlimited charge was for an average of an hour a day not somebody who worked out of their home and I needed to switch a business plan at over 200 a month charge.  I switched over to cable because of that and then to read that cable was going to charging on a per use fee and not a flat monthly fee it upset me.  It is the nature of our work, VR, only paying for VBC, having headers and footers taken away, now being charged for being on line, etc.  It just seems that everything is done to keep to insure less money.

Blasted cold out today. It was 104 degrees last week, but it's 40 degrees today with rain.
However, I do like cozy days like today when I don't have to go anywhere.  I'm done working, the house is clean, there's chili on the stove for dinner already, and I'm just putzing around.  I think I'll go bake some jalapeno cheese bread to go with the chili.
oil of old lady!
That's what my husband calls Oil of Olay, but what does he know. I'll be 50 this year (and proud of it) and everyone says I look great for my age.
QA Lady
So obviously you were never a newbie? You came out of MT school the "perfect" MT. I have nearly 3 years experience and there are still things I look up. One thing about MT work is that is it forever changing. Not to mention the QA that faults me for things that are considered correct according to the Book Of Style. Just because an MT is new does not imply that she cannot do the job.
Hey QA lady. You were all over the
GAB board yesterday and now you are on the MAIN board telling us once again how wonderful you are and how superior you are to the rest of us. GET OVER YOURSELF. You keep telling us how awful MTs are, so QUIT and you won't have to deal with it anymore. I would hate to have you as my QA person. I think we all have heard enough about how PERFECT YOU ARE and how worthless MTs are.
You saying that, I only wish the lady
had been here at that particular time. I was transcribing a physician who changes almost every other word, sentence, saying oh don’t put that in, change to thus and so and then says a sentence and then says delete that. I could pull my hair out when I even see his name coming in. I remember the first time I ever listened to a physician and like the person you mentioned above, knew he was speaking English and I barely knew the first word he was saying. I guess most think we sit at home just "typing" a bit and then eating chocolate chip cookies the rest of the time.
just an observation, but I don't believe that lady had PPD
I believe she was psychotic. It's hard to second guess a diagnosis, but as I remember she had been ill for some time; her problem was not really post-partum depression. Does anyone else remember the details of this?
I just imagine myself as a bag lady nm.
Wow! Your one busy lady! My hat goes off to you!nm
27-year-old lady:)
No shopping but me, but did you see the lady with the wig?
NM :)
I wonder if you have the same boss lady as me...
She is terrible.  She constantly acuses me of things I am not doing and then when I call her on it, I never hear any more about it.  Never an apology.  I have tried to speak with her on the phone but she won't and it's always by e-mail which is so frustrating.  I have been slammed so many times I can't even count any more.  I just never know from day to day whether I'll have a job or not because I never know what I will be accused of next.  Oh the things we put up with to make a living in this business
Ask the Fruitcake Lady. sm

Just for grins and giggles.  Still LMAO. 



What a nice lady you appear to be..sm

In this world of nastiness, it is refreshing to see your giving post, your willingness to help a Mom out by taking care of her child because she is not able to currently.  More impressive is that you are the *mommy* but are very open-minded and have full intentions of returning said child when the Mom returns back to being Mom. 

KUDOS to you!!!  You will be blessed and are probably blessed today!!!  What a great holiday post even though it's not holiday related!!  Warmed the cockles of my heart!! 


Signed: Another Mother in this life!! 

Which First Lady do U admire most?
Eleanor Roosevelt for me.
Lady Baltimore!!!!
KYMT thanks for that tip. To the lady asking SM
about the macro, when recording your macro, you use the Control F9 to make a field, but when recording the macro you have to use your right arrow button to get out of the gray highlighted field and then continue with on creating your macro. When you are executing your macro, you would use the F11 button to move from field to field. This is essentially what KYMT posted, but her tip is so much easier!

Just wondering if there is a way to somehow "program" the autotext entry so that it takes you to the first field in the report after using the enter or F3 button?
Are you the same QAdragon lady I had
because before quitting the last job my dear QA had the nerve to get her fingers moving too fast on her instant messaging and sent me a message meaning it to go to another QA person and darn if she wasn’t talking about me! That was the last straw and I quit that very second. You 2 might be the same one?
lol Lady, I am not jealous! She, however, has
I still think her BA is in BS! LOL

The problem with the lady you cited
was that she was NOT taking her meds. She had been doing well but her husband wanted to breed again, so she went off the meds and stayed off after the birth because, if I recall, she was nursing, and no one seemed to care whether she spiraled into ever-worsening depression or not, least of all her oblivious husband.
Dear Dork Lady - sm
Accidents are life's learning experiences... as awful as some outcomes are, that is just the way it is. It is the reality of what our "Higher Power" allows to happen in our life. When this type of tragedy happens, it is SO most likely just an accident... NOT ANYONE's FAULT. If you shielded your children to the point that you didn't allow mistakes or accidents (even accidents that never injured), you are taking away learning experience, character building, and their ability to be sure of themselves in their own decision-making process when they are grown. I agree with the other poster's replies - you need a shrink and much therapy and some good medication to control your schizophrenia would be very beneficial I'm sure... Seek Help, if not for others, do it for yourself because you are WARPED!!!
you can do what I did to one lady - and flew to the state - sm
to collect the money. Boy, was she ever surprised when I literally ran into her at a restaurant. I had been trying to get to her office, but I went out to dinner the night I arrived and low and behold, there she was in the restaurant. Needless to say, her jaw dropped when I told her who I was and that I would be staying in town to file a small courts claim, along with filing a police report. I got my money! She has since closed up shop.

I know that not everyone can do this, nor would they, but I needed to make my point with this woman!
Oh, Ice Lady! Now I have to answer to you? Fine!

There are so many flames on this board, and, yes, many women get hurt enough to cry.  I have corresponded personally with many MTs after they have gotten flame broiled for no reason at all - in particular, newbies with some innocent question about the industry, or people looking to get into the MT world, who post an innocent post asking about "how" to get into the industry, and they are flame broiled to a crisp.  I give them my personal email and have made some great new friends that way. Yes, they have cried.  This board in particular is a DISGRACE regarding flaming newbies and MT wannabes.  If you aren't aware of it, then either: a. you rarely hang here (which I'm sure with your attitude will be your response, or

b. you're one of the flaming monsters who love to flame innocent posters.

Yes, people cry - not all - but I'm glad at least some still have the emoticon, oh excuse me - emotion left to do it. 

And all you "closet" passive/aggressive people who feel its fine to bash on the internet - you're wrong. And all the folks with an ounce of integrity know it. So, flame away!

You are not going to win. You got the Argument Lady. She gets off on this stuff and you
to the mean lady, have you ever read something on line
From one of your "friends", or even smiled at something someone said on line?  Thats an evoked response, so yes of course people can get hurt by comments on here.  It's happened to me too, forgive me for be human and having normal human emotions.  Maybe if I lock myself away and hate the rest of the world i'll turn to stone like you to where I feel nothing at all and actually enjoy watching others feel hurt. 
I absolutely have a cleaning lady - sm
about $65 bucks every two weeks, she does all the hardwood floors throughout my house, bathrooms from top to bottom (with bleach), dusts and vacuums.  All the "big" stuff that I never do since I'd rather work and make money than clean my house. 
I dont believe a word you are saying lady.
You're a smart lady.
I need to wise up!