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Lost job due to offshore? Government program assistance

Posted By: JoV on 2005-09-07
In Reply to:

found this information in my husband's COBRA package. He is in the machining industry which has lost a lot of work to China. This program will help support during retraining and give a tax credit for health insurance premiums. Worth checking out. Don't be put off by how "complicated" the form is. Just do it one step at a time and call some of the numbers for help if need be.

LINK/URL: Trade Adjustment Assistance

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Government retirement program has changed.
It is now the same as Medicare, with a 401K added.
Running a government women's health program has nothing to do with
The ability to make assessments WITH verbal input (women DO have the ability to communicate) is VERY necessary.

Maybe the former head of FEMA was a vet too. That would explain a lot.
If government is involved, it will be as screwed up as the Medicare medication program.
Heaven save us from all these wanna be kings that sit on top of the hill.
I agree. MTIA is not a government organization. Credentialing comes from state government and

sometimes at the federal level.  This mandatory credentialing is ludicrous and a scheme to make money, in my humble opinion.

I have to agree with the other poster, if not having CMT after my name after 25 years of experience prevents me from being employable, I have a very good lawyer who will take up my cause!!!

The government giveth,and the government taketh away
Lori is correct...the SS does give the recipients a yearly raise. This year the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) was 3.3%. This sounds fine and dandy until you take inconsideration the monthly premium for Medicare was raised by 3.1%.


I was hit by all 3 that summer, I lost power, I lost work, I lost savings...but..sm
NEVER did my employer in any way imply or threaten or dare even mention that my job was in jeopardy because I could not work immediately following a trifecta of natural disasters! My jaw agape is not at your concern about working, but at your concern that you would lose your job because of it. Companies have to have a heart in some situations. You're one MT, your company won't go under without you working for a week or 2 or 3.
Please post offshore topics on Offshore Concerns board. (NM)

Thank you. 


I recently lost 20 pounds. That means I lost 80 sticks of butter.

I doubt your brother has won more than he's lost. To win that much he's probably lost 3 times
So he probably has more bills than money. Otherwise the casinos would go broke.
Assistance (SM)
You can write me at goldbird@mtstars.com.


mt needs assistance
I have worked with just about every type of platform, and never with a c-phone.  New account is now working with this, and I would like a leg up on any training they may offer - This is a personal and private account, so not sure how good their training or information will be lol - can someone email me some basic information on the use of the c-phone?  I will surely be so appreaciative.
I think you'd be better off having your first MT job with assistance available. SM
I mean no offense, but the first few months of "real life" MTing have a serious learning curve. I have advanced academic degrees in another field, and I was surprised by how difficult actual transcribing was. For the sake of your reputation as an MT and for the safety of the patients whose records you would transcribe, I would advise you to keep trying to find employment with others, get some good experience and QA feedback, and then, if you're still motivated to do so, start your own business. Starting an MT business as a newbie is just not a good idea, no matter how intelligent you are or how long you have been in school.

Some suggestions: Look into nationals that hire newbies. No, they're not the "be-all, end-all" of MT jobs, but you will get experience, which is what you need to move to a better job. And it doesn't take MUCH experience, either. There are plenty of nationals who hire newbies. Do a search of this forum and you will find plenty of names to research.

If you are progressing past the initial point of contact with a company and are testing and then being told "no, thanks," (and I have no idea if this is the case, so I don't mean it personally or in an insulting way) you might think about doing a brush-up or taking additional courses to improve your skills before continuing to test with companies. As I say, I don't know that to be your case, but a lot of newbies come out of school and don't test well.

At any rate, I wish you much success. Your first MT job probably won't be fabulous (mine sure wasn't!), but it will get your foot in the door and get some experience on your resume. Keep looking and don't hesitate to ask people for evaluation and help. If you test for a company and don't pass their test, it does not hurt to ask the recruiter for feedback. S/he might not have it, but you should ask.

Best wishes. ICMT
Need some assistance
Am being told to go to MS word in order to try and fix something. Where would I find that?
CS has job placement assistance too,
and also I think Spheris hires only CS grads. And the companies that waive the 2-year experience requirement for Andrews and M-Tec grads waive it for CS grads as well.

state assistance

Thank you so much for the informed response.
state assistance
Amy:  I have been looking into adoption in the state of Illinois as I plan to adopt a child in about two years.  In our state, if the child is a "waiting child" (a school age child who has not yet been adopted), the state will assist with attorney's fees, court costs, etc.  The adoptive parent(s) will have little, if any, out of pocket adoption fees.  Perhaps, your state has something similar.  Hope this helps.
Get some overflow assistance...
There are MTs out there who specifically want overflow work to fill in some gaps. This way, you can still hold her job for her when/if she is able to get back to her usual production. If not, at least you'll have a backup to get help when needed and you won't go out of TAT.

It is still difficult to get assistance. SM

I would say give it a try to the OP, but don't be surprised if very little or no assistance comes.  I may be reading more into this than is there, but OP probably needs assistance with house/rent payment, keeping up utilities, etc. and the public assistance people will look at it like he or she will be well in XX weeks, things will work out.  Unfortunately, people who truly need short-term public assistance can't get the help they need to get them through trying times like this.  OP may be able to get emergency food stamps fairly easily though.

I would also suggest, if OP is a member of a church, letting the church know what's going on and seeing if there is help there (they are usually quick to respond) or trying Catholic Charities or another faith-based organization set up to help.  You don't have to be a member of that particular religion to get help.  The key is to reach out NOW while the situation is unfolding and not wait until things get so bad you are getting forclosed on or evicted. 

Financial Assistance???
I am currently a full-time-college-student-but-otherwise-SAHM. Pretty soon we'll be needing more money, but I have neither time nor resources (day care around here is INSANELY expensive) to work outside the home. I've been doing the reasearch and have come to the conclusion that MT is a good job option for me.

The problem is the training is sooo expensive! I mean,if we didn't need the money I wouldn't be looking for the training to begin with--so obviously I don't have $1600-4000 up front for the training. And most of the payment plans I see aren't looking much better--like $1000 up front, $350 every month after that. Right now that's just not feasable.

Are there any MT schools that offer reasonable financial assistance? Or, I'd even be cool with a payment deferment plan or something!

Anybody know of a school that's willing to help the financially strapped?
Not receiving any assistance. sm
I wanted financial help with going back to school for coding. The only training they offered was at a JVS school or a IDT type school as a medical assistant. Then the funds for training were cut. They offered (and pushed) this job assistance program which I thought was going to be more in depth than it is. I thought I would be sent on interviews they had arranged. Basically I meet with the counselor once a week and she gives me leads she found on the internet and I send in my resume. She supposedly knows the area and was going to provide local job leads. I lost one MT job in June due to VR and on my own found the job I have now in about a week. Yes I probably need another job in billing/coding so I can make more money, but now is not the time to be giving up a job you already have. IMHO
Close to the bottom this person is putting out this statement, how mature! This person is not a transcriptionist, has no experience, probably worked around a medical office before, does not even know what QA is as opposed to editors, say what? I am laughing about how others are trying to tell her about expanders, etc. This person needs a clue.
glad to be of assistance...nm
Tax assistance - I am a part-time IC but also have...sm

a full-time job with benefits and employee status.  The IC job I just accepted and expect to make around $300 a month filling in for vacationing MTs/excess work.  I usually make around $50,000 with the full-time employer and am married with 2 kids.  

How do I figure out if I need to file estimated taxes especially since I'm not a full-time IC and have taxes being deducted from the main employer?   Most of the information I see on the IRS website seems to relate to only if you're just self-employed.  I don't want to over-pay taxes but don't want to risk getting penalized if I don't send payments in and need to when it comes tax time next April.

Patient Assistance Programs
Which program did you use? I tried Select Care Benefits Network and they ended up shuffeling the paperwork so long that I was paying them a monthly fee for free manufacturers prescriptions for nothing. I finally got smart and stopped it all but it cost me about $140.00
This is one of the things public assistance is for. nm
Suggestions about temporary assistance (sm)
. If you own or buying a home and have mortgage insurance, check to see if "disability insurance" is included.

. If you have a life insurance policy, check the "temporary disability" section.

. If you have retirement/401K, etc., loans are available for medical/disability purposes.

. SAGA (state-administrated general assistance program).

. State of _______ temporary assistance/department of social services -- cash or medical assistance for individuals who are unable to work.

I'm not 100% certain about any of the above, but it could be a starting point.

Remembering you in my prayer!

Post again soon to keep in touch -- ask if there is a "social worker" turned MT on line who can direct your path.

Great...I have IT and just checked out PT for assistance...
Great resource. I am going to have to read my IT book again. How long have you been using IT?
Needing assistance with formatting
Asked to go to word, tools autoformant and  disable autonumber but cannot locate this. Can anyone help?
this applies to MT, right? (link for financial assistance)
link:  http://www.doleta.gov/programs/factsht/taa.cfm

something has to be done to help people losing jobs to foreigners...

it says you need 3 or more workers to apply...

also, it aint going away, ladies: 

Other projections include:

  • 10 percent of U.S. technology jobs will have moved offshore by 2005 (Gartner Group)

  • up to 25 percent of traditional IT jobs will be relocated from developed to developing countries by 2010 (Gartner Group)

  • 500,000 financial services jobs (8 percent of all U.S. jobs in banking, brokerage and insurance) will be shipped overseas by May 2008 (AT Kearney)

Need to load some microsoft updates, need assistance here
I was told to go to microscoft and upload the latest - got the information to go to windows and click the express button and download and install. Where in the heck is the express button? Donít see that anywhere. Thanks.
I have never found a program shorthand does not work with, it works outside the program (I think tha
Hire a tutor. Also, schools offer tutoring assistance
Hope this helps...
Does anyone know how to go about applying for a government job?
What I expect from my government
When a mandatory evacuation is ordered I expect to be able to get on the hurricane evacuation routes and have enough gas available to get moving. Is this reality........NO.

As far as moving somewhere else, FL has a way of putting a grip on you. Low wages to the point you are stuck literally. I haven't been out of this state in over 7 years due to lack of funds.

Government jobs...

MTs are listed under "medical data technician."  Also, the military sometimes uses placement agencies for MT jobs.

Government contracts

Has anyone out there heard or looked into government contracts transcribing for VA hospitals - a friend called me today with this proposition - she said there were two places to look for work - one is called rsp.com and the other is fedbizops.com.  She put in a bid for a radiology account with 600,000 lines a month and said that she thought that would take two people.  I'm just trying to find out if this is legit or not.  I'm not wanting any extra work for myself, but this just sounds too good to be true.


Government disability and doing MT
Does anyone here collect government disability and also work part time doing MT?  I have a severe immune disorder and was considering filing for permanent disability. Anyone know if you are allowed to work part time?
Including, unfortunately, our government. nm
What we CAN do is vote for changes in our government
And then we have to keep a very, very close eye on them and scrutinize every move they make. We have to become more knowledgeable and involved in how our political & judicial systems work.
Thanks for the answer. Our government in
And the more people want from the government -- the more you pay
Someone has to pay for all the government programs and it is us.  Just like that $600 we will get, who do you think will be paying for it -- us working people.   Those with the tax credits, child credits that pay no taxes just want more.  We the people support the government and the more the government gives the more we keep giving the government.   I use all my deductions I can give.  If I think I am paying too much to government, I find another dedution, my self retirement, my anything other than the government. 
PRD is a DOS program. I don't think it work with Word, a Window's program.
It will count everything if you go in the settings and program it to. Good program!
Sylcount is an awesome and accurate counting program also. That will count everything if you "tell it to".
I agree with you completely. It is our government that ALLOWS this
to happen though. My point exactly. Spend money overhauling the system. Make people accoutable for their actions. That opens up money for people who really need it. Also, people here that do not pay taxes and are not here legally, give them the boot.
Government/Federales office....nm
Some government drone is going to have a heyday

going through my computer (not!).

While I certainly don't support Google doing this (if, indeed, they are), it's kinda like the Patriot Act. If people have something to hide, they are going to fight this tooth and nail. If they don't have anything to hide, well, so what? If some poor government drone wants to see the dress measurements of every kid in my dance classes--enjoy! Want a list of what I want to see in Kauai--have at it!

Call me naive, call me stupid, but if surveillance of what I do means that people who ARE doing bad things are caught and kept from negatively influencing your loved ones (not to mention mine), I'm all for it. I would suspect that said drones would be targeting very specific ISPs, if this is all true, rather than wanting to see what the secret ingredient is in your great aunt Sally's family-favorite beef stew recipe.

So, with that said, I am going to continue to enjoy Google's presence on my desktop.

All you fans of the government must be from one o' them RED states..........
If you have such a productive life, why do you even care about MT, let alone spend time posting on an MT forum?
Those were put in place by the government for people who NEED them
You disgust me. You're part of what's wrong with society today, my dear.

Take a good look in the mirror - Yep, the epitome of what's wrong with many people who do not NEED those programs but scheme and manipulate and wheedle their way into being 'entitled' to them.

Your post seriously sickens me, as does you having a child you obviously cannot afford to raise.

Yes, PLEASE quit the MT field. I don't want my profession associated with system-sucking swindlers.
Government controlled healthcare!!

why doesn't the us let the aruban government come in and search for the
murders in the idaho case? how about why not the aruban government decide if the sexual predators that our legal system lets out decide whether they should be left to go out and kill some other child or left in prison. why did it take so long to arrest scott peterson. why didn't we let the aruban government come in and arrest him immediately and question him.

NOW for the undereducated, a team of US people from Texas are in Aruba searching for Natalee and FBI has had advisors on board in Aruba.
Another thing, people expect the government
to pick up the pieces for them, and everyone is concerned about this. Do people not care that we are paying for people who should not be here in the first place. I am paying for free school, health care, welfare for the Hispanic family, who are very nice, next door to me. All are illegal. They bought their house with cash. They have 4 cars. Their kid goes to free preschool because he is automatically in because he speaks Spanish. I take my daughter 30 minutes out to a high school because I cannot afford anything else. How is this fair? Why are more people not standing up and saying this is not right. We pay the money, we SHOULD be entitled to help, whether you or anyone else thinks they deserve it or not, whether that girl had a baby out of wedlock. It is not as big an issue as the billions of people we are supporting that are not putting a dime back into the system. What is people's problem? I am all for people who come here legally, go to work and contribute back to society. At least the ones having babies out of wedlock are at some point paying taxes and/or their family is.