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one picks up at the supermarket? nm

Posted By: isn't the Lease Trader that freebie mag... on 2005-12-10
In Reply to: never heard of lease trader, thanks for the tip - advice please


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My picks


2.  Elliot

3.  Christy

Pickler should be on a sitcom, she is pretty funny.

picks up tapes
Yes, I do.  I pick them up twice a week and the second pickup I receive a check every Friday, no matter what.  I am blessed and have been with them for 12 years.  I thank God all the time for this blessing.
Link to supermarket chains

Includes national and some regional.  Most have a link to websites. 


I had to laugh when you said a quick jaunt to the supermarket SM
feels like a vacation! I feel the same way, just to get away.
I met my male friend of 6 years in local supermarket..sm
I was buying a can of salmon for my cats and he was nearby and asked if I made salmon cakes.  We talked, he was asked for my phone number and we have been seeing each other for about 6 years.
Everyone markets their product that way. Like loss-leaders at supermarket.
They get people into their stores by give-away prices on one item and hope you continue shopping at their store. It is a marketing ploy everyone uses.

As far as the GE microwave Walmart ploy, if the buyer doesn't research the market to see if they can get the same GE microwave cheaper, that would be the buyer's problem not Walmart. Stupid is as stupid does and to impulse buy something like a microwave is just plain stupid and/or lazy. Think this through. Been to a sale lately at say Kohls and then saw a full-price outfit you like better than the sale outfit. What do you do? Think Kohls is horrible for doing this? Or smart marketing?

I think anti-Walmart propaganda has too far and people get caught up in it without thinking every other successful retailer uses the same marketing strategy.
Don't proof at all - spell check picks up the typos.
How about when the acct. mgr. hand-picks easy reports and puts them in the que of less qualified/tal
Then the rest of us are stuck listening to Ho Chi Minh struggling through a neurosurgical op note because we're "more skilled and able to handle it," and end up making about 50 cents an hour. When you think about it, it's easy to get "punished" for not sucking at this job and the rest of us end up pulling the slack for the dead lumber that took a 2-week correspondence course and have to be spoon-fed easy reports for reasons unknown to me.