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Dictaphone EXText

Posted By: Terri on 2005-10-14
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Anyone out there know Dictaphone EXText?  You need two phone lines, this is a dial-up account with a toll-free number.  E-Mail me and I can give you all the details. Great paying account.



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I think it's Dictaphone ExText
Someone on here said that once. Check the archives.
Dictaphone EXText
I agree 100%. Extremely user friendly. Great system.
Dictaphone ExText
I have worked on Dictaphone and the only way I could get a job back was to ask my team lead to reassign it back to me. The only person who can get all jobs is a QA person, with the job lister, which downloads all of the jobs that have gone to QA or to the client.
ExTExt by dictaphone
Anyone have any experience with ExText platform...how did you like it..and if you know, how does it compare to DocQscribe?
When using Dictaphone ExText do you have
to be connected to the internet the entire time?   I googled it and didn't find anything that really detailed how it works.    I've been offered a position with a company using this (I tested for them months ago and they had position using C-phone and I wasn't interested and now they have offered this one via e-mail and I haven't talked with them to ask details).  I travel quite a bit and I don't want to be tied to a situation where I have to be on-line my entire work time. 
Dictaphone EXText
Can someone tell me about Dictaphone EXText.  Do you like it?
When you have Dictaphone/Extext open, you should also have another window open (maybe in the background) called Transet player.  On the transnet player box there is a tab called "more" this will give you the spot to change the speed.
Dictaphone ExText with Smartype?

Do any of you using Dictaphone ExText use Stedman's Smartype as your Expander instead of the expander that comes with ExText?  It should work because it uses Word but I am not having any luck.



Which companies are using Dictaphone ExText?

Who is using this platform, and can you tell me if it supports third-party expanders, i.e., Smartype specifically? 


I use Dictaphone ExText with ExpressScribe.
I have a question about Dictaphone ExText
I have emailed this question several times to my supe and haven't gotten an answer, so I'm hoping someone here may know.

On Dictaphone ExText how do you go back and re-listen to a dictation after a document has already been submitted to QA?

I can pull up the document and look at it all I want, but I don't know how to get the voice file so I can listen to the dictation. I know there has to be a way to do this because it was suggested that we do this once a document goes through QA so we can see/hear what the error was. I'll keep trying to get an answer from my supe, but I was just wondering if anyone here might know?

Dictaphone Extext & Smarttype
Does anyone use Stedmans Smartype in conjunction with Dictaphone Extext/Word Client?  If so, how do you disable the cc (shortcuts) in Extext?  I am using Word 2000 so I know Smartype works with that but not sure about using in with Extext/Word Client.
Does anyone have a pdf format for dictaphone EXText
I am starting with a new company and need the user manual for Dictaphone ExText and cannot find a download for it anywhere......does any body have one that you would be willing to email to a fellow MT. I would really appreciate that or any links where I can find one.
Dictaphone's ExText, so far. Love it! nm
Dictaphone ExText system
Any comments? Easy to work with, hard?
Dictaphone Extext manual

I was just wondering if anybody can tell me where to find a manual for Extext?  I did a Google search but could not find anything.  I do not need the whole manual, but I would like to know some of the shortcuts of using the program.


Dictaphone extext transnet
I use dictaphone Extext transnet and yes I had to get a dictaphone foot pedal to work. The company thought any pedal would work but Dictaphone said no it has to be dictaphone pedal.

Good luck!
Dictaphone EXText Speech

Are there any MT companies doing Dictaphone EXText Speech. 

Dictaphone EXText Speech
Thanks.  Appreciate your reply. I guess not too many companies use this, as I have not received any other replies. 
My company uses Dictaphone and ExText and I have..
never had a problem. I use the laptop pretty much all the time. Best Buy has a business computer section that you can order a laptop from. They are much less expensive than the floor models and all the bells and whistles and a lot come with XP, not Vista.
Dictaphone extext question
Can someone please tell me how I get the little box to open that allows me to speed up or slow down the dictation? Sometimes it opens automatically and sometimes it does not. How do I make it open when it does not appear automatically?
It is the ESP Expander with Dictaphone ExText--If you can believe it, it won't allow caps if you
Yes, that's right, Dictaphone's Expander that comes with ExtText won't allow anything that you use as an expansion come into the document capitalized.

So, when you type your abbreviation for ANY WORD you have in ESP, it will NEVER be capitalized, unless like in, say, 1925, you type the Shift key with it.

I hate this profession. I hate all these programs. THey NEVER take into account the MT. Cars following voice instructions? No problem. MP3 player that respond to your voice? No problem. Get Word to do simple things that it should do, like cap after periods, God, too much trouble. Let the "little girls," just deal with all the software problems day after day. Dictaphone--what a laugh. I worked on ExtText FIVE YEARS AGO-- ANd it still has the SAME fricking clumbsy program? Also, you have to do "Shift ?" to find informaion in fields. LIke give me a break. Give us a key to hit, like, I don't know, Search, that't be good. No, make us type Shift ?. Where do these people get off. Do they ever even type on these programs? Or talk to the people who use them.

MT is so antiquated when it comes to programming, it is a big joke. Anyone work for a company that gets the demographics and has fast, easy programming, let me know. TX
dictaphone extext is there a way to sign off a dictation
without having to create a document on the Dictaphone system. A doctor dictated a letter that has no demographics. How can I bypass their system and type in my own document? All answers much appreciated
Instant Text and Dictaphone's ExText
No problem. You can use Instant Text with Dictaphone's ExText and ExSpeech platform.

You can also import any esp file that you have built in Dictaphone's platform and you can use your list in Instant Text.

If you have any questions you can always call Textware Solutions at 1 800 355 5251

Textware Solutions

Love Dictaphone's ExText here, even with its occasional glitches. nm
Dictaphone also makes it's own little fan-shaped pedal to be used with ExText/
Dictaphone EXText Word Client question.

I've been working along and all of sudden I noticed my trans status window is gone.  It's the little window that shows your downloaded jobs waiting to be transcribed/edited.  How do I get the box back without logging out and logging back in?  I'm not sure where it went or how I closed it, but I must have inadvertently clicked something.


Does anyone know if there's a free Dictaphone ExText instruction manual online somewhere? nm
What does this mean? Dictphone Transnet to get voice and Dictaphone Extext to transcribe in. Thanks
Thanks for the help!
How can I install my Dictaphone EXText shorthands in basic word?
Is that possible?  If so how do you do it.  I know what my ShortHand file is named and where it is saved.  I am using basic word a lot and don't want to put everything in under autocorrect by hand.  Thanks for your time!
Part-time work using Extext/word client/dictaphone
Anyone know any companies that are hiring that use this system?  I really want to start part-time and then probably commit to full time later.  I really want a company that supplies your equipment!  Thanks.
Question for mini-laptop users. Are you able to use Dictaphone Extext program
on one of these. I noticed a lot of them do have Windows XP Home Edition but only like Microsoft Works for the word processing. I guess my question is are you able to down Dictaphone or does it have to have a Word processin program in order to download it.
It's Dictaphone's ExText and it's good/easy, but some feel the line counts are skewed at
Lanier is a type of dictaphone, but when speaking of a C-phone, it's meant as the Dictaphone Con
It IS ExText, Word is simply the word proccessor used. ExText is marketed
by Dictaphone with Transnet and ESP is the expansion software incorporated into it. I used this platform when I worked for the hospital. I believe Wordclient is the speech recognition portion of this platform.

I am beginning a transcription job for an allergist on Monday and they are looking to me for advice on what type of transcriber to buy and where to purchase the machine.  Since it has been awhile since I have transcribed, I would like some assistance.  I live in TX. Thanks~Sherry

RE: Dictaphone
I have been hearing a lot of bad things about Dictaphone company.  Just wondering if any of you have had any bad dealings with them, maintenance, getting in contact with somebody, etc.. I hear bad from everybody except Dictaphone people.
Try transcriptiongear.com or executive communications. I have gotten lanier stuff from executive. I sold my Dictaphone last year for 235.00 it was in pristine condition. Got my lanier/with power box from e-bay.
Dictaphone VR
Has anyone out there edited Dictaphone VR?  Considering a job, but not sure if I could make more than I make typing.  Thanks.
Dictaphone VR
I've been doing Dictaphone
VR for nearly 3 years now. My speed has increaded about 40%. I cannot comment on increased income, as we are paid hourly whether we do VR or straight typing. But, I must add I really enjoy it. I'm not sure I could go back to typing every report ever again.
Dictaphone VR
What do you mean by Dictaphone VR?  I have VR installed but haven't had the time or patience to start using it.  Is there a way to connect the Dictaphone to the computer so you don't have to listen, say it, etc?
I have a Dictaphone C phone that plugs into my phone line and does work with the cable phone. I live in the Northeast and have that all-in-one package for cable, phone and TV, and the Dictaphone has worked fine. I have long distance unlimited which helps too in case the number you have to dial isn't local.
Using Dictaphone
How easy/difficult is it to use dictaphone?  Is it user friendly or a pain in the rear. Thanks!!
RE: Dictaphone
Does anybody out there know who to contact for Dictaphone C-phone that needs fixing.
Please, does anyone know where to get a Dictaphone C-phone fixed.  Mine quit.  I can call in and they answer, but when I press the button, it disconnects and operator comes on and says, if you want to make a call, hang up and dial again.  Have tried everything.  It was raining, but no big storm, just wind blowing, but don't know if it was lightening or not. I contacted Dictaphone and they have flat rate of $301 plus tax to fix it.
Yikes!  We used to have a guy come to our office to fix but I live in Washington state.  Sorry I cannot help further.  I have a Dictaphone for sale for $250 if you need one.
dictaphone help
I am in need of help figuring out how to transcribe remotely from a dictaphone c-phone calling into a dictaphone straight talk system. 
Dictaphone EXT

THE BEST SYSTEM TO WORK ON TO DATE - Simple, friendly, no fuss.

The speech part is great also, but is only good if the person responsible for training it does their job . If it is not tweaked everyday, it is worthless.  So the added theroy of the system is only as good as the operator (or in this case, the montioring person).

need Dictaphone help
I have a Dictaphone Straight Talk that suddenly stopped answering the phone when my client calls.  Dictaphone won't service this model anymore and the computer repair shop I went to didn't know how.  I only have one client using this system and don't want to spend to much money replacing or repairing it.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!
RE: Dictaphone
Dictaphone does not show printout, but tells you the minutes. If you push button, think #6, it tells you how much time you have left if programmed for that.
Dictaphone Help!!!!please!!!!

I am on the road right now and trying to work from a family members home on my laptop, however my 2-yo knocked my dictaphone off the desk and now although I can get a dial tone I cannot get any of the keys to work!!!!!

Anyone have any experience with anything like this