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I have been trying to locate info on this for awhile...sm

Posted By: THANKS on 2006-10-18
In Reply to: I've never heard of this? - Emily Ayn

I always get annoyed because I have partial hearing loss and use closed captioning and the spelling is HORRENDOUS. I always said I want to transcribe that stuff!! Please share info if you can!!

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You know when your 7-year-old can spell (and locate) the pancreas. nm
me too - once in awhile
But I really like this board much better.
We had them for awhile - sm

It was a high-deductible ($5,000) "emergency" policy that never did pay out a dime on any of our claims - after one trip to the emergency room to the tune of $1,200 we decided that was not the best form of health insurance for our family.  We are now with Humana with a more realistic $1,000 deductible. 

this has been around for awhile - sm
A lot of states will not allow this. New York is one of them. Some of the ones I work on require me to save all tapes in case there is a descrepancy in what was transcribed and what was said.
i did that awhile
but one machine belonged to the company and i didn't want that conflict, so i had the tech install DQS on my personal machine for the 2nd company; he was able to copy my Expanders which helped tremendously. Of note however, i would have never thought it possible, but when i finally went with a company that had a different platform, they were STILL able to convert my DQS expanders to their own...so don't feel locked into one company because of time invested in expanders!
I would keep the IC job for awhile
I would keep the IC job for awhile, because who knows for sure how this "highly respected national" will work out? You could find you hate some aspect of it.
Oh believe me I'm gone, but there were - for awhile - sm
other good things about the company. In the last couple of months, however, there are some things that have happened that now make every little thing a PIA and I'm done. I just want my money without having to wait out till the next paycheck, especially since I will be quitting on the spot. You don't have to berate me - I've been doing that to myself all along! But, with the way the MT field is these days, a job is a job and it was consistent without work slowdown or stoppage.
Yes, once in awhile
I somehow get it into OVR. Thank goodness I know what has happened. And thank God for ctrl+z, because I have accidentally deleted stuff I needed many times! (You can use CTRL+Y to take it away again too!)

Looks like I am using all the quick keys you do ... any others used out there? Thanks!
Been away for awhile but VR-MT
said it all. I also average over $20+ an hour. I really love it because as the above stated, the ESLs are picked up easily and I donít have to strain my ears because VR gets most of what they are saying.
here's what we did -takes awhile, but
if you have a video camera, tape every car that stops at his place and any transactions you might see (you do not have to be outside to do this - through a crack in the curtains/blinds works) take the tape to the cops - they will handle it. Or maybe they already have him set up on a sting....or are on the take. Where do you live city/state-wise?
He laid down for awhile, but he just did not seem sm

He laid down for awhile, but he just did not seem to be able to navigate or walk because of the dizziness

HELP PLEASE !!!  I can never get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I was on PeaceHealth for awhile SM

For the most part, it was a very easy account.  There were a few dictators from you know where (like anywhere).  Just ask for several samples from each of those docs.  If you call the people working in the evenings, they were always very helpful when I needed a sample and would fax it on over.  The QA ladies are really great and very helpful, so do not by shy about asking them questions.  They know those few dictators are horrible and know most people have a terrible time with them.  I think you'll like the account.  If you go to the PeaceHealth website that have a really great physician directory.

Good luck to you!


It's been awhile, but can the help file or
associated paperwork with the softwork help with basic and more complicated questions? I seem to remember that their customer support was pretty good, too.
I get one every once in awhile that sounds as if

he has a mouth full of thumb tacks.  If that isn't bad enough, his grammar is horrid.  He says "patient doesn't have no swelling."


It's be awhile since using my C-phone,
I think there is a memory chip that wears out after awhile. I had a C-phone but I had to reprogram every time I unplugged it and I think this is what I was told. Hope this helps....
I have been with them awhile now and they are great...

 but have no idea what they have to offer newbies...just have patience and stay strong, you will find the right fit.



It takes awhile...
When I was facing foreclosure it took them over a year to send the vacate letter...I filed for bankruptcy and the bankruptcy was long over before I got the letter.
My favorite, but I'm stealing this one from awhile ago
You do so many ESL's you can carry on a conversation with clerks at any 7-11
Thanks...I hadn't been hurting for awhile since the
Hat's off to you too!!! It's nice to be recognized every once in awhile!
You're right. All of us deserve more recognition and MORE PAY! Thanks for the nice post, and I hope you are having a great MT Week as well.
yes, and I found it really helped for awhile sm
then I hit some life situations where I just could not cope. My doctor put me on Lexapro, and it was a life saver. If your depression is mild, 5HTP is a really good start. St. John's Wort barely took the edge off for me, but the 5HTP was quite good.
There was a post here awhile back about sm

someone using a heated keyboard -- that might help.  I have used the typing gloves before when my hands/wrists were flaring up, but I generally found they slowed me down a bit.  However, if your fingers and hands are cold and stiff, that slows you down too, so it might be worth it.  Hand-Eze is the only brand name I can think of, but I am sure there are lots of others to choose from.  You can usually find them at places that sell craft supplies, maybe a little less expensive than the sites on the web.  Good luck. 

Argh...I was there for awhile and no one showed up
so I left. Please post a new time so I can join. I was really looking forward to it. Tonight works for me.
I totally can relate and it does happen and will for awhile.
I lost my dad, going on 6 years now and still have my moments. I can assure you that they will get farther and farther apart as you go through the normal grieving process. Another close relative also passed away last year and I'm still going through the same thing. I'm afraid if you put your pictures away, that you'll grieve more from missing him so badly, at least that's how I'd feel, so my pictures are here on my desk and that's where they will stay.

There'll always be something that triggers the loss that you feel but after awhile it just won't hurt so bad. I remember walking through a craft fair and seeing something that reminded me of my MIL and looked over at my husband just to see that he had the same reaction I did when we passed that item. It's really odd how certain things trigger our feelings of loss.

When you look at the pictures, try to think of some of the good times that you and he shared, since you were so close. As you remember more and more of the good things, you'll hurt a little less and if after a time that does not help, then you should see outside help. Yes, there are times you'll still cry, but it won't last as long as before. The grieving process is different for every person, but I do believe what you're going through sounds normal to me.
That would be his mug shot when he was arrested quite awhile back..nm
Have used stickers, lasted awhile but not that long.
I have a Microsoft ergonomical keyboard (curved) that I have been using about three years now, and the letters are still good.  However, you might want to try one of those pens that can be used to write on CDs and other metallic materials.  Cheaper than buying another keyboard.  As stated, the stickers worked but not for very long as I remember. 
You're good for awhile, don't worry!
If you wear out a keyboard, then worry! Had my laptop since 9/11, can still read the keys or in a few keys almost invisible but, I know where they are! Do well! Quit being nervous, it slows you down!
Awhile back on this board someone shared a place where
they would tell you what hardware your computer was running.  I can't find it and need it again.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.
Tell them you need to be paid more for the new account. After awhile it should get easier to unders
Has anyone asked to be transferred out to an office that MIGHT be open for awhile. Is there anyone
in Amherst that is willing to get this situation taken care of or is that a lost cause.
I worked at Home Depot awhile back
for 3 years in the paint department. I have done them all and also taught the classes on Sundays. You might want to call your local Home Depot and ask when they have their paint classes. Lots of information, and they should let you try out the techniques as well.
whoever posted awhile back about Tahiti Sweetie -thank you!
My 18 yo daughter and I went to Bath & Body Works - I bought one for her and one for me - what a treat !  Yum !
Yes, I bought a dozen or so awhile back and over half did that....sm
I have always used Maxell but that batch was really bad.   I was wondering if they had been on the shelf too long.   I went ahead and bought 12 more (different place) and so far these have been OK. 
I thought I saw it here awhile back but I can't find in archive search. sm
I'd read here (I thought) about herbal antidepressants including 5-HTP and something else, but I can't find where I saw this.  If anyone can be of help, I'd sure appreciate it.  Thanks.
I have been around awhile, and will last making good money as long as this field does.
Awhile back there was a job posting for a typist to do closed-captioning TV show transcrips...sm

does anyone know the name of that company?  Any information would be appreciated. 

demographic info is not the only info ...sm
protected by HIPAA, as we all know. I saw that ad too and was surprised to see it. Any identifying info is considered Protected Health Information, including diagnoses, tests, etc. This MTSO should have known better than to ask for that.
thanks for the info
Wanted to make sure it was okay to maybe start early or late some days, can't stand such a rigid schedule when i work at home. Understand about making sure to produce enough first though.
Thanks for all the info....
It saddens me to know that this is a problem with internet companies, I knew it happened at hospitals.
A little info
My sister graduated from nursing school in 1988 and had been working in nursing, until I became an at-home MT and she decided to take a coding course because she wanted to work at home, too. She took the course and took an in-house position. Some months later, she took and passed her certification. Now, she is having a really hard time finding an at-home position. I don't know if it's a typical story, but I do know she's been pursuing it pretty heavily and is having a hard time.
Thanks for that info (sm)
I was contemplating getting a second HSI provider. As it turns out, I am back on now. But, yes, started my day off all wrong. The stress from this is exhausting in itself. I will call BellSouth Fast and get the info. Hope it is available in Calif. If not, will find some sort of remedy with a backup connection using high speed internet, that is for sure. This cost me money.

Thanks for your response!
thank you for the info...sm

I'm considering asking for a trial at it, wish me luck!

appreciate the info
I think animals need a voice and things like PETA, no kill shelters, animal wildlife preserve are very important in our day and age of technology.  We need them as much as they need us. 
I think they all have the same info....sm

Because MT is a tiny community and we share the misery well.

I understand what you're saying (and it sucks to be in the situations you were in) but I do believe that if we are adequately vigilant we'll know what we need to.  OTOH, then there's me, and I don't care what they do as long as there's work.  So I get where you're coming from.

I just would like to see an end to the destructionist thinking about MTSOs and MT in general.  :)

Good discussion!

Have you tried looking for the info
on QNET? Might be available there.
I have info on them...
I didn't work for them because a family emergency came up when i was just finished with their training. The lady is really nice, but their training modules are a bit silly. You have to learn their platform to use it to train and then why bother doing the training because you just figured it out on your own..silly.
thanks for the info
Hello.  My name is Chris.  I am getting ready to take my final exam for medical transcriptioning.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  How is it to actually get paid for doing this?  I have been studying for this for so long I don't know what I'll do if I ever get a job where I do get paid for it.  Thanks for any ideas.
Where do you get your info?
Are you in the banking business?  Where do you get your info?  Last year I was approved for a $30,000 home equity loan with no prob.  (Btw, got the loan for "just in case" what with daughter going to college, etc.  I used about $5,000 of that last year and paid it back within a couple of months).  3 years ago, when DH lost his business, we refinanced the house to assume what debt was left from the business with no prob, and btw, his FICO score is excellent too. It is hard for me to think i should "fix what isn't broken."
Thanks for this info...sm
Well, as much as I have enjoyed using Carnival, they have lost my business. I hope the person who thought up that response gets fired.

I'd love to see the link, so I'll Goggle it.

I wonder if Carnival is the only U.S. owned cruise line. Shame on them.

On CNN, I heard that other countries have been donating money. Why doesn't the person taking the calls from other countries ask if they could send nearby cruise ships instead of money (in a diplomatic way, of course)?

Thanks for letting me know that cruise ships was at least thought of.

You know, I want to help so bad, and I just know there's an answer to all this suffering that someone hasn't thought of. It's too much pain for anyone to bear.
Need some info! Help!!!
Hello!  I am going to test for a new job next week.  This will involve op notes, H&P, consults and discharge summaries.  I have about 6 years exp in Radiology and about 8 months doing H&P, office notes, consults and very minimal in-office op notes.  Where can I get practice tapes or anything else that will give me a chance of passing this test?  Please help!