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Looks like field of MT-ing is slowly

Posted By: csmr-mt on 2006-10-17
In Reply to: My boyfriend who is a school bus driver now makes more than me... - MTheaded

fading out. I have seen 3 MAJOR hospital transcription departments close due to outsourcing. I'm not going to sit around waiting until the place I now work decides to follow suit. I'm training right now for the field of broadcast captioning for the hearing impaired. Hear they make between $25-100/hour for captioning television shows and the company supplies your equipment. I should be able to pay my rent with that!

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Slowly. It works more slowly, but not quite as bad
much better to get broadband of some sort for DQS, no question about it.
Ctrl + F9 adds the field brackets - F11 jumps to the field.
Start slowly and try this ...
Proof 3 out of 4 reports for the next day or two. Then, proof 2 out of 4 reports for a couple of days. Then cut that down to 1 out of 4 reports. Keep yourself abreast by proofing 1 of 10 reports. Proof the reports and let them go -- don't sit and worry!

Two things will happen:
1) You will become more comfortable with your own level of skill
2) Your lines will increase

*slowly* - hey, I'm off-duty! ;-)
Wow, it's all slowly coming back to me

flexibility.  As long as you do your 40 or plus pages per day.

Maybe you should slowly re-read the posts.
They seem pretty concerned to me. Um, even the moderator commented. That's kinda like having your mom step in when you're fighting with your little brother. IMO, you turned on us.
My monitor is slowly dying...sm
I have a Dell computer and monitor, but my monitor appears to be on its last leg.  I'm already looking for its replacement but instead of ordering another Dell, does anyone know of any other brands that are compatible or not compatible with Dell?  I'd really rather not pay the shipping from Dell, but I do remember when I originally purchased the computer my printer was not compatible.  Thanks for your help.
Have you noticed that companies are slowly sm
offering less and less. It was 9 cpl, then the norm for a while was 8 cpl and now slowly I've noticed 7-8 and 7 cpl. Pretty soon we'll be competing with the Indian MTs for 4 cpl. very sad.
I'm slowly getting the knack of this keyboard....

i think you have to think of each hand working on separate keyboards.  Hoping my speed will increase.  It definitely relieves the pressure on my neck,

My previous one was the standard Dell rectangular keyboard.

I do have Stedman's smartype and I using it slowly getting used to it
The lines do not go by charcter count. They are actual lines in the document no matter if they are full/partial/one word it is counted as a line. Do not include blank lines of course. I am an IC.

Thanks for all your input.
shorthand expanding too slowly
Just wondering if anyone can tell me how to get my ShortHand to expand the text faster?  I know there is a settng under preferences, and I have tried several variations, but still not expanding any faster.  Thanks in advance.
oops... I'm 46.. and obviously losing my mind slowly.. nm
the supply slowly dwindles, and you give up and go elsewhere...sm
what is the point of making a high line rate, when there is so little work available, you have to find two, three and four services to make the same amount that you did at ONE! This is a very sad biz!!
It will be slowly integrated over a period of a few years.
Take the time slowly to go thru some jobs and figure out
the definitive chair slowly undulates, sort of like
those air-filled things they have in hospitals....plus, the place I seem to need support is across my back up high - maybe I just get too tense and thats why it hurts there all the time...

Anyway, a chair is next for me. What a pipe dream, I can barely affort groceries...
Not new to the field either. Been there and seen it. (sm)
However, routing is NOT ALWAYS the only problem. Times when bonuses are out show a vast difference in dictators that are left to type and number sequence of the jobs. There are some who do cherry pick and return these jobs to pool. In a smaller hospital setting this was not so prominent because others could see it, print out a report and show the boss who would address it in one way or another.

Unfortunately, we are such big organizations now and the people in the digital rooms are just worried about keeping TAT that they don't care who does it as long as it gets done.

Then world is not a perfect place and you cannot be pleasant and assume good things will happen always. People do cheat, people do send back reports they don't make good money on.

It certainly is not the company I am distressed about, it is the few (or I assume just a few) little prima donnas who are doing this "me, me, me" thing. You can choose your company, you just can't choose your co-workers.

Until a wand comes down from the Heaven's and casts a Pollyana spell on all of us, I don't think your new attitude idea will work.
are you new to this field or are you just
uninformed?  A few months back, the AAMT subject was brought up on this board.  One single question was asked:  What has the AAMT done to help improve the pay and overall career for the American MT?  After days, I don't think there was one, single positive post to that question.  Oh, yes for sure, there was a lot of "spin" but not one direct positive answer.  Do you know something we don't?  If so, could you please share it with us? 
Welcome to the field!
I've been in the field for about 22 years. Stedmans Words Books are a great resource and easy to use. Google words when you get stuck and best of luck!!! Stay away from Amherst....
another field
I often think about another field as I am tired of transcribing (going on 9 years now) and then there is asking my PS questions and its like pulling teeth to get an answer because honestly I don't think she knows and also not feeling like I'm being pay for what I feel is a hard day's work.  So maybe for me something in the beauty industry like esthetician where your also providing a service for people that want to feel good about themselves.
What field? (nm)
how best to get into the field
Hello. I am reading the messages about certification, AHDI, AAMT, etc and see that you have a very reasonable message. My sister wants to get into the MT field and I want to help her as much as I can. What would you recommend in today's employment outlook, for her to do to pursue this? I was steering her towards accredited schooling and the RMT or CMT, but after reading this Board, I am now very confused!
I'm currently looking to get out of the MT field too
I can see it going down hill really quick and it worries me. I don't know what I will do if MTing isnt around even long enough for me to get out of the field first. I wouldn't just go get any job though. I would need to go to school for something so I can make sure I would be making more money than I do now and have better insurance and benefits. I would love a job where I could just work 8 hours a day. Some days I sit here from 8 am to 8 pm or later just to get enough lines in to pay my bills. It sucks and I'm sick of doing it.
I'm currently looking to get out of the MT field too
I can see it going down hill really quick and it worries me. I don't know what I will do if MTing isnt around even long enough for me to get out of the field first. I wouldn't just go get any job though. I would need to go to school for something so I can make sure I would be making more money than I do now and have better insurance and benefits. I would love a job where I could just work 8 hours a day. Some days I sit here from 8 am to 8 pm or later just to get enough lines in to pay my bills. It sucks and I'm sick of doing it.
I don't know if any particular field is more difficult
than the next, if all you do is type one speciality. I think ER and Psych are mentally hard because with ER a lot of the patients die and it is depressing and then psych is depressing because of the severe dysfunction of the patients and/or their families. Oncology can be depressing too cause outcomes are not always great and like the previous poster said frequent new meds.

I used to transcribe for a teaching hospital connected to a medical school and that dictation was very hard, much more technical than your normal hospital, lots more dictators too and a new crop every July.
I wish I had read this BEFORE getting in the field
It may have been great once, but it looks like dog meat now.
Returning to MT field

I went through a training program and then worked one year for a national - Spheris.  Had some health issues (and a young son paying daycare for) so gave my notice and got done.  That was several years ago.  My son is now in kindergarten and want to do medical transcription again. 

What is IC and how does that work?  Do all nationals have this?  How does part time work for most of these companies? 

Any hints on brushing up on my skills before I return. 

Thank you for your help,

Hopeful MT



But you have to look deep down within you and ask why you are even in this field and
why being an SE is so important to you? To be honest, I've been an MT for quite a while and an SE MT for MQ for over 6 years now. The flexibility has been, well, too good to be true. I, too, can say that I haven't been a perfect MT because I havent keep to my "schedule" even though I have on as an SE. I just pretty much come and go as I please. Can you honestly say you do the same with your company? And are you with MQ? Well, that is just not really fair to them, if you really want to dig down and get honest here. They need to know that their clients will be covered all around the clock and their SEs just really are not consistent and I think all companies need consistency. It's funny, I am in the process of looking for another job, and have interviewed with quite a few folks and once they decide they want me - it's all about - hours, hours, hours. When can you work, what time of day can you start, can you work weekends, can we have that in writing?
Ok, I just had an ENTIRE post of great advice on 401 K programs for part-timers and it got deleted in this very post! That stinks!!!!!

Bottom line is: If you are an SE MT you have nothing invested and when you want to retire you will have nothing. It is sad. No one in my family who is retired or going to be retired have 401 KS and they will be living off the govt. or me, or other working family members. I don't want to be them in 20-30 years. Don't count on Social Security ladies! (and gents).

My husband works for a large corporation and they project when he retires (they send us followups monthly) that when he retires we will be millionares. Well, that sounds great, but what if leaves me for another woman? It happens everyday. And then where will that leave me and my kids? We are devout Christians and I know he is committed, but you just never know. I've seen church members leave their spouses before. I ain't takin the chance! Hence, I will seriously consider investing in 401 as a part time employee (first time in my life) just so that I can have some kind of cushion when I retire, even if its just 30, 40, or 50,000! Hey, if MQ is willing to match earnings, etc, why not? Why just take them for a paycheck? You should seriously, seriously consider all your options if you are an SE, which is what I am right now, and start protecting your future. Especially if you are stay at home mom with little kids. I am a Christian and I feel really led to start doing this. Don't just transcribe your little heart out so that in 20 years you have nothing to show for it.
SE is GREAT for flexibility. But it is NOT a great long-term thing to do to ourselves.
For PT MQers to qualify for 401 k, you have to work a minimum of 1,000 hours a year. You figure out the math. I don't have the time right now! Keep on keeping on girls.
45 yof, MT 10+ yrs, med field 20 yrs Alabama nm
Use F11 to jump to each field (nm)
Have not in MT field, but in other fields
and how many of us women are the sole support of our families?  Many...
Me too! Too much uncertainty in the MT field...sm

and too much potential in nursing. I have a small MTSO and since I'm getting a salary and can set a flexible schedule, I'm getting my BSN. Our state college only has a full time program. 1000 people applied and 70 got in. If you didn't have a 3.50, you didn't get in. The curricula is incredibly tough. I'm pretty smart but this is very challenging. Yet I am finding out I love the challenges too. Working as an MT is a definite plus. Everybody! comes to me to ask me how to spell things, including the instructors :) and I was the only person in the class who knew what a pheochromocytoma was. (I have lots of other medical background too including medical assistant, paramedic, etc. but listening to thousands of medical reports teaches you an immense amount.) Not to mention my charting is impeccable.

My main plan is to go on and get an Advanced Practice Nurse degree (master's) so I can work in primary care in the physicians' offices. Good luck to you. and Email me with any more questions.

Leaving MT field?
I feel for you and can understand all your concerns. I think there are areas out there with great demands like teaching, nursing (get your LPN or CNA to get started in the field), radiology technology or a shorter schooling experience would be for medical coding, though won't be surpised if technology takes that job away too! You can become a certified phlebotomist and get started in the lab work area. These areas are just the tip of the iceberg, but change can be done and is not impossible. Good luck!
esthetician field.

At least from what i've researched.  Starting pay is enough to live on. 

If you find out how to get into this field--
Would you mind sharing on this forum? I think it sounds interesting, but I don't know who you would contact, either.

Field Codes
Not sure if this is what you mean, but if you place field codes (CTRL + F9) in the appropriate places in your template, you can jump to them by pressing F11.
Field Codes - yes that's it...
thank you so much.
Long before I got into this field...
I was at an appointment with my GYN and he dictated right after the exam.  When he was done, I asked him how anyone could understand what he just said and his reply was that they can just "slow it down".  Now that I know better, I'm thinking, yeah right!
This is why our field is going downhill -

how to advance in the MT field ...

I am wondering what it takes to advance to another position in the MT field.  I've been an MT for about 13 years, acute care for 12 of those years.  I'm tired of typing and have done QA as well, but the pay is horrible.  What does it take to move up the ladder to another position, such as MT supervisor or account manager?  I'm just curious. I know there are probably many more qualified people than I out there for any such position, but curiosity has got me as to the general qualifications and average salaries of each.  Anyone know?  Thanks....

There are a lot of people in this field sm
who really are typists.  They even refer to themselves that way.  It is really abohorent.  Just a little while doing QA as a fill in made me aware of this.  I got the reports when there were blanks, but you would truly be amazed at what other stuff they were sending through, not flagged.  It embarrassed me for our profession and the low hiring standards.
I have been in the field for a little over 8 years.
I have never been paid this way. I want to mention also I will paid for headers and footers.
Just because you go into this field to stay
home does not mean that you are not a professional at what you do. I get my work done. I get it done correctly. My kids were home with me. I am a professional MT whether or not you and I went into it for different reasons or not. It is the end result. People go into fields all the time for different reasons. That does not make one better than the other, and that is basically what you have said in your other posts. On the gab board, you did make the comment that we couldn't cut it in the real world and hold a job outside of the house. You say do not assume things about me, like not being a mother, yet you assume so much about others.

And, no, I'm not going to go back and read them because I do not feel like it. I know what you said though.

I also think the poster way above said it correctly when she said that Kimberly and others just come here for a little support and to vent. They are not expecting someone to figure out a way for them to get their work done for them, geez.
New to the field, and I have encountered rude, self-centered MTS.  I am working presently for 6 cents a line.  America  definitely needs more teamwork.  About 99% of workers are for themselves.  My last job was the same too.  However, I did really well as an employee.  Also, I always helped OTHER C0-WORKERS whenever I could.   NO WONDER INDIA IS LEADING US IN TRANSCRIPTION!!!!!
If you truly have a desire to be in this field
Do not give up. It may take a while for you to find job, just keep applying. Make notes as you go along of those areas you are having the most difficulty with and study prior to taking your next test. All you need is to get your foot in the door. Can not tell you how many test I failed before finally passing one. Once you find employment, you may find you love it as much as I do.

someone must know someone in legal field
Disappointed with this field.
I feel the blame is squarely to be placed on our wonderful association. They  have ruined what used to be a good career to have. Now terrible pay, no raises, poor benefits, and you are expected to have perfect work with constantly changing rules so they can sell their book.
Get into *what* field? Transcription?
Your comments read as if your experience is in coding and billing. If you don't have real experience in transcription, you really need some training in the field - it's not just typing.

The terminology you may have picked up will help you (again if you are not experience as a scribe) but it won't translate to experience listening to doctors strangle the English/Latin, etc., languages on tape (LOL)...and translating it to a final report.

If you have the basic skills for transcribing (excellent hearing, spelling, and memory) then you may want to proceed even without direct experience, though it will be difficult to get hired.

Good luck.

Advancement in MT field
I began working in this field in 2000. I stayed with one company for 6 years. During those years I advanced from ER work to acute care, promoted to quality assurance, and then to supervisor's assistant. Unfortunately, 3 months after I accepted the supervisor's assistant position, the company made cutbacks and my position was eliminated. They requested I accept a pay cut along with my demotion. I left the company and was hired by another company as an MT, with a promise that I would be considered for editing in the near future. I have been with this new company for 2 years. During this time no positions have ever been advertised but at least 5 girls have been promoted to QA during this time period. I know of at least 2 other girls who have also expressed an interest in editing and yet we all been passed over, not even allowed to apply for the position.

For anyone who has achieved a supervisor position within this field, could you offer some suggestions on how to start climbing the ladder again? Which companies do promote? What type of experience is needed?

Thank you so much!!

Have been in this field for 15 years. sm
You are not going to like this - but would advise you if you have a steady job inhouse to keep it at this time - it has always been feast or famine for MTs at home and with a new baby and changes that brings - is not a good time to be making a major change.  Making $$ at home is very tough - very tough.  I am not saying you cannot do - but with a new baby and a very young child and doing reports you are not used to - making a decent line count is tough - I'd wait and try part-time sometime down the road - maybe evenings and weekends and see if it is what you want to do.  Best of luck to you!