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Location, Location, Location

Posted By: Alison on 2008-05-03
In Reply to: More help please - Things have got to bet better elsewhere. - Typer

That is what it boils down to. Here in the Pacific Northwest (of course it depends on how much experience you have), experienced hospital MTs are paid at an average rate of $15-23 per hour.

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Live in Oregon and I am cheap, cheap compared to others in the area.

LA Location
Gray is in south LA between Houma and Thibodaux, south east, I think, from where you are. About 1 hour and 15 minutes SW of NOLA.
It is in Phoenix AZ.  Just wanted to know if anyone on here would have any info on this company.  I am applying.
Is this right? (location of JR in name): DOE, JOHN JR ? Thanks for your help. NM

it really depends on your location

I live in a cheap midwestern state with traditionally lower hourly wages, and I work for a county hospital, so compare accordingly. 

I make 15.00/hr base pay plus 1.50/hr shift differential plus between 1.50 and 2.00/hr production bonus. 

Ad says location Nova Scotia nm
home office location-sm

I will take another look at another location for my office but I do like it where it is because it is handy for me (when there is no visitors), convenient to the kitchen, bathroom (I only have1), and I can start the evening meal and still work, etc.  Why can't anything be easy?

curious about location of NEMT
looked on their website and it hasn't been updated since 2003. i may have worked for NEMT years ago. are they in massachusetts?
Location does make a difference . . .
I should have mentioned that I am in a large metro area. But I do still think you deserve a raise ;).

Seriously, I just think that is awfully low for ANY area. I don't know how many lines you average per page, though.

Now, I have seen radiology paying in the range of $1-2 per page, but this was still not what the office was paying, but was what the Transcriptionist was being paid by the middle man.

One other thought that may seem to contradict my previous thoughts . . . you do not want to price yourself out of a job or have too much of an increase too quickly, depending, of course, on how important this account is to your livelihood, and any raise at all is better than none.

Good luck!
its location (it's is short for it is) and handwritten n/m
location: worldwide (red flag!)
compensation: $50 (red flag!), is it per page, per hour, per day... as i understand it, craig's list is to sell items to local parties. It is not where i would look for, or respond to a job from.
When your 5-y/o knows the location of his popliteal and antecubital fossae (nm)
Price and location of having a website made?
I have been a MT for 12 years, and I now have 2 Independant Contractors working under me. I believe I am reaching the point of needing a website, and I would really like a way for my clients to upload their .dss voice files through my website. Anyone know where I should begin looking or what I can expect to pay?
Call the news station in your location
who handles this sort of complaint. Once you contact the media, you will be paid immediately. Good Luck!!!
It varies as to location and what docs currently pay in your area. nm
Free long distance. What is the location?nm
need online file storage location

We transfer our files back and forth via email and very frequently the clinic is "missing completed" files which we have sent them.  This is beginning to take up way too much time to look up and resend.

I need an online storage site where us transcriptionists (3) can send a copy of finished work and also the clinic receptionsist can also access to look for "missing files."  (Preferably free or low priced) Any ideas??  Thanks.  Free

depends on location, I know someone who lost a local account - sm
in Woodbridge, VA, was charging .12 a line (60 character line), got underbid and lost it after having had it for years.  Now in order to get more but look less, she bids at .10 a line but a 50 char. line....comes out to .13 if a 65 cpl.   You can't get much over .10 around here on your own which really stinks, or do some fancy accounting which in this case works.
..in an easy to find location like your Desktop or a certain file. nm
i think it varies from company to company and/or location