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I was just hired in Wyoming and starting pay

Posted By: mtmomof3 on 2008-05-02
In Reply to: $9.00 starting pay here - MTinNC

for 3 years experience is $14 an hour. I was offered a job in radiology for d$13 an hour. You are severely underpaid.

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My friend moved to Lander Wyoming and loves it there, her parents moved there, her boyfriend's family moved there and several of her friends all have followed her there, she has been after me to move there too, absolutely loves that area, check it out.
Wondering about wyoming
Does anyone have any information about Wyoming, specifically Cheyenne area or Laramie?  My husband and son love it and thinking about moving there.  Never moved before in my life (except out of my parents house).
There are a few posts on the Wyoming board.
Cheyenne was mentioned, too.

All I know about that part of the country are the obvious, that it's gorgeous, sparsely populated, and they don't have a lot of water. I don't think they have a lot of women-folk, either. :o>

I feel bad for the people in Colorado and Wyoming who had so much wind and cold
weather.  This would be worse than a hurricane because if your roof blows off, you are in severe sub-0 temperatures with blowing snow.  No way to get any kind of help, and no way to stay warm. 
I have been asking for one since the day I was hired.......
I have been on this account for 2 weeks and it has been like this from day 1. My account mgr is telling me everything is low and that there are no secondary accounts to put me on......and I have experience in everything so I'm not limited in what I can do! I know this time is always slower but this is beyond slow. I'm trying to hang in there but getting really frustrated. They are still hiring and we don't have enough work to do. Then, they are rolling out this BeyondText voice recognition thing and while we show no jobs ready to be typed the ones that are at MLS, which means they are in voice recognition, is full......seriously considering going back to school because I see this field getting worse and worse. Harder to make money. I'm trying to stay positive but it's getting hard to do. Sorry everyone has to listen to me complain but my bills are really getting behind.
Same here. I was hired as IC
My company would not hire me as an employee. Never told me to work for other people. I am plenty busy, fulltime with this company working on one account.

The company I work for now has been in business for over 30 years. I have been with them for 1 year now. I do not believe they have had any trouble with the IRS or I think they would have told me I have to work for more than 1 company.
Oh you mean the one that likely hired her? LOL
Good luck. LOL.
Someone like that hired here and is
making slightly a dollar an hour less than me. Now THAT burns me!!! I have 7 years experience but because they upped the minimum starting wage after I was already here people are starting out with almost what I make- but did they raise anyone elses wage to compensate? No, that is not their "policy." I guess we get penalized for longetivity. If I quit and came back and was hired a week later I would make at least 1-2 dollars an hour more than I am making now. Sickening.
I don't think so. I just was hired for them and they were
pretty firm in the schedule.   Someone has to work weekends so most companies have gone to a Tu-Sa or Su-Th schedule.    After 6 months you can change schedule, but don't know if you can eliminate a weekend or not.  
So were you hired?
The test was very easy. I sent it in, but I have not heard back.
They do not need your SS# unless you are hired.

You may think you are being hired for
the morning shift, and then they tell you that only evening shift is available, 2-10 p.m.
They hired you as LPN, so they cannot
all of a sudden change your contract and add also the duties of an MT and not even pay you for it.
But you can do it in the evening at home.
Is the doctor your employer when you do the MTing?
I just was hired with the new SE pay/incentive!!!!!

I must say I am very happy and I think other SE's will be, as well!!

I hired in at 9 cpl and can earn up to 2 cpl in incentive on every line I type!  I'm excited!  I can hardly wait to get started!!  Though I am only obligated to do 6000 lines in a payperiod, if I type 16,000 lines in the payperiod I get my extra 2 cpl and that makes for $1760 just for that!  I think that is pretty good.

My training is next week and I hope to be able to reach that with my first check!!

If all would please be calm, I'm sure that the new SE pay/incentive plan will soon get out there!!!  You'll be very pleased! 

How do these people get hired, if they are so bad. Also...

My QA goes 99-100%; yet, I can still get 'ugly' comments from QA after 14 years on the job (only on certain accounts, because my QA is AWEsome on my primary). 

There is constructive criticism, and then there is the attitude I have personally experienced by QA of thinking they are in some elite group and that they are better than everybody...making nasty little digs and extremely unnnecessary comments.  Those personal comments are not professional, period. 

This does not sound like you, and not even most QA, but there are those few QA people, in my opinion, whose comments can be downright disparaging, condescending, and sometimes even sadistic. 

It is like doctors, almost, you know - how they seem to live in a world of their own and forgot how to deal with people as 'people' after a while? 

I keep saying this, but rather than degrade people, there should be more education for people whose skills are not up to par, and my biggest complaint, how are these people getting hired.  Perhaps recruiters need to get more input from QA, or QA should be involved in hiring. 

One more thing:  For QA who edit off-shore MTs (my apologies to you up-front, if you do not, but to make a point here), I have seen some pretty hideous reports from overseas; yet, never hear QA complain too much, or make rude comments to or about those MTs individually. 

For those 'lazy' MTs you call them, perhaps that is why you have a job.  If everyone was perfect, there would be no need for QA.  You make more than MTs, right? 

Also, it is always easier to read along with a report and see mistakes.  Heck, I even find typos QA people make, and even in formal letters I get from MQ, etc.  (There is even an error in Dorland's, haha). 

This is only my opinion, as I do not see how many of these so-called 'lazy' MTs even get past the testing stage. 

As far as being for the ''good of the patient," as I have heard before, if we were doing what was good for the patient, well, I could on about that one (smile).  Insurance companies and CEOs of hospitals do not seem to care much about the patients, because if they did, they would not be discharging before they are even well or healed, just to save a buck.  They would  not be outsourcing overseas, just to save a buck...

Hired by Spheris in May.....sm
All I did was send my resume.  Recruiter called within 2 days promising me the moon and the stars.  I never tested, never had my credit checked.  I have "Equifax Credit Watch" and get notification if there is "any" activity including credit inquiries.  They never checked my references...professional or personal.  They sent me the whole kit and kaboodle even though I told them I would use their computer as required, but I didn't need a monitor, keyboard, mouse or modem.  After my "training week" getting paid at $7.00 an hour, they had the nerve to tell me I would be started at 6.5 cpl after recruiter told me I would make much more because of my experience.  I was gone before they had a chance to take a deposit from my paycheck.  I was more than happy to send them back all their outdated equipment.  So please don't generalize when referring to nationals. 
Unless you signed something when you were hired

that says you agree to pay for return shipping when you leave, then the company is responsible.  If you don't have your original hire paperwork, ask them for a return shipping label.  If they say you agreed to pay for it, ask them to send you a copy of the signed agreement.  Make sure you save all correspondence.

I was just recently hired by
Transcend and am receiving the equipment today or tomorrow, will train next week. I would not worry about the interview if I were you.  She was very nice and we had a nice talk.  I am leaving MQ.  Welcome.
I was hired at the same time you were and

there have been a lot of changes.  I emailed you and you did not respond so I now wonder if you aren't just trying to flame ETP.  With due respect, if you are meeting the guidelines for qualifying for benefits and after 9 months you aren't getting them, it makes me wonder why they wouldn't give them to you especially since you did not get a bonus.  They only gave bonuses to people who qualified for them.  They gave you the criteria to earn the bonus so you could keep track for yourself of every level that would earn your bonus.  You can always call HR.  Heck they even have an open door policy so you can email any of the head honchos.

If it were me and I knew honestly that insurance was a benefit I wanted and did not have, I would never wait 9 months to find out what the problem was.


I was hired w/o testing - sm
Started looking for 2nd job when started having low workloads on my primary job; sent out 2 feelers and both asked for tests, then one of them called me and said not to bother with the test, my experience said it all. What a good feeling - to be appreciated!

Have a great day.
Yes, I have been hired before w/o testing. nm
I was hired for 5cpl..lol
My first job offer was 5 cpl just a few months ago (what a joke). I knew it was low, but I was trying to get my foot in the door.  As it turned out, the company was a nonpaying company  and I quit 2 months later.  A few weeks later I was offered a job making almost double. I agree that 5 cpl is low, but I gained experience in acute care so I guess it worked out in the end.   
Normally editors are hired from within the
company, though I occasionally do see postings looking for editors/QA.  Almost all the posts I have seen are wanting people with at least 2 years recent QA experience or 10+ years MT experience.  Editing tends to pay less than MT.   Some companies pay per line and ideally you should be able to edit more lines a day than transcribing, so you might even out.  Some companies pay hourly, but the hourly rate is usually considerably less than what you would make as an MT.  There are various kinds of editing - VR, editing offshore work where you have to edit 100% of the work and correct probably 50% of it, editing where you just fill in blanks, and then fill in blanks and 100% edit files on a regular basis to monitor quality.   
it's how many got hired 30+ years ago....

When I was hired for my first account I had no

MT schooling, though had LPN training.   The first report I transcribed was what was considered the worst dictator on the account and I had 2 blanks.  The MTSO apologized for giving me that dictator, but she had to pick her jaw off the floor after she did QA on it and saw how well I did. 

I have had a love of anything medical-related since I was about 12.  I used to read Gray's Anatomy for fun.   I just had a natural aptitude.   I was only doing about 600 lines a day and that was w/o an expander/macros.

your very welcome. you mentioned the other gal was hired sm
so she could possibly take some home to do it so i thought well why can't you take some home too, at least temporarily until you are better healed with your feet. you could put in 4 in-house, go home and then late that evening maybe put in another 4. i think breaking up your time at the computer into some sort of split shift would be the best thing for you and your feet. but do check into the requirements (maybe not asking the lady over you as she seems to not want to work with you). it typically is not 40 hours at all places.
Have Experience, Can't Get Hired!
I can't figure this out! I have over 10 years' experience, but I can't get a job! The company I work for is closing, so I began to look around, but doors are slamming in my face left and right.

I learned through a mentor about 12 years ago (spent 2 years under her) and have worked in acute care for a small company for the past 10-3/4 years. Is it my lack of schooling?

What are they looking for? I thought it was experience.
Just got hired to type into EMR

Three doctors refuse to type into the EMR's -- they are older but there are still some out there.  So just got hired to do it for them.   This is the second time I have been hired to do this.   Takes a little longer and charge by hour and not line, but still a job and keeps me current on the new technology. 


Is it possible to be hired by a hospital
for an at-home MT position?  If so, how would you go about applying, mailing resume, searching Internet job databases, searching hospital web sites?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to e-mail.  Thank you!!
Our Co hired about 20 grads from

Hi Rae,

The company I work for hired 20 graduates all at one time from Med Workshops and they did well.  This was about 1-1/2 yrs ago.

We contracted with Med Workshops to provide the graduates based on parameters we were looking for.  Because our Company spelled out the training, it was hard to go wrong.  Students got a break on the normal tuition costs.

I understand they are a medical transcription staffing school; the only one I know of.



Didn't they tell you when they hired you?
You are supposed to pull a rabbit out of your friggin hat! Yes, certified magician Transcriptionist s/b next to your name! It's frustrating when QA gets mad at you for not being able to figure it out and leave too many blanks, and when you ask if someone can talk to the doc, forget it.
She just hired 5 FT people for a new
account, so she isn't at this time.
Oh, they'll be hired all right...
...but they'll be paid in rupees.
So would a QA person hired from outside.
Every company's policy is different on how they QA, weight of errors, how they give feedback, etc. If an MT wants to take the QA job, then I see no problem with hiring from within.
I was just hired by one of these better companies...
I have been through three of the more reputable nationals before finding the perfect fit. I am also very happy with my choice and am working very hard to make it work.

The issue is that none of these companies would even consider paying the line rates that many have posted here today that they are making. Please don't take my OP the wrong way. I can also understand to a point why a person wouldn't want to name the company they are working for. Can you at least answer me this? Are the companies that are paying 12+ cpl the same ones that post job ads on the popular MT forums? You mentioned doing some research. Did you have to search to find a company willing to pay this? Or when speaking with your prospective MTSO, did you decline the rate that was offered saying, "I won't work for anything less that X amount per line? Are MTSOs willing to negotiate line rates with new ICs? I was thrilled to get offered 8.5 cpl and I have 15 years experience in the specialty I was hired on for. I know experience doesn't always matter, but I can honestly say that I know I am a very good MT. I have been told by former employers that I am well above average and deserve to make more than what I'm making especially if it's obtainable.

Without giving out the name of your company, would you just kindly answer some of my questions at your convenience. My husband is laid off right now and I am really struggling to provide for my family. 8.5 cpl just isn't getting it, especially since it looks like I may have to buy insurance. Please feel free to email me if you'd prefer. I'd truly be grateful for any advice anyone would be kind enough to offer. Thank you!
How is the DET platform for Medquist. I might be hired and

Southwest. I was hired..LOL ... ?? I'm sure they are needing more?!
no message
I took it and was hired at a national before graduating.
However, some nationals and most MTs believe there are better courses out there in the form of The Big Three (Career Step, M-Tec, and Andrews).
Today I got hired to hold

I don't have to own a computer, don't have to update a computer, keep paying for equipment upgrades, virus protection, pay for internet.

I will have health insurance, holidays, PTO, retirement,


I have worked for M!Q for 6 years with them never giving

an iota more.  I have 20+ years of acute care experience.

What does this say for medical transcription??????????

It says I can be an idiot ...holding a SLOW/STOP sign and otherwise

sitting on my arse and make more money and have benefits than knowing the equivalent

of a first year resident and typing my brains out for a company who is

making zillions off my back.  MQ has done this to me....

My head hurts!  My pocketbook hurts.  You know what is unbelievable, they

don't even try to compromise.  They act as if they are the only game in the

world.   Frankly I don't think people can survive on the money they are willing to

pay for ANY of the work they are offering any more.  Let them eat cake.

buh bye 

Me too....just got hired today also. Bye Nationals!
There you go. They hired you for a specific shift SM

What comes with that is that sometimes there is no work. The people who were NOT hired for a specific shift don't have to "save" work for you. They shouldn't have to.

No, I don't sit for 40 hours and then do another 20, but as an IC, if I needed money, this is exactly how I'd get it.

What you do

There you go. They hired you for a specific shift SM

What comes with that is that sometimes there is no work. The people who were NOT hired for a specific shift don't have to "save" work for you. They shouldn't have to.

No, I don't sit for 40 hours and then do another 20, but as an IC, if I needed money, this is exactly how I'd get it.

What you do with

IRS question--I hired a transcriptionist to help--sm
me with an account.  What is the IRS form she has to fill out for me to report her earnings? Thought it was 1099 but there are so many on the IRS site that I don't know which one to download or even if that is the correct form. Thanks, Debra
Hired house cleaner
You are getting a deal at $12 an hour. I pay mine $20. I carry an umbrella policy on my home on vehicle that is $1 million over my regular home insurance - it costs less than $200 a year and will cover anyone that is injured in your home or vehicle - It is well worth it. This policy picks up where the other two leave off, should anyone need that much in medical care.
Just got hired by doctor's office.
Yep, can you tell I'm happy! Was working for a large national who took over the transcription department at the hospital I used to work for.
4 years ago when I was a newbie I was hired at - sm
.06 at 2 jobs, and .07 at another. I now make .09 at the one I started at .07. I no longer have the others, but on 1 of them I bumped up to .07 after a year which unfortunately was the cap (very small MTSO).
i GUARANTEE she won't be hired back
maybe its some kind of a TEST, like the service owner ASKED the doc to try to lure her away, and once she did it, THEY would BOTH fire her.
I graduated from M-Tec, and MQ hired me without experience. nm
I hired a neighborhood teen (sm)
I had my children at home, and hired a responsible neighborhood teenager. I worked part-time during the day with the sitter and then a couple of hours in the evenings when my husband got home. This was much cheaper than day care plus I got to take breaks and see my child and if my children skinned a knee or were really upset, I could take a break and take care ofYou need a backup in case the sitter is unavailable. It worked really well for me. Even better if you know another mom nearby with a child your chid could play with. Don't be fooled though - it is challenging and you will be tired, but was worth it to me :-)
Congrats! Sounds like you were hired to me.
I didn't send my test until later in the day. I wonder how many people they are hiring.
I remember in the old days when you were not hired without
at least 3 to 5 hears working in house - no in house on the job experience? - not considered.