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Link to supermarket chains

Posted By: mg on 2007-06-29
In Reply to: Let's write to our local grocery stores - We could

Includes national and some regional.  Most have a link to websites. 


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putting that precious little guy on my prayer chains right now! nm
one picks up at the supermarket? nm
I had to laugh when you said a quick jaunt to the supermarket SM
feels like a vacation! I feel the same way, just to get away.
I met my male friend of 6 years in local supermarket..sm
I was buying a can of salmon for my cats and he was nearby and asked if I made salmon cakes.  We talked, he was asked for my phone number and we have been seeing each other for about 6 years.
Everyone markets their product that way. Like loss-leaders at supermarket.
They get people into their stores by give-away prices on one item and hope you continue shopping at their store. It is a marketing ploy everyone uses.

As far as the GE microwave Walmart ploy, if the buyer doesn't research the market to see if they can get the same GE microwave cheaper, that would be the buyer's problem not Walmart. Stupid is as stupid does and to impulse buy something like a microwave is just plain stupid and/or lazy. Think this through. Been to a sale lately at say Kohls and then saw a full-price outfit you like better than the sale outfit. What do you do? Think Kohls is horrible for doing this? Or smart marketing?

I think anti-Walmart propaganda has too far and people get caught up in it without thinking every other successful retailer uses the same marketing strategy.
I simply chose the wrong link. See inside for the correct link.
See link
what link? You failed to include link

I think you forgot the link? I don't see a link
to check this out....sounds interesting.....
Here's the link.
thanks for the useful link.nm
The link didn't paste last time. Try again...

see link
See link
see link above nm
No link, but sm
if you have DQS, then you have DQManage...I have an icon on my desktop, and like the other poster said, while working in DQS, just hit F9-I have to be transcribing a document, and it brings up DQManage...from there, click on statistics, on the left hand side, then just go from there...I hope this helps!
See the link
have you tried this link?
use think link
If anyone else is looking for someone, see link


This is a Red Cross site.  If you can't find a person you are looking for on the safe list, you can enter the missing person at this site.


Here's the link
Try this link
Try this link...
It's a great plastic surgeon forum; you'll get a lot of your questions answered there.
see link....

See link below.  HTH (hope this helps). 

And give some feedback on how using Dvorak works for you!  I'm probably too old a dog to learn such new tricks, but dang, it sure does make more sense overall than this set-up that was originally based on trying to SLOW TYPISTS DOWN so they wouldn't cross the "arms" on the old-style typewriters (and I've even BTDT!).


trying link again...

Copy & paste (and hopefully hyperlink below now too):


Another link
thanks for the link
Transcription gear didn't have one.  These dictaphone boxes make it difficult to hear.  I ordered the adapter that changes it to a one prong plug, then got the mono to stereo converter from Radio Shack and plugged in my Wal-Mart regular headphones. Much better!
here's a link
here ya go, it was only a Google search away
See link. SM

Here's ya some rednecks. Love it! Currently on the charts -- Jeff Bates

My cousin Bobby’s on the county road
Pickin up trash for the car he stole
You see him in them orange clothes you’d swear he’s evil
He’s had sticky fingers since he was a kid
If it wasn’t nailed down considered it his
For the lyin cheatin dog he is he’s GOOD PEOPLE

GOOD PEOPLE they ain’t bad
GOOD PEOPLE they get ya back in a fight
Loan ya couple bucks
Buy you a beer when you’re down on your luck
Too bad their ain’t more of us GOOD PEOPLE

Girl down the street in that doublewide
She ain’t ashamed of them no tan-lines
She’s 36-24-35 and barely legal
She gotta big ‘ol tattoo on her back
All the wives on the block says she’s white trash
She may not be high class but she’s GOOD PEOPLE

GOOD PEOPLE they ain’t bad
GOOD PEOPLE they’ll bring you food when you’re sick
Feed your dog when you’re gone
Cover you up when you pass out on the lawn
Why we gotta look down on GOOD PEOPLE

GOOD PEOPLE they ain’t bad
GOOD PEOPLE give you the shirt off their back
Never steer you wrong,
Go outta their way to make you feel at home
Raise hell stand up let me hear ya if you’re one of us

Here's a link

This is a link to math forums.  They're pretty quick in answering questions.


thanks for the link!
I did pretty well !!
use this link

It's only for federal, SS (which you double), and Medicare. If you pay city tax, I guess you need to know the percentage for that.
this link will help - sm
here is a link
I bet you could turn it around the other way and it would work? Maybe a craft store would have some sort of foam that you could make your own similar wedge?
Much ado about The Day...(see link)
No link...

came with the letter but the return address is:

Unauthorized Charges Litigation Settlement

PO Box 9000 #6304

Merrick, NY 11566-9000



We will link it for you,+D.O.&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=1
Thank you so much for that link! I
will probably be using it. Thank you!!
Tried to post link in the first message, but never done that before and it did not work . . . trying again here.
thanks for this link
  I just don't know how anyone can be so cruel, especially to such a helpless little creature.  It makes me so sad and mad ! 
what link, I did not see it, must be blind as well as everything else.
It is at the very end of my other message, just copy and paste it into your web browser and it will take you to the site about the seal hunt.
Here is the link. s/l

It has a schedule at the bottom that shows the years.


Thanks so much for this link!!! sm
Happy MT Week to you too and thanks again for this great site!! 
Thanks for any help...I have put link in.
see link
Good luck and congratulations. I'll be sure to check you out online.
See link.
See link below
maybe a better link than that last one...
Scroll down to Computer and Keyboard Accessories:


I don't think that link will take you to the right
video, but if you type in Cat Loves Dog in the search box, it should offer you the right one. It's just video of a kitten playing with a golden retriever, who lays motionless the whole time the kitten does her bat-the-big-scary-dog all-in-fun dance. Cute!
Try this link



There's a link to get a CD by regular mail - hope this helps