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Lanier is a type of dictaphone, but when speaking of a C-phone, it's meant as the Dictaphone Con

Posted By: nextions phone. Try RTKing. nm on 2006-06-04
In Reply to: Where is the best place to purchase dictaphone or C-phone? - Question?


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HELP....with LANIER and Dictaphone???

I am looking for any information that someone can give me regarding getting your equipment fixed with Lanier Voice Write -LX-219-1 machine, as I cannot get my machine to operate.

I also have a C-phone (Dictaphone) and I am getting a lot of static in the earpiece and cannot even hear the physician in the background.

Basically, I feel that both of my systems need to be serviced and was wondering if you could help me here with either (Lanier or Dictaphone) as I am losing $$ as I am even typing this.  I have called all the local businesses and searched the web for any help and to no avail.  I live in Ridgeway VA....

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated....Thank you

PT position requires Lanier dictaphone but I have VDI 3006 Digital SuperStation

Can I use a VDI 3006 Digital SuperStation when the job calls for Lanier dictaphone?  I read a post that said Super Station could be used in place of Lanier but not the other way around.

And, if not...Do you think I should purchase a Lanier Dictaphone in order to get a PT job which sounds promising?  It would be a fast return on my investment and I could use it in the future.


dictaphone c-phone help
Hello: Can anyone tell me how to get the dial-tone to come through the headset rather than the handset? For some reason, today, the dial-tone is coming through the handset only and I cannot hear anything out of my headphones. Any help would be appreciated!


Dictaphone C-phone

does anyone know if I can use a Dictaphone C-phone with digital phone service?  I'm moving and will have a regular phone jack and line.  thanks.



Anyone know how I can test a Dictaphone C-Phone?
I bought one used on e-Bay...it appears to work...I get a dial tone, but I can't use or program pedal functions until I'm connected. Any ideas? Thanks.


Dictaphone C-phone question. . . sm
Hello and thanks in advance to those who read and/or post any helpful information on this.

Have a new account using C-phone to access dictation. Volume is increasing and may have to hire someone to help me with the work. Is there a way to pull from the C-phone and create digital voice files to upload to an FTP for another MT to transcribe or would I need to just purchase another C-phone for that MT to use?

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

Best, javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

Dictaphone C-phone manual

Does anyone one possibly have a PDF file with the operating instructions for a C-phone.  Please.

Thanks in advance

It's basically a type of Dictaphone
where you you dial into the hospital's dictating unit to pick up your dictation. It has to be programmed for your individual accounts.
Where is the best place to purchase dictaphone or C-phone?

Also, I am very unfamiliar with the different types of equipment out there.  I have worked for only 1 company in 7 years and use their equipment.  Can you tell me if there is a difference in the 2 pieces.  Also, I used to use a Lanier station when I first bega, would this be considered a dictaphone?


Anybody know how to turn off the ringer on a Dictaphone C-Phone??? TIA nm
let me rephrase that - if you are using a dictaphone, etc. for voice, you will be on the phone the e
Need help with playback speed on Dictaphone C-phone
Please help!! Can't figure out how to slow down the MD
Need some help with Dictaphone C-phone programming the foot pedal..... sm
I have a coworker that needs to program her Dictaphone foot pedal.  The foot pedal does not stop or start the dictation from what I understand.  It is a used unit with no manual.  I had a C-phone years ago but do not ever remember having to program my pedal.  Thanks in advance!
What is the code to unlock "Program Locked" C-phone from Dictaphone
I have a Dictaphone C-phone that is in working condition but I can't use because it is in the "Program Locked" mode and I have no instructions on how to unlock it.  HELP ME!!!!

I am beginning a transcription job for an allergist on Monday and they are looking to me for advice on what type of transcriber to buy and where to purchase the machine.  Since it has been awhile since I have transcribed, I would like some assistance.  I live in TX. Thanks~Sherry

RE: Dictaphone
I have been hearing a lot of bad things about Dictaphone company.  Just wondering if any of you have had any bad dealings with them, maintenance, getting in contact with somebody, etc.. I hear bad from everybody except Dictaphone people.
Try transcriptiongear.com or executive communications. I have gotten lanier stuff from executive. I sold my Dictaphone last year for 235.00 it was in pristine condition. Got my lanier/with power box from e-bay.
Dictaphone VR
Has anyone out there edited Dictaphone VR?  Considering a job, but not sure if I could make more than I make typing.  Thanks.
Dictaphone VR
I've been doing Dictaphone
VR for nearly 3 years now. My speed has increaded about 40%. I cannot comment on increased income, as we are paid hourly whether we do VR or straight typing. But, I must add I really enjoy it. I'm not sure I could go back to typing every report ever again.
Dictaphone VR
What do you mean by Dictaphone VR?  I have VR installed but haven't had the time or patience to start using it.  Is there a way to connect the Dictaphone to the computer so you don't have to listen, say it, etc?
I have a Dictaphone C phone that plugs into my phone line and does work with the cable phone. I live in the Northeast and have that all-in-one package for cable, phone and TV, and the Dictaphone has worked fine. I have long distance unlimited which helps too in case the number you have to dial isn't local.
Using Dictaphone
How easy/difficult is it to use dictaphone?  Is it user friendly or a pain in the rear. Thanks!!
RE: Dictaphone
Does anybody out there know who to contact for Dictaphone C-phone that needs fixing.
Please, does anyone know where to get a Dictaphone C-phone fixed.  Mine quit.  I can call in and they answer, but when I press the button, it disconnects and operator comes on and says, if you want to make a call, hang up and dial again.  Have tried everything.  It was raining, but no big storm, just wind blowing, but don't know if it was lightening or not. I contacted Dictaphone and they have flat rate of $301 plus tax to fix it.
Yikes!  We used to have a guy come to our office to fix but I live in Washington state.  Sorry I cannot help further.  I have a Dictaphone for sale for $250 if you need one.
dictaphone help
I am in need of help figuring out how to transcribe remotely from a dictaphone c-phone calling into a dictaphone straight talk system. 
Dictaphone EXT

THE BEST SYSTEM TO WORK ON TO DATE - Simple, friendly, no fuss.

The speech part is great also, but is only good if the person responsible for training it does their job . If it is not tweaked everyday, it is worthless.  So the added theroy of the system is only as good as the operator (or in this case, the montioring person).

need Dictaphone help
I have a Dictaphone Straight Talk that suddenly stopped answering the phone when my client calls.  Dictaphone won't service this model anymore and the computer repair shop I went to didn't know how.  I only have one client using this system and don't want to spend to much money replacing or repairing it.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!
RE: Dictaphone
Dictaphone does not show printout, but tells you the minutes. If you push button, think #6, it tells you how much time you have left if programmed for that.
Dictaphone Help!!!!please!!!!

I am on the road right now and trying to work from a family members home on my laptop, however my 2-yo knocked my dictaphone off the desk and now although I can get a dial tone I cannot get any of the keys to work!!!!!

Anyone have any experience with anything like this

? About using dictaphone
Is there a way when files are assigned to you to know how many files or how much audio length you have assigned to you through some function on the Dictaphone itself? 
RE: Dictaphone
There is no summary, I dont' think.  Know you can get the minutes if you hit play header or 6.  Can't get total of what you have though.
I'll try that...thanks for the help!
Help with Dictaphone
I just started workinag (again) with a Dictaphone C-phone.  Does anyone know what the codes are to speed up dictations, slow down dictations and how to skip and flag jobs?  Anything would be helpful.  Thank you. 
Did you trying contacting Dictaphone
and asking for a replacement? I've done this before, I don't remember is there is a cost.
I think it's Dictaphone ExText
Someone on here said that once. Check the archives.
Thank you. That is exactly how Dictaphone explained it to me sm
when I went to Florida for training.
Programming a dictaphone
I have a dictaphone, model 0421, which my company would like me to program to work with their Lanier system.  I have no idea on how to do this.  I tried e-mailing dictaphone and could not understand the instructions at all.  I am able to dial into their system however, my foot pedal works backwards.  This would not be a major problem, but my fastforward and rewind do not work at all which is a real problem.  Any ideas?
Dictaphone strips?
How about the Dictaphone belts.  They were strips of..whatever??  that we put into the Dictaphone machine to transcribe.  We first would put them into the doctor's machine for his dictation (at the clinic I worked at).  Then when he was done either he or the nurse would bring the magnetic? strip and clinic papers to me and I would transcribe on my IBM Selectric typewriter..LOLOLOL..Thanks for the memories, fellow transcriptionists!
Dictaphone Cphone SOS
Has anyone ever locked up a C-phone accidentally and now requires a security code which I do not have nor does the owner of the machine to do anything. I am at standstill.  Any advice appreciated.
Yep, but its the Dictaphone system...
My hospital rad account decided to "upgrade" their system which supposedly would take half an hour - its now 6 hours and counting - and the docs haven't been able to dictate since noon - boy R we in for a backlog tomorrow!
Dictaphone problems

 I had my dictaphone all programmed.  The electricity went out, and when it came back on everything was fine EXCEPT for the ringer.  I have been unable to figure out how to turn it off.  I tried program/tel/off/no/to turn line 1 ringer off enter the zero on the telephone key pad/lift receiver.  That worked once, but does not now.  Can anyone give me some suggestions/help?

Dictaphone problems - Thank You

THANK YOU to the person who sent me the instructions on how to turn the ringer off.  It worked!!  :-)



Dictaphone EXText

Anyone out there know Dictaphone EXText?  You need two phone lines, this is a dial-up account with a toll-free number.  E-Mail me and I can give you all the details. Great paying account.



Dictaphone EXText
I agree 100%. Extremely user friendly. Great system.
Dictaphone MVP 3920
I am looking for a dictaphone MVP 3920, either one working or one to use for parts.  Please email me.  Thanks.
dictaphone programming

Does anyone know how to program headset into the dictaphone to work?


Thanks so much.

Dictaphone codes.
Increase speed 3
Decrease speed 2
Change auto bksp 8
Replay header 7
Headset #*11
Sign off *

dictaphone headset
First hit top row keys, left(program), left again (keys), then select the key you wish to use from whatever is available.

Hit keys in this order: pound key (#); star key (*); 1; and 1.

Then hit the multiplication key (x) on the right, then the stop key at the bottom. I hope these instructions are clear enough.