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what can be done?

Posted By: Emily Ayn on 2006-10-17
In Reply to: My boyfriend who is a school bus driver now makes more than me... - MTheaded

I have asked this for awhile... but nobody seems to be able to make any headway with this.  Either they just say this is the way it is because of outsourcing and such... which I find too hard to believe.  With all the mistakes that ESL transcribers make... think about a lawsuit to send those jobs right back to America... do you think Americans would be happy about their medical records being sent overseas?  I personally wouldn't, but how can we make any difference?

I think MTs should be guaranteed their jobs... we are highly skilled PROFESSIONALS!!!  It is a very very sad thing if this is how it is turning out.  I am lucky to make good money with a good clinic that I do not think would ever go overseas... but who knows if more and more people start to do it. 

Once again, what can be done?!


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