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Lost programs.

Posted By: mtathome on 2006-04-05
In Reply to: You're not kidding... - funsize

I bought a new computer and was going to let my daughter use my old one for a project she had going.  She deleted all my transcription programs.  Later, her project fell through and I needed the computer to use in my home office.  I was able to do a system restore, even after several weeks, and get almost all my stuff back.  For some reason, Stedman's spell check did not come back up, so I do not know what happened there, but everything else was there. 

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EMR/VR - I have now lost 2 accounts to VR/EMR programs. I wonder how much longer it will be
before more accounts will leave for the same reason. Sad.
I was hit by all 3 that summer, I lost power, I lost work, I lost savings...but..sm
NEVER did my employer in any way imply or threaten or dare even mention that my job was in jeopardy because I could not work immediately following a trifecta of natural disasters! My jaw agape is not at your concern about working, but at your concern that you would lose your job because of it. Companies have to have a heart in some situations. You're one MT, your company won't go under without you working for a week or 2 or 3.
I recently lost 20 pounds. That means I lost 80 sticks of butter.

I doubt your brother has won more than he's lost. To win that much he's probably lost 3 times
So he probably has more bills than money. Otherwise the casinos would go broke.
Word Expander Programs - Are there any expander programs that are easy to use and learn
that are similar to the MS Word expander?  I prefer something very simple.  I like MS Word expander; however I have gone over my limits and cannot add any more shortcuts so I need a program that will hold a larger amount of shortcuts.   Many thanks.
MT programs
The top 3 MT programs are Andrews, M-Tec and Career Step. Have not read any complaints about Andrews or M-TEC. Graduates from those two schools have a much better chance of getting hired at home without 2 years of experience.
MT programs

I found a new company online called MT2B.  It appears that if you successfully complete their school they will offer you a job at their company. Some of the MT courses out there are hard to follow and do not teach you all that you need to know when you first begin job hunting. I know this from tutoring and mentoring new MTs for the past 9 years. This school seems to teach in a more hands on manner from what I understand.  Might want to give them a try. I found them at www.MT2b.com.

This jobs does have a lot of ups and downs. I have been in this business for 12 years and I wouldnt trade it for anything. It has allowed me to take care of my son who has health problems and be at home. I have made good money and not so much money. I see it as...it has its problems just like any other job at home or not at home.  Just have to hang in there and find the place of employment that fits you best as an individual. There are still some good companies out there.  Just have to find them.


Good luck to you

I use the Winfax program.  Works great.  You fax reports right from your computerr rather than printing and then faxing.  Saves time, paper, and ink.  Receive faxes directly to your computer as well which can be sent to your printer.
the programs
Are set up in such a way, that they know who their star players are, who their B players are, and who are the problem children.  Sounds like he just wanted to buy a new boat and didn't want to have to get a loan first. 
programs? SM please


I have work to transcribe and I can't find any programs that work well to do it.  Instead I am listening to the same sentences over and over at least 40 times, miss a word and can't go back, try to and you go back to zero, lose a half hour listening to what I already had, etc.

Please tell me if you know any good programs.  Working with MS Media Player and F4, typing in Wordpad.  THANKS

VR programs
What VR programs are the best to use for the most productivity? 
Are there free FTP programs?

Are there free FTP programs?


productivity programs

Our company is currently using Winscribe dictation system, but they did not buy the transcription side of this, which creates a database and templates and saves the work to a file. 

I am looking for productivity program that works the same way that is reasonable.  ADS may be one but I have no feedback on this. 

Any suggestions.


encryption programs
Speaking of encryption, my doc wants to go through tapeless and go with a WAV pedal program. What are the ins and outs of these programs; what's good; what's not.  Are they easy to load, setup, etc.  And, what above the WAV pedal programs? Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
encryption programs
Can anyone tell me of a good encryption program to use with WAV pedal program?
12 step programs, which above are
referring to, are all based on God, a higher power - surrendering to that higher power, and then healing following the 12 steps. Leaving religion out of recovery is rather contradictory!
exercise programs (sm)

For about three years, I had suffered with severe asthma and allergies.  I could not ever get any of it under control.  I had to take a lot of steroids during that time and everytime I tried to get in an exercise routine it would just exacerbate my symptoms.  It turned out we had a black mold problem.  I was the only one with symptoms though.

We moved though and now I am in total recovery.  My asthma is completely under control.  I might only take it now once or twice a month, if at all (used to take it 4-6 times a day).  Doctors say I may always have it now. 

I have put on a significant amount of though and really would like to get it off.  I don't feel good about myself anymore.  I eat very well and I am maintaining my current weight.  I just do not get the exercise I need. 

I was really active into Taebo before all of this began, but I don't feel like I can just jump back into that right away.  I need something that would slowly work me back into shape.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Recommended Programs
I have a bachelors degree in Biology and one in Medical Technology. Right now I am working for a hematology instrumentation manufacturing company. Getting tired of the rat race and with the change of being "let go" at anytime (seeing a lot of people that started with me go) I am looking for something to back me up an hopefully work from home. How do you guys recommend one gets started as an MT? I went into the AAMT website and saw three educational programs recommended, M-Tec, Andrews, and Career Step. Are these good places to start? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Recommended Programs
Thanks for all the inputs, with everything I have heard, it seems that becoming an MT is a really bad idea. 
I know, I still can't watch any of his programs
yet. He was so ALIVE it just seems unreal that he isn't here anymore :( My heart goes out for Terri and the kids.
thanks but prefer programs not from...

Shortcut programs?
Which shortcut program is easier to use?  Shortcut for Windows, Smartype, or InstanText?  I need to start building a good shortcut list so I can build up my line count?
RE: Shortcut programs
I really like Shortcut.  I just upped my version.
TiVo your programs...sm
I used to work with my tv on, and it really dragged my day out. Now, I keep it off and watch my shows at night that I put my DVR. Look into your cable company about it if you haven't already.
coding programs
I heard that they are coming out with programs that will scan the note and pick out the key words needed to do coding.  Pretty scary if the transcription is not accurate!  So do they outsource to India to save money and then have good coders, or do they hire good transcriptionists and use a scanning program for coding?  Either way, our future looks pretty grim.
Abbreviation programs

Hi - What type of abbreviation program is good?  I used to have Abbreviate, but no longer have it.  Is Foxfire a good program?  Does anyone just use their Word autocorrect strictly?  If you use Word autocorrect - do you know how to copy it and put it on another computer? 

Thanks for any help!!

Back up programs sm
I'm notorious for not running backups and need to get in the habit of running regular backups. How recommending a good, easy, not too costly program?
Both programs running (sm)

will make your computer run slow.  I tried One Care, didn't like it.  Also, I don't run PC Tools Spyware Doctor, just put it on when I'm finished for the day to scan computer at night.  The One Care combined with Spyware Doctor are the culprits.  Try turning them off and see what happens.  Good luck.

Most companies' programs are not yet
compatible with Vista. Some companies let you use satellite, some don't.
Is there other programs that are similar to...

Express Scribe?  I was just curious. 


Thank you again~

training programs
Yep, definitely smaller or local companies as they sometimes offer a paid training program.  I actually got a job like that.  I have a couple years expereince but I don't test well.  My job was offered to me as a training program and once I learn all the providers well, I will actually become a regular employee.  I really like this program.  I have already learned so much and am released on 3/4 of the providers already.  My advise is to not give up and look for a smaller company.  Something will turn up for you.  There is actually a list of transcription companies, I can give you the site if you are interested.  Send me an e-mail if you want the list. Good luck and best wishes.
In your programs folder under


Antivirus programs sm

On my personal computer, I seem to have picked up some kind of virus.  I keep getting popups all over the place and one of them is telling me that I have viruses and I should purchase their program to remove them, which I don't want to do because that program is likely a virus in sheep's clothing.  I was running AVG (the free program) but apparently it did not stop whatever bug I picked up. 

My questions are: 
1.  If I purchase an antivirus program (from Walmart or Staples, for example), will this remove whatever has already taken up residence on my PC? 

2.  What is the best virus program for the money on the market? 

Thanks in advance! 

I went into add/remove programs, then had to go into
start and search, and it still was coming back. If you Google you can find out how others have gotten rid of it also, that helped me a lot. OMG - that is awful, isnt it, that message that keeps coming up haha,

happy 'deleting'

transcribing programs? SM
Not even sure that is the correct word.  I am trying to transcribe from a CD but using f4 is not working, no control with footpedal.  It's taking me forever.  If I do the whole thing like this I'll be making about $1/hour.  Is there another free download that would work?  Thanks in advance.
Programs for radiology

Do any of you have a prefrence for transcribing your radiology reports? i.e. software program, shortcuts, etc.? I use IT and Syngo, formerly Novius, and just can't seem to get the hang of it, IT does not dock at the bottom automatically even though those boxes are checked. Any suggestions? TIA.

Installilng two AV programs...
...is not a bad idea, provided, of course, that only one is running at any given time. It
's little different, really, from what suggested somewhere above in this thread, that periodic/occasional scans using an online scanner in addition to the resident one might be prudent.

I do that with antispyware programs, having PC Tools Spyware Doctore running resident (Google offers a free version as part of its Google Pack), then running another spyware scan weekly (I alternate between Ad-Aware, Spybot Search & Destroy, SUPERAntiSpyware, and Malwarebytes, in rotation).

However, just as Ad-Aware and Spybot conflict to some extent (in that each wants to see the other as a potential threat, likely due to their respective scans detecting some of the data of the other's definitions), I can't guarantee that two different AV programs might not have similar false alarms.
Vista and programs

I run Vista.  I know there is a diff way to install programs.  I was told to go the programs wizard and install as "XP" for example, and that helps with installing programs for Vista.

My prob with Vista currently is my 3 in 1 printer won't scan, but I was just glad it was compatible for plain printing and faxing.  I might have to put that disc in there again for the printer but keep putting it off since technically scanning is not a priority for me right now. 

I would love for them to come up with something better than Vista but I'm afraid we'll still have the same trouble with compatibility issues.  I work in Word 2007 but in the compatibility mode since none of my accounts use Word 2007.  What a waste, but hey, I'm making money, so can't complain...  :)

They are software programs such as sm
Shorthand, that allow you to make abbreviations for words, sentences and even entire text; then save them as a file.

There are other Expanders programs out there too, but I believe ShortHand is used most often.

As I am also old, that's the best I can do. I've been using them for years, started out using Flashforward in WP5.1.
I have two favorite programs.....
ExText and DocQscribe. Extext is great. You have only two windows you will ever see. One is the patient demographic screen which, if the company you are working for is set up correctly, will be completed for the most part, and your typing screen. There is a really good Expander program which recognizes bolding and underlying, and will allow you to make an expansion out of an entire physical exam. It is a really good program.
The programs don't show up there...
They are in the 'files' section. Any ideas how I would launch the installation from the files directory?

TIA :-)
Different Word programs
I've never really used Word, was in Word Perfect for years and then other proprietary platforms. I have Word 2007, which says it's home and student. Now I see some job ads which specifically say, no home or student versions. Why? What is the difference between versions, besides bigger price tags? Could I get a job using the version I've got? Also, would I need some tutorials in Word before launching into it? I always loved WP, myself.
Start, programs and it is listed there.
I downloaded it last week. Found it there after an hour of confusion and then made a shortcut to my desktop.
Line Counting Programs

I was wondering what line counting program is most commonly used by I.C.  I had been using Abacus, but unfortunately it causes a fatal error with word, so I quit using it.  Downloaded the trial version of Slycount and their count is about 7-10 lines higher than Abacus.  I have set up Slycount to count exactly the same as Abacus.  So, I cannot figure out the problem.  So, I am looking for others opinions regarding the counting program they are using, pros and cons.

I work using MS Word XP



Are wav pedals compatible with all programs?
I'm looking to invest in one since I see a lot of jobs require you to have one.  I was wondering if there was a brand out there that is compatible with most programs.  I see some ads say they must have the Start-Stop one and so on.  Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. 
I never said it was an insurance policy. Are there not programs set
up for a reason? Is there no government assistance programs set up so that people can get help momentarily when they need it? I am not talking about depending on it. I am talking about OUR tax dollars going back to us during a time of legitimate NEED, not out of laziness. Do you think they are better spent in Iraq or a lot of other bull crap spending that is done on people not in our own country? We pay for this! No we don't have to expect our government to help us in times of need. Move to freaking Africa. Those views would fit in real good over there. I hope your kids go to private school. Wouldn't want the government taking OUR earned money and spending it back on us.

I agree - MA programs are 9 mos to 2 years

There is no licensing or regulation on who can work as a medical assistant, so one can even be hired and trained on the job, but these days, most MAs go to vocational school or a 2 yr CC program to learn the job.  MAs most often work in doctor's offices.

CNAs can get trained in 6 wks.  CNAs almost always work in LTC or hospitals. 

The focus of training is entirely different.  CNAs assist the nurses, MAs assist the docs. 

PA vs MA has been well covered already so I skip it.

No. Different programs use different footpedals. You might want to wait until you get a job - sm
to be on the safe side. I have been lucky so far. I have a 9-pin serial port foot pedal which works well with my Bytescribe, and will work with the free ExpressScribe too.
All my programs that worked on 98 work on XP - sm
There is a setting you can do, after you reinstall them, the "compatibility" mode. You right click on the desktop icon, select "properties", then hit the "compatibility" tab and indicate what you want, Win 95, 98, NT or 2000. It's pretty simple and all my programs work fine on XP even if they weren't made for it.
you don't have any other programs open that would interfere, do you? (sm)
I had 2 programs open at the same time and they both used the same foot pedal. I thought I broke something, but realized both were open, shut one down and viola! it worked!
Word Expansion Programs
I am trying to get a general idea of the best/worst Word Expansion programs available.  What do you use and how does it compare to others?  I know of Shorthand, PRD+, MedBrain, and good ol' Auto Correct.  Please give me your opinions.  Thank you very much ~