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Listen to your friend

Posted By: Liz M. on 2005-09-28
In Reply to: My friend has tried to get me to go to work for - Cindy Sue

That is just so not true. We truly value our employees and ICs. I have never said "go find another job".. Whenever I get complaints, I appreciate them and try to fix them. Even on this board, I feel that some of the MT's comments are very valid and I have to re-evaluate several things. And guess what? I will because I DO CARE about MTs. I am you.


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Please listen to your friend....
How about your husband tells the friend to tell his female friend to lose the #?
A friend of a friend is taking CareerStep - sm
she is under the misguided idea that she will be making very good $ upon completing the course (a friend of hers supposedly makes $55K a year). I told her no way, at least not starting out and not unless all the factors click together, i.e. good typing speed, good pay (not for a newbie), good dictators (unlikely) and dedication to working hard. I told her what I make after 5 years (16K) but that is PT and I have the potential to double that if I would push myself, not procrastinate so much (I web surf way too much) and work more than I already do. I am not a fast typist but am good at what I do. I will be surprised if she follows though. She told me she'd call me when she finished the course, I just hope she is ready for reality.
they pay you to listen to what they are saying and fix it.
I actually feel kind of sorry for the residents who have such a hard schedule, overworked, underpaid and not enough sleep.  I would hate to dictate and don't think I would be very good at it.  Well maybe if it was the only thing I did but not under the circumstances most of them work under.  Think about it.  What if on top of transcribing you had to do all the other things the doctors have to do while being sleep deprived.
Willing to listen.
If you have information, please share it. I just stumbled across this website a week or so ago. I have been totally in the dark about everything. So, please, feel free to fill me in. Don't have time to do a search since I am trying to get my line quota so I don't lose my benefits :-(
Listen to your gut sm

Listen to your instincts.  You have gotten a lot of advice from this board and everyone means well, however, no one but you knows you situation completely. 

As far as your boyfriend, I have been in that situation.  I was "in love" with the person he "could become" but not at all happy with the person he currenlty was.  I was fooling myself into thinking he would become a better person.  One thing to remember is that it is impossible to change another person.  If he is not what you want or need, you will have to make the decision that is right for you and your children.

Debt is a life drainer.  It comes to a point that you are miserable because of debt.  I've been there too.  Again, do what you think is right but try not to strap yourself financially.

Best of luck to you and your family.

listen again, he is probably saying sm
pole of the right kidney. Also, are you sure 2.1 isodense lesion is not hypodense lesion also? Don't know about your "kamachium" will have to think about that one!
who do I like to listen to?

Do I get to make a last wish before the firing squad? 

Sammy Davis, Jr. (greatest entertainer of all time) - Barry Manilow (I like his newer stuff) - Maureen McGovern - Bobby  Darin - Cher - some Janet Jackson - Mariah Carey - Backstreet Boys (some of their stuff) - Peabo Bryson - Luther Vandross - Anita Baker - almost anything Disco - CCR - Petula Clark - 3 Dog Night - Blood Sweat & Tears - a lot of George Michael, Jim Croce - Guess Who - Fifth Dimension - Four Seasons - David Clayton Thomas (from BS&T) - a little bit of Eric Clapton, Steve Lawrence & Edie Gorme (and the list goes on). I also have individual songs I like such as Elusive Butterfly, Green-Eyed Lady ... some stuff from the 60s (my age is showing). Not really into the 50s (but the movie Grease was fun). It all depends upon my mood from day to day.

Who I would never listen to:  Janet Joplin, Rod Stewart, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones (the worst!!!), most of Elvis Presley, a whole ton of 60s, rock singers, and most of today's singers.

Despise rap and don't like country ... but I do enjoy the song "The Devil Came Down To Georgia." I'll pass on opera as well.

As the line goes from the movie:  I "had two 50s and moved right on into the 70s."

Okay folks ... load up the guns. 

NO. Don't listen to the OP below. Go to
You do NOT have to do that.

However, you really should build breaks into your workday so that you are only typing (not taking breaks) during your worktime.

Hours are the times you work during and they can make whatever coverage hour requirements they want.

Lines are what you are producing and paid by. So you want to be as productive as possible while you are working during your coverage times.

Listen to your QA
Do not fight over it..but yes, those are all things that you should know having worked for 15+ years, not to mention any client preferences. Home MTs are always held to high standards over in-house, it is a fact that you have to learn to live with but a fact nonetheless. Most of the feedback you listed, I would be ashamed if I I was not consistent with my spacing, did not know the proper way to type an age, etc. If that does not bother you, keep in mind that if SHE is the one to you your next review, you know she will have a copy of the email you were sent stating that you were made aware of the guidelines.
and I ALWAYS say NOT to listen...nm

listen please
i've moved around, changed jobs a lot in my 32 yr of MTing. There have been times after even 10-15 yr in the business, that i sat down to something and it sounded like the words had been blenderized; i thought i'd never get it. Times i cried and thought i didn't have it any more. You HAVE to stick with it; that IS the key. I do strongly recommend working in-house a good while before you try doing this work in your home. You'll be okay and do well in due time, if you don't give up.
Listen to the
whole tape. Not the partial tape the media played. It is online, just Google for it and make sure that it states unedited. I explains a lot. You are correct that only one source has the right to pass judgment on him. I would also like to say that I have found a friend's father has an extremely interesting take on the use of this word. He is a black man, a professor. In part, if we forget this word exists, if we cover our eyes or ears every time we see or hear it, then we are ignoring an important part of history and an important movement by an entire race, then it could all happen again. Besides, if you ask 20 people their definition of that word you may be surprised. It does not mean the same thing to everyone and it some have more than one definition for it.

On another note, since it has been used in myriads of books, should we remove those all from libraries and burn them?

Personally, I have used this as a learning tool for my grandchild, how words mean something, words can change your life. I have explained to him how sometimes there are people in this world who will do anything to make a buck regardless of whom it hurts. I have shown him how one bad impression could change affect him adversely. I have explained that just because you hear something (a word, a rumor, etc.) it is not okay to repeat it unless you are willing to pay the price and be accountable for that action.

Listen to this one......SM
About a billion years ago I worked for MQ in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. MT I worked with made approximately $80,000 a year. We worked on a difficult ESL account. There was one doctor who only dictated discharge summaries, about a page and a half long. This MT added canned text to make each report about five pages long. She found a pretty routine physical exam, ROS, FH, SH, etc, by the same dictator and pasted it into every discharge summary report, along with whatever routine text she felt she could get away with. The doctor never complained because he could barely speak English and had the best looking reports in the hospital system. MQ was told about this repeatedly by other MTs but they did nothing about it because they were making so much money from her padded reports. Unbelievable. She's probably still there, but now up to $100,000 a year!
need someone to listen
Well, you caught my attention. Did you know that many brilliant/intelligent people suffer from depression? My advice to you is to contact your local community health program and immediately get help with your depression. They usually have fees based on your income. Maybe you suffer from ADHD also, no friends, or not many. Please get some help. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." You could have a very productive life, making money, making friends. I have been and am from a family with alcoholism/depression/drugs and you have all of the classic signs of crying out for help, just don't know where to get it or whom to trust. You are too young to be like this. I have a son your age and I know he has ups and downs, but you really need help and I want to encourage you and tell you what a good person you are and that there are plenty of people who will help you. Just remember that ending your life is not the answer. Please get help for that brilliant mind of yours today. You have accomplished so many things and should be very proud of yourself. You may seem lost now, but just reach out and get your help and learn how you can be productive and be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy.
Listen to everything.
QA might have to listen to all the above but
if you ever worked inhouse you would know that 2 sets of ears are better than just 1. I would listen only to ask for help and then the next person could hear it perfectly well. This could possibly be the same for QA, another pair of ears out there for our words that we cannot make out.
Someone like that is never going to listen

They know what they know and you are not going to be able to tell them differently.  It's unfortunate, because it sounds like she has a lot of hopes set on the scenario that has been laid out to her. It's too bad we can't go back and expose that school or her source somehow.

I'd just say, okay, whatever you think.  Let me know how it goes.  You'll never hear from her again, or if you do, you know darn well it won't be truthful.

I like MM, too. I have a bunch of CDs here that I listen to
while I'm working.  I like all types of music.
I wont even listen to me
on my voicemail!! ewwww, I know I sound like a geek, or a little kid, or tired, or ......
Listen, I do not want to offend anybody
here. That is not the reason for my coming here. I was just warning people of what I suspected. Other people must suspect it too or they would not be responding either. We are just sick of it! This person is ruining the board. I will leave it alone. Sorry.
Listen to him on radio
I sometimes listen to him while doing my late afternoon pick-up and deliveries on the radio.  I have also found out that a lot of time giving praise and appreciation to them when they do the job -- even though it is not to our satisfaction or as well as we can --gives them incentive to do more.  We don't like to be cut down all the time and have to re-do and so even though it may not be up to my standards I try to let the kids know that I appreciate it -- unless of course they have done a poor job on purpose -- another subject. 
Listen to your daughter on this one

You may be distracted with worrying about her and not "be there" for your hubby 100%.  As other posters have said, she can visit & pay her respects at the graveside, on her own time.

My son was only 5 when my Gramps died and though I took him to the visitation (I had not sitter) with every intention of keeping him away from the open casket, he managed to get up there anyway.

He's 22 now and when my mother passed away 2 years ago, the one he was very very close to, she was cremated and we had such a casual memorial for her.  He was able to speak about their good times and how he would always know she was with him when he heard Nat King Cole, etc. 

He told me later that this was so much "cooler" than when great gramps died.  "Never let me lay in a casket for people to just stare at Mom".  So, even though he was just 5 at the time, he remembers it clearly. 

My sympathies to your hubby and all.

To MT Student - Listen
Ms. Student, please don't stick with the MT program just because there is an Illinois MT who makes $22 and hour at a hospital.  You should realize that, even tho God Bless this Illiniois MT and that's GREAT for her, almost NOBODY makes anywhere near $22/hour in a hospital setting with full benefits anymore.  This is a M-I-N-O-R-I-T-Y position with realistically less than 10% of the medical transcription population at large making this kind of money, so don't start drooling.  (Entities like MedQuist, etc., have seen to it that our jobs went to pasture from the hospital, FYI.  We just love MedQuist. They are fine folk. ) Anyway, it is incredibly hard to get the money you deserve and you only get it after putting in at least a DECADE or more of doing this job, and it just isn't worth it.  Check out another field.  This one is way out in Left. 
Listen to the nerve of this one!
over and when I stood at the door, not letting her in, she pushed her way in anyway. I told her I was working and she said,"That's okay I will just sit in the chair beside you AND NOT TALK!" Oh, and she did...but her baby didn't, he cried and screamed until he fell asleep and she sat there and looked at me for over an hour. Let me tell you, that will never happen again. Learned my lesson then and there!
Only if you listen to infomercials ;-)
Listen to Patti...
I don't know her personally, but she seems to be up on the IC stuff from what I've read of her posts.  She seems to be knowledgable.  I also use Express Scribe, but have not had experience with Express Dictation.  He may have to purchase a handheld, and then you charm his staff into uploading this for you.  You will also probably need to figure a way to gain the patient demographics, most likely through e-mail!  Work it out!  Plus, since he's sending you home, you can do other work, and he'll be one the wiser, if you'd like!  Freedom, aahhhh yes, freedom!!!  lol  Just trying to be helpful...... 
But listen, have been doing just the above for some time
because was told by my income tax person that I could deduct the room where I work, the cost of my DSL lines, telephone and so forth and I worked up until this past July as someone else's employee, never as an IC until around November. Now I am confused.
I just had to listen to a dictation
that the doctor finished the dictation but forgot to disconnect or upload or whatever and some office workers or nurses or someone were in there talking about sex and different guys in the office and what they can do to themselves!!!  I have had my laugh for today!! 
If Drs would listen to their own dictation, they would know
I used to listen to one do number 2
I did work for one doctor who made a habit of dictating while on the toilet. It was many years ago, I worked in a hospital and finally started taking the tapes to the hospital administrator, who agreed that it was beyond my duty to have to listen to the physician grunt, fart, plop and flush. Of course, those were back in the days when MTs were regarded as real people. He told the doctor to stop it or the hospital would no longer require the MTs to do his work and told me to destroy any future recordings done on the toilet so they could be redictated. It stopped.

Is she trying to listen to .dss files?

You mention that she had to reload everything, which I would assume means she reloaded ES as well. The newest version has a bug that doesn't play the .dss files. Apparently NCH has been made aware of it but don't hold your breath on a quick fix since it is free software.

I have older versions (4.02 and 4.15) of the ES setup that I can send to your friend. Please have her email me at momtypes @ comcast.net.

You listen to the audio with
your mouse.  UGH!  I have tested and was a CMT in the past, but for many reasons, I did not renew in 2006.  Recently, I have been thinking of taking the test again.  I have transcribed so many years with that foot pedal that I am really a mess trying to get through an audio file with the mouse and keyboard.  How long in minutes would you say an entire audio was?  Congratulations!  The pay raise you received is a great incentive! 
Young man, listen up.
Your a very intelligent person and you seem really mature to the world. Inside you feel like you are crumbling, I completely understand that. Remember ther is always a tomorrow and always something better out there. If you are not happy doing the work that you are doing, its not the work, there is something holding you back. You definitely need to see either a therapist or a TRAINED medical profession to talk about this with. And don't wait, do it NOW. So many times people wait and it becomes too late. You are going to be fine and God will help you through any challenges you come across. If the physicians give you medications, take it. If it has side effects, don't stop taking it, call your physician and he can put you on another medication that does not have those side effects.

This is going to be a very long and very rewarding process and you will start feeling better about yourself. Don't give up and don't listen to people who just tell you to suck it up and get a job. Obviously they have been so lucky to never have experienced depression before. I pray that you will only have the best of luck in all you do.
Need someone to listen - are you here today? (sm)
How are you?
Okay, listen up peeps.....
I just e-mailed the administrator and you guys have a limited amount of time of access at this website. There is a hijacker taking it over and extorting the domain name (mtstars.com) for money. They are in the process of switching the website to another one (mtstars.net) and working with some legal teams to fix this issue. The extortionist, a.k.a., creep, gave her a 12- to 24-hour window to pay up or else he will take over the website. She informed me that the website will be just a copy of the old one and he won't have access to any of our information. He is a pest that wants money. I suggest that everyone spreads the word and watch for when *the creep* takes over! I hope that makes sense...

Meanwhile, she is working very hard to get mtstars.net up and working, and I applaud her for all the work her and her team are doing to protect us. The website is not going away, just changing domains (from .com to .net).
I Think I Listen Ahead
I'm old enough that I started transcribing on a typewriter. It was a Selectric, which was state-of-the-art at the time, and was much faster than a machine with a carriage. :)

My stepmother was a court reporter, and I started out transcribing court transcripts. I was thinking just the other day that I can't remember how on earth I managed, what with a baby crawling around while I was typing all day and the fact that errors were a nightmare to fix!

In any event, I had never thought about it until I read this thread, but I guess I listen ahead as I'm typing. I'm not sure what "word-for-word" means, though. Can you explain?
How to listen to music on CPU - sm
Am looking for a site that allows you to listen to a track or so on an album/CD without downloading it. Any ideas? Thank you.
Anyone working on VR, SR or whatever name, listen in
I know this goes back and forth on here about who loves and who hates VR. It is just not for everyone. I have said before and here goes again. I worked at a hospital that VR was brought in. I along with others did not like at first, opposed it and thought well will have enough time to keep straight typing before having to do that. That thought was about 3 weeks long and VR started picking up most of the dictation. From there outsourced from the hospital. Some stayed at the outsourced place but others left. They just did not like VR. It is highly possible if you have not hundreds or perhaps thousands working on VR to get it reasonably trained BUT if you have some people that expand words, some that don't it can be a nightmare. Saying this, my place where I continue to do the same work is very, very easy for me. I can do at least $125 daily if not more and that is mostly VR. If you hate, ok, if you love that is ok also but to quabble back and forth if it is possible for some to make a decent salary (or maybe the salary they want to me) is really beating a dead horse. I work part time, 4 days a week and I make $500 for the week. If others cannot make that much maybe they just dislike so much they are just throwing in the towel so to say. I do VR and really enjoy.
Hate to listen to them probably more than
I dislike the people. Am sorry, when I want to order something want to be able to get someone I do not have to strain to understand. That happens too much now in my daily working life. I have to listen then but on my own, can ask for understandable English speaking, not so broken English terrible to listen to, gives me a headache.
Laser Kat, she is not going to listen . sm
Just another whiny MT who thinks its all about them.

The ones that wont' work just leave more work for the rest who are looking for jobs and want to work.
I listen three times sm
Silly as it sounds, very often, the third time I will hear it correctly. If not, move along. Too much time wasted.
I listen to Dr. Joy Brown sometimes on the radio

e-mail her or call her and see what she says. She gives pretty good advice and is FREE!!

If you can be positive about this relationship, you can be positive about yourself and meeting someone else. Remember, your gut feeling is what's right, and I think I know what your gut is telling you or you wouldn't be posting this in the first place, you just need someone to back you up. Don't waste any more time. & don't talk about THE REST OF YOUR LIFE -- you have choices you can make in this too as much as he has the choice to do/not do something -- it's just that you have the choice to stay in this stagnent pool of muck or get out, clean yourself off and never return to the dirty pool. Who knows what the future holds for you, but if you stay with him it will just be this same cycle over and over again, unfortunately. I say cut your losses now.

But I'd rather listen to a side conversation than
erase and retype nearly every line.  Three times the effort for 1/3 the pay when he does that.  Back up.  Change that.  After it's already been typed.
There is a Klein cannula. Listen to it again. Do not first
Do you think any of these dictators ever LISTEN to themselves dictate.
Sometimes they're downright HORRIBLE!!!!
For entertainment purposes only, but listen to your
Listen, bro...Mama told you to take...

your medication. 

Listen up bozo! I don't appreciate your "slang" on this board. It is rather distasteful and arrogant! I think we all know what a "peep" is and you are just trying to cover your a$$ with saying it is people - PUHLEEZ - Don't underestimate me!
Don't listen to the old sour apples...

However, if you are starting from scratch with no medical background and no training in transcription, you are 2-3 years from making ANY kind of money even IF you can find a job at home.  It's like learning another language, the language of medicine.  If you already have a medical background and have taken terminology, a way to more quickly get into the business would be to find a single doctor doing one specialty, saying the same thing over and over.  However, if you're inexperienced it might be hard to get a doctor to trust you with his transcription.  I don't know anything about your situation, so it's hard to answer.  Any more info?

Watch/listen to TV while you work?
I have an MT friend who's an excellent transcriptionist. Her office setup at home includes a small TV stationed near her desk. She is able to watch and listen to the TV while she transcribes -- yes, her quality is great.

I tried that with a small TV on routine reports. Was able to glance at it periodically, but it had to be muted.

Anybody else have a TV near their workstation?

I'm all about anything that can keep me in the chair and help squeak a few more lines out per pay period.