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Matthew McCaughnahey will be on Oprah

Posted By: today...for anyone who is interested! on 2006-05-31
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Matthew McCaughnahey
I've never been "moved" by Matthew, but I do love me some George Clooney. Another actor that I've never understood what all the fuss is over is Tom Cruise. I just don't get it.
Who the heck is Matthew McCaughnahey
I must be working too hard. I never heard of him. LOL
Matthew is so hot!

Yeah, the picture is very distracting!   I hear is is going to be in the new Dallas series, one can hope ! 
matthew !
I caught it on Oprah last night - I never watch her show, but believe me I did tune in for him!  I love him, i think he appears to be a great guy, love how he loves his dogs, and of course, he is a University of Texas fan! 
Matthew McConaughey
;) Matthew McConaghey, and "Nick" on CSI ;)
Yes!! Matthew, hunky southern gentlman.

Matthew McCounaghay (sp), and yes, Olivier Martinez, ooooohhhh my. nm
Several, Johnny Depp, Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell, Matthew McConaughey to name a
Sean Connery, Tom Petty (big TP nut), Brad Pitt is nice too. Tom Berenger too!
I think we should go on Oprah!
What a great idea!  I'm sure she also has healthcare experience.  I'm going to go on the website and see how to communicate with the show.  LATER.....
Just saw Oprah today. Dr. Oz said
no sugar, no enriched flour, no hydrogenated anything, no saturated fats, and I forgot the other thing.  Also walk 30 minutes every day, even if the world is coming to an end, you need to walk 30 minutes a day.  If you go to Oprah's website there may be better info there. 
I wonder if Oprah would show this?
Nobody gets the country outraged like she does!

what will India do now? on Oprah

just happened to catch a small piece - Indian women are surrogate mothers for women in US who cannot/will not get pregnant - 6000.00 going rate.

I am scared at the simple thought that this record goes straight from the doc (whom we all know can say/type wrong thing, i.e. right versus left) and no one to catch errors - straight to record.

Or Oprah! That would spread everywhere!
Oprah show Monday-have you let yourself go?? sm
I must admit this is me ever since I started working at home 6 years ago. Too easy to do. 6 months since a decent haircut, too many kids to look after and too much work to get done. I thought others might appreciate thesubject matter. Happy watching.
oprah and david letterman
From what I could see on the Today Show this a.m. they showed Oprah and David and they did kiss and make up and everything is fine with them. David Letterman even walked Oprah to across the street where she was appearing for something at the end of her appearance on the Letterman Show, both smiling away at the cameras
I really do not like Oprah or her show! Who cares? !
Nor I! He sure stepped in poop when he met Oprah!...nm
Lady on Oprah today who was

set on fire by her ex-husband.  It's an amazing story and brings tears to my eyes to hear her talk about how thankful she is to be alive and that beauty comes from within.  We could all take a lesson from her.


Just e-mailed the Oprah! show
I just finished posting a comment to the Oprah! Show.  If/when (I'm an optimist!) I get a response, I'll be letting y'all know.  Happy Wednesday!  
Healthcare - Today's Oprah
THURSDAY'S SHOW: Sick in America: It Can Happen to You

For the first time on TV, the director of Sicko, Michael Moore, and a respected insurance lobbyist face off in a healthcare showdown. Then, Lisa Ling puts some insurance companies on the line. And a discussion of the one question we all need to answer.

I don't need to watch Oprah to know the answer to that question

years ago, I heard that Oprah Winfrey...nm

I e mailed the Oprah show about a year ago sm
I got an automated response and that was it. I have always loved Oprah, but she is into helping kids in other countries, not so into helping here.
I knew about the Killing Oprah On Her Couch thingy...
but never saw him get squirted! He simply was not happy with that man, wuz he? Ah, fame and fortune - it must B a drag!
Is everyone relieved Oprah & David Letterman have kissed & made up?
Last night's show wuz so touching...
I saw Luther Vandross mention doing that a few years ago on Oprah. He must've ignited the craze!n