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Looking for old friends

Posted By: clk on 2006-04-24
In Reply to:

I have been trying to locate some people form my old High School - Figured with all of you out there someone might know someone and pass this on. I went to Garrett Hign School during 1977 thru 1981.

Sonia Suppan Bugher and Carissa Babson Snyder

Lost track of them many years ago, and there are so many people looking for them now - we were all concerned when they disappeared. Last I heard Carissa was in NC and Sonia in Oklahoma. Tried classmates.com and theya r elisted as "missing" LOL. Who knows maybe they are MT's too.

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Friends, really miss Friends :-(
Joey just isn't the same for me
A little help from my *friends*
I have been doing this for 36 years and I have used word expanders and normals for more than 20 years.  It sure helps when you are typing *the patient* practically every paragraph.  I just type tpt and viola...same with the headings, Review of Systems, etc.  Every little bit helps.  To those who dont use expanders and normals, just think how much more money you could be making and how less tired and sore you would be at the end of the day.  *Long live the expanders*.
My daughter is 20 and I still can't stand her friends...........
Excellent post. Your kids are lucky to have parents like you and your husband.

One of my friends did that...
for the exact same reason.  However, their first ceremony was private, and they did not expect anyone to give them gifts for both weddings.  But in your case, I would think a gift for the first wedding would be more helpful to them since they may not have all the things they need for their home together.  I certainly would not feel the need to buy for both ceremonies.
have many friends? lol
You are in need of some friends.
I have friends here in ND who say it too.
And, I grew up with an English teacher for my mother, so I know what you mean. Always corrected but now I have a great grasp of the English language.
I'm not saying I want to be best friends with my supervisor,

I rarely take time off unless its an emergency, in fact its been a couple years, and not too long ago there was an emergency with my health.  My supervisor only told me she needed me on working asap, did not inquire about my health, wish me well or to get better.  Its just work work work...which seems kind of cold to me. 

When I worked for a local office and knew them for years, as for favors, meaning i'll work my fingers to the bone, settle for  getting no raises whatsoever, not complain, just give me work that i'm the most proficient at so we both win, like predominantly operative reports or maybe even psych. 

friends and family to appreciate me at my job?
I doubt you're getting raises and I doubt you use your money for "others" and you as well are a poor judge of character.  This initial post was about supervisors interacting more with their MTs so we can put a face with the name and feel like we have someone in our corner, being that we are so remote from coworkers.  Obviously, we disagree, lets agree to do that much.  You just sit and type away and collect your paycheck. 
Oh, I don't know. I've got way more friends now than ever before.
I know all the parents at the school. It's so funny. When I used to work fulltime outside the home, nobody ever waved to me at the schools and hardly anybody came to the kids' birthday parties. If I had a day off and picked up the kids at the school, I'd watch all the other parents talking together but was never included. Now I'm part of it all. I get invited to go to the gym and do coffee or lunch. It's great! I never had time for any of it before.
Going into medicine. I have 2 MT friends
who are already in medical school. One MT I worked with at a large hospital is now an anesthesiologist making about $300K a year. Hahaha Should I hope to do so well. Hahaha

Know 1 who is a psychotherapist now. Know 1 who got her MBA and works in government contracting and 1 who got his MS and works for JCAHO.

Lots of things to do out there! It's much easier to decide what you want to do now that you're experienced in life and know what the real investments and rewards are. I'd go on to commercial flight school if I weren't going into medicine. I have a private license. Would LOVE to be Lear certified! Would love to fly a medical helicopter. You can get funding for those flight programs, too! Not a traditional classroom setup. If I don't get into med school, I may be doing that! Hahaha

why does she invite the friends?
what if it these 2-3 couples that she invites over do not have family that they can visit during the holidays? that could be why she has them over every holiday.
lost friends
Have you tried Reunion.com?
My best friend in high school found me after ten years recently. He found me on reunion.com, and then found my phone number on superpages.com and contacted me. We had both been looking for each other for ten years, and finally he found me. Good luck!
Or his kids' friends...LOL
I have plenty of friends...sm

that I know from different places, clubs included, but that doesn't mean that I'm having an affair with any of them...male or female! Before I was married my best friend and I went to a particular club to dance...it was great exercise and more fun than going to a gym. I made several friends there who are strictly friends. We were all single, enjoyed each other's company, and liked to dance...nothing nasty ever went on. In fact, many times my male friends made it easy to shake men whose attention I didn't want. Sometimes people go out just because it is more fun than watching TV. Hubby and I went to the club a couple of weeks ago and I introduced him to people that I knew there. I would hate to think that because I introduced him to people that he would think I'm having an affair. I don't know if I'd be more hurt because he didn't trust me, or because he thought I was dumb enough to take him someplace and introduce him to someone I would have an affair with!

I would also hate to think that my husband would search my cell phone and check the numbers he didn't recognize. My son is in the military and at times his friends have called because they consider me a second mom or are trying to get in touch with my son. Nevermind that just about everyone has had someone call their phone and it has been a wrong number!

If someone gave me a real reason to check up on them, I probably would, but to check up on someone 'just to be sure' is insulting. If someone I care about can't come to me and talk rationally about their fears, then we don't have much of a relationship!

So, you are friends with his wife?
I loved watching his shows...so sad. Hope his family is making it through this okay.
OH... wasn't it! My friends and I were all saying that.
It was like that's all we get after all that anticipation! lol! But it is getting better already. I just love Bailey.
Did you see on Fox & Friends this morning...
or the news in general, that the group from Kansas that has been protesting at soldiers' funerals is coming to PA (that's where I'm from) to protest AT THE FUNERALS because of something Gov. Rendell said about them?
Yay! I have friends! Thanks, I appreciate that. I'm just trying to keep it honest. nm
I have friends who feel the same way
Not necessarily just MT friends, but in general. Some enjoy the independence of working for themselves. I on the other hand don't think I make a very good boss! I for some reason prefer mostly to be a cog in a machine. I'm glad there is something for everyone. Sometimes trying different ways helps a person figure out what is the best fit for them.
Going fishing at the crick with friends.
Having a BBQ and fireworks with the kids.  Then we're having a big birthday party for a couple of people in the family.
For parents, what do you think of your kids' friends?

I am wondering if it's ME or if it's my kids' friends that's the problem.  I just can't stand barely any of them.  We have little sailors running around cussing, compulsive liars, thieves, two-faced "unfriends", blackmailers, anger management problems, slobs, and perverts running around here.  And the violent and graphically disgusting games these kids try to play.  Is this everywhere?  Or am I just overly sensitive?  Parents can't choose their kids' friends because the kids'll rebel against the control, right?  I just feel like I can't have anyone over here because I'm constantly correcting them and cleaning up after them.  They don't listen worth a darn anyway.  I certainly don't want my kids to go to their houses if these kids behave this badly here.

I tried going into details, but this post got so long.  I don't think it's our neighborhood either because we have to drive for playdates with some of these kids.  What, do we just attract the people with issues?  I try to tell myself that these are just kids or perhaps their home life isn't in line with the same value system as we have.  I try to be tolerant because some of these kids have had problems in their lives.  However, having problems is no excuse for bad behavior.  I'm no perfect prude and neither are my kids.  We've had our share of problems.  I also know I can't "shelter" my kids from the outisde world.  But geez, it's just ridiculous.  Whatever happened to the days when parents were parents and kids behaved?  Children should not be cussing, stealing and telling horrific stories of murder and incest.

To give you an example, one of these little punks even told the whole neighborhood that my husband and I were druggies and dealers.  We found out about it when our elderly neighbor came over and told us.  We've always been totally against drugs, not even experimenting with them when we were teens.  Plus, we both have to go through yearly drug screening tests at work, too.  What is with the world today?

Love your handle, Ma of 4 and their friends and
I can relate. I was mom to my kids' friends, too. I swore many time to claim them as dependents on my tax returns. They practically lived at my house.
One of our friends' child just passed away.
What do you do for someone in this situation?  I know to send a card and go to the service.  I don't think flowers are a good idea because people send so many that it's just a hassle to find somewhere to put them until you have to throw them away.  Money, a cooked meal?  I spazzed out and didn't know what to say to them except we're here for you.  I can't believe I got up this morning griping about my own situation when so many other people have so much that's worse.
Yes. One of my best friends -- she began seeing married men
which was intolerable to me. I tried to look the other way. She wouldn't even try to hide it from me...wanting to talk about it, wanting me to MEET them. I finally just told her that I loved her very much and enjoyed our friendship but that something had changed so drastically for her to believe it is okay to live like this and it was in direct conflict with everything in my life. I just could not support someone who was intentionally pursuing such a hateful, devastating lifestyle. These weren't mistakes. She saw men she wanted and it was a game to her.

It hurt me very much. Many people who didn't know the reasons behind it blamed me for being a horrible person for dumping my best friend.

It was hard not to discuss her lifestyle to defend my actions.

I feel for you.
you ask all your friends to email you rather than call. nm
I used to work in a clinic, and have friends who do now.

7 years ago I worked in a clinic and lost the job when the clinic joined a larger physician group who outsourced transcription.  I went to work for the company they were using then.  With that change I almost doubled my income.  That MTSO later went out of business.  Ironically, now I work for the MTSO who currently has that account.  Some of my coworkers with the first company have gone to work for a large clinic in the area who has brought some MT work back in-house.  They took a cut in pay but have better benefits and much better hours.  I have found that you pretty much have to be in the right place at the right time, or know somebody.  The first clinic job I got was when I went to apply at the local hospital and the director at the hospital sent me over to the clinic.  Almost all of the opportunities I have gotten over the years have come from knowing someone.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to ask around.  I know a lot of transcriptionists in the area, and several people who work in clinics in the area.  This is where I get most of my leads.

She's now "published in PC Magazine." Who needs friends?
My daughter's friends call me by my first name
and I dont have a problem with that. It justdepends on the individual. My child calls her friends' moms by their first name and there isn't a problem. To each his own right?
My kids use my closes friends first name, though -sm
I am trying to break them of that and say Mrs. Jones, etc. instead of , let's go see Mary. My daughter has a friend whose mom makes her daughter call her "Maam" (spelling?}. Feel bad for the girl, she will go up to her mom and say "Mom look at this" and her mom will say "Maam", so the kid is "Yes Maam", etc. Needless to say she pours her affection out on her dad. I couldn't imagine addressing my mom as "Maam". The girl has excellent manners though but is a bit shy, but is thriving at school-- I have seen a big difference in her over the last 2 years since she is out from under her mom's thumb all day, but that is another story.
Anybody else have friends/family that act like you don't have a REAL job? sm

Just have to vent a little...

I have several extended family members and friends who give the impression that "just typing" and getting to work from home translates to "waiting for a REAL job to come along."  I have tactfully tried to drop the hint that first of all, a Transcriptionist does way more than "just type," and I'm sure make more per hour than any of them, to no avail. 

Anybody else noticed this, too? 

Yup...friends of ours think I am getting a "free ride"
I guess this means I sit at a computer "pretending" to work and get a "fake" paycheck. In my opinion, I feel that people who make these comments are truly jealous. In my case, they don't see how I can work and tend to my daughter's needs. I take her to pre-school and dance. I'm sorry for those that don't have this luxury, but if you continue getting comments like that, just turn the other way and ignore it. You know you work your tail (and fingers) off for your paycheck just like they do. That's all that matters.

One of my friends in high school had as many
and then she started having them in another state. Apparently, she and her mother believed that abortion was birth control. If your neice does, or if she doesn't have an abortion...she still needs to understand that pregnancy, STDs, AIDS, etc. are all effects of a promiscuous lifestyle. It is not a game and that life inside her is not her own!

It is grow-up time!!
Why not start your own board just for your friends?
I have never cared for the way this whole site is set up. I would rather see a post move to the top when someone posts something new to it because a post can get lost real quick when it doesn't. However, I just frequent a different site that is more suited to my tastes and only stop by here now and again to see what's going on.

If enough of you don't like the new rules (and I certainly understand your complaints), maybe you could look into start a Yahoo group or something. I think it's free (though don't quote me on that!) and that way you could still talk to everyone you like to here but you don't have to worry about the cumbersome rules and how you post and whether a post will be deleted or locked.

Just an idea. :)
Definitely SATC, Friends, and also Six Feet Under.
I still watch SATC reruns every night and I really want the DVD collection, but it costs about $200 for the whole thing. I'd have to say my favorite is Carrie. I didn't always agree with her choices, but I saw more of myself in her than any of the others.

Loved Six Feet Under and I really miss that show, though I am getting into HBO's new show, Big Love.

I actually still watch Seinfeld reruns a lot, too! I do like Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in her new show, The New Adventures of Old Christine.
Take up a collection from family and friends

Even with $10 a person and maybe some groceries or a gift item, it only takes a few people to make a difference. 

Ask around, friends, etc. There are good dentists out there
I am a total baby, I can't tolerate one second of that nerve type pain and what I thought were panic attacks/heart racing was actually a side effect of novocaine.

I went to one dentist and had a deep filling and he couldn't numb it in what seemed like just one tiny spot, I complained whenever he would hit that spot and he kept giving me more novocaine and I would up with very bad palpitations.

In the end I think he began to avoid that spot and the tooth was not done properly and I ended up having to have a root canal.

When I went to the next guy I told him what happened. Since I had palpitations with the novocaine, they gave me a different anesthesia, carbocaine. I ran my tongue over the area while it was numbing and if I felt anything I said I still have some feeling right here, etc. And I got another needle. No palpitations at all and I didn't feel a thing. The entire area was numb for around 8 hours so that was weird but better than pain.

Try another dentist and explain your fears and your last experience. You really need to have this done.

If I can do it, you can.

Make friends w/someone with a lisp (lol!) SM

Seriously though, I have two friends with a lips and my nephew has a lisp, so I'm a lispterpreter.  This makes it much easier for MT, but try this:

1)  Get lots and lots of samples notes/reports.

2)  Hope, hope the lisper is not an ESL or has a funky India/British accent

3)  Speed up and slow down each difficult to understand phrase twice, speeding up and slowing down three times in each direction (make sense)

4)  Listen to the entire dictation a second time on slow speed.

Hope this helps.

Sounds like my some of my daughter's friends. nm
I have some good friends that still work there. n/m
If his family or friends would happen - SM

to come across his last official medical report, it would certainly be a comfort to them that their loved one died peacefully rather than in pain or discomfort and was not alone in his final moments.

 Yes - the few death reports I have transcribed over the years - each one of them alway automatically brought tears to my eyes.  It just shows that we're human, we care, and the dictating doc must also care, or he/she would just have dictated the medically/legally pertinent information.

Starting at $20-30 hour, so my friends tell me
This is what they charge in Southern Cal. Hope that helps.
I'm in the NE, my friends and coworkers are in the NE, and these constant complaints are just bog
There is always work as long as one isn't a "queen".  The only MTs who are running out of work refuse back-up accounts, won't type outside of their "box" - i.e. specific hours like 9 am to 11 am, and won't work any daily variation without bonuses dangled in front of them.  Otherwise, all of us are fine - hustling, busy, learning new accounts and basically working!!  The offices all have phone #s and real live people answer the phones, etc. The drama these 2 or 3 ladies daily report on just doesn't exist.  For months, one was always screaming the Indians were getting her work. She just KNEW it was the Indians - no other explanation. Well, she found that was wrong and never mentioned a word of apology or clarification. Then it was VR taking all her work, or the phantom cherry pickers.  Its simply the talented MTs who are learning back-up accounts and learning them well!  But to hear these women rag on, you'd think it was doom and gloom, which just ain't so!
One of my long-time friends works on the same
account and she can't wait for me to get started. She is overwhelmed with work and types a little 20,000 lines per payperiod. I've been assigned to her account. So, I guess there IS work.

If it turns out there isn't, then I will move along.

What I will NOT do is trash the company on the boards and join this really sad crab club on here. That's too far down in the bucket for me to go.

Good bye and so sorry for you.
Some people have no friends in the real world and seem to see

their social circle. Quite sad. They need to get out more.

sorry, that is call out of town family and friends, nm
so then why did you LIE and say you were doing a practice tape of your friends??? if it truely was a
If he let the tourists "buy their way out", my cousin and her friends, along with -
hundreds of other tourists would be safe and sound.

We have not heard from her or her friends since Friday, August 26, 2005.

You know absolutely nothing!
i would ask her which time the other friends would be coming and when she asks why, sm
tell her that you just aren't as comfortable with all the extras and would like to visit with just family for christmas. she should separate and have two different get togethers if that is what she wants. don't show up if she disagrees and do your own thing. i am sure some of your other family members would agree and probably come to your house instead.
goodness. careful, you won't make friends that way!