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Posted By: michelle on 2008-05-09
In Reply to: Anyone paid hourly? - Typer

That stinks.  My daughter makes $10/hour at Old Navy!!!

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Depends on the pay and account. My lowest average is $15.52 an hour (roughly 182.6 lines an hour) w
1850 lines per 8 hour shift. 15.00 hour - no real requirement
if it is feasable, split that 6-hour shift into two 3-hour shifts. sm
i work a split shift and find that i am much better able to stay focused and get more work done that way. also, being 3 months pregnant you have gone through the very tiring time of pregnancy and you should start seeing an energy perk before long.
I start an hour or 2 early and then take an hour or 2 for dinner -nm
At 200 lines a day for 6 cents, you are making $1.20 a day or 0.15 hour for an 8 hour day!!!--cm
Did you mean 2,000? Even then you would only be making $1.50 if you work 8 hours a day.
$32/hour? You said $36/hour on an earlier post. Either way would be great. n/m

10 reports/hour or 25 markers/hour
I appreciate your responses. I had an option of line vs hour ($14/hour) but if line pays more...nm
65 to 75 an hour comes to $15 an hour if u are fast
from 4:45 to 6:30 a.m. (1 hour 45 min)

     I did 556 lines. That's par for the course for me when I use the keyboard rather than VR - 250 to 275 lines per hour. But I'm no macro or expander expert so I type out about 50-75% of the work.


Don't take anything that is not by the hour.

There is no decent line rate for QA.  Hourly only.  If you take the line pay, you will force QA pay down.

really $25/hour
are u really making $25/hour doing transcribing and if you are what office? why are you stating an hourly rate instead of a line rate?
$50 an hour down to $8...whatever

more than $10 hour possible

As independent, I charge 12 to 17 per gross line (average 15/line)-  type 10-12 pages per hour -- 300 plus lines ($30 to $50 per hour).  Have phone-in dictation system.  Deliver hard copies.  Multiple accounts with up to 15 physicians, plus overflow work.  Major account has 40+ reports a day.  Always have work!  Been doing this at home since 1990.  Will not do difficult dictators (or charge more and let them know why).  Also charge for copies/stat reports/faxes and delivery.  Provide quality work.  So, the work and the money are out there!

About $23 an hour. nm
I wish they would pay by the hour because with sm
some MTs (new/old) their work is horrific because they try to get their line count and don't care. These companies will learn when they loose accounts or get sued.
12-15 an hour ?
No way! I made more than that 10 years ago! God I hope you're wrong!
$24 an hour?
Oh please tell me where ... thanks ! Joanne
That's $7.50/hour!
under an hour???
OMG you are kidding me, right?  You must be talking about newbies, just out of school.  PLEASE tell me you're talking about newbies just out of school!
$20 an hour...
You make more than $20 an hour at a HOSPITAL? I would never leave the hospital then. I quit my job at "big national" to work for a hospital and made...drum roll...$10 an hour! I lasted 4 months because I felt demoralized. If I could earn $20, I would happy work my butt off for 8 hours a day - no problem! Consider yourself lucky.
per hour pay
I would prefer to be paid by the hour.  In that way I could concentrate more on quality instead of the almighty quantity, meeting quotas and turnaround times.  Doubt we'll see that ever happen though.
what should I do? $16.50 an hour ...

Hi Guys!  I'm an MT with 13+ years of medical records transcription experience.  My job got outsourced and the hospital currently dumped me in a unit clerk position for $15.35 an hour on weekends, and $16.15 for the 3-11 shift.  The work really SUCKS and I miss MT so badly I've taken on some at-home work. 

I found a local hospital that wants to give me a job for $16.50 an hour and they won't BUDGE on the money - even though as an MT I was earning $21 an hour.  THis job is 1/2 pathology MT and half lab secretary work.  They won't even go to $17 an hour - $16.50.  They're checking my references - but I'm soooo unhappy with the money.  The pluses are:  the hospital is 5 miles from my home, the hours are Mon-Fri 9 to 5, 2 additional holidays than my current hospital, free parking, free medical (non-union) job with $5 copays and $0 Rx copay. 

Yes, those are all significant benefits, but aren't the ripping me off with the money?  And the fact they won't budge at all makes me feel they don't really care about hiring me, or not.  The job has been open for 5 months - can't find an MT to do the secy work, and can't find a secy who CAN HANDLE the MT !  HEre I come, well-experienced in both - and the interview went fantastic!. 

So what should I do ?   What do you guys think? 

Thanks!  JoJo


350 lph would be $28 an hour.
If you are relatively new in the field and need the experience, than it is a good deal. But if you are relatively new in the field you probably will not type 350 per hour. I do not think it is worth it.
$22/hour for LPN as I know it...NM


In CA it is anywhere between $17 to $24 an hour

That's only about an hour from us.
Those 40/hour job ads really make me laugh, I have been doing this 30 years, work on only one account, have had the account for about 7 years and get paid by the gross line and make about 30-35, am still waiting for the 40!!
$9 per hour?!?
Hun, you got your goals set WAY too low!
does your per hour pay
include benefits, vacation days? And do you work from home?
1 hour -
I knew by the time we got to the end of the first training period that I wasn't coming back. Trainer was incompetent, uncaring and abrasive. She kept 2 of us waiting while she held the hand of one gal who didn't know how to click on files in a pulldown menu. I figured any company that would hire someone with computer skills that poor was too desperate for me to hitch my wagon to them.
$50 an hour is too low

They're saying they will pay you $50 per audio hour? Let's say you're doing it at a 3:1 ratio, the one hour takes you three hours if you are fast, well, you're still going to want to read it over and proof it. I ask for $75 per audio hour, and that puts me at $25 an hour without the time I spend proofing it. Others ask for $95 and I've heard even $115.

Now, if there are multiple speakers on the audio, you can ask for more too. And depending on turnaround you can ask for rush rates.

Good luck!


#32 an hour
I make anywhere from $30 to $40 on my regular account which I have done for almost eight years with lots of expanders. This is usually three days a week and not even a full day. When I work fill-in at the hospital I can't make over $12-15 an hour, but then I am very picky and choose quality over quantity. I probably couldn't get hired anywhere else because of that. The account I have is a very hard-to-understand doctor and he asked for me because I had done him privately for several years and "could read his mind" so he says. Just experience is all and that makes it much easier.
$8.50 an hour!?

I just... don't know what to say about that.

You are horribly underpaid.  Find a new job.

i make a lot on my own account, even more than that, but it's very limited. i work for someone to supplement it and don't get near that.  are you talking about your own act? or working for someone, and if so, WHO!!!!
maybe 9 cpl x 250/hour = $23
$6 an hour???
Wow. At $6.00 an hour, McDonald's would be MUCH less hassle. It took me quite some time to get used to the work when I started, but still, but within two months I could do 1500 lines in about 8 hours.

Abby, this is not meant to be critical, but helpful: There has to be some reason you are only typing 83 lines an hour. Look into getting a shortcut/expander program and work on consistent speed, minimizing interruptions, etc. Until you are able to work faster, work SMARTER. Learn to use an Expander and add words daily. 8 years I've been an MT, and I still add sometimes 20-30 words/phrases a day. I hate to see you working so hard for so little when there are things to help you.
About $20 per hour, if not more. nm
I don't like by the hour.
I remember when we were being paid by the hour. There were those that sat around and did as little as possible and then those like me that worked to earn that hourly wage. I love being able to control how much I make, and I make a great wage. If I had to go back to working hourly, I'm sure it would be a huge pay cut for me. The hospital nearest my house only pays $9.40 an hour to their transcriptionists. That's ridiculous!!
How is $24 per hour too low?
I would say 300 per hour is more
For $16.29 an hour.....
Sometimes it is very sad how mismatched salaries are with job descriptions. School teachers, when you factor in all the time they have to spend checking homework AFTER work, plus the fact that they are taking care of our absolutely most prized possessions in the whole wide world, are another example of a SERIOUSLY underpaid profession!
Yes 10 to 20 an hour.
Which would be 80 to 160 an 8 hour day.
Ash them if they will pay you by the hour.

LOL I tried to take an hour nap, but it turned into
11 hours of napping.  LOL  At least I'm refreshed this morning.  Time to type quickly so I can go play.
I did 400 lines in an hour once sm

working for HS and was put on an account for just a while.  This was a surgery center with colonoscopies and ophthalmologic procedures.  There were normals out the *&#)@ and 400 an hour was very easy.  I ended up quiting HS due to the fact they took that account and gave it to a girl that had been caught cherrypicking..  The work was "sporadic" and later found out why...she was taking the best dictators with the most canned text and grabbing them before anyone else. 

So, it can be done, but I think only with extensive use of normals and expanders. 

I would guess about $12-13 an hour...
I live in San Antonio and would imagine that is about the going rate for in-house MTs. E-mail me, I have a question for you if you don't mind.
It works out to around $38 per hour
depending on the dictator. I don't get benefits, though.
I would say average is $15 per hour. sm

Watch out for QA positions that are paid by cpl QA'd.  In some instances it may work out fine, but hourly (in my opinion) is the best way to be paid for QA/editing.

lines per hour
what is the average amt of lines per hour that MTs type, approx?
I hear you pay by the hour..