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Lawyer tells you how to outsource

Posted By: Frustrated on 2008-04-13
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Please don't send this to the gab board as this pertains to US, the US MQ employees:


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Get a new lawyer! nm
Get a lawyer
In some states this is illegal and after you turn in your resignation or are fired there is a set number of days employers have to pay up last checks or go to court.  Check on this in your areas.  Call the Department of Employement in your state or hers and complain in writing.  If you all can find a lawyer who is a good person and truly wants to help you (my daugher found one like that and he even returned her check with a nice note that stated he enjoyed helping her and that was the only fee he needed as he had heard stuff for years about the company in question and was honored to help someone out against an employer without integrity -  I swear this is true, so look around you.  There are some really nice lawyers if you look).  If you all have to pay one maybe you could all chip in and file a class action suit.  Hold onto all equipment and refuse to release it to her until you are paid and hopefully you have computers, etc.  People like that do not deserve for us to work for them.  Everyone should stop typing immediately and get a real job.  Let her figure out how to get the work done in turn.  Maybe you could turn your friends on to her clients and they could offer their services at a discounted price.  I hope the witch goes to the poor house herself.  She is like a black eye on the transcription business.  Keep in touch and let us know how you are making out.   
You need a LAWYER ! - nm
go see a lawyer NOW sm

I wouldn't wait any longer.  When did you give her this ultimatum?  Today is Wednesday.  I would see a lawyer ASAP or call the police and file charges against her NOW.  IMO.  Like others said that's giving her time to file bankruptcy.  I doubt that she has $16,000.  Writing bad checks is a crime.  I live in Ohio and we just had an ex-football player convicted of writing a bad check for a car and that was just for $13,000.  

Did you get lawyer to do this?
Questions: Similar predicament. Did you go to small claims court?
Did you secure services of a lawyer? How did you do it? Good for you, you go girl!
No lawyer. sm
Did it myself, as they lived in my area. Court personnel were very helpful.
You might want to ask a lawyer about that - someone who specializes in business law. Many will talk to you for a half hour or so as part of their probono work. The definition of a business license is that you own and operate a business - if you are working IC then you are NOT an owner, you are working for someone just not as an employee of theirs. The phrasing gets confusing which is why I suggest you talk to a lawyer. You can probably stop spending all that money on licenses!

Someone else mentioned an IC license, my state does not require one but some do so the laywer can point that to you as well. Technically you are an employee, just like that person at wal-mart who is stocking the shelves - the difference is you don't pay taxes out of your check, you pay them in one lump at the end of the year. The IRS doesn't like to wait until the end of the year so they try to scare you into doing what they want - buy a business license and spend more money than you need to.

I'm not saying you are wrong, the laws may be different where you are, but I would make an appoitment with a lawyer and find out what the law says - it may be the best spent 30 minutes of your career :)
For your protection, I would definitely get a lawyer
especially if they're going to hire one.

You could forfeit your rights to the property if you don't respond properly and in a timely manner and in order to do that you need a professional to examine all the legal paperwork.

My neighbor went through a somehat similar situation with her house...but too long to go into here.
I agree with getting a lawyer...

...if those were indeed his words that they were letting you go because of "your age" that is BLATANTLY age discrimination.  I believe the last time I checked that was not legal.  Hey, maybe someday you would OWN THEM! 

re: lawyer woes
He can in fact charge you for the phone calls (consult) about the car, but not the service he failed to perform regarding this.

As far as the car title goes, he can request in the divorce that your husband sign it over to you (possibly arguing that you paid for it, etc.), but I don't think unless a judge orders it, your ex has to even sign it over, unfortunately. In my case, the car wasn't yet paid for and was in my husband's name. He suggested that we go and get the title/loan transferred into my name if this is what we agreed on. Technically speaking, however, the loan was in his name and if he so chose, he could have taken the car. That's why I say a judge has to be the one to order the transfer should the ex refuse.

I'd definitely confront the lawyer and ask him why the charges when he failed to even act on your request. That's bull**** in my opinion. I'm quite sure he's made a good deal of money off this already. Good luck.
Complaint? What about a lawyer?
But why do you need a sample of a complaint? Write a letter explaining the details and mail it to the administrators of the hospital and copy it to the same people at the headquarter address (CEO). Ask for a response and mail it certified with a receipt requested.
Does anyone know a good lawyer?
I am faced with my clients demanding I use the "AAMT" line count which is characters divided by 65. This cuts my income by 33% from my usual gross line. They came right out and said AAMT line. Even though AAMt has disavowed this, they put the seed in the minds of the powers that be and I want compensation from those who did me wrong. Please let me know if anyone knows of a good lawyer. TIA.
Actually, with a good lawyer one
that they are working for from home, whether employee or IC.  There is an option on your homeowner's insurance (? all companies or some) that would cover you for injury incurred while working at home.  They probably just want to eliminate the possibility of being sued.  You can't obtain workers comp insurance in the sense you're thinking though if you don't have employees to cover.  You can carry a personal policy that would eliminate their responsibility.  I've never run across it though when working IC.  I am covered though by my homeowners for such.
Call a lawyer ASAP!!
You can get advice from an attorney free for the first consultation--just make sure attorney specializes in land purchases and sales so you're given good info. You also need to go to your court house or whereever your land deed is recorded and find out what is required by the court for a legal sale of that land, get copies of everything pertaining to it, check on the taxes to make sure they are all paid or not. Lawyers do take payment plans. Don't wait on this one--if you don't want to be homeless. When it comes to greed and some families, they could treat you worse than strangers. You don't pay your house payment to them, do you? What could happen is if this is a majority party contract--meaning only a certain number of owners are required for the sale to go through--that would be on your note, they could then charge you land rent--an exorbitant amount--to make you move, so see a lawyer ASAP and take all documentation with you. Everything.

Good Luck. I am really sorry this is happening to you.
For heaven's sake, where is your lawyer?
Your divorce is final in 2 weeks, and you're asking this super important question to MTs on a message board? PLEASE ask your lawyer.
Crooked lawyer question

I need some thoughts as to what to do with this, if anything.  I filed for divorce this January....or so I thought.  I paid my lawyer (who might I first say is reputable in this town) the money and was expecting him to get the ball rolling.  In March or April or so, I get papers from my ex-husband, saying HE's sueing ME for divorce.  So, I call up my lawyer and ask why I hadn't filed first.  He'd apparently set the case aside and forgot about me, and those were almost his exact words.  So, I let that drop because I needed someone to represent me.  When I first filed the papers, I MADE SURE I told him I wanted my ex's name off the car title, because he likes to take the title down to the pawn shop.  So, I mentioned that then, then I was worried about it again sometime over the course of these months and called to rediscuss it with him, then, right before the hearing, I made sure that he remembered about it.  Fine, no problem.  This took place in July.  Since I still hadn't gotten a divorce decree, I took myself down to the courthouse and had to purchase myself a copy (yet another thing the lawyer didn't do), and lo and behold, the car isn't listed.  I know as a fact we discussed this, because each time, I had to go out and get the VIN # off the car.  I can't get his name off without it being in the decree or having him sign off, which he won't do.

I checked BBB, and the company isn't on there, but neither can I find any of the attorneys in my hometown.  Like I said, he's very well known around town, and it's a small town, so you know just about everybody.  I had to take out a loan to get the divorce going in the first place and while I think I'd like to ask for my money back and deserve it, I know I won't get it. 

Anybody have any ideas?  Should I report him to SOMEONE?  Should I keep pestering him until I have what I want?  Or should I just forget it and move on?

You should have your retainer refunded and get a new lawyer. nm
Either contact a lawyer or, if meets
criteria, file in Small Claims Court.
no I'm not first, he tells me so too
My fiance' has informed me many times that his kids will always be first: kids first, me second.  He's been raising them alone for 2 years now so they really take a toll on him (therefore US) emotionally, financially, even physically because his son is mentally handicapped and his daughter is extremely lazy and spoiled...so he is constantly cleaning up messes, doing unneccessary laundry, dishes, etc.  (Could start a whole topic on that alone.)  I have no kids, never been married.  I love his kids but I can't say I'd give my life for them or anything.  In fact, the more I explore our relationship I seriously doubt I will marry this man.  Already he speaks of providing for them with me providing for myself and marriage is a joint effort.  I resent the idea of furnishing a spoiled lifestyle for two kids who are not biologically mine.  He's already mentioned that he'd provide for the kids & money I make could be "our" money.  Well that amounts to me supporting the family, in my opinion....for what he buys the kids could also be used for paying bills, groceries, etc.  Sigh, I think I deserve better...a better life than this.
Exactly right. If no one tells you, you won't know.
I don't think there is anything that tells you

how much RAM any particular process uses.  If you have less than 1056 you don't have enough to be leaving a lot of programs open. 

You can run a defrag and that might free up some stuff if you haven't done it in a while.  Running a defrag doesn't allow you to do anything else on your computer though.  I run it when I'm through for the night.

You can do an Msconfig and see if you have hidden programs running in the background and you can disable them from loading on startup. 




Something Tells Me That -
Who tells everyone how fantastic their employer is, yet refuses to divulge the name should anyone ask because you fear they'll take your job.

Am I right?

Thought so.

I don't worry about those types of things. I'm secure enough in my skill and knowledge that I'm willing to share info with and help any MT who needs it.

Life's too short for such paranoid delusions.
Don't you think a lawyer would be calling you??? Sounds like a scam!!!
Medical Malpractice lawyer work

I've read here before about some MTs who work for RNs transcribing their notes for medical malpractice lawyers, particularly in So Cal.  If anyone out there can give me more info such as need, what to charge, how to find, etc, I would be so grateful---I'm an MT/editor/quality auditor with 10 years' experience needing to make more money out of my skills.


You don't have to hire a lawyer. Write the letter yourself, but
make sure you send it "return receipt requested" and give a specific date payment needs to be received by.
Maybe just a letter that tells her how much you
appreciate her and everything she's done for you, how much you love her, et cetera.  I would much rather have something like that from my children than a gift. Gifts are nice, too, but sometimes something from the heart just means so much more.
Your own physician tells you that you know too much. nm
I like her. She tells the TRUTH, IMO. nm
One of the posters tells.
That THEY DO NOT outsource!
NO MDI-MD does NOT outsource NM
no outsource
I honestly don't think they're going to go to outsourcing any time soon. Besides...I'm not going to be at this hospital for years and years. My husband is graduating from college in June and we may be relocating after that. I'm just wondering if I should ask for a raise for the extra work that I put in, or at least a bonus or some sort of recognition or compensation.
My brother is suing me for the costs of the lawyer.. Unbelievable..nm
Child issue-get a lawyer. Section 8-those things


Anybody hired a lawyer to get money owed from MTSO?
I have given MTSO 7 days to finally pay an old invoice but still nothing. Has anybody ever hired a lawyer to write a demand letter and how much did it cost? I believe I have to send demand letter before filing in small claims. The invoice is for just over $200 so don't want to spend a lot of money and be out even more $$.

Yes, our drug book tells us this
Do you believe that story. That is what they told her to say. MQ tells everyone what to say to get
what they want. You would not believe the lines I have heard from my office. I have asolutely no respect for these people. They lie through their teeth for MQ. MQ is hiring because they want to have a very short TAT and try to keep the accounts they have and then a lot of people quit because they dont have work and have tons of backups and make no money in them. Everything MQ does is for them and not the MT. You are just along for the ride.
Yes, but only if tells me to sleep all day or eat ice cream.
Thanks. That tells me a lot about why my line count..sm
seems so much lower than I feel it should be since I do about the same amount of work and probably more now, but can not seem to make 1000 lpd.
He tells me he loves me all the time, and not

only does he tell me, he shows me.  He isn't romantic at all, but he does little things all the time that shows he is thinking of me.

He likes to share new experiences with me, he enjoys going to craft shows with.  He isn't particularly fond of working in the yard, but he knows how much I enjoy it and he spends hours working in the yard, even when I'm not working with him. 

He cooks and helps around the house (usually without grumbling).  I could serve him burnt toast for supper and he would thank me for a good meal.

He overlooks my faults.


Read your "stuff" -- it tells you when.
When her EMPLOYER tells her she is fired, is she going
My son tells me, "You need to find a better job."
Where, Wal-Mart?  He doesn't get it, either.
When I see "kindly" and "ur", tells me all I
and you will be begging for work. get ready to brown-nose to get enough money to live on.

good luck. you could do much better.
They outsource to India
They are funded by George Soros (look him up-- he has big bucks, is very "global", and has bankrupted a lot of foreign countries). Look at the two articles on the MT News board about Spheris. If you like all the new MQ rules and regulations, you will love Spheris, as they have all the same ones. I checked into them about 6 months ago and said, "No, thanks".
Transcend does NOT outsource!
so who types it? they only way around that would be to outsource
and that seems ridiculous.
Pretty soon they will outsource THAT
Nothing like a reminder that they outsource.
Because if they don't outsource presently...sm
they will do it some day. Is the bottom line the buck. Unfortunately!