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Looooooooooong note

Posted By: MTBlab on 2006-09-07
In Reply to:

Did you ever do a note sooooooooo looooooooooooong, that by the time you were at the PHYSICAL EXAM you had forgotten who the patient even was and what was wrong with them, and by the time you got to the IMPRESSION you had forgotten even what day it was, and by the time you finally signed off, you were asking WHO AM I???  

Good grief, help this man bring this to a close!!!!!  We have every lab value and every sneeze all the way back to birth!!!!

The only good thing is all those lines, but honestly that doctor kept saying, "um, um" like he was afraid to hang up.  Well, he COULDN'T hang up.  He just added some more. 

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Thanks for your note. SM
I think this problem must be specific to my particular account. I have tried all the things we were told, clearing, entering new names to try, etc. Thanks again.
Note to MQ: What would be

retired MTs in your workflow room and being TC's.>?

I am so tired of dealing with haughty people who don't have a clue

why I need something or what I do - and on top of them coping an

attitude with me because I get exasperated with their inability

to do their job which is make the work flow.

If MQ had people hired in their work flow areas who had worked inside

the world of transcription and knew where it goes in a hospital,

what to look at on the screens of the machines in the work flow rooms,

etc etc we wouldn't be getting hysterical messages all the time about

not meeting turn around times.

But no!  they want to hire first-time jobbers to be in control of the lives

of people who have been in the business usually upwards of 15 years

in order to even do this MT job at home with no help or assistance -

and then make us put up with them and at the same time try to make a living.

I don't want a doctor operating me who has never been inside a hospital, and I

am sick to death of dealing with people in a transcription company

who has never been inside a hospital and followed a REPORT around.

They need to see WHY A REPORT is done - HOW IT IS DONE

They need to go to dictate stations - they need to go in a medical records

area and look at charts - go inside an OR - and into the ICU

they need to see how the world of medicine is and how it operates.

Only then will they understand TATs, reports, and why things are done as they

are or at least why people want them done a certain way.

Like if I keep getting dictations with LOUD BUZZING - i don't want to keep getting

LOUD BUZZING - I want to let the hospital know there is probably a bad phone

instrument - and if this work flow person sees where dictation is done he will

understand it wouldn't take much to MAKE THE BUZZING STOP - and not get

pissy with me because I'd like to talk to somebody about LOUD BUZZING ON

REPORTS. - It's not rocket science - just need to let somebody know.

I know this isn't a note, but
maybe this will be of some help, I'm still searching for a note.
Breast-Related Medical Terms

Areola The pigmented or darker colored area of skin surrounding the nipple of the breast.

Asymmetry A lack of proportion of shape, size and position on opposite sides of the body.

Autoimmune Disease A disease in which the body mounts an "attack," disease response to its own tissues or cell types. Normally, the body's immune mechanism is able to distinguish clearly between what is a normal substance and what is foreign. In autoimmune diseases, this system becomes defective and produces antibodies against normal parts of the body, causing tissue injury. Certain diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma are considered to be autoimmune diseases.

Axillary Pertaining to the armpit area.

Bilateral Pertaining to both the left and right breast.

Biopsy Removal and examination of sample tissue for diagnosis.

Breast Augmentation Enlargement of the breast by surgical implantation of a breast implant or patient's own tissue.
Breast Reconstruction Surgical restoration of natural breast contour and mass following mastectomy, trauma or injury.

Capsular Contracture Tightening of the tissue surrounding a breast implant which results in a firmer breast.

Capsulectomy Surgical removal of the entire capsule surrounding a breast implant.

Capsulotomy Closed Capsulotomy: Compression on the outside of the breast to break the capsule and relieve contracture.

Open Capsulotomy: Surgically cutting or removing part of the capsule through an incision.

Carcinoma Invasive malignant tumor.

Congenita Anomaly Abnormality existing at birth.

Connective Tissue Disease(CTD) A disease or group of diseases affecting connective tissue. The cause of these diseases is unknown. The diseases are grouped together on the basis of clinical signs, symptoms, and laboratory abnormalities.

Deflation/Rupture Refers to loss of saline from a saline-filled breast implant due to a tear or cut in the implant shell or possibly a valve leak.

Displacement Shifting in the original position.

Epidemiological Pertaining to the cause, distribution and control of disease in populations.

Extrusion A breast implant or tissue Expander being pressed out of the body.

Fibrous Tissue Tissue resembling fibers.

Hematoma A swelling or mass of blood (usually clotted) confined to an organ, tissue, or space and caused by a break in a blood vessel.

Immune Response The reaction of the body to substances that are foreign or are interpreted as being foreign.

Inframammary Below the breast.

Inframammary Fold The crease at the base of the breast and the chest wall.

Inframammary Incision A surgical incision at the inframammary fold

In-Patient Surgery Surgery performed in a hospital requiring an overnight stay

Latissimus Dorsi Two triangular muscles running from the spinal column to the shoulder.

Mammography Use of radiography (X-rays) of the breast to detect breast cancer. Recommended as a screening technique for early detection of breast cancer.

Mastectomy Surgical removal of the breast.

Subcutaneous Mastectomy: Removal of breast tissue, preserving the skin and nipple.

Partial Mastectomy: Removal of primary tumor and a wide margin of tissue, may include the overlying skin and the muscle fibrous tissue (fascia) underlying the tumor.

Total (Simple) Mastectomy: Removal of breast tissue and the nipple; sometimes accompanied by armpit (axillary) node dissection.

Modified Radical Mastectomy: Removal of breast tissue, nipple, and fascia of chest (pectoralis) muscle with axillary node dissection.

Mastopexy Plastic surgery to move sagging (ptotic) breasts into a more elevated position.

Necrosis Death of tissue. May be caused by insufficient blood supply, trauma, radiation, chemical agents or infectious disease.

Oncologist A specialist in the branch of medicine dealing with the study and treatment of tumors.

Out-Patient Surgery Surgery performed in a hospital or surgery center not requiring an overnight stay.

Mammaplasty Plastic surgery of the breast.
Mammary Pertaining to the breast.

Palpate/Palpability To feel with the hand.

Pectoralis The major muscle of the chest.

Plastic Surgery Surgery intended to improve, restore, repair, or reconstruct portions of the body following trauma, injury or illness.

Prosthesis An artificial device used to replace or represent a body part.

Ptosis Sagging of the breast usually due to normal aging, pregnancy or weight loss.

Rectus Abdominus Major abdominal (stomach) muscle.

Saline A solution of sodium chloride (salt) and water.

Seroma Localized collection of serum, the watery portion of blood, that resembles a tumor.

Serratus Muscle located beneath the chest's pectoralis major and minor muscles and the rib cage.

Silicone Elastomer A type of silicone that has elastic properties similar to rubber.

Subglandular Placement Placement of the breast implant behind the skin and mammary gland, but on top of the chest (pectoralis) muscle. Also called prepectoral or retromammary placement.

Submuscular Placement Placement of the breast implant under the chest (pectoralis) muscle, or under the pectoralis and serratus muscles. Also called retropectoral or subpectoral placement.

Surgical Incision Cut made in tissue for surgical purposes.

Transaxillary Incision Incision across the long axis of the armpit (axilla).

Umbilical Relating to the navel.

Unilateral Affecting only left or right breast.

Anyway, sorry, on a more serious note...
as regards your problem:  Do you have Ad-Aware and SpyBot and have you run those?  If you have run those and are still not finding anything, you might want to try a trial of this program I just downloaded myself and seems to have gotten rid of this darned WinFix (Virtumond?) pop-up problem I've been having recently that my Ad-Aware and Spybot couldn't seem to take care of.  Dang, I might actually buy this one!  But anyway, you can use it for 2 weeks, I think it is, for free (see link below).
Just a note: There are two MTs that I will not SM

use to this day - 15 years down the road - because they did this. They will never get a recommendation from me and they will never sub for me.

You leave a long trail when you do something like this.

on another note
I know a lot of people believe as you do, but in my family I have seen lots of evidence to contradict this theory.

I don't condemn anyone who overdrinks, but I think we spend too much time in our culture blaming genetics and other people - mostly our parents - for our own poor choices and bad behaviors.

Bottom line is, the alcohol does not force itself into anyone's mouth and neither do the drugs. To me, drugs include not just the street drugs, but the legally obtained prescription drugs that so many people rely on to get them through the day (do not flame me about arthritis meds, etc. taken for legitimate conditions).
P.S. and it's an OP note!
On that same note...
I wonder if any of you report errors you notice in other reports to the QA at your office. I have seen some doozies, but I admit I have been remiss. I just wanted to know what the rest of you do, even if the report is old.
sorry -- BAD day. (no note)
perhaps you could drop your TC a note...sm
just to say hi, and welcome.  She/he has many, many more people to get in touch with than you do, so why not make the first move? I'm not at all trying to be ugly, please don't take it that way, it's just, why not just send a message saying hi, and introducing yourself? Just a thought! Good luck with whatever you choose to do!!!
perhaps you could drop your TC a note...
I guess you mean Transcription Coordinator -- what I called my new supervisor. I hear you, but I really don't see that as my responsiblity. MQ is so chaotic, I always get the impression they'd greatly prefer not to be bothered. I'm kinda way past that point with that. Thanks for the welcome anyhow.
perhaps you could drop your TC a note...
I think you've misunderstood me. I agree completely with your most recent post, i.e. being left alone to do my job. Absolutely. I just don't think a courtesy note from a new supervisor is too much to ask. That's not breathing down my neck; IMO, that's courtesy, i.e. Here I am, I'm your new supervisor, here's how things may or may not change, just wanted to say hi and make proper notation of the fact that a change has taken place. WHATEVER.
perhaps you could drop your TC a note...
Okay, now you're making me mad. You don't know me, and you have no right to lump me into a goup with "(my) fellow nut-case MTs" ...and you have the gall to say "nothing personal"? Freakish behavior? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Wow, I came on here looking for some support, and now I'm a freak and a nut case. No thanks! See y'all around!!!
perhaps you could drop your TC a note...
Read your phrase: "your fellow nut-case MTs." It does not say "your fellow MTs, some of whom are nut cases."

Read your phrase: "freakish behavior en masse." It does not say "the freakish behavior of some MTs."

Both of these groupings include me. You are guilty of bad syntax and just plain rudeness. I consider these equally offensive. I most certainly did not fly off of any handle, nor did I (until now) TAKE TO WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS TO EXPRESS MY OPPOSITION TO YOUR POINT OF VIEW when a little careful wording would've rendered that unnecessary. I proved you point? You sure proved mine. GOODBYE.
Note for Souzam
Sorry to change the subject, but did you even test for KP? If you have any more questions e-mail me at lilygirl54@adelphia.net.

1-Do not wonder WHY work is being sent overseas when in screening applications 20 of 25 resumes are full of errors, typos and people applying that do not come NEAR to fitting the job requirements.

2-Do not wonder WHY work is being sent overseas when you are hired to work hours YOU REQUESTED and then you do not even bother to start work, call, email, just nothing. 

3-Do not wonder WHY work is being sent overseas when you are tested and screened only to find out that several "friends of friends" circulated the test around and while you do wonderfully on the test, now in the real situation, you can not figure out the difference between discrete and discreet.

4-Do not wonder WHY you were given less and less work, but take a look at the quality of work you produced...full of blanks, not formatted to specifications in the manual sent, skipped reports.  When Q*A has to redo 90% of your work, it is easier to quietly phase you out than to continue to "train" a supposedly seasoned MT

5-Do not wonder WHY you were taken off an account, but look at the feedback you were given regarding the continued mistakes with spelling (you do not use the spellcheck as too time consuming - your words), continued mistakes with doctors signatures, names, formats, phrases.  Your position is to "pound out lines" and not worry about the quality. 

6-Do not wonder WHY no one will hire you...after all, MTSOs communicate with each other too and the same names just seem to cycle through

7-Do not wonder WHY companies look overseas for workers...because at least THEY want to work.  They are not taking days off at a time with no notice...leaving a company and client in the lurch. 

8-Do not wonder WHY your resume was not answered...you applied before, were tested before and never bothered to answer emails regarding hiring...never bothered to start on your start date...resumes are kept and note made of why someone that seemed very qualified was not hired.

9-Do not wonder WHY you were not hired...remember me?  I am the one that tested you, screened you, then talked to you for quite some time on the phone interviewing you.  Remember me?  I am the one you "sold" yourself to as far as being ethical, good worker, etc., only to find out that you received the hiring package, then contacted the client directly and suddenly, you did not want the job and then I see you are working FOR THEM....

10-Do not wonder WHY you were not hired after taking the test...take a look at the test results and the responses back you made like "that is how I have always done it" and I do not think you are correct because that is not how I was told or trained to do it.

11-Do not wonder WHY you were quietly let go...check your invoices and the inflated lines and/or hours on there?  The system SHOWS the reports you ran, lines you did, but you continue to add report numbers not done by you and lines not done by you.  AND for bonus hours...you continue to add bonuses that were not earned.

12-Do not wonder WHY I cringe when it comes time to hire again..I cringe because of every MT out there that shows NO RESPECT to a potential employer now or down the road by ignoring remails.....receiving a test, but never taking it...getting a test graded and offered position but never responds back....going through entire hiring process with access codes, start dates and times but then NEVER even starts...or the ones that we PAY a computer guy to get set up and they never start working...or we send software and equipment to and then never get it back or have a legal fight to get it back.

There are two sides to ever story, this I know, but as an MTSO the above are simply a FEW of the hundreds of things experienced in trying to hire just ONE good MT....

Thank you so much for such an encouraging note!

I am going through a separation from my husband.  He thinks a sacrifice is giving up going to the local bar when he gets of work, giving up his drunk he has on a daily basis, and just all in all growing up and taking on responsibilities.


I have been so down and depressed lately that I have to FORCE myself to work.


Thank you for being the angel on my shoulder today!

On another note, it is proven that
addictions are hereditary also. I am not saying everyone who has alcoholism in their family will be alcoholics, but you are more likely to suffer from addiction than someone who does not have a family history.
Geez!! Take a note of the pay.


Isn't being a medical Transcriptionist being an interpreter.  Seems like our pay ought to be commensurate, don't you think? 

I can't imagine why my note
has all of these hits, especially since it wasn't a general question and had nothing to do with transcription. Must have been a slow work day :)
Op note account
Anybody out there that does surgery notes exclusively and how do you like it?  Thanks in advance. 
How to get more OP note training
I had dabbled in operative reports quite sparingly at a prior job, really only typing STAT ones that the hospital called about since I was the only Transcriptionist working nights, so I really do not have much experience and dreaded them.  I think it would have been easier if I would have had some training or examples prior to just doing them, but they were quite frustrated most of the time.  Anyhow, my question is how to get experience on OP notes so they aren't so frightening?  I had asked my current employer when I was hired, but they of course (and I understand why, not complaining here) did not want to have to train or 'help' someone.  So I type the rest of acute care minus the OP reports.  I would like to get some experience on them however, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
Little red note book? sm

Anybody heard of this?  My SIL was offered this program with her Career Step course.  She was told that a lot of MTs use this to store important information for future reference.  I have been doing in this business for 13 years and have not heard of this program.  I told her that I felt if she had adequate reference material, as well as knowledge of several reference web sites, I thought she would be fine.  I told her I would ask around though. 

So, has anybody used this and if so, was it worthwhile and useful?  Thanks!!!




You too!! What a sweet note! Thank you.

A little note re: QA/editing...sm
QA is supposed to be for when you just cannot make out the dictation, and this lends a new pair of ears for listening.  Apparently, that is not the case in some companies.  It sounds to me that some companies feel QA is "better than" the Transcriptionist in some way and that is sad.  Never forget that the QA personnel were most likely transcriptionists themselves, so they should know better than to respond with snide remarks, but well... this is life!  So, if QA feels they are better, so be it.  As long as a company is not charging or penalizing you for it, then let it go...  it is not worth the lost time.  If you feel that you are right, then prove it.  If not, then let it go, and try to remember for next time.  As far as conflicts, present them to your supervisor.  If you don't get a response, oh well!  At least you tried to do your best.  I do believe no one is perfect, and I would have to admit the QA people I have worked with have been very good about my feedback towards their QA tactics.  I actually edited an "edited" report, and received an "I'm sorry!"  You may be an editor/QA'er one day and think back... hhhmmmm.  You know it should really all depend on what the doctor/client would like to see.  Samples, samples, samples!  Ask for them, and if not provided, then post a reminder with each marker or blank left if possible that a "sample" would be great for new or hard to learn dictators.  Most clients will provide them, and remember NO ONE IS PERFECT!  I have 17 years of experience and am still learning every day!  I feel like I've truly "done it all", but I am always amazed at what I learn each and every day!  Please try also to remember we are in health care no matter you slice it, very unpredictable!  Take care everyone...
Positive note
MT is a real, legitimate work-at-home job. You can't do it, usually, without either contacts, past experience or formal training. I formally trained for 7 months and got a job working from home 2 weeks after graduating. The formal training costs are reasonable...and I think anyone would agree with that after the money they've spent on their BA (of which I have one too). If you are serious about this, get formally trained at one of the good on-line schools, and you should have no trouble finding an at-home position. Working with a child or children (as I do) is not easy, but it can work if you want/need it to. You will have to have some help...maybe your spouse or an in-home babysitter sometime, but it beats working full time and leaving your kids in daycare to get pneumonia, of which I speak from experience. Good luck to you in your decision. Becky
Sansie- to your note
I do not work nor do I use anything that hooks to electrical current. I have reached a very nice older age and do not care to do something that would hasten my demise. I am not putting my life on the line for my job- they can blow a gasket if they would like- we had severe storms this past Saturday and several homes in the area hit with lightning and homes burned. You can do what you would like but I sure wouldn't sit hooked to anything electrical during a storm.
Thank you, small note
Who knows when I get my account I will hire the experienced MTs to do QA:-) for my work.
A note from an MT to me today
I feel slightly ill at the moment.  I just got an email from an MT who is a very nice woman and I do like her very much.  She works touch and go, kind of sporadically and she does only one dictator, by her choice.  The boss has accommodated her request.  I just received an email from this MT and she told me she does not like the raise she got and she is not taking the time to look things up.  She said sorry about all the blanks and the wrong format for text but at this rate of pay she can't afford to take the time.  I am wondering what ever happened to pride in one's work?  I'm a little stunned here since I am the one who will get to fix her work.  Should I get more pay maybe?  Actually I think this is the last straw for me.  I'm going back to being an MT.
op note newbie
Hi all, I've been an MT for almost 9 years and I am just getting my feet wet with op notes. Anyone have any tips on how to get better and more efficient with them? I like that I'm finally learning them, but I don't like the fact that they slow me down so much. Any tips would be appreciated.
On a brighter note.....
I just wanted to share.  There always seems to be some much negativity about the transcription field.  I personally think it is a wonderful job and love being able to work from home with the flexibility of being able to attend my children's functions at school or be home for them if they are sick.  I have been an MT for 15 years and been at home for 10 years.  I work for a hospital as an employee with health benefits and also do IC work for a clinic.  The hospital pays me 11 cpl on a 60-character line and the clinic was paying me 13 cpl on a 65-character line.  The clinic called me at the end of December and said they really appreciated my work and will be paying me 14 cpl starting January 1.  It is so nice to be appreciated and I just wanted to share some good news with those who are considering entering/leaving this field.  Have a great day!
On a softer note sm
To be honest with you, if all you can transcribe is clinic, your options are going to be increasingly limited in this business. I did clinic for about 8 yrs and most of it with just one company. I worked doing some acute care, but not OPs, right along as a PT job. I had an opportunity to learn to do OPs in a position that offered nothing else. I jumped at it and I have been with that company since.

Acute care is where the learning is. It is also where the bulk of the work is these days. Having done both, I can tell you that the amounts of work are more even than they are with clinic. There are holiday "dips" but nothing like the weeks and months with not nearly enough work/money coming in.

I think you will be better off in the long run, but I know how hard it is right at first. If you can, find a situation where you do some clinic and then keep what you have got and learn the acute care. That way, you'll have some money you can make without too much of a headache, and you'll learn something that will set you up well in the future.
just a side note, i came from MQ to MDI
and having learned DQS, you will find Bayscribe probably a 10-minute learning curve !!
Ridiculously easy!
Any op note MTs out there tonight?(sm)

If so, could you please contact me?? I am having a devil of a time tonight, and have not gotten a whole lot of references for operative reports, as prior to now, I have never really done many of them!  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



Positive note

I didn't even realize you could look at other reports...and I will definitely try just using the function keys instead of the foot pedal.  I have also been typing for a long time, 20+ years, and I find it difficult to make my fingers do other things than what they have been doing for 20 years LOL...but I guess I just have to get used to it.

The thing that I really don't like about this system, and maybe you could give me some feedback on this too...I HATE the spellchecker...when I spellcheck a word, there is an option to add the word, but when I go to the next report, it's not there.  There is also no way to save any normals, except for the autocorrect for words, but I don't think you can actually put in a paragraph or a sentence and have that as an autocorrection.    The words that are in the spellchecker are horrible too...most medicines are either captilized or lower case, even if they are not generics.  I am just so used to the Word program and really feel that it's the best to type in.  I also don't like the fact that once you send the report, you cannot get back to it.  I have just really been making mistakes in this new system, and am now watching every little thing I do, and that slows me down, but maybe once I work out some of the kinks, I will be able to speed back up and not have to worry so much.

I also liked the advice (not sure right now who gave it) about cutting and pasting the document into word to make sure there are no mistakes...I have been doing that, and it's working really well for me!  Thanks for that

Thanks for the advice!

OMG - 'sour note'!!!! - That was by FAR the
The mental images I get on that whole pickle-thing are funny enough, but the sour note literally broke me up and I laughed out loud. Your post is an instant MT Stars CLASSIC!
So here's a scary note about

I'm at an age where Social Security has started sending me periodic notices that show how much I've paid into the system over the years, etc.   They also tell you what your monthly pay would be if you retired at 62, or at 65, or at 67 and beyond. 

And of course, we all know that our Social Security checks aren't going to be enough to live on, right?  That's why we have (or try to, anyway), 401K's and IRA's, to pick up where Social Security leaves off. 

Well, even if I started taking Social Security payments early, at age 62, even with the penalties for doing so, and a smaller check, I would be making more money than I do now as a full-time employee of an MTSO. 

Now THAT tells you something about the shabby state of affairs in this industry. 


Op Note CD Resource?
I have recently begun transcribing a lot of operative note. I currently use The Surgical Word Book by Claudia Tessier as a reference. It is rather cumbersome to keep going through the book. I was wondering if anyone knows of a CD reference for surgical terms? It would be so much easier!
One more quick note
You'd probably do best with a functional resume which highlights your skills rather than lack of recent experience.

For job search help try www.medical-transcription-and-you.com/work-from-home-medical-transcriptionist

At the bottom there's a link to an example of a functional resume. Good luck!
What a refreshing note! sm

What a refreshing note! sm
Just when I thought that good jobs like that were extinct....shoot, with the money you'll make now, you might even be able to buy your own insurance, depending on your age. I'm retired, but I like to keep up as best I can, and I'm very happy for you!
You misunderstood my note.
I meant to actually work doing MT, either transcribing or editing, in vertical portrait. You turn your monitor 90 degrees.
First ever delivery note
When doc says cord blood was collected, I put "quart of blood was collected".
That is the red note on the job seeker's board.
write him a note? Can you see your mother
out of the house and just stay away from him. Seems a shame to avoid your mother too and make her pay. Good luck!!
Short note..more tomorrow
Hi, I am just wondering if the psychologist had any clue as to whether or not the child is ADHD, but I would bet this child has MULTIPLE diagnoses. My daughter, now 17 years, is ADHD, and I feel your pain. My daughter is a "poster girl for ADHD" according to the school counselor, and I must agree!! Even at that, she does not have as many problems as this little girl you describe. I am so sorry I don't have more time ... I HAVE TO GET MORE LINES IN ...AUGGGGGG!!!! I will try to post tomorrow. Anyway, there are some that will try to tell you no little girl could cause that much trouble. Not true!! Been there. Hang in there.
take note - the reason for transcripts also - sm
Sometimes these can be used in court hearings or depositions or quoted on later programs. So they use the transcript for this reason also.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, even HBO Thursday night sex shows are transcribed!!!
Continuous note form
I have a test for a position and it says to do it in continuous note form, does that mean that they should be all in one document in Word or am I completely wrong on that?  Someone please help soon!  Thanks!
continuous note form
Are you testing for MT group? I took the test and just typed the patients one after another. I kept spaces between the patients with the patient's name.

It is important to note that when you were an employee,
your employer paid half of your Social Security. As an IC, you are responsible for the whole thing, 15%. You'll have no taxes taken out of your pay as an IC, so you must pay both your state and federal income tax on the taxable income. The first year is usually not a huge problem, but after that you must be sure that 90% of these taxes owed are paid by December 15, otherwise the IRS will fine you for underpayment of taxes. It can all get pretty stick. Talk to an accountant and visit the IRS online for more info that you will need. Best of luck.